Remembering the First Time

by Chris Anderson

Copyright© 2009 by Chris Anderson

Incest Sex Story: Thoughts turn to the first time Brandi surprised me after a hard day. (Formerly Time To Unwind chapter 2 This story has been reformatted and a "Time To Unwind Universe" created)

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Uncle   Niece   First   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

I inhaled sharply as she bit down on my nipple, the pain sending pleasure spikes to my hard cock. I pulsed inside her and she squeezed me with her keagles in turn. MMMmmm "it was so good" I whispered, almost gasping as she bit at the other nipple. She sat up quickly, throwing her hair back and causing her beautiful tits to bounce slightly, her nipples standing proud and tight.

"You really like it when she doesn't say a word, don't you." She lifted herself until my cock head was at her wet entrance, and then back down, squeezing her pussy onto me the whole way down. I moaned. "sweety, Brandi is so sexy, but especially when she plays the 'silent horny servant' role." She lifted up and thrust down on me again, starting a slow steady rhythm, squeezing me wonderfully with her tight pussy muscles on each stroke. A whimper escaped her as she paused to grind her clit against me, and then resumed the ride.

I thought back to that first time Brandi surprised me after work. She was only 18 by 3 days, and had been enjoying the use of our swimming pool quite often that summer. I came home a bit early that day after finishing a contract I had been working on for two weeks straight. My wife Julie, was still at the office, and had suggested, when I called to let her know I had the afternoon, that I just take the opportunity to relax, or maybe play golf. It was only three in the afternoon, but I was physically exhausted, and very ready to relax and enjoy the pool and hot-tub I had worked so hard to purchase. Some peace and quiet before the busy evening ahead. Julie has always been huge on family and as a result, we had very few evenings that weren't spent entertaining in-laws at our house, or enjoying the hospitality at one of their homes. I had no complaints. Her family were all as good as gold, and there was never a shortage of conversation or humor.

Walking through the living room, toward the master bedroom, I heard the laughter of my two nephews as they played in the pool in our backyard. Julie must have given them permission to use the pool today I thought, as I looked out the patio doors to see them. The two boys, 9 and 11, were in the middle of the pool, throwing water bombs at one another, calling out their score of "hits" loudly. I opened the door, and shouted a forced "happy" greeting to them. They turned and waved. "Hey uncle Chris!" they shouted back. Then I saw Brandi ... She was sunning herself at the far end of the pool, close to the hot-tub. She had looked up to see me, waved eagerly and then returned to laying back, the sun beating down on her tan skin. I felt a stir in my manhood, as my eyes wandered over her gorgeous body. The small, blue bikini she wore only served to accent her succulent sensuality. She had blossomed over the past three years, in all the right places. I must admit she had been the mental object of much masturbation since she first started showing those large nipples through her swimsuits and blouses around age 15. My cock was now lightly throbbing as it hardened quickly. My eyes pausing to savor the sight of her smooth, tan skin, glistening in the bright sun and the impression of her tight nipples straining at her bikini top. Reluctantly, I broke my stare and moved down the hall to the master bedroom. I quickly pulled my clothes off and stepped into the master bathroom to start the shower. My cock was now almost as hard as I could remember it ever being, and of course, I stroked it slowly, squeezing it, fantasizing of how tight Brandi's pussy might be.

Steam billowed from over the shower doors and I slipped in, under the hot spray. I began to relax a bit, and realized that since I had seen Brandi, my mind had not thought once about work until now. I leaned back against the shower wall, the steamy water pelting my skin, my hard cock in my hand as I stroked it a bit faster now. I let her name flow from my lips in a whisper as I thought of her tan, naked body. I pictured how her tight nipples would look, bare to my gaze. I thought of my mouth closing around each large bud, suckling them, nibbling them lustily. I moaned, stroking the length of my hard cock swiftly now, eyes closed, visualizing her pussy open before me, my tongue lapping at her juicy hole and hard clit. Again I rasped her name softly and my fantasy turned to her laying on my bed, legs spread wide as I pounded into her harder and harder. My hand now a blur on my hard shaft. I called her name a bit louder, as I felt my balls tightening, and the familiar pleasure rise of my impending orgasm. My body arched and I thrust my hips to meet my hand the final few times. "FUUuuck, Brandi ... I'm cumming inside you baby!" I gasped as I was wracked by a very intense orgasm. My cock pulsing, eyes still closed, the water washing over me as waves of pleasure flowed through me. I gathered my senses a bit, and staggered forward, turning around to let the water stream over my back. As I did, cock still in hand, I caught a glimpse in the lightly steamy mirror. A figure, in a blue bikini, stood in the doorway. I caught my breath and looked a second time to the mirror, but she was not there. Had I imagined it? Was it all in my head? I had been quite overtaken by the power of my orgasm ... I must have been seeing things.

After I finished up my shower, I decided to go ahead and take a soak in the hot-tub. I was honest with myself, I was doing it more for the chance to see Brandi in her skimpy bikini than for any other reason. I put on my swim trunks and headed to the backyard through the private patio doors in our master bedroom. As I reached for the door, I noticed that it was standing open about a half inch! I knew it! I hadn't been seeing things! That little hottie had been spying on me as I showered!

I walked slowly to the hot-tub, my nephews obviously in a contest now to see who could stay under water the longest while holding their breath. Brandi was no where in sight. As I reached the end of the pool where the hot-tub was installed inside a mostly private, lattice work gazebo structure, I could just make out Brandi's blonde hair inside. I stepped confidently around the partition, up the three steps and into the steamy and bubbly hot-tub. Brandi looked my way and our eyes met. She said nothing as I lowered myself into the nearly too hot water. The water was just covering her breasts, a layer of foam stirred up by the bubbles, was resting in the sexiest way, on the visible skin of her shoulders.

"Brandi" I began, and she cut me off. "Uncle Chris," she said, talking quietly and in that sexy young tone. "I know you saw me watching you in the shower ... It was so sexy to see you cum like that ... and when you said my name ... Oh Uncle Chris ... I know I shouldn't have, but I couldn't help myself ... and now I ... I thought it only fair for you to get to watch me ... I was hoping you would come out here soon."

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