Tricked Into a Treat

by Jake Marlow

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Erotica Sex Story: After finding out his wife Ana's deepest, darkest fantasy is to be taken by two men, Sean makes his submissive wife's fantasy come true on Halloween

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   BDSM   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Swinging   Group Sex   Interracial   White Couple   White Male   First   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

The plan began forming in my mind one night when my wife Ana finally told me about one of her most forbidden fantasies. We have an amazing sex life and have opened up about many of our fantasies, which had led to some fun times in bed. The reason Ana was tied spread-eagle to our bed was because I had told her about my fantasies of dominating her. When we tried it the first time she found that being tied down and teased made her climax harder than ever before. Since I'd met Ana about six years ago she'd gone from a somewhat shy, naïve girl to a very sexual woman. More than once she's marveled at how much her eyes have opened in our time together.

Ana was moaning and breathing pretty hard and I lightly stroked her g-spot with two fingers curved up inside her. I'd already been teasing her super sensitive nipples for over fifteen minutes before I moved on to her pussy. Maybe I'm biased because she's my wife, but I think Ana's breasts are perfect. Her firm C-cups are capped by puffy, dark nipples that seem to harden at the slightest provocation, which I know embarrasses her at times. But I have to confess I get hard every time I see those nipples showing through her top. I had her dripping wet and begging for release before I even started touching her cunt, which had me throbbing down below.

"Oh God, oh please..." Ana gasped as I played with her pussy.

"Not until you tell me something," I whispered, rubbing her g-spot in little circles. Smiling, I also pressed on her clit with the base of my palm. She cried out and pulled hard against the straps securing her wrists to the headboard. We now have rings set into the bed for those restraints.

"Anything, God anything, just..."

"Tell me a fantasy, honey. Tell me your deepest, darkest desires," I cooed into her ear.

"I ... I ... I've already told you my fantasies ... ohhhhh ... please, sir..."

It was true. Ana had told me many things she'd fantasized about over the years, from being with another woman to having sex outdoors in a park, and we'd done many of them, but I didn't believe she'd told me everything. I was sure there were things I hadn't discovered yet. "Tell me, Ana. I can keep you like this for hours."

"No, please no!" She arched her back off the bed, pushing herself at my fingers.

"Then tell me. What have you fantasized about that's so crazy, so dirty, that you've never admitted it to anyone?"

"I ... I..."

I leaned in and circled her nipple with my tongue before briefly sucking it into my mouth, but only for a moment, and Ana moaned with frustration. "Tell me, Ana."

"Ohhh ... God ... twoooo ... twoooo mennn ... I've wondereddd..." Ana was unable to finish speaking because at that moment I started fingering her rapidly while rubbing her clit with my thumb. She totally lost it, thrashing on the bed and pulling hard against all her restraints. I know it's hard for her not to be able to touch me and that's part of the thrill of tying her down. I turned her head toward me and pressed my aching cock into her mouth. Ana immediately started to suck me hungrily.

She did not need to finish her sentence. I knew what my wife was trying to say and it did not surprise me. A few times I'd used a dildo on her while she was sucking me and that really seemed to make her crazy. I waited for her to say something about it, but she never did. Typically I need to bring these things up anyway. Ana still hasn't completely shed her strict Catholic upbringing. I'm not sure it's so uncommon for a woman to fantasize about having two men ravish her. What man doesn't want to experience two women? I'm sure she was afraid it might hurt my feelings if she ever confessed she'd thought about sex with another man, but it didn't. I'm an open minded guy.

Ana came very quickly and very hard after that and I kept fingering her until she had a second orgasm. She almost choked on my cock when she came and I had to pull back for her. I'm a couple inches larger than average, but I'm no porn star. If she really relaxes and tries Ana can deep throat me. She kept sucking me until I was sure I was going to cum and then I pulled out of her mouth and shot my load all over her breasts. She was shocked the first time I told her I wanted to cum on her, but now Ana looked up at me with lust as I finished on her firm chest.

When we were finished making love that night Ana snuggled against me and bed, lightly tracing her fingers through my chest hair while I stroked the small of her back. There's nothing I love more than the feeling of our hot skin pressed together after a night of incredible sex.

"When I told you about my fantasy, it was because I was so turned on, you know? I mean, you know you're all I need, right?"

"Honey, you don't have to worry, I know that. I like it when you open up like that."

"I know, but something like that is crazy."

"But it is a fantasy you have."

"Sometimes, but it's just a fantasy, that's all. I bet it would just be awkward in real life. It's probably one of those things you only should fantasize about."

"Probably," I agreed.

But it was something I thought about. I'll admit I'm probably strange, but there's nothing on Earth that turns me on more than testing Ana's sexual boundaries. Could I handle seeing Ana with another man, even if I was part of the action? I don't know. I'm not jealous by nature, but seeing your wife intimate with another man could be tough for anybody. I'm very secure in our love and our marriage and I'm sure she would not run off with the other guy, no matter how good the sex was. And it's not like I would just lay back and be watching. I decided that it could handle it. If it really got Ana off it's something I could do. But I thought just to be sure a test might be in order.

One Saturday night when Ana and I were going out for drinks and dinner I encouraged her to dress especially sexy. She always looks hot, but this night I really made sure she would be a treat to any man who laid eyes on her. She wore the proverbial little black dress. It was silk and hugged her curves nicely and was suspended by spaghetti straps. Four inch pumps completed the outfit and she wore her thick, dark hair down so it fell past her shoulders. Ana's mother is from Panama, which gives her smooth olive skin and long black locks, which she wears with auburn highlights. At only five feet three, Ana is a compact, curvy beauty, just like her mother. Her father is an American engineer who met her mother while he was down in Central America on business. Ana has lived in the United States since she was nine and only speaks with the faintest trace of an accent. She never fails to turn heads and I knew she would be impossible to resist in that little black dress.

We went to a trendy new restaurant about an hour away, which friends had told us about. I purposely stayed away from our familiar haunts so no one would recognize us. There was a wait for a table, which was fine with me. I wanted to wait at the bar. After ordering Ana a glass of wine and a whiskey for myself, I checked my Blackberry and told Ana I received a work email and had to make a quick call. I'm the Vice President of IT at a large firm, so it's not unusual for me to get calls and messages at odd hours.

"Don't take too long, or maybe I'll let someone else buy me dinner," Ana teased, kissing my cheek.

"I'll be back as soon as I can, but feel free to have some fun until I get back."

"What do you mean?" She replied suspiciously.

"I know you have fun flirting. Maybe you'll make a new friend while I'm gone."

Ana smiled wickedly and said, "You really are incorrigible. One of these days your love of games is going to backfire on you."

"But not tonight. I know who you're going home with."

"That what you think." Ana punctuated her last comment by downing her entire glass of wine.

The truth is that since we've been together and Ana's built her sexual confidence she's found that she really enjoys flirting. She's told me a couple guys at work have crushes on her and I told her I don't mind her flirting as long as they understand it's just that. I actually like that other guys lust after my wife. It's a great ego boost. I know some of the male halves of our couple friends lust after my wife too and I've seen her get very flirty after a few drinks, but it's all in good fun. Usually it leads to their wives flirting with me, so I can't complain.

I went out to the lobby where it was quiet and waited there for about ten minutes. I figured that would be enough time for someone to notice my sexy wife on her own at the bar. I went back into the bar and slipped into a back corner where it would be hard for Ana to pick me out of the crowd. I didn't want her to change her behavior because I was there.

Ana was sitting at the bar with a fresh glass of wine, which I figured had to be her third. I knew sitting on that stool would really show off her tanned legs. Sure enough I could see some tall blond guy checking her out for a minute or so before he went over to introduce himself. He was pretty built and looked like a surfer type. Ana smiled up at him as she started speaking to her and I could tell she found the stranger attractive. From where I was I couldn't hear a word of their conversation, but it seemed to be going well because he stuck around. Although he was careful not to get caught I saw him looking over Ana's body every chance he got. The dress was cut low enough to show off a good portion of cleavage and as if that wasn't enough to draw attention, she wore a lariat necklace to make sure the eye was drawn to her chest.

After a few minutes I could see he was casually touching Ana's arm and when they both laughed at some joke he moved closer to her and his hand dropped. Through breaks in the crowd I could see his hand resting on her knee, which Ana did not seem to mind. She kept touching his arm as she spoke too and I knew she liked this stranger. It was a little odd to watch my wife so openly flirting with an attractive stranger when she thought I wasn't around, but surprisingly I wasn't jealous of their little touches. I was actually turned on to see Ana glorying in her sexual power. There was a hint of danger that wasn't there when she innocently flirted with a friend.

The stranger leaned into Ana, moving his hand to her hip and he whispered something very close. I could imagine he might have even brushed her ear with his lips. It gave me a nervous, jolting thrill. He did not pull back until Ana pushed him away and she smiled as she shook her head. I could tell she'd just politely turned down a proposition. After the surfer dude slinked away I pushed through the crowd and rejoined my wife.

"Miss me?" I asked, greeting her with a kiss.

"Not really. I had company. Another minute or two and I might not have been here," she teased.


"I had quite an interesting offer to see someone's beach house."

"You'll have to tell me all about it." I said innocently.

"You already know the broad strokes, or wasn't your view good enough?" When I looked at her quizzically she said, "I knew you were over in the corner watching the whole time. I almost kissed him to see how long you would just sit back and watch." Her smile told me she wasn't angry.

"I was just curious what would happen if I left my sexy wife alone in a busy bar," I said.

"You weren't worried some handsome stranger would come along and sweep me away?"

"I was sure someone would try, but I know you love me."

"You're awfully confident. But you're also right." She kissed me. "So did you enjoy the show?"

"Yeah, I have to admit, it was kind of sexy to see you like that. It looked like you were having fun."

Ana blushed. "Sure, it was exciting to flirt with some stranger like I was single. You know, it made me feel sexy, but it felt weird too. I felt a little guilty even though I knew you were right over there. I told Evan I was married and he didn't care! He still wanted me to leave with him."

"And did you want to?"

"No! But I do want you to get me home as fast as possible."

We rushed through dinner and when we got home that night the sex was hot. We barely made it through the front door and did it in the living room the first time. Ana was bent over the back of the couch with her dress up around her waist while I took her from behind and while we fucked I taunted her with dirty talk.

"You liked playing with Evan didn't you?" I grunted.

"Yes, honey. It made me hot. It made me feel sexy!" Ana moaned.

"You thought about him taking you home and fucking you like this, didn't you?"

"Uhn ... uhnnnn ... yessss ... Yes! Does that make you hot, Jim? Are you hard thinking about Evan fucking me?"

My cock throbbed when she said that and I rammed it into her harder. Without thinking I said, "Yes! Yes! Oh fuck!"

We only lasted another minute or two and both came hard. Afterward we went up to the bedroom, stripped and started things all over again. We made love three times that night and went right to sleep, both exhausted. The next morning Ana told me she enjoyed our little game, but if we ever played it again she wanted some warning. She asked if I fantasized about seeing her with another man.

"No, it's not like that. I couldn't just sit back and watch. It's just that when you told me about your fantasy of two men it got me thinking. I was curious how I would feel if I saw you in that situation."

"Well, flirting is one thing, but I'm sure I would chicken out if it ever came to that situation for real. God, I can't imagine!" She laughed. I noted that she didn't say she would never indulge her fantasy, she just said she thought she would chicken out.

We did not go out and play that particular game, but over the next few weeks I brought her fantasy up again while we were in bed. I used the dildo on her while she blew me and even had her lick it while I was fucking her, all the while talking about there being another man there. Ana really got off on exploring the fantasy in bed, but we did not talk about going further than fantasy. It's just not Ana's way to ask for something like that. Usually when I want to try something new I sort of make it happen and then if she balks I stop it. It's a system that's worked well for us, but going that route to introducing another man to our bedroom would be tough. If she did chicken out he would have to be cool enough to leave. But even with those risks I was confident enough that Ana was ready to try it if I made it happen.

The first hurdle was to find this "cool guy". I might have been more comfortable with someone we knew, someone I knew I could trust, but I was sure Ana would never be comfortable with that. She would never be able to face them again, so it had to be a stranger. It also had to be someone I knew my wife would be attracted to. I know I am her type. I'm a bit over six feet with brown hair and a goatee and I keep myself in moderate shape. I thought about the ex's she'd described too, but I didn't see much of a pattern there. I thought about her friend Evan from the bar. She really liked him, so with that in mind I placed some ads on some adult message boards. It read: "Husband seeks special surprise for his wife. She is late 20's, petite, 34-24-34, long black hair, very sexy. Please respond with pictures and bio, will reply with same." Replies came pouring in to the special email address I set up for this project and I spent quite a lot of time looking at pictures of guys, which was no picnic for me, especially since so many of them included pictures of their dicks! It was so strange to be picking the guy who I would be sharing my wife with.

After I narrowed it down to five, based on pictures and what they had to say for themselves, I replied with a little bit about Ana and I and included some pictures of the wife, a few of her dressed up and some sexy pictures we'd taken in the bedroom. I blurred her face, but I knew she would not be happy I was sharing those intimate pictures with others. Hopefully she would see it as being in service of a good cause. I corresponded with those five guys by email and then spoke to three of them on the phone. From there I decided on one and we met for drinks one night after work.

His name was Kyle and he was a little younger than us, just a couple years out of college. He was a little taller than me and had light hair that was a little shaggier than you see in the business world, but then he worked for an environmental clean-up company as a field analyst. He had that sort of laid back nature boy vibe. Kyle kept in shape by hiking and mountain biking almost every weekend. I knew that Ana would like his attitude and I thought it would be fun for her to have a boy toy who was a little younger. Kyle was also one of the few guys who hadn't replied with a picture of his dick. I knew that if he gave off some pervy vibe it would be a nonstarter. He said he was screwing around on the internet late one night and just sort of answered our ad on a whim and that once he saw the pictures of Ana he couldn't get her out of his head. He freshly single, but he said that he and his girlfriend still got together sometimes for a quickie.

Kyle had a lot of questions, not the least of which was why I was doing this. I explained it was Ana's fantasy and I wanted to make it happen. He asked if I was sure I would be okay seeing her with him and I made it clear we would be sharing Ana and told him I thought I would be cool. I explained to him that if anyone was uncomfortable, though, everything would be over just like that and he said he was cool with it. I also told him he'd need an STD panel, which he said was no problem. I showed him some non blurred pictures of Ana on my Blackberry and he told me she was beautiful.

The most awkward part was when I asked him about his cock. He said, "Don't worry, dude, I've never had any complaints." He claimed to be over eight inches hard, which made me a little nervous, because that was bigger than me. Kyle was really cool and I knew he was the one. I told him I would be in touch with details.

My next task was to figure out how to pull the whole thing off. Several scenarios went through my head, but most of them did not seem right. I knew I had to set it up and spring it on Ana, but do it in a way that she wouldn't chicken out before anything even got started. I had to make it okay for her to give in to her desire, but give her an out if she really did have cold feet. I decided it would be best if I did it in a way where we were already involved before she caught on to what was happening. It ran the risk that she would be furious with me, but I was confident she would go for it and forgive my little deception. When we were invited to a Halloween party everything clicked into place in my head and my plan was set.

Ana was excited about the party and we had a lot of fun when we went costume shopping. It was great to watch her trying on costumes, although she shot me a look when I suggested the Playboy Bunny costume. It was he classic black one-piece, low-cut with the ears and the tail. While Ana complained it was too revealing, I don't think the costume we settled on was much better. It was a Can Can girl outfit, which was basically a black and red striped corset with a frilly little skirt that hardly covered anything, black ruffled "panties" and fishnet stockings. It came with a sequined hairclip with a red feather and a black jeweled choker. I guess the little skirt made her feel less exposed. She looked incredible and I couldn't wait to show her off in that outfit. I chose a red jacketed tuxedo with tails and top hat to look like a gentleman from the appropriate era.

"Are you sure this costume is okay? It doesn't leave much to the imagination," Ana said doubtfully as she turned this way and that in front of the mirror. She paid particular attention to how her butt looked in the frilly skirt and ruffled panties, which would surely be exposed whenever she moved, but then the panties were meant to be seen.

"It's a little late to worry about that now. I think you look stunning and every woman at the party is going to hate you," I replied, pulling her into my arms. She only let me kiss her cheek so that I didn't smear her dark red lipstick. In her spiked five inch heels she was the perfect kissing height.

"I don't want that!"

"But every guy is going to be lusting after you."

"Well, that's not so bad. Just make sure you're at my side to keep them from getting fresh."

"I won't let you out of my sight. I promise."

The party was thrown by one of my co-workers, which meant that Ana did not know many of the people there well enough to recognize them in their costumes. That worked perfectly for me because I'd also invited Kyle to the party. I wanted him to get the chance to see and flirt with my wife before we just went right to the bedroom and I thought the party would be just the thing. Kyle told me he would be dressed in Navy whites. Women love a man in uniform and he was no exception. I picked him out of the crowd immediately and noticed that most of the women at the party were checking out the tall, handsome stranger. Oddly, Ana did not seem to notice him until I pointed Kyle out.

"Looks like that guy could have his pick of the litter tonight," I said.

Ana took her time looking him over before replying, "He's okay, I guess. If you like that sort of thing."

"Please, you want him as much as the other women here," I said. I know Ana well enough to read her expressions.

"He is pretty hot, but I have my own hot guy already." She pulled me down so we could kiss. "Maybe if I was single I'd let him buy me a drink," she added playfully.

We went and grabbed drinks and I could see Kyle's eyes following us. He gave me a knowing look when Ana wasn't paying attention and I knew the game was on. Over by the punch bowl we met up with a friend from work and his wife, both of whom Ana knew and we spent some time talking to them. After a while the girls excused themselves to the bathroom and Jon and I stood around talking.

"Can you believe that guy over there? I think he's going to take Tanya home, or at least to one of the bedrooms upstairs," Jon said.

"And while her husband's home watching the baby," I replied. He was referring to Kyle, who was in the corner talking to our office manager, who seemed to be moving closer to Kyle by the second. Tanya is an attractive blonde and the fifteen pounds or so she hasn't lost from her pregnancy have only made her curves more luscious. She was wearing a tight lavender dress with little fairy wings on her back and knee high boots with fishnets. Her hair was piled on top of her head and she looked like the call girl version of a fairy godmother. Her huge breasts, which she seemed to be pushing at Kyle, looked like they were going to burst out of her dress at any second.

"Yeah, it's a shame. That's why I would never let Carol go to a party like this by herself." His wife, Carol, is a pretty redhead, but she's a little skinny for my tastes. She was dressed somewhat conservatively, like a witch. Something tells me he would have never let her out of the house dressed like Ana was, but I noticed he kept checking my wife out whenever he thought no one was looking. I could tell Ana knew it too, and enjoyed the attention.

"You don't trust her?" I asked.

"I don't trust guys. An operator like navy guy over there would pour drinks down her throat and have her panties off before she knew what hit her. I don't even recognize him. Who invited him?"

I was not going to admit he was my guest. "It hardly looks like he needs to make an effort with Tanya." If anything, it looked like Kyle wanted to get away, but he was backed into a corner. Still, I thought it was good for Ana to see other women interested in him.

The girls rejoined us and I noted Jon looking appreciatively at the jiggle of Ana's chest, pushed up by her costume and the bra beneath it, as she walked. Jon and Carol went off to mingle and Ana and I were left alone.

"I don't think Carol likes me any more after the way Jon was looking at me, but she told me she found a sexier witch outfit and he wouldn't let her wear it."

"She can't blame you for being hot, honey. And Jon is just paranoid. Because he wants to screw everything that moves he just assumes everyone is like that. He's afraid if anyone notices his wife she'll cheat on him."

"And you're not afraid of that? You don't think most guys want to screw anything that moves?"

"Of course they do, but I know you're not going to let them."

I made a point to get separated from Ana later in the party. We were on the back deck and I told her to stay put while I got us fresh drinks. Kyle knew that was his signal to go and flirt with my wife. He'd been pretty busy with a few other women, but he made sure to slip outside when he saw me come in. The unusually warm October night had started to turn cool so they had the balcony to themselves. I did fresh our drinks, but I also stopped and chatted with a few friends on the way. I also managed to overhear some of the women at the party, some of them single, some of them wives, talking about Kyle, wondering who he was and saying what they'd like to do with him.

I stopped just inside the doors leading outside and saw Kyle and Ana outside by the railing, looking out into the night. He'd taken off his jacket and put it over Ana's shoulders, leaving him in a white tank top that showed off how built he was. He and Ana were standing very close and by their expressions I could tell they were getting on very well. She kept touching his hand, which rested on the railing, as they talked. The heavily spiked punch was having an effect on her as she always gets flirtier when she's had a few drinks. Ana is definitely a love drunk.

Kyle said something and Ana laughed and put her hand on his chest. I thought maybe she was going to push him away, but instead she was feeling his chest through the tank top, looking impressed by the time he spent in the gym. He flexed an arm and she felt that muscle too. I would have loved to hear what they were saying, but there was too much noise from the party behind me. She slipped one of her arms out of his jacket and giggled while she made a muscle, which he took his time feeling. By that point I was positive Ana would like her present so I went out and joined them on the deck.

"I was wondering where you got to," Ana said.

"I got tied up inside," I replied with a smile to show I wasn't angry.

"Hey, I'm Kyle. I hope you don't mind my keeping your wife company." We shook hands like we were meeting for the first time.

"Not at all. I'm happy Ana had someone to keep her occupied."

"I'd better get back inside," Kyle said.

"It was nice meeting you," Ana said. She shook his hand and when he didn't leave she realized she still had his jacket. "Oh, sorry," she said, sliding the jacket off her shoulders and handing it too him.

"No problem. It looks way better on you anyway."

After Kyle excused himself Ana pulled me against her and kissed me hard. I could tell that flirting with the tall, handsome stranger had her fired up. I kissed her back hungrily. I was pretty horny too, knowing what would be happening soon. We made out like teenagers on the deck until it was just too chilly to stay outside. We stayed at the party long enough to be polite, but we were both eager to get home and be together.

On the car ride home, Ana unbuckled her seatbelt and slid across the front seat. She kissed my neck while running her fingers up the inside of my pant leg. When she found my stiff shaft she focused her attention there. When she's fired up, and that night Ana was hungry for sex, she can be aggressive and she had me shaking before she even opened my pants. Once my cock was out I tilted the steering wheel up and she went face down in my lap. Stray stands of her raven hair tickled my thighs as she licked my head like an ice cream cone before taking me in her warm mouth. Ana sucked softly, with plenty of tongue, and I knew she was just playing with me, just giving me a taste of what I had in store when we got home. If she only knew what she was in for! I reached over and slid a hand over her butt and between her legs. Even through those silly ruffled panties I could feel how hot she was down below. She moaned into my cock when I rubbed her mound and sucked me harder. Ana bobbed faster and brought me right to the edge of cumming before she stopped.

"You're going to pay for that when we get home," I chuckled.

"I hope so," she smiled.

I told Ana I would lock up while she went upstairs and I was stood in our den by the unlocked patio doors when I had a moment of indecision. If I left those doors unlocked, as I'd arranged with Kyle, he would come in after fifteen minutes and join us upstairs. If I locked the doors he would just go away, knowing I changed my mind. Was I really prepared to see my wife with another man? Would I be able to handle it? Could I really be sure Ana wouldn't freak out and tell me to get lost? There was no way I could know any of those answers for sure, but I had placed my bet and I was prepared to let it ride. I left the sliding glass doors unlocked and headed up to the bedroom.

Ana had lit several candles around the room, filling it with a pleasant floral scent. Soft music from the Spa Channel on Sirius filled the room. It's a little soft and New Agey for my taste, but Ana really likes it. She waited for me standing at the foot of the bed with her hands clasped demurely in front of her. Instead of going to her, I went to my dresser and opened the top drawer, where we keep our toys. She smiled when she saw the red silk blindfold and stepped forward so I could tie it securely over her eyes. I know from experience that she would be completely blind in the dimly lit bedroom.

"Undress me," I ordered.

It was always more fun when Ana undressed me while blindfolded. Her hands smoothed over my body, tracing its contours before she slipped my jacket off and let it drop to the floor. She kissed me while she unhooked my bowtie, which she tossed away. She took her time unbuttoning my ruffled shirt, kissing my chest as she worked her way down the buttons. The light touch of her fingers felt amazing and she had shills shooting down my spine before she stepped behind me and pulled off my shirt. She trailed her long nails down my back and kissed it. God, but she knows how to get me going and I barely resisted the urge to grab Ana and throw her on the bed. She walked back in front of me and dropped to her knees.

I've long felt there is no sight like Ana in front of me on her knees, even with the blindfold hiding her beautiful dark eyes. She smiled innocently as she seemed to fumble with my pants, rubbing my cock through them before she found my belt and unbuckled it. My pants dropped and I stepped out of them and my shoes, kicking both away. Already she was reaching for my cock in my boxers. She had it out and was stroking it lovingly when I felt Kyle's presence in the room. Looking back over my shoulder I saw him standing in the doorway. Ana softly kissed the head of my cock and licked away a drop of precum before I told her to stand again. Self consciously, I pulled my boxers back in place before turning to gesture Kyle into the room.

I nodded to Kyle to let him know everything was still good and then started the zipper down on the back of Ana's costume, telling her, "Undress."

Ana stepped away slowly, although she knows the bedroom well enough not to walk into any furniture while blindfolded. Kyle and I stood side by side and watched her pull the zipper down the rest of the way before turning to face us and pull the top away. She briefly held it in front of her chest before pulling it down to reveal a black, lace trimmed strapless bra, which really gave her fantastic cleavage. She pushed it down over her hips and stepped out of it. Ana struck a sexy pose and then lost those frilly black panties too, leaving her in the bra, a tiny thong, which was her real underwear, the sexy stockings and her heels. We see the tiny butterfly on her bikini line and her little Hitler mustache through the sheer thong. Goddam, she looked like a sex goddess. Kyle's jaw just hung slack as he took her in. Exactly the reaction I was hoping for.

While we stood watching, Ana touched herself. She slid one hand down over her smooth tummy and cupped a breast with the other. She moaned quietly while she rubbed herself through the flimsy thong, pressing while her fingers slowly moved up and down over her mound. When she reached back and unsnapped the clasps with one hand, her strapless bra dropped away, revealing those luscious breasts. Kyle was staring at her like a starving man and I know he was ready to jump Ana, but he held back and waited for my signal. She squeezed both breasts and pinched her sensitive nipples as she leaned forward, like she was presenting herself. When her hand went back down below she pushed it inside her thong and pushed a finger between her lips to find her clit. Ana cried out and looked like her knees were going to buckle. I knew she would get herself off if I let her go any longer.

I went back over to the toy drawer and fetched a shiny pair of handcuffs. Taking a hold of Ana from behind, I steered her in the middle of the bedroom and snapped the cuffs on her wrists behind her back, bringing a little giggle from her lips. With gentle pressure, I lowered her to her knees.

"What do you have in mind, sir?" Ana asked playfully. I hoped she wouldn't regret showing her submissive side when she realized we weren't alone.

I gestured for Kyle to get undressed and stepped forward to feed Ana my cock. I rubbed the tip across her lips and it dragged over her cheek as she moved around and tried to capture it in her mouth. It was hard for her to get what she wanted with her hands cuffed behind her back. I toyed with her for a bit before finally letting her get me in her mouth. She sucked the head between those full, ruby lips and took her time before swallowing any more. Ana really knew how to use her tongue and she had me weak in the knees and did not take any more into her mouth until she could hear me moaning. While she wanted to go slow and tease, I was past that and I held the back of her head while feeding my cock deeper. Ana adjusted and hollowed her cheeks as she sucked me harder. She could almost take my entire shaft, but usually kept a hand around the base to keep control of the pace. That was not an option and I pressed my prick until I felt the head in the back of her throat. She gagged for just a second, but then I pulled back and with both hands on her head I slowly fucked her mouth. It was so tempting to just cum in her mouth right there, but it was not the time yet. I was looking forward to seeing how Kyle reacted to my wife's skills.

Pulling out of Ana's mouth, I gestured Kyle closer to take my place. Here it was the moment of truth. I looked down and was pleased to see he wasn't that much bigger than me, just a bit thicker, but probably not any longer. His shaft stood out proudly from his well-muscled body and it waggled as he stepped closer to Ana. I wondered how long it would take for her to realize it wasn't me. I held Ana's head from the side and Kyle put his prick on her lips. She opened wide and immediately swallowed him. She moaned as she sucked him, bobbing her head as I guided her to take him deeper each time. Within seconds I sensed she knew something was wrong, but she didn't try to stop until she'd swallowed over half his cock. It smacked her in the face wetly as she twisted away, turning her head to look around as if she could see.

"What's going on?" Ana asked, licking her lips to get the extra drool off of them. "Who's there?"

I nudged her head forward and Kyle's cock pressed against her lips again. When she turned away, my prick rubbed her cheek.

"Jim, what's going on?" I thought there might be a little panic in her voice.

"I am making one of your fantasies come true," I replied, stroking her hair.

"I ... I ... who's here?"

"Ana, meet Kyle."

"Nice to, uh, meet you," he said mirthfully.

"Who's Kyle?" Her head moved blindly back and forth to follow our voices.

"Kyle's our new friend. Do you trust me?"

"Yes," she replied hesitantly.

"Then just let go."

"Okay, but let me see."

"Not yet," I told her.


"In good time."

I guided her forward again and Ana opened wide and swallowed Kyle. There was definitely something different in the way she sucked him. I think there was an excitement there I don't ordinarily see, but that made sense. It was the first time she'd gone down on a new man in over five years, after all. I am sure I would be just as excited to be with a new woman. She sucked him hard and deep, filling the room with wet sounds and her muffled moaning. Kyle was moaning as well and he gently thrust into her mouth as I held her head for him. It was a little strange to be holding my wife's head so another man could use her mouth, but it was exciting too. It was bringing out a voyeuristic side in me that I hadn't known about.

After sucking Kyle for a few minutes she pulled back and turned her head to me. I happily pressed my cock forward into her mouth and Ana sucked me with renewed lust. So our session was having an effect on her! I let Ana suck me freely and was surprised when Kyle took the bold step to hold her head and guide her. It was so strange to see him brushing back her hair and guiding her back and forth on my shaft. He had her move faster and faster and drool ran from her lips. Ana just sucked me and gave over control to Kyle. I shook and moaned her name and I couldn't help myself. I buried my cock at the back of her throat and shot my load. She worked hard swallowing and took every last drop down her throat before I pulled my cock out of her mouth.

"Oh God," Ana whimpered, sucking in a deep breath.

Kyle and I helped Ana to her feet and over to the bed. I uncuffed her wrists, but only to pull her arms out and slip her wrists into the restraints attached to our headboard. Kyle cuffed her left wrist while I cuffed her right. We left her legs free, but I did slide her thong off, leaving her with the stockings and heels.

Kneeling on her right, I turned Ana's face to mine and kissed her. She returned the kiss heatedly and pulled against her restraints because she wanted to touch and hold me while we kissed. While I kissed my wife, Kyle took the chance to get to know her body, running his hands up and down her. His fingers danced over her thigh, but he avoided touching her pussy when she twisted toward him. When I broke our kiss, Ana tried to chase my lips. I nodded to Kyle and he turned her face to him for a kiss.

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