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Erotica Sex Story: A soldier is accosted by a prostitute in wartime London.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   .

I made my way through the pitch-dark streets, using my pocket torch to light the way. It was 1942, and the blackout was rigorously enforced.

I was stationed at the barracks on the other side of town, and I should have been on duty, but Ginger Williams, a mate of mine, wanted to swop passes with me — his sister was getting married at the weekend, and he'd fixed it with the Duty Officer, and I had no objection.

I was nearing home — Mum would be surprised to see me, but Ginger had fiddled some extra rations from the cookhouse, which I knew she'd welcome.

It was a cloudy, moonless night, and I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. The few cars on the road all had hooded headlights, and the odd pedestrians I passed were, like me, groping their way along with the help of their torches.

Torches had another use, though: the prostitutes would hitch up their skirts and shine their torches on their bare legs to advertise their wares ... there weren't many of them around tonight, but suddenly a pair of legs flashed into view, and a husky voice said 'Fancy a good time, darlin'?'

I hesitated — I hadn't had a woman for a while now, and she'd hiked her skirt almost the tops of her thighs, and her bare legs looked very appealing.

'How much?'

The voice named her price, and I laughed sadly.

'Sorry, dear — that's more than I can afford, ' and I started to turn away.

'Hang on, darlin'! I'll do it for ten bob — I — I need it real badly!'

Ten shillings still made quite a hole in my pay packet, but the woman groped for my hand and put it on her breast. It felt soft and yielding, and I squeezed it, feeling my cock starting to stiffen.

'That's just a sample, darlin' — do me, please! You won't be disappointed, I promise!'

I made up my mind quickly, still fondling her breast. 'OK — where do we go?'

'Well, the park's quite a long way away — we could go round the corner and do it in a doorway, ' she said, and I felt her hand on my cock through my trousers.

'Right — let's try the doorway, ' I said, and she squeezed my cock before taking my hand and leading me to where she wanted to go.

'It's all right here — nobody comes this way, ' she breathed. 'I come here a lot.'

She fumbled with the buttons of my battledress trousers, and struggled to get my stiff cock out. 'You feel lovely, darlin', ' she whispered. 'Here — let me put this on!'

I felt her deft fingers rolling a Durex on me, easing it down, and then fondling my balls.

'Feel me!' she whispered.

I I pulled her skirt up and put my hand between her legs. She was very wet, and I fondled her cunt, rubbing it with the palm of my hand, and then slipping two fingers deep into her vagina, and she gasped.

'I don't normally let clients kiss me, but you can, darlin'! — I want a man to kiss me, and feel his 'ands on me, and — fuck me!'

I kissed her, and she responded eagerly, and I pushed my tongue in her mouth as I fumbled with the buttons of her blouse, slipping my hand inside and pushing my fingers inside her bra to ease her breast out of its cup. Her breast felt wonderful, soft and warm, and I fondled it, playing with her stiffening nipple, and then I lowered my head to kiss it. I gently tugged at her nipple with my teeth, sucking it as I put my hand between her legs again...

She swayed against me, kissing me feverishly when I raised my head, and she squeezed my cock, rubbing it briefly, and then she hauled her skirt up and wrapped one leg around me.

'Put it in me, darlin'!' she said, and I could hear her breath rasping in her throat.

A car drove slowly by, and in the dim glow of its hooded headlights her bare leg gleamed softly for a moment, and I slid my hand up it from her ankle, over her calf and her soft thigh, until I gripped her bare bottom, pulling her against me as I guided my cock into her.

The woman gasped. 'Ooh, that feels lovely!'

I eased my cock back and then pushed it in her, and she threw her arm round my neck and kissed me wildly.

'Don't hurry, darlin' — make it last!' she panted.

I fucked her slowly, gripping her bottom with one hand while I put the other one back inside her blouse to fondle her bare breast, and she squirmed against me.

I fucked her steadily for several minutes, feeling her excitement mounting, and then she shuddered. 'Now, darlin'! Finish me!'

I started to fuck her harder, and she rammed herself against me, meeting me as I slammed my cock into her repeatedly, until finally she gave a muffled scream as I exploded, feeling my semen spurting uncontrollably, and then she sagged against me, sobbing, gasping for breath.

I think she would have slipped to the ground if I hadn't been holding her, and she clung to me, digging her fingers into my arms as she kissed me frantically, making little choking noises in her throat, and then a door opened across the street, and in the momentary ray of light I saw the woman's face, and I froze.

'Mum... ' I croaked weakly.

'Oh, Christ, ' she whispered.

I was still holding her bare thigh up around my hip, and I released it to let her leg slide slowly down as I supported her with my other arm round her. She was still shuddering violently, and I felt her sliding the Durex off my cock.

Neither of us said anything, and I pushed my cock back inside my trousers and did up the buttons, still able to hear her panting for breath.

We just stood there, and then I said 'I don't know about you, Mum, but need a drink. I think there's a pub along here somewhere.'

She took a deep breath. 'I could do with one too — I need something... '

We found the pub, walking in silence, both of us preoccupied with our thoughts. I pushed aside the heavy blackout curtain, and we went inside.

The pub was crowded, full of servicemen of all nations, with their girlfriends — some of them may have been wives, but I doubted if anyone other than me were with their mothers...

I ordered a pint of weak wartime beer, and by some miracle they had gin, and I ordered a double for Mum. There were no free tables, but we found a shelf against the wall we could stand. Next to us were a bunch of Polish soldiers, and I thought we'd be able to speak freely without anyone understanding.

Mum took a long sip of her drink, staring at me, her eyes brimming with tears.

'I — I don't know what to say, dear, ' she said.

I squeezed her hand. 'You don't need to say anything, Mum.'

She held onto my hand, and I couldn't help thinking this was the hand that had just rubbed my cock...

'No — I want to tell you everything, and try to make you understand, ' she said urgently.

She took another mouthful of gin.

'When your Dad was called up into the army, I — I was terribly — frustrated. He used to — give me what I needed... '

'I know, Mum — that wall between your bedroom and mine is paper-thin, and I could hear you... '

She looked at me uncertainly for a moment. 'I — I was unfaithful to him a couple of times — I couldn't help it ... waiting for him to come home on leave ... and then when he was taken prisoner last year I — I nearly went mad. Then I went to a dance at the Town Hall, and met this man ... we danced, and he felt my tits and kissed me, and we went outside, and he fucked me up against a tree ... I was afraid of picking up men at the dance in case someone who knew me saw me, and it was safer to — go on the street.'

Mum stared at me, watching my reaction, and I squeezed her hand again. 'It's OK, Mum, ' I said encouragingly, and she smiled gratefully.

We were standing on the way to the toilets, and as people passed by they forced me against her, and Mum's eyes widened. 'You're — you're still hard, darlin'!'

'Do you mind, Mum?'

'No — no — but let me finish... '

'Wait while I get us another couple of drinks, ' I said, and we emptied our glasses and I went up to the bar.

I studied her reflection in the mirror behind the bar. Her lipstick was smudged, and I looked at her bare legs, remembering how they'd gleamed when she hoisted her skirt to the tops of her thighs and shone her torch on them ... I could hardly believe I'd been between them, fucking her ... she had a good figure, and she got a lot of glances from men around, and then I took our drinks back to her.

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