Ian: New Awakening

by Dapper Dan

Copyright© 2009 by Dapper Dan

Erotica Sex Story: Ian, shy, self-conscious, still a naive eighteen year old, faces one of those crises in life that is at the same time, a rite of passage. One unforgettable goof in class, followed by and invitation he couldn’t resist and Ian most definitely had a “new awakening.” His first time was memorable. But what came after that, well...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .


[This is a work of fiction. The story is an unadulterated and unabashed attempt to tickle male fantasies and perhaps some female fantasies as well. It is a fantasy and as such, the story may or may not conform entirely with reality. But isn't that the whole point of fantasies? With historical exceptions, all other locations, events, and characters are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]

I do not practice nor do I condone any of the sexual acts about which I write, other than straight, heterosexual relationships. Beside the fact that most other forms of sexual behavior are illegal, I still don't judge consenting adults for their sexual preferences except where such behavior is hurtful/harmful to others, such as pedophilia.

None-the-less, many people have FANTASIES of such taboo laden behavior to achieve sexual gratification or whatever, but have no intentions whatsoever of carrying out such behavior in actual practice. That said, if I have struck a particular fantasy of yours, read and enjoy.

NOTE: in 2002 there appeared on this site, a similar story. I just thought it ended way, way too soon. The first part of this story follows very closely to that 02 story, but I've taken the story much, much further.


Ian McTavish ... seventh generation Irish immigrant & main character

Linda Sweater ... Wasp, prettiest girl in school, head cheerleaders

Miss Bridgette Lavoi ... International exchange teacher of French

Terri Meuse ... top female nerd of the senior class, but very pretty

Susan Sheets ... senior class female student infamous for her round heels

Ginger Spillman ... prcocious sophomore girl already on the senior cheerleading squad

I was day dreaming again. In French class no less. But I was day dreaming about the teacher of the class. In my daydream, I was admiring her svelte legs descending from her very short skirt. I was imagining her skirt slowing sliding down those very same legs with only a high cut bikini panty remaining below her waist.

She was pretty. No, she was beautiful. Better yet, she was absolutely, drop dead gorgeous. She was fantastically ravishing. And, she was French! Best of all, she was twenty-two years old--only four years older that I--and she was a Miss. Yes, I said she was a Miss.

Her name? Her name was Miss Bridgette Lavoi. She was an international exchange teacher spending my senior year in my high school teaching French.

A foreign language was a graduation requirement and I was taking my fourth year of the language even though only two years were actually required. I was aiming to be a translator in the diplomatic corps, so I would also be majoring in French in college.

"Mr. McTavish, are you paying attention?"

I should add, that almost all conversation in fourth year French was done in the French language. The fourth year students were expected to be quite fluent in the language and prepared to delve in the the complexities and the subtleties of that same language.

With a startled look, I immediately answered, "Yes, Miss Lavoi, I certainly am."

"You are certainly What, Mr. McTavish?"

"Why, Miss Lavoi, what I'm certainly paying attention to is the melodic way in which you pronounce your native language."

She couldn't help herself, Miss Lavoi blushed.

"Perhaps you would like to come to the front of the class and continue reading today's chapter of Madame Bovary?"


"Can you tell me the author of our novel for this nine-weeks, Mr. McTavish?"

"Certainly, Miss Lavoi, the author was Gustave Flaubert and the book was published in 1857."

"Remarkable, Mr. McTavish."

While I rose and ambled from my front row seat the few steps to the podium, the rest of the class snickered--especially snooty little Miss Linda Sweater the cheerleader captain. She sat in the seat directly across from me on the right. I'd drooled over her, from afar of course, for a very long time. I think I started drooling over her in seventh grade. Course, she didn't know I existed, except to tease now and then.

I read with a bit more than acceptable fluency. My eyes glanced at Linda (whom I called "Little Miss Snooty) as I tried to make eye contact with my audience. She slowly parted her knees, the motion causing me to drop my gaze in that direction. For the first time since Miss Lavoi tried to catch me off guard, I stumbled with my reading. I picked it right back up though.

Little Miss Snooty made a very light sneer. Her knees stopped moving. I finished a page, the class was supposed to be following along in their copies, and had just turned to top of the next page when my eyes caught Miss Snooty opening her knees even wider. Her white panties became visible, almost the whole damned crotch. The cameltoe was unmistakable.

"God, not now, I can't think of Miss Snooty Sweater now--or her white panties."

I thought I said that inside my head. But there was a very audible and collective gasp from the class as well as from Miss Lavoi behind me and then a pregnant silence. I didn't notice the silence at first because the class was supposed to be silent and following along in their books.

I also suddenly realized I sported a boner big enough that I couldn't hide it without being even more obvious. It turned into the biggest woody I'd ever come up with. At that, my jeans were quite baggy. I hated tight pants--at least on me. The tent grew.

Suddenly, I noticed the entire class was staring goo-goo eyed at me, jaws widely agape, and mouths in the round "Oh" shape. Several girls giggled and then several boys chuckled and in an instant, the entire class was roaring with laughter.

God, my boner's so damned big and sticking right in Miss Snooty Sweaters face. Can it be that obvious to everyone out there, can it? Was what I thought. The unspoken answer to that thought was, the damned hardon was indeed highly visible.

What I actually said was, "Whaaa," as I stumbled in my reading and stood silently still, looking totally perplexed.

From behind me came the voice of Miss Lavoi. She tried to be stern, but there was a mischievous smile to her voice.

"Mr. McTavish, you will immediately transport yourself to the principal's office with this note."

The class continued to laugh hysterically. Miss Snooty was showing a slight smile, but her face was red as a ripe strawberry and the flush disappeared down into her generous cleavage.

By then, I was also blushing and embarrassed, but outside of the aching boner, I still didn't know what had happened. Miss Lavoi walked around to me, handed me her quickly written note--sealed shut--and just pointed to the door.

With a pink expulsion slip, I was quickly admitted to the assistant principal's office. He was the one in charge of discipline and all things associated with such. He took the note, opened it, and read. He did a double take and read the short note a second time.

"Well, Mr. Mctavish, that was quite a little speech you just gave in French class."

"I don't understand, sir. I was just reading from our novel for this nine weeks."

"Is that so? Then why did you say..."

The assistant principle went on to quote nearly word for word what I had thought I'd only silently thought in my mind about Linda Sweater and her panties.

"My God," I gasped, "I only thought that."

"Well, according to this note, you actually spoke those words out loud."

"Jeeze, no wonder the class was roaring with laughter. I thought there was a different cause."

"But you did actually say that out loud."


"Well, I can understand why since Miss Lavoi told me what Miss Sweater was doin' right in front of you, but I can't let the incident go unpunished. I hope you understand that."

"Yes, sir, I can--understand the need for punishment that is."

"OK. Today is Friday. For the rest of today and for Monday and Tuesday, you are to serve an in school suspension with the ability to make up work missed in class."

"Thank you, sir."

"You're excused to go to the office workroom to begin serving your suspension, Mr. McTavish."

It definitely was Friday, but French class was my first period class. In effect, I'd been given a three day suspension--minus first period. I had time on my hands, time to think about myself.

Now, I was a high school senior and eighteen years old, a male, and with raging hormones of that age. But I was shy. I'd dated over the four years, but not much--usually a one time affair to a big dance or a special party--not much more. Perhaps it was that pentup frustration that had caused my fau paw in French class. Did I want more? You can darn well be that I did.

But wanting and getting are two entirely different things. That's especially true of a late developer who is shy, not sure of himself, and rabidly fearful of rejection. It would take some doing to undo all of that. Well, not as much as I'd of thought, as it turned out. Just one sexual conquest can do wonders for the male ego.

That night I got a phone call about 6:30

My twelve year old sister answered the phone. "It's for you Mr. Mac, my sister's pet name for me, and it's a G I R L, that's girl to you, no brains."

Her statement was followed by gales of twelve year old giggles. My sister's just the sweetest little thing.


I was answered by a female voice dripping with venom. But I immediately perceived it to be a false affectation.

"This is Linda Sweater. How could you Goddamn say that in front of the whole damned class today?"

"Say what, Linda?"

In a much more sultry voice, Linda answered, "You know damned well what, Ian. Now, would you like to come over to my house in about half an hour and discuss your actions--ah, er, including the size of that tent in your pants?"

"Won't your boyfriend, Ox, be there?"

"No, Ox is out of town tonight and that pisses me off. Just come over. But pull up in back and come in the back door, please."

"What, you don't want your neighbors to see Shanty Irish at your door?"

"No, you dummy. In the first place, you're not Shanty Irish. In the second place, if Ox knows you've been to my house, he'd kill you--or at least beat you to within an inch of your life."

"Yeah, you're likely right about that alright, Linda. See you in thirty."

Linda met me at the back door.

"Heard you drive in. I couldn't miss those dual pipes if I wanted to. Come on, let's go down to the basement recreation room."

I followed her down the narrow stairs. Was she putting a little extra swing in that delicious ass of hers as she walked down? She walked straight over to a day bed.

"Come over here by me."

She had her back to the bed. She put the most sexy, leer/grin on her face that I'd ever seen. She crooked her index finger in that traditional, come hither motion. I walked directly over to her and stood right in front of her.

"Take your clothes off."

"Uh, what was that?"

"Are you hard of hearing, Ian? I said, take your clothes off."

"Now just why would I want to do that?"

"Because stud, I want to see this," She said as she grabbed my quickly growing boner, with her petite hand over my pants.

"OH!" was the most intelligent thing I could answer her with.

"Even with baggy pants today in class, I could see that thing had to be damned huge to make those pants tent out. I want to see it. Now lose those clothes."

I was still shy and therefore slow to react until she quickly shed her blouse. She wore a push-up bra, but her nipples were only half covered by it. I shed my long sleeve shirt in record time. Before I could get there, Linda's hands got to the waist band of my jeans.

"Now, let's see what you've got hidden under here. Something for me, I hope, something big, hard, and hot maybe?"

My jeans, with her help, dropped like a ton of bricks. She pulled off my shoes, socks and jeans before returning to my black boxers. Those she slowly inched down until my very hard, very erect cock--all ten inches of it, popped up free and hit her under her nose.

"O H M Y G O D!" she said in awe. "I knew it! You had to be packing a giant under those pants today."

Without further word, she grabbed my flesh stick with both hands and gently, lovingly, stroked the skin up and down.

"Let's see if I can get you even harder, Ian."

I was already in heaven. What else was left? I was soon to find out.

Reluctantly, I thought, she let go of my dick and stood up. She opened her bra by unhooking the front clasps. The bra swung open and fell off her shoulders to the floor, revealing one gorgeous and generous set of tits. Those mammaries were all natural, firm, and fully packed. Rather large aureola dominated the tip with long, fully erect nipples begging to be pinched.

"O H M Y G O D!" I repeated back to her.

Linda's hands then went to the waist of the loose lounging pants she wore and she shimmied those to the floor. That left her standing in front of me dressed only in a mini thong that left the outer half of her labia exposed and puffy.

"O H M Y G O D. OH M Y E V E R L O V I N G GOD!"

My missile did grow some more, expanding wider and a nitch or two longer. That damned prick was about to burst and it hurt like it as well.

My hormones reacted for me, overriding my shyness and fears. I reached for her thong and literally ripped it off of her. My left hand went between her legs and I put a vice grip like lock on her mound with my middle finger extending down her sodden slit.

"Jesus!" she cried as she jumped. Oh, God, hold me a minute like that."

Moments later, she dropped out of my hold and fell to her knees. Her mouth engulfed my glans and her tongue laved that little head for all it was worth, catching the emerging precum on the way. My hands found her lucious chest globes--and the nipples on each. OH, those glorious nipples!

Linda gave out a growling moan that vibrated up and down my dick. Only moments later, I shot a heavy load of cum into her mouth. She swallowed it all. Then she stood and kissed me, allowing me to taste my own cum before she gulped and swallowed the last shot.

Oh God, you're so much bigger than Ox. If I put that monster in my pussy, no one else will ever be able to satisfy me. But I'm going to fuck your brains out, Ian--believe me I am."

"Well, Linda, I guess it's about time I got my virgin ass laid."

"WhAT? You're a virgin with that size pecker? I'd of thought you'd have to be pushing off girls right and left."

"No, I'm just shy, I guess."

"Well, stud, we're going to change that tonight--here and now. And once more I'll remind you--if you EVER say anything to anyone about coming here to my place tonight, Ox will learn of it and he'll kill you."

"I'm not one to play and tattle anyway. Linda."

"I'll warn you ahead of time though, Ian, it's going to be damned hard for me to keep quiet with the girls about that Goliath you carry between your legs. You'll definitely have all kinds of girls chasing you after tonight."

"Then tonight, Linda, you'd better teach me what to do with them to satisfy them."

"Willingly, Ian, willingly. Now lay on your back on that bed. I'll teach you later. Right now, I've got to get that dick in a place where it'll do the most good."

Linda crawled on top of me on her knees. She straddled my hips, dripping moisture from her pussy between my legs as she crawled and up to my crotch and dick. She brought her lovely nether lips down to my cock that she held in one hand. I felt her rub my knob up and down her sopping slit a couple of times from asshole to clit, jumping each time with a squeal as she hit either end.

I only thought I'd died and gone to heaven as I fondled her tits and she played with my cock. Then I almost did die.

A voice shouted down the stairs, "Linda, are you down there?"

"Yes, Mother, I'm down here. I'm doing my homework with some soft music in the background. That way I'll have the rest of my weekend to play or sleep."

"OK, but be sure to turn out the lights when you come up. Do you have guests?"

"Yes, Mother, one of my classmates in French needs a little help."

"All right, dear. We'll see you in the morning. Your father and I are going to bed. Don't stay up too late."

"OK. Goodnight Mother."

"Goodnight, dear."

The upper door clicked shut.

"Damn, that was close, Linda."

"Not really, Ian. Mother usually never comes down here when I'm snuggled here in the evening. She knows I really do study down here where it's quiet. All I have to do is to answer her with a convincing voice. Now, where were we?"

"Right here, Linda, with my dick parting your delicious and burning lips but not yet through heaven's gate."

"My, virgin or no, you sure do have the pretty words, Ian. Where'd you pick them up?"

"Oh, here and there. But enough talk. Finish what you started, Linda."

She promptly did so, sliding that velvet pussy ever so slowly, smoothly, and without stopping, straight down my dick until our pubic hair mixed and mingled.

"Jesus H. Christ!" slipped out of both our mouths at the same time.

"I've never been so filled full before," groaned Linda.

"I never knew fucking could be like this," I retorted.

"God, Ian, your almost twice as big, long anyway, as Ox. He nor anybody else has ever come close to filling me like you do."

Linda rocked, swiveled, and moved up and down for quite sometime 'til she stopped still, shook, and exploded into a massive orgasm. She clapped both hands over her mouth to hold in her scream. She was about ten seconds into her climax when my cock spewed out its load of cum in shot after shot of ropey strings of white cream. That set her off even harder.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," was all Linda could say and she kept saying it over and over and over until she collapsed down onto me in utter exhaustion, crushing her tits into my chest in the process.

After we'd both recuperated sufficiently, she guided me in how to pleasure a woman with my mouth and tongue on and in a pussy. She showed me what and how fondling clit, asshole, outer labia, inner labia, ad infinitum, could do for a girl, giving herself a plethora of orgasms in the process.

We fucked in every position imaginable and in some I'd never have imagined in a thousand years. The night was the most wonderful of my short life. It was a long night; yet is was also a short night. Too soon, I had to leave. As it was, the clock read four in the morning when I let myself out the back door, Linda's words ringing in my ears:

"I'm a long ways from finished with you, you damned stud. You haven't seen the last of me by a very, very long shot. I want a damned sight more of what you've got swinging between your legs."

Jesus, what've I let myself in for with her? With other girls if she talks?

Linda's house was at the top of along, gently sloping hill. Her driveway also had a light down slope. Good thing too, because I couldn't start up my car behind the house with the loud mufflers it wore. The car had a floor manual shift, so I let it roll to the street and then roll slowly backwards down the deserted hill 'til I felt sufficiently far enough away from her house to start the engine.

When I got hoome, I snuck into the house, crept to my room, and slept 'till noon.

I saw very few people Monday or Tuesday because of my internal suspension. I couldn't go to class, so I waited to the last minute to get to school and went directly to the suspension area. I didn't even get to mingle in the cafeteria at noon. I was required to bring my lunch and eat it where I served my suspension. I did manage to sweet talk the cutest of the three school secretaries into letting me go one minute before the bell at the end of the day to get out to the parking lot ahead of the rush.

On Wednesday morning, however, the "new" me showed up for class. I wore a tight shirt and even tighter pants. Any boners that might develop would be more than obvious and explicitly outlined. Let them put that in their pipes and smoke it.

Who was "they?" Anyone to cared to take notice.

And believe me, when I got to first period French class, between Miss Lavoi and Linda Sweater, I produced an instant and full boner to beat all boners. Miss Lavoi was bad enough. I guess it was the French in her, but she was dressed even more sexily than she ever had. I bet the administration would say something to her before the day was out.

And then there was Linda. She was in the shortest skirt she'd ever worn to class and in a cut top that left an acre of cleavage exsposed. Christ!

Most of the class was already seated, so when my boner bulged magnificently, most of them immediately noticed. There was again the collective gasp from the class and from Miss Lavoi. Linda gave me a leering grin and winked.

Two girls in particular, besides Linda, could hardly tear their eyes away from my crotch. One of them was Terri Meuse, the female of the nerd type and quite shy. But she was also a gorgeous brunette. She just looked slightly wide-eyed, but curious. The other girl was the infamous class round heels, Susan Sheet. She just sat in her seat obviously licking her lips with a glint in her eyes.

Even Miss Lavoi looked very flushed and managed to stumble and stutter some as she said, "M-Mr. McTavish, p-p-please take y-your seat, n-now."

At the end of first hour, Miss Lavoi said, "Ian, will you please stop by after school. I'll have ready the assignments you missed while you were suspended."


The morning passed and I found my cafeteria table which quickly filled with girls around me and two of my buddies. The conversation was definitely aimed at me.

One female voice squeaked, "Rumor has it your packin', Ian."

"Yeah," said another, packing more than three guys put together."

A third managed to croak out, "Oh God, when can we see it?"

The conversation/questions kept up along those lines for the full twenty-two and a half minutes of our lunch break. When I stood to go dump my garbage and return my tray, I had a giant boner again. The "oohs" and "Ahhs" and one, "Would you look at that thing? It can't be real."

A female voice cried, "Believe me, I got it straight from the horse's mouth so to speak that it's definitely real!"

"How'd you know it was true?" asked another.

"She rode him cowgirl for three hour," replied the first voice.

"Jesus," said a chorus.

I glowed red and walked away.

As a sports player for all four years, gym class was not required of me. I had to shower after practices and games, but I was nearly last in doing so and anyway, flaccid, my cock was nothing spectacular. For good or ill, I had one of those cocks that was innocent enough until aroused--then it would quickly grow into what Linda had seen and experienced.

I showed up at Miss Lavoi's room a little over five minutes after the dismissal bell at the end of the day. She was bent over at the waist riffling through the lowest drawer of a filing cabinet. Her delectable ass was pointed straight at me and she hadn't heard me arrive.

I instantly sprouted another boner. Once again my hormones overrode all other fears. My sneakers were soundless as I crept up behind her. I grabbed her waist and pulled her forcefully into my big erection. I've got to hand it to her. She flinched only slightly withou crying out, before she quietly sighed.

"Mr. McTavish, I presume?"

"Do you know anyone else with a boner of this size?"

Did I really say that, shy and fearful old me? What's got into me?

"No, I certainly don't, not even back home in my rural Lyon."

Miss Lavoi pushed back into me with some force. I rubbed my pussy stick up and down her ass crack as she remained bent over the drawer. Only a minute or two more and she spoke quietly.

"Ian, much as I don't want you to, you'd better stop before someone sees us and you get into serious trouble this time. Me too for that matter."

"Yeah, you're right. This isn't the time or place."

"Agreed. But about seven tonight at my apartment would be just right. Can you come?"

"So you do like what you see and felt, do you Miss Lavoi?"

"More than you know, Ian. I'm only four years older than most of you seniors, but I get just as horny as you do--more so, maybe. Can you come?"

"Yes, but man, there are times I wish I didn't have those loud mufflers on my car."

"I live in an apartment complex with several young men who have loud cars. They're on the floor below me, but they park close. No one will know the difference between their loud cars and yours."

"Thank God for small favors, I guess. Yes, I can come. What time do you want me?"



"And Ian, please, when we are alone and away from school, call me Bridgette."

"Yes, Miss Lavoi."

I was walking on air all the way to the parking lot. Before I got out of the building, I ran into Terri Meuse, literally. She turned a blind corner in the hall and I plowed right into her, knocking her books flying and knocking her flat on her ass hard enough to really jiggle her bounteous boobs. The blow stunned us both momentarily. But I wasn't so stunned that I couldn't appreciate the widespread legs and full crotch shot she displayed when she sat.

"Help me up Ian, please. That was quite a hit you just made. Football was over a month ago."

"I'm so sorry, Terri. These blind corners in this school building are so damned dangerous."

I helped her pick up her books. Once again, watching her boobs jiggle and her sweet as as she bent over. Her short skirt gave a brief look at the bottom of her ass. I produced another raging boner. I was still wearing the same tight pants with which I started the day.

Before I knew what she was saying, Terri blurted out, albeit, quietly, "Uh, er, Ian, may I touch that?"

She was pointing straight at my straining erection. This question from the could be gorgeous but slightly frowsy class smart nerd and the one thathad showed herself to be extremely shy? The world must be ending.

With a big gulp, I answered, "Yeah, sure you can."

Very slowly and haltingly, Terri used her index finger to trace the line of my engorged missile from its base to the tip of the glans. She licked her lips. Her finger lifted to be replaced by her entire palm as she rubbed even harder, but still lovingly.

Still out of character, Terri blurted out, "I'm a virgin. I've never even seen one of these let alone touch one. Oh God, what's come over me?"

But she kept rubbing.

"Terri, you'd better stop."


"Because if you don't, I'm going to start squirting."


Before I could say anything more, I did: I squirted and then some.

Terri gave a startled, "OH!" as she watched the growing wet spot in my pants under her hand as I hunched a little and shivered.

"Was that, 'squirting, ' Ian?" she asked.


"Sometime I'd like to watch you squirt without your pants in the way. Oh my God," she blushed, "Did I just say that?"

Terri blushed an even more brilliant red. She'd had a dull sheen of pink on her face ever since she asked to touch my hot dog.

"If I could pleasure you without clothes in the way, you can watch me all you want."


Yes, Terri, really."


"My, but you are eager aren't you?"

"Now that I've actually asked you, yes, I'm extremely eager. I've had a very sheltered life and I'd like to know what my parents are hiding from me."

"Are you doing anything right now?"

"No, I'm free for the next two hours. Why?"

"Well my parents are having dinner out tonight and leave a half hour from now at 4:30. My younger sister is staying with a friend for one more night before she comes home. We'd have my house to ourselves for those two hours you have, Terri."

"I'm game, I think. Let's go before I change my mind."

I introduced Terri to my folks and said, "Terri's going to be here about an hour or so for some help with a difficult part of our French assignment. I'll take her home when we're done and grab a sandwich at Subway on the way back."

"OK. Your father and I will be out until the very wee hours at this company dinner dance--it's all but mandatory we go. We'll see you in the morning."

Shortly after, they were out the door. The door had barely closed when Terri spoke.

"Oh God, Ian, show it to me. Show it to me now before I die or change my mind and run."

"Terri, why don't you remove my pants?"

"Oh no! I couldn't do that."

"Sure you can."

I took her hands and placed them on my belt buckle.

"There. Now unbuckle it."

Very shakily, timidly, Terri finally got the belt undone.

"Now the zipper, Terri. Pull it down. Yes, just like that. Now, ease the jeans down slowly."

Her trembling hands did just that. Without further commands from me, she removed my shoes, socks and jeans. By that time, she was kneeling in front of me. She look back up, saw the massive boner staring her in the face, albeit, under my black boxers, and quickly looked back down.

She was trembling from head to toe.

I had meanwhile removed my shirt. All I was left with was those boxers. I just stood there without saying a word more. At last, she looked up again and I could see her gritting her teeth. Trembling arms and hands slowly rose to the waist band of my boxers. She suddenly dropped her hands to her own thighs before reaching her target.

She slowly tried again. At last she managed to get her fingers under the waist band. Her trembling actually started to pull the boxers down. Terri applied more pressure and the shorts eased down further. The head of my dick popped out above the waist. She gave an audible gasp and ceased pulling. She just stared as the precum bubbled out.

"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God," she quietly chanted.

She suddenly pulled hard, dropping my shorts to the floor. I stepped back one step with each foot, leaving the shorts behind. Tears were running down Terri's face as she sobbed.

"Oh dear God, it's so damned big--and absolutely beautiful."

Terri grabbed my thighs and pulled herself into me. My cock slipped by her neck as she buried her face against my pubic bone and held on for dear life, tears running freely.

I cradled her head in one hand and rubbed her neck and upper back with the other while I cooed sweet words to her. We stayed in those positions for quite some time.

Finally, she spoke. "Are all men that big, Ian?"

"No, actually not. Most every other man is quite a bit smaller by nearly half. My size is fairly rare. The porno makers seek out the biggest guys they can find, but the average Joe has to strain to make six inches, maybe a bit more."

Terri slowly released me to back off just a bit. She stared at my cock and balls for a bit before she suddenly engulfed my with her mouth.

Damn, I wasn't expecting that. I thought I'd have to coax her.

She got just past the helmet and stopped. She sucked, licked around the encapsulated missile, and stroked with both hands. She was quite curious.

"Just where did you learn to do that, Terri?"

"At one of our pajama parties, the host girl snuck one of her Dad's porno movies out for our benefit. It'd showed both a man and a woman sucking and, un, oh..."


"Yes, Ian. And I've been on fire ever since to try something like that but too shy to ask. Then what happened in French class last Friday and your tight pants today, I wanted to approach you, but I chickened out. Then you ran into me."

"And here we are, yes?"

"Yes, Ian, here we are."

Terri went back to work on my plumbing. It didn't take much more to get me on the edge.

"Terri, I'm about to come."

"She stopped only a moment. "In my mouth, Ian, I want to swallow it all."

Fifteen seconds later, I obliged her.

That was two climaxes for me in a short period of time. I still had Miss Lavoi later that night. But Terri wasn't done with me yet.

"Ian, please undress me now."

How could I refuse a lady such a request as that?

"Your sure you want to do this, Terri?"

"Oh yes, I'm very sure."

Ever so slowly, I removed one piece of her clothing at a time. I kissed every newly revealed area of skin as I exposed it. I spent a lot of time with my mouth and hands on her tits and nipples, very ample and gorgeous ones, I must say. She was really psyched up--she had two climaxes just from that stimulation of her boobs. When I finally got her naked, she climaxed again just watching me look at her. She all but squirted.

Damn, what a girl.

I undid her hair lashings and let her hair down. Amazing what just that little change made in her appearance.

"Add just a tiny touch of makeup to your eyes and cheeks and a slight, light bit of lip stick and you'd look dazzling in anything or nothing, Terri."

She grabbed me in a clinch and rained kisses on my face, ears, and neck. She was crying again. Her nipples were so hard they almost hurt as they bored against my chest.

"Ian, I want your thing..."

"It's a cock, Terri, or dick or prick, or if you have to be absolutely sanitary instead of sexy, it's a penis. Say it, Terri, cock."

"Cock. There. Cock, Cock, Cock. Satisfied?"

"Anyway, I want you th, ah, y-your cock in me down there."

"Down where, Terri. Yours is a pussy and you don't have to be afraid to say that or to say tits, cock, or any other sexual name. So say where you want my cock."

"Oh my God, Ian. I want your cock in my pussy. Don't make me ask again, just fuck me."

"That's my girl."

"Am I really?"

"Really what, Terri?"

"Really your girl?"

"Definitely one of them, Terri."

"Well, that's a start, anyway. Now f-fuck me."

"Ok, I'll take your cherry first and then I'll return the favor you did me and pleasure your pussy with my mouth. Lay on your back on the bed."

After she did so, I crawled up to her, placed her legs on my shoulders, and lined my dick up with her orifice. She was already so sopping wet that no other preparation was needed. My helmet parted the sweet folds of her outer labia and sank into just the vestibule inside her gate of heaven. She was going to be one tight little pussy to christen.

"In a moment, Terri, this could hurt quite a bit, but only for a short time. The pain will ease and the pleasure will take over. Are you ready?"

"Yes, do it."

I made a short, hard jab with my cock and tore through her maiden head and stopped. She screamed.

"God that did hurt. Don't move a minute."

Shortly, Terri humped up into me and I inched further into her tunnel of love. As my love missile picked up more lubricating pussy fluid along its length, the forward progress grew slightly easier. At last, I bottomed out, bumping up against her cervix. There I stopped again.

"Oh Ian, the pleasure is indescribable. And this is what my parents have tried to keep from me. Oh God, Ian, fuck me silly. My parents don't know I secretly went to the pregnancy center and got myself on the pill. I'm safe and I want you to come inside me. I want to feel your semen squirt in my pussy."

She had three more orgasms before I was able to comply with her wishes. She enjoyed every stroke. When I finally did spew my nuts out again, she climaxed yet one more time, the biggest one of the night.

"Oh Ian," she finally sighed, "I want to do this with you anytime we can find the time and a place to do it. I want so much more of your big cock. I'll even beg you for it if I have to."

"Terri, I think I can fill your request," I said as I crushed her to me in a tight embrace, my cock still seated deeply inside her pussy.

I got Terri home and got back to our house at six forty. I had twenty minutes to clean up and get over to Bridgette's place. Damn, that's two down already and one to go yet tonight. I don't know if even my eighteen year old equipment can keep up this pace for long.

I made it to Bridgette's apartment door at ten minutes past seven. She opened the door. She stood inside, out of site of the hallway except for directly in front of her door. It's a good thing she did. She stood there in a totally sheer, calf length negligee or peignoir. I wasn't sophisticated enough to tell the difference. I didn't give a damn what it was called, but I sure love the look of it on her nude body.

Damn, what a sight. Her petite body sported tits just a smidgen bigger than was proportionate with her overall frame. Her ample rack sported long and proudly erect nipples. Her body slimmed to an absolutely miniscule waist only now fully observable in her nakedness.

Short, sensuous legs tapered down to tiny little bare feet. She stood with her left upper arm and hand on the edge of the door with her body cocked with one leg slightly forward. Her cleanly shaved pussy gleamed in the light off the moisture so generously gathering there. She gave me a wan smile. Her eyes simply smoldered.

Her soft, husky voice invited me in. She spoke, naturally, in French. I naturally greeted her in French as well. In fact, the whole time I was there, we spoke nothing but French.

"So, you like what you see do you, Ian?"

"Oh yes, that's an understatement."

"Well I like what I see as well. But, I'd like to see a great deal more. please disrobe, Ian," she told me as she closed and locked the door.

Quickly naked, I saw her watch my undressing and then all but drool over my equipment. She stared hard.

"I've wanted to get my hands, mouth, and pussy on that piece of wood since the first day I saw you. Thank you for breaking the ice and getting us started."

"You're quite welcome, Bridgette, I could say the same thing about wanting you as well."

"Oh, Ian, you remembered.

"Remembered what, to call you Bridgette?"

"Yes, thank you, Ian."

I pulled the front tie of of her garment and allowed it to fall open before I snaked my arms around her inside the negligee to pull her to me in a tight clutch. We slowly traded kisses all about each other's faces. God but I hoped I had sufficient ammunition left in the tired old pecker for this feisty lady.

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