His Awaited Return

by IMRLMarine2

Copyright© 2009 by IMRLMarine2

True Sex Story: A woman misses her husband and gives him a shock when he returns from a short deployment.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Voyeurism   .

She lay there, nude, her little vibrating friend humming away at here clit. In here mind it wasn't a toy, it was her husband, doing what he enjoyed, flicking his tongue, exciting her. She imagined him splitting her crease with his tongue, occasionally dipping it deep inside her then quickly returning to it, lapping feverishly, he was always happy to do it, even when she didn't want him to. The steadily humming device quickly made her climax, it always had. She lay there now somewhat satisfied with a small smirk on her face. It quickly faded as she remembered the daunting tasks awaiting her this day.

She rose to her feet, stirring the two dogs in there kennels, "Pipe down you two", she scolded, "I'm not ready to deal with you yet." She was always annoyed with the two pups, scratching and moving about whenever someone entered the room. She walked into the bathroom, relieved herself and washed and patted dry her hands, and then continued to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. After the coffee was started, she returned to the anxious animals to bring them out for their morning relief. A cool, brisk breeze makes her shudder; also making her nipples firm up under her robe. "God, I can't wait until he comes home so I don't have to deal with this crap", she thinks before calling the dogs back in.

Just then her phone rings to the tune of Puddle of Mudd's 'Psycho', its her husband no less. "Good Morning honey" a somewhat cherry voice calls over the other end, he's been at work now for ten hours already and still wide awake. "Good morning baby" she responds in a less cheery tone. They would talk little over the next 10 to 20 minutes, he never really had much to say on the phone and she would be trying to watch the news.

Now it's getting to be around six o'clock in the morning, time to get some bowls out for the kids, they've grown accustomed to pouring their own cereal and milk. Placing the bowls and silverware on the table she goes to the oldest boy's room first. "Charlie, its time to wake up", she says in a voice known to most of us as both soothing and annoying, "Its time for school."

Charlie was 8 years old now, in third grade and hated getting up in the morning. Some times he'd return the morning revelry with a "ungh, no its not" or a "do I have to" only to have his sheets yanked off the bed and the light being flipped on. Then he'd drudge from his room, to the bathroom and then to kitchen, still half asleep.

She now moved towards the younger son's room, flipping on the lights preemptively, "David", she stops, noticing her son is not only not in his bed, but already in the kitchen, trying to reach the milk out of the refrigerator.

David was usually up right at six, ready to take on the day, but at the age of 5 and full of energy, who wouldn't be. Sometimes he'd wander out of his room, rubbing his eyes at five only to be hurried back to bed by his mother. "The suns' not up yet David", his mother would gently say, and neither should you be, she'd think to her self.

This is the routine, same as it had been for a couple of years now. Next comes getting the kids ready for school and driving them to the bus stop. After the kids where gone off to school, she'd go back home, clean up the kitchen from breakfast and continue to get ready for her day. First off she had a session with her trainer at the gym, and then she would attend one or two of the workout classes held there. Some days she'd go back home, pick up the dogs and take them for a three mile jog.

Today was like any other, after her jog, she came home and turned on the shower and began to get undressed. She went to step into the shower and glanced in the closet at the eyelet hook in the ceiling and chuckled to herself, a scene flashed in her mind of a few days before he left, she could feel her center begin to warm. As she entered the shower, she turned and bent backwards, allowing her hair to get wet and continued to apply her shampoo, rinsing and then putting in her conditioner. Applying her soap to a louffa, she washed herself. Lathering her still perky breasts, then hiking a leg up on the corner and gently going over her shaven puss. While rinsing off she remembered the scenes that flashed in her head, she lay back in a swing like contraption, her husbands face in between her soft thighs, eating her juicy pussy, two fingers tapping on her pleasure spot. Her fingers began to wander to her center, slowly massaging her clit, "God I wish he were here", she said in a slightly irritated voice.

Denise was 27, although she didn't look to be over 21. Even after two children her body still looked great. She stood only 5 feet 4 inches, with long, blonde hair, hazel green eyes and a smile that could both make you melt and kill you at the same time. Her days often consisted of morning coffee and news, getting the kids fed and off to school and then she'd be off to the gym or out for a walk, returning only to have to clean the house and pay the bills and occasionally treating herself to getting her hair and nails done. She has to be back home by 2 o'clock to get the boys off of their buses. Then its time for the afternoon snacks and homework followed by making dinner, cleaning up after dinner and getting the boys bathed and ready for bed.

Denise missed her husband even though he was only going to be gone for a few weeks this time instead of the usual 4 to 7 months, and having to do all the little tedious tasks that he would normally take care of were becoming a bit overwhelming and highly annoying. He'd tend to the dogs at 4 am, get the coffee ready, take out the trash, mow the yard, fold the laundry, help with dinner and so on. Little things, but adding those little things to her busy schedule proved to be a royal pain at times.

He had been gone for almost two months now and should be home within the next week or two. It was a time that she both looked forward to and dreaded. Every time he left, the homecoming was always the same. He would immediately take his spot as head of the house and making changes to the "temporary" rules she had in place to make it without going insane while he was gone. "This time will be different", she had hoped in her head, "This time he'll listen let be what has worked while he was gone." Would he though? He had never done it over the last five almost six years of their marriage almost half of which he had spent deployed.

Jared was also 27, only two weeks older than Denise, but had not aged nearly as well. He shaved his head due to a receding and thinning hair line, had stone blue eyes and stood at 6 foot 1. He is probably the most stubborn and jealous man you'd ever meet. He is very protective of his family, especially his wife. Eight years in the United States Marine Corps had aged him almost double his age, both mentally and physically. A strong hearted conservative, he didn't like change and with all the deployments he'd been sent on time for him stood still while the world around him would seem to skip twenty years into the future.

He always wanted the best for his family, and being an only child wanted only the best for him. They seem to be the model family. Two kids, two dogs, a cat and a fish, a four bedroom house with a two car garage, a classic car, a newer family sedan and a motorcycle all of which had been paid off due to her money management skills. They owed nothing to any creditors and had an outstanding credit score. She was a wizard when it came to managing money and he was only concerned with the bills being paid and food in the pantry, after that she was pretty much free to spend as she pleased and with another promotion for him around the corner it made it that much easier.

Just like any other couple they had their fights and disagreements, but they always seemed to work it out. They remained faithful to each other managed to keep the other one in some state of happiness. Unlike other couples, they had remained very affectionate still held hands when they would be out, always kissing and hugging every chance they got and yet still managed to keep things hot in the bedroom. She had her desires, most of which she had managed to keep hidden from him, and he had his, which he had made more than obvious to her.

One desire that she had that he new very little of involved another woman. She had tip toed around the subject with him every now and again, he'd normally reply with the comment "I don't play well with others and I don't share." But the thought was still there as well as the urges. She'd picture herself laying there, another nude woman between her legs, rubbing and sucking all the rights spots, ones only a woman would know about, using toys but knowing how deep and how fast to go, not like a man trying to finish a race as quickly as possible, but going slow making her climax last as long as she could stand it. Oh the possibilities.

Little did she know that he had thought of the same? Not being with another woman, but her being with another woman, occasionally he'd picture himself there as well but mostly think that she deserved the one on one meeting. He had all but given her the go ahead a few times, but couldn't help wondering if it would be the wrong thing to do. What if she realized that a woman is all she wanted and didn't want him anymore, what if the meeting opened up a proverbial Pandora's box of wants, wants he couldn't provide or be comfortable with. Would it end their marriage? "No", he'd think, "Its to much of a risk".

Sure they had experimented like any couple. They'd tried anal a time or two, never successfully, that proved to be more alluring in theory than in reality. They tried toys, hell, she'd even let him put up a swing which seemed more pleasing to him than her. Sex was always good, pleasing to both parties usually, occasionally he'd finish before her, but he always made sure that she got there too. He learned early on that leaving her in want was never a good thing.

Not knowing all the sexual thoughts running through her mind always had bothered him. Leaving his perverted mind to wonder never turned out to be a good thing and priding his self on knowing everything, even though he wasn't even close, it had bugged him that much more. "Why won't she just tell me", he'd yell in his mind. Not knowing what she wanted secretly had always been a sore subject. She said to him once "You'll just have to figure it out". That never helped the situation. He never liked guessing things, especially when it came to her. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, it always seemed she was disappointed.

Disappointment, something he definitely didn't want her to have in the bedroom. The subject would keep him up at night. He'd lie there, staring at her, what did his sexy little nymph want? Was it something way out in left field or something not that far off from normal. Sex was something he thought he'd known enough about. He knew he didn't know it all, but not knowing her fantasies? Isn't that something every husband should know about his wife?

The day had come for his arrival. This time was different though. She wasn't there to great him. Denise had warned him of this before hand. Something to do with a doctors appointment or something. Jared tried calling some of his co-workers for a lift, even tried calling the one Marine he considered to be a friend, John, to no avail though.

Jared ended up walking the five miles home, this distance seemed so much shorter when it wasn't below freezing out and he wasn't walking. Not like today. The first time he had gone away and come back unprepared. Now, shivering like a wet puppy with his sea-bag on his back, cursing every step, he drudged on. Two hours later he arrives at home, only to find he has no key and no way in. "I guess I should have thought of this too", he chuckled to himself sensing the irony in his current situation.

He decided to sit on the back porch, less people to gawk at him. "Now would be a perfect time for a smoke", he thought to himself even though he had unwillingly given up smoking years ago. The time is now 9 am.

About ten minutes pass and it's calm, quite. He hears a woman's voice faintly in the background. "Weird" he thinks, he normally can't hear his neighbors outside if they're inside. The voice gets louder, only now its not just a woman's voice, but the sound of a woman climaxing and its not coming from the neighbors house, its coming from HIS!

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