Harold: Freak Attraction

by Dapper Dan

Copyright© 2009 by Dapper Dan

Erotica Sex Story: Born with a freak, physical anomaly, our boy first believes his condition to be normal. Later, he thinks it's a curse until... Well, you'll just have to read the story to see what it's all about.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .


[This is a work of fiction. The story is an unadulterated and unabashed attempt to tickle male fantasies and perhaps some female fantasies as well. It is a fantasy and as such, the story may or may not conform entirely with reality. But isn't that the whole point of fantasies? With historical exceptions, all other locations, events, and characters are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]

I do not practice nor do I condone any of the sexual acts about which I write, other than straight, heterosexual relationships. Beside the fact that most other forms of sexual behavior are illegal, I still don't judge consenting adults for their sexual preferences except where such behavior is hurtful/harmful to others, such as pedophilia.

None-the-less, many people have FANTASIES of such taboo laden behavior to achieve sexual gratification or whatever, but have no intentions whatsoever of carrying out such behavior in actual practice. That said, if I have struck a particular fantasy of yours, read and enjoy.


Harold Summerfield ... male leading character, eighteen plus, possessor of a physical anomaly
Janet Summerfield ... sister to Harold, twenty-one, first besides mother to discover the anomaly
Amy Feckleson ... best girlfriend of Janet Summerfield and coworker age twenty
Kirsten Feckleson ... younger sister of Amy-, fiftgeen and a high school sophomore,
Geraldine. (Jerri) ... female, late twenties, picked up Harold in a bar
Chris ... female, nineteen, girl Harold picked up in a second bar

I was born a freak. At eighteen and a half, I'm still a freak--and I love it. I didn't always think that way, however. For a long time, I thought it was a curse.

"How," you ask, am I a freak?

Very simple, really. I was born with two cocks.

No, really, I was. I've still got 'em too.

You see, two cocks and either one or two sets of balls in their own sacks, is a condition known as biphallia. Google it if you don't believe me. It's a really rare condition, but it does happen. In some cases, the two cocks are side by side and stick out at an angle to form a sort of "V" with the cocks side by side at their bases.

In other cases, like mine, the two cocks are one above the other, just like an over and under shot gun. I also have just the one ball sack with two large balls. I can pee from both cocks at once or just the lower one. My man cream can spurt from either one or both, usually both.

Also in my case, both cocks will erect more or less at the same time. The top one is the largest. It will reach seven to seven and a half inches and is nicely fat. The lower cock will stretch hard to make six inches and is slightly smaller around than the other one.

Jesus, you should see a girl's face when she drops my jockeys for the first time!

I'll match my twin peaks with hers anytime.

The only reason I got through public school through grade twelve was that my Mother got a doctor's script stating I was in such physical condition that I could never take gym classes. You can imagine what kind of cruelty from my school peers I'd of been subject to in the showers.

Besides, the biphallia condition also brings with it other internal body physical problems, sooner or later, most of them very serious to life-threatening. The reprieve from gym classes was reasonable from that standpoint alone. That I got to avoid hazing/teasing attacks was just icing on the cake.

I did date beginning in the tenth grade, but I never got to the heavy petting. In other words, I never let a girl put her hand between my legs when clothed, let alone when naked. For a long time, only my mother and father knew.

The first female other than my mother to discover what I really had between my legs was my sister, Janet. She was twenty-one at the timeshe made the discovery. She was also single and lived in her own apartment six blocs away from home. She had a full time job as a secretary.

One Friday night, I was sitting naked in front of my computer, totally engrossed in a porn site with one stud fucking three lusty sluts. Masturbating my two cocks is double the pleasure, believe me. If I alternated stroking back and forth and, if I timed it right, both cocks would spurt white cream in an arc about three feet out from my body. At least that would be true of the first shot.

My twins had just fired off the first, simultaneous shots of the white stuff when Janet walked in my door. I didn't hear her knock and I didn't hear her walk up behind me. When I shot of the second set of twin streams, I finally heard her.

"What the fucking hell?" Cried Janet.

Unthinkingly, I whirled in a one eighty in my swivel chair and my twin guns shot off again, straight into my sister's face. Yeah, she was that close before she yelled.

"Jesus, Janet, don't you ever knock?"

No answer. Janet just stood there in place dumbfounded, chin dropped, mouth wide open, and stared. To say the least, she was thunderstruck. Well, you can imagine her state.

You see, Janet never knew about my condition. Mother was the only one who ever changed me. My grandmothers on both sides were dead before I was born. Janet was never allowed to change me or baby-sit with me. In fact, my parents never went out so they wouldn't have to hire any baby sitter. Dad was a blue collar worker and couldn't afford to go out anyway.

Janet saw nothing unusual in that arrangement and never questioned it. Thus, she never knew until the moment she popped in on me. She'd come over to talk to mother about something an no one was home downstairs.

After firing off that double shot into Janet's face, I joined her in frozen astonishment and watched the next twin shots arc up and fall short to the floor between us. Two more twin shots fired or rather, dribbled off before either of us spoke.

Janet spoke first. "I'll be Goddamned! That display is the fucking damnedest display I've ever seen. What kind of f-f, ah..."

"Go on, Janet, you can say it. Freak. It's OK. And which display do you mean--the twin cocks or the twin shots?"

"E-e-either or, ah, n-no, b-both."

"Well, do you like what you see, Janet? Or are you freaked out?"

"Ah, un, I don't know yet."

"Well, Janet, at least you haven't run out of the room screaming your head off."

"Not yet, anyway, Harold."

"Janet, are you a virgin?"


"You heard the question. Answer it."

"No, at least not vaginally, but what's that to do with anything?"

"Just interesting to know."

Janet seemed to lose some of her fright and gain back some of her old boldness I remembered so well from our childhood.

"Can I touch it, er, ah, them?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

Janet dropped to her knees between mine and just stared some more with a look of complete wonderment at my two still very erect cocks. Despite the fact that those twin flesh poles had just shot off a big load, they were pulsing again in anticipation. The fact that it was my older sister standing there probably had something to do with the elevated condition.

Finally, Janet tentatively reached out a hand toward my twin projectiles. Very hesitantly, she touched and then grasped the lower, smaller one.

"Mmmm, feels just like any other cock I've touched."

"Touched that many, have you, Janet?"

"No, brat, only three others."


Janet reached up and grasped the larger cock.

"This one is the same as well."

"Well, Sis, that now makes five cocks you've touched. You can do more than touch if you want."

"Hmmm," she said as sne looked up into my eyes. Her's held more than a touch of lust.

Slowly, Janet stroked on the big cock with her right hand. It wasn't but a moment or two before she brought up her left hand to stroke my other cock as well.

I heard her mumble something about, "OH, God help me."

The next thing I knew Janet dropped her mouth onto the upper cock and went to work sucking and licking. She dropped to the bottom cock and sucked and licked on it for a bit, still stroking both. She just kept alternating cocks in her mouth.

I could smell her arousal. The aroma wafted up between us so strong I nearly fainted. Janet had to smell it as well.

"You can keep doing that until I shoot off again, or you can double your pleasure with a D.P. You know, a double penetration, Janet."

"Yeah, Harold, I know what a D.P. is little brother."

She suddenly released me, stood, and was naked almost faster than it takes me to tell about it. My God but she had a gorgeous body. And those tits! I didn't get a very long look, however. Her hand found my upper cock again and pulled me over to my bed. Janet flopped down on her back and rolled her ass up as she grabbed herself behind both knees and brought them back to her shoulders.

"Show me," was all she said.

How could I refuse an invitation like that? Sister/brother didn't seem to concern her and definitely not me. All she wanted was those two cocks of mine in her two holes. It looked as if she wanted them ASAP.

I crawled up on the bed and knee walked to a position straddling Janet's hips. As I lowered my pelvis into position, I placed the larger, top cock at the the entrance to her pussy. I lubricated that missile with her copious love fluids and then did the same with my lower cock.

Repositioning my longer cock again, I eased in just past the helmet which brought my lower cock into position at her back entrance. I had to push and reverse a number of times with my lower cock and use my fingers to sweep more pussy juice onto the bottom cock to get it all the way seated, but that gave a lot of action to the longer cock titillating Janet's pussy.

"Oh my God, Harold, Oh, my God, Oh, my God," and then "fuck, fuck, fuck," was all she could say until she couldn't even do that any more. All she could do was grunt with each thrust into her charming silos.

"Goddamn! Fucking Goddamn! My first fuck with my twin rods. And that with my gorgeous big sister to boot. What a fucking experience. Shit! Fuck! Hell yes!"

Fucking sure as hell beat anything I did by myself with myself.

Janet's mind mustta been in hyperdrive. She climaxed vaginally before I could really get a good seat with my lower cock. When I did get that one in, she climaxed again. After only a half dozen strokes or so with both cocks fully engaged, she climaxed yet another time. When I added finger action to her clit, she climaxed yet again in a series of rolling, shaking orgasms.

I shot off my twin loads in the middle of her rolling thunder.

Then her eyes rolled back and she fainted.

When I could breathe again, I withdrew my twin tubes of flesh and dropped beside Janet on my right side. I placed my left arm so my hand dropped onto Janet's boobs. I slowly and lightly caressed her bare skin and cooed sweet nothings into her ear as she slowly returned to consciousness. At last, she was clear-minded enough to speak.

"What happened? What'd you do to me?"

Then realization hit her.

"Oh my God! Christ, Harold, that was the most fantastic experience of my life, a DP with two cocks but only one guy! Do you know what your equipment does for a girl? Do you know what would happen if other girls would find out what you're carrying? You'd have to fight the off with a club!"

"That's the last thing I need, Janet. Besides, I bet half of 'em would run off screaming like banshees, scared shitless. You simply can't tell anyone what you've just discovered."

"Harold, you don't know what you're asking. Girls talk about sex as much as boys do, if not more so. I've got a close, very close, girlfriend at work. I can't not tell her."

"Weeelll, Janet, maybe. But no one else. Promise?"

"I can't promise, Harold, but I'll try. Besides, I want some more of your brand of fucking and I don't want to have to chase off half the female population of town to do so."

"And the fact than I'm your blood brother bothers you not at all?"

"No, Harold, it doesn't, not in this so-called enlightened age."

"Right now, Janet, you'd better get out of my room before the folks get back from their visit with the neighbors. I'm going to take a shower."

"So that's where Mother is. Alright, I'll go downstairs and wait for them to get back. I'll be getting back to you, Harold. Count on it!"

That was Friday night. Janet mustta been on the phone that night yet, because by Saturday after lunch, she dropped by our house again and asked me, "Harold, will you take me to the Dairy Queen? I'm in the mood for some soft freeze."

That got my attention because it was so unusual for her to ask me for something like that. Especially since she had to make the trip from her place to home to just ask that question. But I didn't get a chance to comment.

Quietly, so our parents wouldn't hear, and forestalling any comment from me, she went on, "I need to talk to you."

"OK, you go tell Pop where we're going and I'll get my car out of the garage."

"No, we'll take mine, it's in the way anyhow. I'll drop you off back here later. Go get in the car and wait for me."

Our town's Dairy Queen was a big one with a huge inside eating area. When we arrived, there were only a few others eating inside at two in the afternoon. It was a hot day and most of the trade was using the drive through. Janet and I'd been seated at our isolated table with our treat for less than five minutes when in walked Amy Feckleson, Janet's best friend and coworker.

That's why I told you Janet mustta been on the phone yet Friday night. This was just too much to be a coincidence. Amy spotted us but stopped at the counter to order first. When she got to our table, she was blushing crimson clear into her cleavage and is was a considerable cleavage at that. In the warm spring weather, she was wearing a loose halter top obviously sans bra.

"Hi," she squeaked.

The two chatted for a bit before Janet turned to me and said, "Amy's curious."

"Oh, curious about what?"

As if I didn't know what was coming. But I wasn't going to make this easy. Amy had already turned an even darker shade of crimson.

"Amy's curious? About what or whom?" I repeated after a slightly too long pause in answering my question.

"You of course, dummy."

"Me? Why are you curious about me, Amy?"

That caught Amy unprepared as the conversation had been between Janet and I.

"Uh, er, that is, aww." With that intelligent answer, Amy dropped her head/chin on her chest and fairly glowed crimson.

"What she's trying to say, brother mine, is that I told her about your equipment and she's damned curious."


"So, she would like to see it for herself."

"That so, Amy, just a look?"

Amy's fading color immediately returned to it's former brilliant crimson.

"Uh, umm, well, a-at f-first anyway. J-just a look."

"At first? You mean you might want to do more than look?"

Amy dropped her chin again but barely managed a nod yes.

"When, Amy?"

I got the ubiquitous shoulder shrug in return.

"Well, Amy, tomorrow right after church, my parents are leaving to go visit an old army buddy my dad just discovered. The buddy and his wife live two hours away, one way. That means they aren't likely to be back before late evening. How 'bout one o'clock at our house?"

Still head down, eyes downcast, and still burning crimson, Amy nodded once and quickly fled, leaving most of her treat.

I looked at Janet--she just smiled a very enigmatic smile. We finished our own treats and left to return me home. That night, I went out with the three guys I ran around with and we got into some usual teenage mischief before I got home at my weekend curfew time of midnight.

Sunday morning, I got rousted bright and early for the family trip to church. Mom was a died in the wool Lutheran, born and raised, and she raised us kids that way as well. Afterwards we all had a light lunch at home and the folks were on their way shortly after twelve noon.

I sighed a sigh of relief that the timing was working out and spent the time waiting for Amy in a contemplative and anticipatory state of mind. One o'clock came and went. I was still contemplating. At one-twenty, a car pulled up into the drive.

As Amy got out of the driver side, my sister Janet climbed out of the passenger side. Ut oh.

I greeted Amy first, "I thought for a bit there that you weren't going to come."

Then I said hi to Janet.

"Well, I almost didn't," Amy managed to utter. "But in the end, I decided, 'fuck it, ' I would come. Janet called and wanted to come along. I hope that's OK, I don't know if I coulda done this alone."

"I'm so glad you came anyway, Amy. And Janet's welcome as well. Let's go into the living room where we can sorta, ah, break the ice, I guess."

Janet said, "Good. Then I have to leave for some errands at the mall."

"You're not staying?" Amy quaked. "I-I, ah, I..."

"'Fraid not, Amy, he's all yours. You're here now and you'll do just fine. Your a big girl now, Amy."

Amy wasn't at all sure she liked this new turn of events.

Janet stayed a few minutes more and then said, "You two have fun now. I'm off to the mall and won't be back for about three hours. I'll take Harold's car, if you'll hand me your keys, bro. Bye."

That last was said with a leer.

The front door slammed. Amy and I were left alone together. You guessed it, Amy was crimson again, all the way to the horizon of her top and likely lower. She was obviously and extremely nervous. The ice hadn't broken yet.

She sat on the stuffed couch and I sat across from her in the stuffed arm chair. We just sat, silently contemplating each other and our thoughts for some time.

At last, with a sputtering start, we slowly worked ourselves into a conversation that finally put Amy at ease enough to calm down about all she was goin' to calm down for the moment.

The topic slowly got around to sex.

"Have you dated much, Amy?"

"Yes, I've dated--but not as much as your sister Janet."

"So, how far did you and your dates get? Did anyone score a home run with you?"

"In other words, Harold, am I still a virgin? Is that what you're asking me?"

"Yeah, I guess it is."

"The answer to that question is, ah, no. I'm not a virgin, vaginally anyway. But only two guys made the, ah, home run, as you put it."

"Did you enjoy those two times, Amy?"

"Not the first one, no. That first time was a complete disaster, very painful, and I don't want to say any more about that one."

"What about the second time?"

"That time was some better. But I still wondered then and yet now, what all the fuss was or is about. Nothing special happened and I felt nothing noteworthy."

"So, Amy, you've only seen two adult cocks?"

"I didn't say that. Your question was how many scored a home run, not how many I'd seen."

"Oh, well then, how many have you seen."

"You mean cocks?" she said with a sly grin.

"Of course that's what I mean."

"I gave a hand job to two guys I dated and a blow job to two others. Only the two blowjobs and the two home runs got to see my b-boobs as well."

"At least you've progressed, Amy. You're no long blushing."

Which, of course, she immediately proceeded to do.

"Sorry, Amy, I didn't mean to get you doing it again."

"What about you, Harold? How many women have you slept with?"

"You mean how many have I fucked?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I mean."

"Just one, Amy."

"Only one, Harold? You mean your sister?"

"What did she tell you?"

"She said she not only saw your equipment but that you also used it on her."

"They're cocks, Amy, Cocks. Call them what they are--just cocks, but in my case, two of them. Yes, she's the only woman I've fucked to date. Is your pussy wet yet?"

"Oh God, YES."

"Show me, Amy."

Slowly, she stood. Timidly, she fiddled with the catch and zipper of her Levies. Finally getting the zipper all the way down, she allowed the jeans to slither down her legs and puddle on the floor. That left a pair of red bikini panties.

From my side of the coffee table between us, I could see the large wet spot in the gusset of those panties. It was more that a spot. It looked as if the whole bottom was wet. She was blushing again.

"Now the panties, Amy. Lose them too."

Ever so slowly out of timidity again, she slid the panties down. It look like a hell of a sexy strip from my vantage point. The crimson color of her face and neck had deepened. While she got out of her panties and her sandals, I'd hastily doffed my T shirt and continued to watch her. I could see her bald pussy, glistening with her fluids.

"Now the top, Amy. Your nipples are already telling me you aren't wearing a bra--again."

Her blush renewed itself as she then stood bare ass naked in front of me.

And with her nakedness, Amy spoke up. "I'm the one standing here naked, my pussy obviously dripping with you staring at me so lustfully. But it's you I came to see naked. So how 'bout it? Lose some more clothes, Harold."

Nonchalantly, at least I hoped that's what it looked like, I dropped my cargo shorts. But I dropped them as slowly as she did hers. I was going commando--no underwear. When my first cock popped free and bobbed in all its erect glory, I stopped lowering my shorts and sort of covered up any tell tale signs below that level. Of course, my top cock was a bit higher than a normal man with only one cock and looked a little outta place.

Amy gasped and said, "I don't see any more than o..."

She stopped speaking when I dropped my shorts further and my second cock bobbed free and as erect as the first one. Both cocks were dribbling precum in little bubbles.

"Oh! OH! OHHH!" was her response to that new appearance.

"Kinda gets to you, doesn't it, Amy."

"Oh my fucking Gawd."

Her mouth was agape, her eyes were bugged, and her open hand covered her gaping mouth. She was as dumbfounded as my sister had been upon first look.

She dropped her now naked butt onto the couch again and just sat there in a daze as she continued to stare directly at my twin ripe and loaded organs.

"Well, Amy, here's what you came to see, right?"

She made no verbal answer. She only nodded her head yes one time. I walked slowly over to her and gently pushed her down on the couch on her back and pulled her butt forward to the edge. Her knees still hung over, presenting her pussy on full display for me.

I dropped to my knees between hers and dropped my mouth at the juncture of her thighs. My tongue and mouth went to work on that beautiful pussy. My tongue licked the outer labia--then the leg crease--then her mons. At last I gave a long, flat lick up her slit from anus to clit. At her clit, I tongued it before I got it in my mouth and lightly bit it.

Amy climaxed three times before I got to her clit and then again when I bit on the same little nubbin. Did I say "little?" Her clit was big enough to pass for a mini phallus.

It was time for the second act.

"Let's go up to my room, Amy. A bed seems much more appropriate than this uncomfortable couch. Bring your clothes; I've got mine."

"You're kidding. You're goin' to stop and leave me hanging like this--unsatisfied?"

"Not for long, Amy, and the anticipation will keep you high. Come on."

Amy followed me to my bed. I hugged her in a tight clinch and gave her a proliferation of face, head, and neck kisses. I suddenly pushed her down on the end of the bed, picked her legs up onto my shoulders, and rubbed my bottom cock up and down her cleft; her very, very wet cleft. Of course my top cock bumped along in the way part of the time. Amy groaned loudly.

"Like that, do you, Amy?"

"Uh huh," she managed to choke out.

I needed to lube my pricks. I had some fun running first one and then the other up and down her slit to obtain the coating on both cocks. I next entered her pussy with my lower cock to really get it creamed. My upper cock just slid along her belly. Amy moaned deeply and then growled her pleasure again.

I switched and pushed my upper cock into her pussy, allowing the lower cock to slide along under her bottom. Amy groaned some more and then climaxed yet again. I just grinned to myself, she was dazed. I went to step three.

I pulled out of her pussy a moment and let her moan her disappointment. I thrust my upper cock back into her pussy while running my lower cock to her asshole. It took some pumping again 'til I could get the back door penetrated and bedded, but eventually, both cocks were in and pumping.

Amy heaved and writhed for all she was worth. With both cocks pumping hard and my hands working on her tits, she lost herself in a continuos roll of orgasms. By the time I shot off my double barrels, she had rolled her eyes back and fainted dead away--just like my sister had done.

I lay on her, still with both cocks buried deeply, with just enough weight to let her nipples drill into my chest. The breathing for both of us slowly returned to normal. Both my cocks slowly deflated until, with a soft plop and sucking noise, they dropped free of the moist caves in which they'd been parked.

Slowly, I rolled off to her side and cradled her by her boobs after I first kissed her gently and lovingly on her mouth. Amy slowly came back to her senses, dropped a hand between my two appendages and, with her fingers, slowly strummed both those now flaccid flesh tubes.

Amy quietly whispered, "Oh my God. Oh my fucking God. What the shit am I going to do now after experiencing that? Damn it, Harold, you've spoiled me now for anything less than what you have."

"You didn't have to come over here, Amy."

"Oh, I know that. It's just that anyone else is now going to be second fiddle to what you can do."

Eventually, Amy wanted to play some more. She jacked both cocks at the same time while sucking alternately on them. Since she could stay alert this time, she experienced the different feelings of having her pussy fucked by the two different cocks. She liked the large one better.

Janet walked in on us.

"I'm back. Am I interrupting anything?" she asked with a slutty snicker.

Janet slowly stripped while I stared. She climbed unto the bed naked on the other side of Amy. They kissed. First one girl and then the other would fondle and then lave on the tits of the other. They each reached for the other's pussy at the same time. They then went sixty-nine to lick and suck each other's cunt. Both girls climaxed, hard.

"Your turn, Harold," said Janet as she climbed over and straddled me.

She rode me cowgirl with both my cocks deeply embedded in her two orifices. Amy had helped us couple. Janet climaxed first then I shot off my twin loads again.

Amy said, "I want some more, Harold. Let me suck you back hard, I've not done that yet with your twins."

She did a great job, sucking one cock and then the other, back and forth. Damn she had a good mouth on her. Amy also mounted me cowgirl and we were off again on another wild ride. Amy climaxed again, but I couldn't.

The ultimate for me came as Janet joined Amy and each took a cock. Two women on one cock was nothing new. But two women on two cocks and only one man? That was just indescribably satisfying.

We played for a while longer, but, the time got closer for Amy to have to leave. We showered together as a threesome and had some more fun before both girls dressed and left.

Amy's words of parting were, "Don't wait too long to call me back for more, Harold."

I had to agree with both my sister and with Amy that, indeed, I didn't know how my two cocks could make them feel. But, I sure could say how I felt to have two cocks, both mine, orgasming at the same time into the body of one female. God, after the weekend just over, I sure had a different take on what I once considered to be a curse.

Monday at school went just fine--at least 'til lunch break. I was on my way to join the lunch line when I was cornered by a little sophomore girl. I'd seen her around but I couldn't remember her name.

The girl wasn't drop dead gorgeous. She wasn't even beautiful. She was, however, just plain cute as a button. She was the 'lovely little girl next door' type. Her tits were quite modest, what could be discerned anyway, but she had a narrow waist, tight ass, slender and beautiful legs, and long red hair. She had a bouncy, smiling personality.

She no more than said, "Hi, Harold," before she then turned beat red in the face. I don't know why, but I was pretty sure I knew what was coming next.

"I know, Harold, you're likely thinking, 'what's a little sophomore girl doing talking so boldly to a big senior guy, ' but I just have to ask you something."

"First, little Miss sophomore, tell me your name."

"My name's Kirsten."

"So, Kirsten, what is it you want to ask me?"

"This is terribly awkward, Harold."

"A lot of things are, Kirsten."

"Well--um, I, er..."

I cut her off with, "You want to know if a certain rumor you heard is true. Is that it?"

"Actually, yes, that's what I want to ask."

"And which rumor are you talking about, Kirsten?"

"God, are you goin' to make me spell it out? I think you know damned well what rumor I'm talking about."

"I need to be sure, Kirsten. I don't want to see false rumors being spread about."

I wasn't going to make this easy for Kirsten any more than I did for Amy, or my sister. Just my mean streak, I guess."

"You know, the rumor about you."

"And what would that be, Kirsten?"

"Damn it, Harold, you know--the one about you sporting two, uh, two..."

"Two extra toes, Kirsten?"

"Damn it all anyway, Harold, no. The one about two c-cocks."

"Oh, that rumor. Who told you about this rumor?"

"My sister."

Ah--the pieces were falling into place.

"That wouldn't happen to be Amy Fickleson, would it?"

"Yes. I'm, Kirsten Fickleson."

"Ah yes, now it all makes sense."

"Well, is it, Harold?"

"Is the rumor true?"

"Yes, please answer me."

"Yes, Kirsten, the rumor is true."

"Oh my God," she said in a whisper. "I thought she was pulling my leg."

I thought Kirsten was going to faint at my feet.

"Is that it, Kirsten?"

"N-no. May I see it, ah, them?"

"Do you want me to fuck you with them, Kirsten?"

"God no! I'm not ready for that yet. I just want to look."

"Can't do that, Kirsten. Not unless I can see you too. You know, I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours."

"I-un-I-I don't know if I can do that."

"Only way, girl."

"Wellll, I-I g-guess so. I'm not sure. When would this happen, if it happens?"

"I've got a couple a free hours tomorrow night right after school. Can you make that over at my house?"

"I, I, ah, I-I'll think about it. I have to change a couple of things first if I decide to meet you."

"OK, good. I'll wait for you after school. I can even drive you if you meet me in the student parking lot."

"OK, if I make it, Harold. After school tomorrow."

She beat it off quickly to her next class and I went into the cafeteria for the first of the three lunch periods. I gave it a fifty-fifty chance of happening. She was pretty scared about actually seeing me naked and evem more so of me seeing her naked. Well, we'll soon find out.

The next night after school, Kirsten was waiting for me by the exit closest to the student parking lot. She looked about as nervous as her sister Amy had when we met. She looked ready to turn and run.

"I didn't think you'd show, Kirsten."

"I almost didn't. I nearly chickened out. But then my sister would win and hold it over me for the rest of my life."

We got into my car and drove off. I dropped a hand on her thigh, just above her knee. Kirsten made no objection, but she did shiver. Then she covered my hand with hers and just left it there. I squeezed and released her pale thigh flesh over and over till we pulled into my driveway.

We entered the front door and I said, "Let's go up to my room. It's a little less public than this living room."

Once in my room with the door shut, we just stood there staring at each other, waiting for the other one to make the first move. Finally, I broke the emotionally charged stalemate. She jumped like a startled deer when I spoke.

"Tell you what, Kirsten. I'll take off a piece of clothing and then you reciprocate and we continue that until we're both naked. OK?"

Kirsten was blushing furiously again, but she nodded her head once in assent. Must run in the family was my thought. I took off my shirt. I still had a T shirt under that. Kirsten hesitantly took off her top, leaving her in her bra, a pretty, lacy little thing. Her erect nipples showed plainly as they poked into the material.

Nice tits even if they are small, I thought.

"Those are gorgeous boobs, Kirsten. I'll take off my T and you can take off your bra."

My T came off quickly. But Kirsten took some time to shed her bra to the floor. She kept hesitating--and blushing up a storm. She finally let the bra fall off her tits onto her arms and then dropped it.

God those were gorgeous little tits. Small, but drop dead perfect proportion and perky as a rain fresh daisy. Little stubby nipples topped her tits. Erect too.

"It's a good thing I really want to see your, ah, uh, your, uh..."

"My cocks, Kirsten. They're called cocks."

"To see your c-cocks or you'd never get me to do this."

"I know, Kirsten, but you started this."

"D-don't remind me."

"Do you mean, Kirsten, that you've never let a guy see your boobs--or anything else?"

"Yes. You're the first boy to see any of me bare between my neck and my knees. I've never even been swimming, at least when any boys were around. I do my sun tanning in our private back yard patio and by our in ground pool"

"You got a private pool?"

"Yeah, but you're digressing here. Time to take off some more, Harold.

I took off my sandals, leaving me barefoot and dropped my cargo shorts to the floor. That time, I had on boxer shorts for underwear. Of course, two erect cocks in those shorts made them tent out monstrously and there simply was no way of hiding the fact. I didn't even try.

Kirsten took off her sandals, leaving her barefoot as well, and then slithered out of her tight jeans. She wore a standard, white cotton panty. However, they were tight enough to leave a definite cameltoe in exquisite detail.

"OK, Kirsten, time for the curtain to go up--er, down, in this case I guess."

I used the same trick I had with her sister. I lowered my boxers only far enough to release my upper and larger cock. That flesh pole popped free, bouncing with joy.

Kirsten gasped. Her eyes bugged. She did a big, "0" with her mouth. Her first sight of a cock, adult cock anyway. And it was a hard one to boot.

"Drop your panties, Kirsten and I'll then drop my boxers the rest of the way."

Very timidly and slowly, she did. She tried to turn around first, but I stopped her.

"Stay facing me, Kirsten, so we can both see."

Then I dropped my boxers the rest of the way.

Kirsten fainted dead away.

That must run in the family as well.

I helped Kirsten up off the floor and helped her stagger over to the bed. She sat her ass down with her feet hanging over the end.

"You OK, Kirsten?"

"Y-yeah, I-I think s-so. Actually seeing those two, ah, I m-mean, ah, d-dicks, was quite a s-shock, even when I thought I was p-prepared. From not having seen any to seeing what you've got, well..."

"Yes, I can see where that might happen. It was quite a shock to me too when I learned everyone else had only one cock. I thought I was normal. Then I found out I was the freak instead."

"Can I touch it, er, them, oh you know what I mean."

"Sure, go ahead."

Kirsten tentatively reached out and rubbed one head and then the other. She "petted" the two shafts.

"Kirsten, do you want to handle them better--like how to give a guy a really good hand job, or even a good blow job? You know if you do that for a guy, he's a lot less likely to push for you to fuck him."

She thought for a minute. "Y-yee-aah, I think I'd l-like to learn that, Harold. I never dreamed I'd be n-naked in front of a g-guy this soon. I m-might as well t-take it a step further."

"OK then, first things first, Kirsten. Give me your hand."

She did and I guided it to my upper cock and placed her hand around that missile. I showed her how to stroke with variations. She was a very fast learner. Eager, too, after she got started and lost her timidity.

"Now, Kirsten, alternate between my two cocks. Don't just concentrate on the one."

God, she was good already. Kirsten was really into jacking me off.

"You know, Kirsten, if you add your mouth to my cock while still stroking both, you'd give me, or any other guy, quite an additional thrill."

Kirsten didn't hesitate that time. She just dipped her head and engulfed my cock with her mouth. Her wet and warm mouth. She also alternated cocks without being told. What a girl. A real natural.

"I'm about to come, Kirsten."

She just redoubled her efforts. Inevitably, I shot off my load. My upper cock shot into her mouth and the lower one shot all over her neck and chest.

I never heard such moans of pleasure as Kirsten gave out.

She sat back and when she could breathe again, she said, "Jesus, Harold, i-if. if I'd known how good that could feel, I'd of definitly tried a lot harder a lot sooner with somebody."

"Why don't you see what that white stuff on your chest tastes like, Kirsten?"

She picked up a gop of goop with a finger and put it in her mouth. She mustta liked it because she scraped up all she could find and swallowed it. Wasn't she great?


"Yes, Kirsten?"

"Uh, d-do you t-think you could, ah, uh, c-could you f-fuck me?"

"Really, Kirsten?"

"Yeah, you've got me so turned on I think I'd burn up if I don't get off now. And I don't think friggin' myself would be sufficient now. In for a penny, in for a pound, I guess."

"You're absolutely sure?"

"Yes, I'm very sure."

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