The One Mistake

by Carsten

Copyright© 2009 by Carsten

Erotica Sex Story: After a company party young Rachel walks to the subway. An dark man, an addict grabs Rachel and pulls her into the dark where he forces her to have sex with him.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Humiliation   Violent   .

The company party was almost over when Rachel decided to leave; she got her jacket, said "Goodbye" to the left over colleagues and left the Hotel where the company had rented one ballroom for the party. She felt lightheaded but was in a very good mood, still humming her favourite song. This night had been wonderful and on top of a great party, Rachel had gotten to know her boss a little better. He was so smart, so sexy ... she smiled since she knew he was about the age of her Dad, but still ... Rachel felt the tingling sensation in her lap. The subway was just across from the Hotel, she only had to go through the park. Since everybody, still in the Ballroom, was not to sober anymore, no one had asked her to take a cap. No one had offered to accompany through the darkness, and even Rachel did not think about any dangers that might await a 19 years old girl in a cold and dark park.

It was cold and wet outside, and Rachel tug her hands underneath her armpits, walking fast and with drawn together eyebrows. She wore only a light jacket that proofed to be a mistake, but since she had to dress fittingly to her party outfit, it had been unavoidable to take the light jacket. Moreover, speaking of party outfit, Rachel wore a short, black skirt, a silken tank top and a short black jacket. Her high heels were not to good a choice for long walks either, by the way. But all this discomfort did not make her feel bad at all. She did have the time of her life at the party, and she had a wonderful conversation with her boss ... who was single at the moment. She smiled and felt her breathing become a little faster. A light rain had started and Rachel made sure she would walk underneath the trees. Ahead she saw an underpass and thought about staying there for a minute to wait until the rain had passed. But when Rachel had reached the underpass, she felt much more like heading for the subway instead. Many people had chosen to relieve themselves there, and the stink was unbearable.

Joe was in a very bad mood; the city shelter had refused to let him sleep there, and he did not have money for booze. His hands were shaking, and he could barely concentrate on anything. Where could he sleep? Where? He became aggressive, and felt the uncontrollable urge to beet someone up. Adding to this, a light rain had started and he could feel his cloth becoming damp. Damned, he thought ... Ah, he also thought, there was an underpass. He could stay there for a while, cooling down from the urge of adrenalin that kept on pumping through his body. All kinds of bodily functions where running on high. Also the need to ... well...

Rachel was in the middle of the barely lid underpass and could already make out the entrance to the subway station at the end of the park. She smiled, still thinking about her boss. Well, in about an hour she would get in bed.

Joe reached the underpass, and was still wrapped in black shadows that made him invisible to anyone close by. However, he could see a girl, coming towards him. A beautiful girl dressed in black ... a short skirt. Long, black and curly hair ... slim in built. Joe looked over his shoulder: No one in sight. Why not grabbing her and fucking her a little? Therefore, Joe hid to his right behind a column.

Rachel felt tired and, though still happy about the night with her boss, she was very much looking forward to the warmth of her own bed. It was nearly one o'clock in the morning, and it was Saturday. The whole week was behind the young woman and she felt weights in her bones that hadn't been there on Monday. So tired she was, so without paying any thoughts about crime and such things, that Rachel did not see Joe behind the column. And when she passed that column, Joe jumped out of his hiding place and grabbed Rachel by her left arm.

A shock grabbed her and let her heart stop beating for the fraction of a second. At first Rachel did not realize what was happening to her; she thought there was some sort of prank played on her expense. Was it a colleague who had left the Hotel before her? Was it an old friend who happened to be there by sheer coincidence?

Joe grabbed the girl's arm, pulled her close and then put one hand onto her mouth. He brought his unshaven chin close to her left ear. "Do you want to live?"

Then she realized what was happening to her. A man, stinking like sweat, had grabbed her and had pressed her against the dirty wall of the underpass. - He will rape me... - That thought, the one thought any woman might fear at the most, instantly jumped to the front of her thoughts ... and pushed all the other thoughts over the cliff. "No... ," she tried to say but couldn't since he still had his hand on her lips. "No? You want to die?" She instantly shook her head. "That's what I thought. Well, Honey, if you want to live, keep your honey mouth shut and come." With those words Joe and his prey whirled around and he started walking in huge strides towards a group of thick bushes, pulling the young woman along.

It was like she had suddenly lost contact with solid ground and was now falling down a vast precipice. Rachel felt burning pain in her left arm, where the dark, tall and seemingly very strong man had grabbed her in order to pull her to some place else. Everything was so fast that the girl had no time to react or to do anything; not that she would have been able to do anything effective against this man. And then they had reached the bushes; he now pushed Rachel through the thick bushes and after a few more seconds they were surrounded by trees and bushes that would block any views from outside. There the man pushed the black haired girl to the ground, and when Rachel had turned around she looked up and there were no ties needed: She wasn't able to move at all. The man, tall and dressed in black, was breathing heavily while the light rain now turned into cold morning rain that very fast had drenched their cloth. He went down and very fast was on top of Rachel like a cowboy on his horse. He had pined her down to the muddy ground and clearly knew that he was the one in control. Rachel started crying and held up her hands in a defiant gesture. "Please, don't rape me, Mister ... please don't!" He grabbed her face, pushed his hands through her thick and now very wet, black hair and smiled down on Rachel. "I will fuck you now," he said and let go of her head. Before the slim girl could do anything he had pushed his hands underneath her black jacked and grabbed her small but firmly build breasts. He started massaging them in brute force. Rachel started screaming all at once; she dug her fingers into the wet mud and let her head snap backwards while rain dropped from her white teeth. The man, grunting and smiling at the same time, kept on pressing the girl's breasts, fondling the erect nipples with his thumps. For a while, he kept on doing this until, due to no apparent reason, he suddenly let go of her hurting breasts. Instead, the dark man started pulling on her weather jacket and the thin jacket that belonged to her party outfit. Rachel was pushed around and started coughing and shaking while he finally had pulled those two jackets off. And off hey went, flying into the nearby bushes. Now thick droplets of rain were falling down on an expensive, black tank top made from silk. He again covered her breasts with his hands and went on pressing and knitting them as if they were made from plasticine. But, only for a second was this sensation enough for the man. Rachel opened up her mouth again this time screaming from surprise when he just grabbed the silken tank top and yanked at it with force. It split in the middle and he tore the silk apart, revealing her firm breasts to the cold rain. The wind around her grew in intensity and Rachel was shivering intensely while looking up at him with huge eyes and fear that she had never felt before. He smiled again and his rough hands were fondling with her warm but slowly cooling breasts for a little while. She looked down and saw that his penis had grown in length while the man lifted himself up and started unbuttoning his pants. He pushed his pants down and took his cock in his right hand while his breathing became shallower. Rachel looked at his cock like it was a black mamba or any other threat to her life. She knew what would happen to her, she knew that she was only seconds away from receiving this mans penis into her vagina. There was nothing in the world that the young woman found more repulsive than sex with this creature, while laying in the mud. But the most horrible thing was, that she was to weak to do anything about it. Then he dismounted Rachel and for a brief moment she thought that he had changed his mind and that she was free to go. But Joe only got rid of his pants and underwear. A second later he was on top of her, pushing his right hand underneath her skirt. She felt strong fingers between her legs ... Rachel was screaming out when his fingers touched her vagina.

Joe was focused; he knew that nothing in the world was as important as getting his cock into this beautiful girl. He pressed his right middle finger hard on the vagina that was only protected by the black silk of her panties. Then he realized, that this wasn't good for anything. She wasn't his girlfriend; he wasn't fondling her in order to get her to spread her legs by her own free will. He was raping her and therefore he was in power and could do whatever he wanted. So Joe pushed his fingers underneath the panties, left and right through the holes for the legs and yanked at the silk with all the force he felt necessary.

Rachel felt her panties gliding down her legs; she felt them rubbing over her knees, felt them on her calves, felt them sliding over her feet and then they were gone. She lifted her head and looked at the huge man who now was starring at her with a big smile and a risen cock, ready to push this thing into her body. And this thought of having unwanted sex with a stinking rapist brought out the last ounces of strength in the young woman. Rachel started crawling backwards as fast as she could while he wasn't on top of her any more. She wanted to get to her feet, and so she turned, got to her knees and was about to lift her almost naked body up when she felt great pressure from behind like a train ramming in to her back. Rachel landed in cold, wet dirt and all the air was pushed out of her lungs when he grabbed her by the thick, black hair and rammed her face into a thick layer of mud.

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