Aj Meets Little Red Riding Hood

by Jana Cleveland

Copyright© 2009 by Jana Cleveland

Erotica Sex Story: Lilly dresses up as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween and meets a hunky bad boy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Food   BBW   .

I'm Lilly and I love Halloween, especially this Halloween where I was invited to a costume party at my Grandma's house. I already have my costume on and looked forward to the treats and the party. This year, I'm Little Red Riding Hood and I may not meet a wolf, but I might meet a hunky bad boy. I was walking to my house and then this guy was walking behind me.

I turned around and said, "Hi. Do I know you?"

He said to me as he walked beside me, "I was just walking to a friend's house."

I replied, "Well, I'm on my way to a Halloween costume party at my Grandma's house."

He lowered his sunglasses, placed them on the collar of his tank top, looked at me from head to toe, and asked, "Mind if I ask you are to be?"

I smiled at him and said, "I'm Little Red Hiding Hood."

He grinned and asked, "Does Little Red Hiding Hood have a name?"

"I'm Lilly." I said.

"I'm AJ. I bet you are as lovely as the flower you were named after." AJ said as he kissed my hand.

I giggled and blushed as he kissed my hand again and again. Then, he asked me, "What's a lovely woman like you going to a party all by yourself?"

"I'm just by myself." I replied as we walked.

"Would you mind if I walk with you to the party?" He asked with a sexy smile on his face.

"Sure. On one condition." I replied.

"What is that?" AJ asked with such curiousity.

"Kiss me." I said.

He took off his sunglasses and softly kissed my lips. He may look like a bad boy but he kisses like he's experienced in romance. The kiss took my breath away.

After the kiss, AJ and I walked to my grandma's house for the costume party. We arrived at the party and my grandma was happy to see me. I even introduced AJ to her. Everybody at the party had their costumes on, lively music was playing, Halloween decorations were on display, and there were two tables full of yummy treats.

AJ and I were having a great time, dancing, gathering treats, and socializing almost all night. Then, a slow song came on and he asked me to dance with him. I accepted and slow danced. While we danced, he inhaled my feminine scent and whispered to me, "Why Lilly, what a lovely, seductive scent you're wearing."

"The better to tempt your nose with." I replied sweetly.

Later that night, AJ and I thanked my grandma for a great party and we walked back to my place. AJ couldn't take his eyes off of me. He kissed my lips again and he placed his hands on my waist. My hands slid up his leather jacket before taking it off. Once the jacket was off, I led him to my upstairs bedroom. As soon as we got there, he slowly lowered my hood to look at my face. His fingers ran through my sliky, shoulder-length, black hair with red streaks and candy curled ends. The red streaks in my hair were temporary so they would match with my costume.

He kissed my lips again. As we kissed, his hands then slowly untied and lowered my red/black reversible cape to the floor. His hands went up my thick thighs covered by my black leather knee-high boots. He took them off and slowly caressed my thighs up to the skirt of costume.

AJ looked at every inch of my very voluptuous body and seductively said, "My, Lilly, what great curves you have."

I replied, "The better for your hands and mouth to feel upon."

He then placed his hands and took his time taking off my costume. Now, I was in my black satin bra and matching panties. We then moved on over to my queen-sized, white 300 thread count sheet-covered bed. AJ looked as I took off his tank top and kissed down the front of his lean body. My tongue softly traced the 69 tattoo on his belly button. I came back up to his lips and kissed them. He then kissed down to my neck. His hands softly ran up and down my back as he unhooked my bra. Soon as my large, soft breasts were freed, he said to me "What soft breasts you have."

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