Guitar Man... A True Story!

by Dreamwalker

Copyright© 2009 by Dreamwalker

True Sex Story: "Don't let anyone tell you that older men are not hot and sexy. Just because they are gray on the mountain does not mean there is no fire in the furnace!"

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   .

They are a couple living in mid-western Tennessee. Her name is Kandy, she is 54. His name is John and he is 57. They are married and although they have a great sex life, they are interested in meeting couples, men and women for some adult fun. They want people who can go out with them on outings during the day with sexy interludes in the evening.

She is what you might consider a full figured woman standing at only five foot five. Her round face has a cute button nose, lips the color of roses, and seductive green eyes hidden behind glasses. Framing her face is shoulder length sassy red hair. This only adds to her sensuality.

Kandy is new to the world of swinging and although straight, considers her bi-curious. She wants to experience women as well as men. Adding that her hubby does not go anywhere without her and vice-versa. She also has a thing for men older then her. In her opinion, men who are her age often carried too much emotional baggage. Most younger men are too hung up on themselves and immature.

John is a large man with an equally large appetite for sex. He is extremely handsome with brown eyes and salt and pepper colored hair. He has a fair completion, a firm chin, high cheek bones, and a prominent nose, which gives him the appearance of being Native American Indian. He has big hands that are gentle enough to cup her big firm breasts.

He introduced her into the world of swinging when they first started dating. He has experienced sex one on one, threesomes, and a couple of foursomes. With this type of relationship, the possibilities are many. All of which should be pleasurable.

The two of them have joined some swinging sites as well as adult fun sites online. It was on one of the sites they received an email from an older man called James.

James, is about 65 yrs old, has gray hair, wide rimmed glasses and a sexy smile. He has a very mundane sexy life and is interested in spicing it up with one-on-one, MFM, FMF, sexual relationships. He also loves to chat and cyber as well as sending hot emails.

James also teaches and plays the guitar. His other interests includes; fishing, going to the movies, or just sitting out by the lake watching the sunset. He too is looking for friends who he can talk to and just become acquainted with, because there is more to life than just sex.

The three of them began communicating, through email and online chatting. It wasn't long that the discovered that they all had many things in common. Therefore, the next step was for them to meet for coffee, and see if there is any chemistry between them and go from there.

She however noticed that there was chemistry between them already. When she chats with James, her nipples harden, her clit throbs with anticipation, and a million sexy scenarios run through her head. Meeting him in person would turn what they have online into a burning flame of sexual desire!

One day, James emailed his cell phone number to her saying that he could not wait to talk with her and John.

When she read the email, her eyes lit up with excitement and she went immediately into the living room. "Hey John, I just got a hot email from James, which included his cell phone number. Oh, cannot wait to hear if James sounds as sexy as he looks."

"Well, we have to go to the town he lives in today, why don't you give him a call on the way there?"

She could hardly wait to leave the house and dial the number. Her fingers were shaking so hard she almost dropped the phone.

A deep sexy voiced answered. "Hello!"

"Hello James, this is Kandy!"

James replied, "Well hello sexy! It's nice to hear from you. How are you all doing?"

She looked over at John, then gave him a wink and replied, "James, we are doing okay. Hey, John and I are on our way toward your fair city. We were wondering what would be a good time to come have that coffee with you."

James gave out a sigh and said, "I wish it could be today, but I am all tied up with family matters right now and we will have to postpone things for a week."

"That's okay, I just wanted to call you and give you our cell phone number. John wanted to say hello, but he is driving and I prefer he keeps both hands on the wheel. I don't want you to worry about anything right now, there will be a time and place for us to meet. Goodbye, take care."

She turned to John, "Oh my god, James sounds so sexy on the phone, and I cannot wait to meet him! Just the thought of him eating my hot-box sends quivers through me that go clear up my spine!"

John winked at her, "Honey, I am glad you find him sexy. However, I cannot wait to see you sucking my cock while he slides his, into your hot pussy!"

She blushed. "Ooooh I just know, the three of us could have one hell of a hot fuck session. Now we had better change the subject because my panties are already drenched. Otherwise, I might have to take matters into my own hands and cum right here in the truck.

Johns snickered, "We can arrange that baby."

She just blushed and smiled, "You dirty ole man, let consider doing that at another time."

He frowned, "Spoilsport. Make me wait, huh, torture me you sexy thing!"

The two of them laughed, then went about running their errands and then headed home. After dinner, they were sitting in the living room drinking coffee and discussing the matters at hand, a hot threesome with James.

John spoke up and said, "I am really glad you decided to try swinging with me again."

"Me too darling, I refuse to let one bad experience ruin all the fun we can have in the future."

"Well, here is what I would like. I would like for you to suck my dick while James fucks you. Then we could both take turns eating your pussy. You could suck James's dick while I eat your hot box and then suck my dick as he eats you. I would like is for you to sit on my dick while he fucks you in the ass. I would also enjoy the both of us using sex toys on you to bring you to heights of ecstasy you have never experienced before. The scenario has endless possibilities. Oh baby, the mere thought of all of that is making my dick hard! Afterwards, if things go well we can talk about a second meeting."

John sipped his coffee, picked up the newspaper, and started reading it. He was letting her get used to the ideas he presented her, before he continued the conversation.

When he glanced over at her, he noticed a particular devilish smile and twinkles in her eyes. She also had rock hard nipples poking through her t-shirt and knew she was really turned on by his idea.

"You know, maybe later on the three of us could visit a swingers club sometime."

After hearing that, Kandy almost dropped her coffee cup she was shaking so hard with anticipation. She looked straight at him. "I think I will buy some Altoids. I remember when I used them while giving you a blow job the other day and you blew your load in record time. Hey I am going to go check my email and then email James something special."

"Now this I have to see! If you do not mind me looking over your shoulder, I want to see what you have in mind."

She walked into the den and logged onto her computer. "John, pull up a chair, you will definitely like what you are about to see."

You see, for some reason she could not get the thought of James joining them for a hot sexy rendezvous out of her head. Oh god, she wished she could meet him tomorrow and her throbbing pussy and hard nipples were yelling, 'Oooooooh yeah!'

She sat down at her computer to send an email to James. Then turned to John and told him she was going to tempt James a bit with some hot sexy photos.

As John watched she typed the following phrase, "Since we could not meet this week, I am sending several special attachments. I am sure they will keep you hot, hard, and cumming!" Then she signed the email, turned, and kissed him.

"Baby I hope that email doesn't bother you. I had to do it! You see the poor guy does not get enough sex as it is and he deserves something special to make his day."

John stood up, pulled her close, and kissed her hard. "That my dear is why I love you. You are so considerate of others. Come my sweet Kandy, it's time for a fuck break!" The two of them headed off toward the bedroom.

James called her that Friday around 4 pm. "I am sorry we could not meet last week. I had to drop off a prescription today and thought it would be a good time to call you. Oh by the way, I really liked the pictures you sent me; they are making my dick throb! You have a beautiful smile that along with your red hair makes you really sexy. I am looking forward to seeing all of that beautiful body naked, as well as devouring it. You mentioned you did not have much experience with a lot of things. Well baby I don't either, but I read a lot and some of those things just sound, 'Nasty but Fun!' I am open to almost anything even if you have only read about it."

"Oh we both cannot wait to meet you either. You sound so sexy. I am glad you liked the pictures I sent you. We plan to take more in the future."

"Do you have any more pictures? You are sweet, sexy, and hot. Oh, I am really looking forward to meeting the two of you."

"How about getting together for coffee tomorrow at 1pm? I have a couple of hours free."

She told him to wait a minute while she went to ask John. A moment later she excitedly replied, "We would be glad to meet you Saturday at 1pm.

John wanted to know if you knew where The Country Kitchen is. We could all meet there."

"Sure I do, I go there a lot for coffee and breakfast. I cannot wait to meet you, because you are an answer to my dreams. If you do not mind me saying so you're an angel."

She giggled excitedly. "I don't mind at all. We will be there ready and willing Saturday. By the way, John drives a big three quarter ton black pickup, so it won't be hard to spot."

"I will see you both Saturday. Here is my home phone number in case you need to call me."

She told John about the phone conversation adding that she was so fucking hot. She wanted to ride his dick right then and there in the living room.

John looked up from his paper and gave her one of his "fuck me now grins. "Won't the bed be more comfortable?"

She just winked and squealed, "First one there gets to do whatever they want to the other person!"

She of course got on the bed first. "Mmm, looks like I get to suck your dick first, but I want to do it my way!"

She grabbed the box of Altoids next to the bed, popped one into her mouth, and slowly started sucking John's dick. She stopped and looked up at him. "Oooooh baby, I love peppermint sticks, especially crème filled ones!" Then she resumed sucking John's dick.

John loved watching her suck his cock. He did not know why, but those little mints turned his dick into high gear. She always lay with her pussy facing his head, that way he could play with her too as she sucked his dick. Oh god, she was so good at it, the best cock-sucker that he ever experienced.

He reached over and twisted her right nipple as his other hand busied itself tantalizing her hot pussy. She was already drenched and he knew she would cum hard; she always did when she sucked his dick.

After a long hard hour of play, they decided to call it a night and save some energy for tomorrow. Just in case they would meet, greet, and fuck.

However, all night she was so excited she couldn't sleep. When she looked at the clock it appeared that, its hands were frozen in time. It seemed like Saturday would never arrive.

When the alarm went off, her nearly fell off the bed because she was awake and playing with her pussy.

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