Janet's Ordeal and Awakening

by Clvfan

Copyright© 2009 by Clvfan

Drama Sex Story: The wife of D.A. Mark Jensen is kidnapped and held hostage to force him to get a mob boss off a murder charge. Her experience changes her life along with others in ways she never imagined.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Interracial   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Janet Jensen snuggled under the covers as she listened to her husband shower in the bathroom. A little smile crept over her face at the satisfied feeling she had. Last night had been a wonderful evening. Her handsome husband had taken her for a romantic dinner then some dancing before coming home and his strong body and hard cock had made love to her until she was exhausted from the several cunt clenching orgasms he induced. She was happy and satisfied with her life. Janet was 36 years old, a gorgeous woman whose face could have graced any magazine. Her shoulder length tousled hair was the color of ripe golden wheat and the thick strip of fleece adorning her mound was only slightly darker. Her 5' 7" body was tight and toned from aerobic workouts three times a week. Her C cup breasts were pear shaped and tipped with rose colored areola with pebbley tips that always seemed to protrude just a little and when aroused grew to a pointed spear almost a half inch long. Her skin was a golden tan only slightly darkened by the sun.

She and her husband Mark had been married for 11 years and had a 10 year old son Michael and a 7 year old daughter Jennifer. Those two were off to visit Mark's parents who had an orchard in upstate New York. They would be gone for a couple of weeks. This was becoming a tradition since Jennifer had turned four.

Mark finished showering and shaving and came back into the bedroom his eyes sweeping over the sheet covered form of his wife. He would never get tired of seeing her. She looked just as good as the day they met, even better since her breasts had become a little fuller with the birth of their children. Mark was 38, 6' 2" and solidly put together, he also worked out several times a week and while he wasn't muscle bound his body displayed the rippling muscles of a strong man. He turned to the closet to get his clothes remembering the passion of the night before. As they danced he could look down the cleavage of his wife's tight black sheath dress and admire the smooth globes of pleasure he knew he was going to soon enjoy. She grinned and rubbed up against his hardening shaft.

They only danced a few times then both wanted to get home as quick as possible. They were barely in the door before they came together in a hot embrace mouths mashed together and sliding slowly around on each other, breaths quickly became harsher and faster. Mark was sliding the straps of her dress down over her arms exposing her full breasts and she was unbuttoning his shirt and working on his belt. by the time they got to the bedroom her dress was around her waist and his shirt and tee shirt were on the stairs. They had his pants undone and beginning to fall. They stopped long enough for him to finish undressing and her to shimmy the tight dress down over her shapely hips leaving her in just her black silk panties, sheer stockings and black high heels.

Mark embraced her tightly and swung her around to lie on the bed with his hard body lying over hers as he ravished her mouth, neck and then the long nippled mounds he so loved. It excited him to hear the passionate moans he was causing. She held his head to her breasts guiding him from one to the other. Her excitement built quickly and she urged him with hands to fill her seeping core with his hardness. He quickly complied stripping off her black panties and crawling between her silken covered legs. Three hands quickly positioned his pulsing staff, two feminine and one masculine. Both groaned with pleasure as male flesh invaded her clasping sheath, the sexual friction sending exquisite tingles along both sexual organs.

They began slowly savoring each erotic tingle hands roving and caressing, hard nippled breasts mashed against hard muscled chest, mouths questing and tasting each other where ever they could reach. They took their time building that lustful sexual tension until he was slamming his groin hard into the welcoming softness of her womanhood. Her legs lifted and jerked with their efforts to reach that wonderful peak of pleasure. Janet arched her back then clasped her legs tightly along side his heaving hips while the climax washed over her trembling body. Mark slowed his thrusts enjoying the rippling squeezes that caressed his cock, then as they subsided he picked up his pace again until once more she was gasping in pleasure, his tightly squeezed cock could take no more erotic stimulation and the head expanded then fired the first hot stream of thick white sperm to coat the already sopping interior of her channel. Twice more through the night they sought and found that mind blowing feeling of completion with each other.

Mark's cock began stiffening at the memory but he knew there wasn't time this morning. He sometimes wished she was a little more liberal in their lovemaking but she had been brought up by an overbearing mother who was continually down on the male species. Mark wasn't sure if it was because her husband run off before Janet was born, or if he ran off because she was that way. She had browbeat her daughter on the sinful and perverted ways of a man. Sex was only for having babies and any variation was nasty and perverted. She was a virgin when they were married, he had tried to go down on her a few times after they were married but she wouldn't let him, it was unnatural and wrong, and she wasn't going to put her mouth on his thing either. While he would have loved to eat her sweet pussy and have her suck his cock her tight sheath stroking his cock was reward enough through the years. They were compatible in every way and as happy as a couple could be.

Janet watched through half lidded eyes as her husband dressed, she admired his tight body and when he turned to come to the bed she watched his flaccid penis swing slightly in front of the soft ball sack hanging at the base of that pleasure giving shaft. She sometimes wondered if her mother wasn't all wrong about men and sex. She loved the feel of him inside her very much, it wasn't the chore her mother had always preached to her.

Mark kissed her lingeringly then with a sigh headed off to work. Janet got out of bed and went to the shower herself, after drying off she put on a white pair of panties and a blue robe, she wasn't planning on dressing until later. When she came out of the bathroom and took a step into the bedroom she was suddenly grabbed from behind, a pillow case was shoved over her head and she was pushed over to the bed to land on her stomach. Her frightened scream was muffled by the pillowcase. Rough hands held her face down as she cried and struggled to free herself. She felt the sleeve of her robe pushed up then the sting of a needle. She continued to struggle but in a short time could feel herself going under from whatever they had injected in her arm. Finally darkness overtook her.

Mark was on the way to his office. He was an assistant District Attorney for the state of New York. Janet and he lived about 30 miles outside of New York City in a nice peaceful community. He became a New York policeman after he graduated high school until he completed his Law degree about five years ago. He went into private practice and did very well, he took all kinds of cases but if he thought any would be client in a criminal case was guilty he passed. He believed in the law and justice. He was honest and reliable. There was a lot of cops who were on the take, he was offered free money many times but he always turned it down. He never informed on any of his fellow officers but he wouldn't join them. His record as an attorney was exemplary and after three years in private practice he came to the attention of the District Attorney who was a man dedicated to putting away as many criminals as he could. Mark's latest case was prosecuting a drug lord and murderer.

Harry the Hammer was the boss of a mob that handled drugs, prostitutes and loan sharking. He had been under investigation for various crimes for many years but they could never get anything concrete to convict him with. He finally made a mistake by personally putting a bullet through a rival's head not knowing that the owner of a small business had just put security cameras facing the alley Harry used to dispose of his rival. When the man watched it the next day just to see if it worked since it was the first day it was installed he knew what had happened. He was brave enough to come forth, he said since he was single and had no living family there wasn't much Harry could threaten him with and he was now hidden away until the trial and scheduled to go into the witness protection program. The trial was only three days away and Mark already had enough evidence to convict Harry for several crimes. It seems the video not only had Harry on it but two of his high level lieutents, They were picked up and in exchange for lesser charges agreed to cooperate with the police. He was just putting the finishing touches on his presentation now and waiting for the trial to begin.

Mark had been in his office for about an hour when his cell phone rang, he saw it was his wife's phone. "Hi Honey" he greeted her, but it wasn't her.

A male voice spoke slowly in a Mexican accent. "Jour wife is in our hands now, if you want to see her alive and well you'll do what we say. Now I know you might not believe this so why don't you go on home and find out for sure. We'll contact you then." With that the phone went dead.

A fear shot through Mark's body. Somebody had Janet, he had to get her back. Maybe it was a bad joke he thought hopefully. He had to find out, he told his secretary he had forgotten some papers at home so he was going to get them. He hurried home and ran into the house calling her name but she was nowhere to be found, The bed was still mussed and he knew that was one of the first things she always did. On the bed was a note that read, NOW YOU KNOW, WE WILL CALL AT 2:00, BE READY.

Janet slowly became aware of the world again, her brain still fuzzy she opened her eyes to an unfamiliar scene. Looking around she found she was in a room maybe 12' by 15', solid concrete blocks with only a door that was situated at the foot of a twin bed she was lying on. There was what looked like a shower head in one corner and a raised ring of concrete on concrete about three inches high outlining where the shower floor was. A sink was on the wall beside that and a commode on the other wall. The whole thing was a dingy yellow color with many spots where the paint had peeled off revealing the bare concrete blocks. As her memory flooded back she became scared, who had abducted her and what did they want. Rape immediately came to mind and she trembled. She had to stay calm and find a way out of this. She swung her legs over the side of the bed. It was old and noisy, the springs squeaking as she moved.

Three men were talking outside the room, they were in an old warehouse on a deserted section of the New York docks. This was one of the Hammers distribution points. While most of the docks were busy this section had been abandoned and unused for several years. The three were a mismatched group. Unbeknownst to them they were chosen so if anything went wrong they couldn't finger anybody else. Although each in his own way was trying to gain entrance to Harry's organization they knew very little about it. The leader was a 24 year old Mexican who had been in the drug trade for a while and wanted to move up, he thought this was a test to see if he was worthy. He was 5' 8", thick bodied with short black hair. His chubby face was marred by a jagged scar running down one cheek from the corner of his eye down onto his neck. A broken bottle in a bar fight being the cause, His tobacco brown upper body was covered in tattoos along with his arms. His name was Juan De Cordoso. The second was an 18 year old black who was a wannabe Rasta. His real name Was Jackson Washington but he told everybody his name was Mustafa. He was 5'10" and extremely skinny almost skeletal. His skin was that ebony black that was almost purple tinted. A thin thick lipped face was topped by dirty long dreadlocks. The third was a 14 year old white boy that was dealing drugs at his school. His name was Randy Marcus. He was 5'7" and slender but not skinny, just beginning to fill out. His skin was very white and his face was sprinkled with very light freckles. A nice looking kid that had flame red hair.

They heard the bed springs squeaking. "Well sounds like our little chica is awake, lets get this thing started." Juan grinned.

Janet was startled when the door suddenly opened and her eyes widened in fear as three men quickly moved to crowd around her. "Wha ... Uh whaa..." she stammered "Why" she finally managed to get out Her eyes moved from one to the other, a dark Latin, skinny black and what looked like a young white boy.

The heavily tattooed Latin smiled "Why pretty chica we want jour old man to do something for us and you going to be our insurance". He pulled a cell phone from his pocket "Now look pretty for the camera and say you're all right."

Janet had started to shout that she was the wife of a District Attorney but when he said that she knew they were aware of exactly who they had. She was a hostage, she was very thankful the kids were at Mark's parents. She thought maybe if she didn't give them a hard time maybe things would be alright. Surely they wouldn't bother her if they wanted Mark to cooperate. The Latino aimed the camera at her took a few seconds of video and nodded to her.

"Uhhh I ... I'm okay Mark" she stammered. Before she could say anything else he shut the camera off motioned for his friends to leave the room, he stopped at the door. "Jou going to be here a while, might as well get comfortable."

He closed the door behind him leaving Janet to ponder her future. Mustafa was grinning from ear to ear as he turned to Juan. "Hey boss man she be a fine piece of pussy man, we gonna get some of dat bodacious booty?" Juan smiled back "Shit yeah amigo, we gonna be tied up here awhile might as well have some fun" he turned to Randy "What jou say boy, you ever had any pussy?"

Randy hadn't ever come close to any pussy but he didn't want to seem like a kid, he gave a hesitant nod.

Juan laughed "Shit man I can tell you still virgin, well we gonna show you what it's all about." He headed for the door. "jou two stay here and I'll bring back something to eat and some beer for that fridge over there." he turned serious "Now both of jou stay out of that room or I'll break your arms, let her stew for a while."

Mark had paced the house worrying and thinking when his cell phone rang "Yes"

"Okay lawyer man I gonna send you a video then we talk, hold on." the voice on the other end said.

Mark watched the screen on his phone and few seconds later he saw his wife sitting on a dingy bed in her blue robe, she looked scared and stammered out her message. The voice came back "Now jou know we have her and she be okay, if you want her to stay that way here's what jou are going to do. Find some way to lose the case on Harry and you can have your little wife back just fine. Don't even think about calling the cops we have ears everywhere and if we find out you contacted them she's dead."

"You son-of-a-bitch if anything" Mark shouted. He was interrupted.

"Shut up asshole or she won't be in such good shape, you know what you have to do, I'll give you a call in the morning so you can see she still be okay as long as you cooperate." He hung up.

Juan hung up the pay phone he used and called the number given to him by the voice that gave him his instructions. When the phone was answered he informed the voice "Hey Jefe we have the wife, the kids weren't there" he listened for a second "Na don't know where they were but we got her on ice, nice piece of ass" he laughed "Right, right we won't mess her up but it's okay to have a little fun aint it?"

Mark was fuming, he wanted to punch somebody, no he wanted to kill somebody. Finally he calmed down enough and remembered a case he had in New Jersey. A private eye on trial on a trumped up charge because he had collared a local judges son for selling dope to school kids. Mark had gotten him off and he told Mark any time he could be of help to call on him. Mark had his number in his computer, he looked it up and called. He was sent to a voice mailbox. He left his name and number and hung up, went back to pacing. It was only a few minutes when his phone rang, it was Marty Owens the private eye.

Mark filled him in on what had happened. Marty assured him he would get right on it and let him know something later that night.

Marty went to work on his snitch network letting them know they were looking for a kidnapped woman especially from Harry the Hammers crowd.

Juan made it back to the warehouse with a bag of burgers and a twenty four pack of beer. They ate theirs and saved one and fries for Janet. Mustafa was ready for some pussy "Don ya tink we try some of dat stuff now?" Juan laughed "yeah I think, just remember I'm first, come on boy it's time you became a man, just watch and learn"

Janet's mind was numb with nothing to do but anticipate whatever horrible things was in store for her. She jumped when the door opened and the three came in to stand at the foot of the bed, two of them were grinning and the boy looked kind of nervous. The Latino came around to the side of the bed "Well chica we gonna be together for a while so we need to get better acquainted don't jou think" Janet moved back on the bed and he suddenly reached forward grabbing a handful of her hair jerking her face close to his, She saw his dark eyes were hard and mean and she gave a little shudder. "Now you can cooperate or I'll have to persuade you" Janet swung a fist at him that he caught easily "Okay if that's how you want it." Mustafa get the ropes. She kicked and fought but they tied her spread-eagled to the bed, Juan ran his hand over Janet's robe covered mounds. "Nice tetas baby" he spread her robe to expose those pear shaped beauties to the eyes of his companions.

"Damn sista dems some fine tits" Mustafa exclaimed. Randy was enthralled at the of the naked breasts revealed to him, the first real tits he had ever seen, it sent unknown feelings throughout his body.

Janet tried to shrink away but there was no where to go. Juan slid his rough fingers down her sleek belly reaching her panties. "Now we get rid of those things" with that he grabbed one leg and ripped them in two then the other side exposing her treasure to the three thugs.

"Yeah that's nice, we gonna have a good time chica." Juan grinned. He started removing his clothes revealing the heavily tattooed chest and arms to Janet. She thought he looked grotesque. He dropped his pants revealing tight black bikini underwear. He shoved them down and she saw a brown heavily veined cock and she was amazed to see he was completely shaved down there. Janet had only seen one cock in her life and she thought it looked fine. This second one she saw she thought was not nice looking at all. Her mind was screaming because she knew this ugly piece of meat was going to be inside her body and she couldn't stop it.

Juan's eyes roved over the fine body revealed to him and he could feel the blood filling his cock. He crawled over her body trying to settle between her legs, the bed was only a twin and her legs weren't spread wide enough to really get settled. Janet tried to keep her legs closed against the unwanted intruder. "Mustafa untie one of her legs" he grunted as he lowered his head to a rose nippled mound. He ran his hand down her sleek belly his beefy fingers groping her pussy. He tried inserting his middle finger in her tight slit but it was dry and hard to enter. "Randy get me that tube of stuff out of my pants." He had been in this situation before and some good ole personal lube always made the way so much easier. He had brought it along when he found out they would be holding a woman.

Janet felt her left leg being untied and when it was free she tried kicking the thick body off but Juan slapped her hard. "Jou fight me chica and I get my knife and cut jou up so bad nobody look at jou again." She had her eyes closed her cheek throbbing from the blow of his hand. She quit fighting and let her leg drop off the side of the bed. She felt the slobbering sucking at her breasts and the poking at the entrance to her vagina. Even though she felt nothing her nipple elongated at the sucking pressure Juan was using. For the first time she felt another mans body spreading her thighs and she was ashamed. Her eyes tightly shut and her lush lips pressed together tightly she wondered What would Mark think of her if she made it out of this. She was afraid he would not love her anymore. But right now even that wasn't as important as just getting out of this alive. She didn't believe for a second that they would just let her go after she saw what they looked like.

She felt Juan move from one breast to the other nipping and biting enough to hurt some but he was careful enough not to leave any bruises. His hand left her mound for a few seconds then she felt a cold lotion being applied to the lips of her pussy and a thick finger sliding inside to coat the slick lotion in as far as he could reach.

Juan was enjoying chewing on the firm mounds and loved sucking her long nipples, They wouldn't stay hard long, only when he was sucking one then the other would flatten. So she wasn't turned on, Juan didn't care he was going to fuck her pretty little cunt anyway. His cock was good and hard now and he settled in between her legs reaching down with one hand he positioned the angry looking purple colored head of his cock at the lotion slick entrance and worked it in.

Janet felt the intrusion of the unwanted flesh as it spread her sheath. She was thankful for the lube as he pushed fully into her, she heard his grunt of satisfaction. "Uhhh, jeah muchachos she's tight as a rubber band." He raised himself above her as he worked knees and ass to piston his rod in and out of the hot snug sleeve. The bed springs squeaking in time to his thrusts. He saw her eyes closed and luscious lips pressed together then his gaze moved to the rolling tits moving in rhythm with his thrusts.

Mustafa was already removing his clothes his eyes glued to the golden body being pounded by the dark Latino. He started stroking his cock in rhythm to Juan's thrusts. Randy was mesmerized by the female form presented to him his eyes like Juan's focused on the rolling mounds on her chest, the sleek leg he could see being rocked by Juan's rhythm. His cock was straining against his pants leg.

Juan was fucking earnestly now making the springs protest loudly " Yeah chica ... Ummm that's good pussy, gonna fill you with my seed now. Ohh baby here it comes." he stiffened held himself hard against her mound as he unloaded his balls in the hot confines of her body. Janet had stoically endured the misuse of her body and felt the bastards spunk coat her insides. She was hopeful that he would be done quickly now.

Juan patted her on the cheek as he slipped his greasy cock from her cum coated channel. "Good pussy chica, we gonna have lots of fun." He had hardly gotten to his feet before Mustafa was scrambling into position on Janet's bound body. Janet refused to open her eyes but felt the fumbling at her vagina then the penetration of yet another unwanted cock. Mustafa slammed his skinny shanks down hard driving his thin rod fully into the cum slick core of the gorgeous woman. Janet felt it slither far up into her belly, she smelled his beer breath on her cheek as he lay fully on her "you like my black snake sista, you got some fine puuusssy". he started sliding quickly in and out his head lying next to hers. Janet turned her head to get away from the stink of his dirty dreadlocks. The ebony hips rose and fell Mustafa grunting into her ear as the sexual tingles grew in his cock and balls. It was only a few minutes before he too gave a hard shove and Janet felt his penis flex and flood her with more wetness. He drew his black rod out now shiny and white streaked with cum. "Sheet daats good puusssy."

When Mustafa was standing by the bed Juan gestured to Randy. "Go on amigo get some of that."

Randy nervously shucked his pants, he really didn't want to hurt the woman but at the same time she was so good looking, man his dick was hard just looking at her. And after all she had already been used twice and he didn't want to look like a little kid in front of the other two. He hesitantly climbed on the bed his eyes roving over the firm mounds, the sleek belly then the cum matted strip of dark honey curls. His cock twitched. He fumbled into position and seemed to line up perfectly. He drew in a sharp breath as the head of his cock was enveloped in the hot wet interior of her sex.

Janet could tell this one was different, there was no aggressiveness or bravado. She opened her eyes slightly to see his slim body poised over her, his head was down watching himself as he slid easily into her depths on two loads of cum.

Randy had never felt anything like the hot clutching flesh surrounding his turgid member. Even as wet as she was she gripped him like a tight velvet glove. It sent thrills throughout his body. He withdrew and slid back in with a squishy slorp. Oh man that felt good he thought. He held himself up on his arms and watched his red curls mash into her honey ones on the in stroke. Then he looked up into Janet's slitted eyes. "I'm sorry" he whispered. He couldn't stop now if he wanted to, his body began to pick up speed and the sexual tension built higher and higher until it felt like a flash of lightening blazed before his eyes and his body locked into the throes of orgasm. "Uhhh. Hhhhu ... Huhhh" he grunted as his cock jerked and spit it's load to mingle with what had already be deposited. Janet felt the jerking much more powerful then the other two but was glad that now maybe they would leave her alone.

Randy had never felt anything like that in the world, jacking off was nothing compared to the spine tingling pleasure he just had. Unlike the other two he started pumping again his hips rising and falling between her sleek thighs. Janet was surprised, he felt just as hard as ever as he pumped accompanied by the snick, snick, slorp of extremely wet cock plunging into extremely wet pussy. Janet's left leg was beginning to hurt from lying over the side of the bed and she raised it up to place her foot on the bed, it was now being rubbed by the flexing ass of the young boy fucking her. Randy was watching those fabulous tits being rolled around on her chest by his quick rhythmic thrusting. It was an exciting sight that intensified the pleasure his body was feeling. Janet to her unbelief was becoming aware of some feelings in her body at the constant stimulation from this youngster. The angle or something he was doing making the top of his shaft rub her clit just right.

"Whhoooo weee man look at dat boy go" Mustafa laughed.

Randy fucked her for a full five minutes before he once again went over that high falls of exquisite climax.

Janet once again felt the strong twitch and force of his young ejackulation in her core. She was thankful that it was over because he was beginning to make her feel something. Randy strained above her his eyes closed in ecstasy. Janet was shocked when he started small thrusting motions again then longer strokes until he was sliding fully in and out once again. He lowered himself on her body his head lying next to hers one hand moving to explore the satin smoothness of one breast. It was the first time he had ever touched one and he loved it's firm satiny feel. As he continued to stroke Janet's body started responding and without her even aware of it her free leg closed in to rub his pumping ass. Having cum twice he was good for a while and he pumped and thrust in the silken heat for a good ten minutes. Janet took the pounding with quiet acceptance and the perpetual stimulation in her sex sleeve was sending sexual tingles throughout her body that she didn't want to feel. She was unaware that her lips had loosened from their tight thin line and her breathing had begun to quicken.

For the third time his young balls expended their load to further drench Janet's abused cunt but this time she felt a twinge of excitement when his teen cock expanded and shot it's load. His perspiring body gave a big ragged sigh and he once again whispered "I'm so sorry" before slipping his softening cock out of her cum filled pussy. It flowed out to form a big wet spot between the cheeks of her ass.

"Damn man you be a stud" Mustafa slapped Randy on the back "You fucked that bitch cross-eyed".

Juan moved around the bed releasing the ropes from Janet. She pulled her robe back around her and curled up on her side. As they started out the door Randy looked back where Janet was quietly sobbing. "I'll get you a towel and some soap ok".

When they were outside Randy went to the duffle bag he had brought with him since they were going to be here on and off for a few days. He had a towel and some soap with him. He turned and took it back into the dingy room and laid it on the bed by Janet. "Here, it's not much I know but you can clean up a little."

Juan told Mustafa he was going out and get some clothes for their guest and he would bring back something else for them to eat but it might be a while.

Marty had called a few cops he knew that were honest and asked them about Harry the Hammer's operations. From what he gathered there were two places that a lot of Harry's people gathered at. One was a Pub named the Dew Drop Inn and the other was a club called O'Malleys. He sent several of his snitches to each location. About 8 P.M. he got a call from a snitch called Carlos at the Dew Drop Inn. "Hey man I heard a dude bragging to some buddies about a big deal he was in that was going to put him up in the organization, I couldn't get to close and it was noisy but it was something about snatching a cunt so her ole man would do something".

Marty listened, it sounded like it could be what he was looking for. "Who was it?"

"Don't know man haven't seen him before, they called him Juan, he was a chunky Mexican with a scar down one cheek and mucho tattoos." Carlo's replied.

"Is he still there?" Marty asked.

"Naw man he split a few minutes ago." Carlo's told him

"Okay thanks, don't hang around to long." Marty instructed.

Carlos laughed "Hey man I know my business".

Marty debated with himself about calling Mark, he really didn't know anything yet and he didn't want to get Mark's hopes up. Finally he decided to call

Mark had tried everything to calm down, the best he could do was when he called his parents to see how the kids were and while he tried to sound normal his dad asked him what was wrong. He told him he was working on a case that was occupying his mind. He jumped when the phone rang, he listened anxiously to Marty and as much as he wanted to do something he knew he just had to wait. Marty told him he would call as soon as he had something more substantial. He paced for a few minutes his anger building, then he slammed his fist into the dark paneling in the den. Luckily he didn't hit a stud but busted a hole in the panel.

Juan went to his half sisters apartment and got some clothes from her, they would be to big for the woman they had but they would do. He liked to impress his amigos so he went back to the bar to pop a few and do a little bragging.

Janet was mentally trying to stop feeling sorry for herself and find a way out of this. The first thing she wanted to do was take a shower and wash the scum of those bastards off of and out of her. She was thankful the young one was at least thoughtful enough to provide her with some soap and a towel. She did her best to get all the cum out of her pussy even lying down on the concrete and using her fingers to hold open the lips of her vagina so the spray could hit directly in. then running her fingers in to scoop out all she could.

Harry the Hammer had a visitor at the jail, it was Max Walden. He was Harry's right arm, had been with him since childhood. He was known as the fixer, truth be known he was really the brains behind Harry but he let Harry think everything was his idea. He didn't want to go along with Harry's kidnap plan but he couldn't talk him out of it. Max had done all the work setting up the kidnapping. He tried hard to make sure that the authorities couldn't tie him or Harry to any of this if it went wrong.

Harry came into the interview room looking just a little worried. Although the guard was supposed to not leave the room he stood outside after closing the door. There was a hefty wad of cash in his pocket to ease his conscience. "Well" Harry asked looking at the door to make sure the guard wasn't watching.

Max just nodded his head "The freight guys picked up the package and mailed it." Harry visible relaxed then. "So when can we expect delivery?"

"Just have to be patient, you know how sometimes it takes two or three days" Max said "Don't worry, just take it easy, you won't be in here long." they discussed some more business always careful to use words and phrases that could mean any number of things but each knew exactly what the other was talking about. They weren't taking any chances the place was bugged.

About 9 that night Marty got a call from another snitch that was working the bar. His name was George and he told Marty that he overheard two greasers talking about a buddy who said he fucked some high class nookie that he was holding until herr old man did some kind of favor.

Marty knew it had to be Janet, at least it sounded like it. "Is he still there?"

"No man he had already split by the time I got here but they said he told them he would be back to let them know how good a cock sucker she was." George replied.

"Shit, okay George keep your ears and eyes open, let me know if he comes back tonight." Marty shook his head he wasn't going to tell Mark what he learned but he was certain Janet was being abused.

Juan got back to the warehouse about 9:30 that evening he had some sub sandwiches and chips and a bag of clothes for Janet. "HOlla mi amigos I brought some food and I picked up a little something for the chica."

"Wha chu mean homey?" Mustafa asked.

"I got a little something from Paco, the latest thing in helping a woman be the woman jou want, know what I mean." Juan chuckled. He unwrapped one of the Sandwiches and took a little packet out of his pocket. He sprinkled the fine brown powder over the meat making sure he smeared the mustard and mayo around so it wasn't visible. He motioned to Randy "Take this in to her, make sure she eats it."

Janet jumped when the door opened, she saw the young kid come in with a sandwich and a beer. "Here we brought you something to eat." he sat the sandwich on the bed beside her.

"I'm not hungry" Janet told him.

"Come on you have to eat, try some they make very good subs," Randy urged.

"Okay I guess I should eat something." Janet sighed and picked up the sandwich taking a bite. Randy stayed with her until she finished, once she started she found that she was pretty hungry. He gave her the beer but she only took a couple of drinks.

When Randy went back out Juan grinned "Give it about 15 minutes then we can have some more fun."

"I be ready for some mo of dat fine puussy mon" Mustafa grabbed his crotch "Hey stud mon" he grinned at Randy "You gonna fuck dat white bitch cross-eyed again."

Randy tried to laugh and sound like he was fine "yeah I'm ready for some more of that." Truth be told he was thinking he was in over his head in this kind of stuff. He was only trying to make some money to help out his family. His dad was killed in an auto accident three years ago, his mom, his little sister and he lived in a run down apartment that they could just barely afford. His mom worked for a cleaning service and made just barely enough to keep a roof over their heads. Dealing dope seemed a quick way to make some money to help her out and when he was offered a pretty good sum for doing this he couldn't pass it up. He didn't realize exactly what he would be doing, they said it was only going to be holding a woman for a few days until her husband did something. He never thought about rape and found he couldn't stop it or himself when the time came.

Janet was just staring at the wall when she felt sort of strange, sort of sleepy maybe, tired, she never realized it when her mind just sort of went into neutral.

The three entered and moved to the foot of the bed Janet turned her head to look at them. Juan saw the vacant look in her eyes and grinned. He moved to stand before her "Hey chica we gonna have some more fun huh" Janet just looked at him. Her mind registered that there was a man in front of her but that was as about as far as her thoughts went. Juan unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants quickly shoving his shorts down "Come on suck my dick, get it hard." Janet heard what he said but she didn't know what he wanted her to do. Juan grabbed a handful of hair jerking her face up against his soft cock. "Suck my dick woman now."

Janet's numb mind finally understood what he was asking, "I ... I don't know how" she mumbled slowly slurring her words.

Juan couldn't believe it "You mean you aint never gave your old man a blow job. Man he must be a wimp." he rubbed his cock over her face. "I'll teach ya bitch just do what I tell you." Janet felt the tube of flesh against her cheek her eyes unfocused on the thick brown body in front of her. "First just wrap that little hand around it and stroke it nice and slow" Juan instructed. Janet's mind just followed his instructions and she grasped it near the base and moved the loose skin up and down. She felt the soft flesh start to thicken and the round head darken even farther in color.

"Yeah chica that's the way now just open that pretty little mouth and take the head in." Juan commanded.

Janet felt a thought in the back of her mind trying to tell her something but it wasn't coming through she leaned forward and ovaled her lips to let the dark brown flesh in her mouth. "Now tighten your lips and take in all you can." Janet did as instructed getting most of the six inch prick in before she felt like gagging. She quickly backed off. "Yeah that's it now keep doing that" Her head started bobbing back and forth slowly. Juan watched the beauty sucking his cock, the fact that he knew she would never do it on her own made it feel just that much better. Those full luscious lips sliding tightly up and down and the hot wetness of her mouth driving jolts of lust through out his body. "Doing good now use jour hand to play with my balls, roll them around, squeeze them a little, not to hard now" Her ministrations had his cock as hard as it could be and he could feel his balls tightening ready to explode but as much as he wanted to fill her snooty little belly with his cum he wanted to fuck that tight pussy even more. "Good sucking chica now lay down and spread them legs, I want to fuck that pussy now."

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