Last Chance

by Igor-Lee

Copyright© 2009 by Igor-Lee

Sex Story: A short story about a geek, a beautiful girl and his parents' much needed assistance. Not too serious.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Humor   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   First   Size   .

It was an early Saturday evening and Anne Peters was filling the dishwasher after she and her husband Richard had eaten their dinner. They had eaten by themselves since their children both had other plans. Little Cindy was at a sleepover and Tommy, their eighteen-year-old geek of a son, had been invited to eat with the neighbours in the apartment above.

The neighbours, Charles and Linda Williamson, had lived upstairs for more than fifteen years, and Tommy had long ago become good friends with their only daughter, Sally. She was a lovely girl, always smiling, lending a hand, excelling in school and so beautiful that Anne could feel if Richard had seen her that day.

They always seemed to hang around each other, Tommy and Sally, studying, talking but never even holding hands. Oddly, neither held hands with anyone else, which Anne should know since she taught at their school.

"Hi, Mum!" Tommy called strolling through the kitchen with his hands down his pockets.

"You're back early! How are the Williamson's?"

"Dunno, they weren't home." Tommy kept strolling.

"Just a minute!" Tommy stopped and looked his mother in the eyes like she had struggled to teach him. "It was just you and Sally then?"

"Yeah, well she cooks better than Linda, so that was quite okay."

"But why are you back so early?"

"She said she didn't feel like talking, so I decided to play on my computer instead." Tommy continued to his room.

Anne was left wondering what she was missing.

Richard was taking a shower when the doorbell rang. Anne wondered who it could be, since it was well past midnight. After fastening the safety chain, she opened the door. Outside in the hallway was Sally. It was hard to tell though, since her mascara was running down her cheeks and she was drunk as a bat.

Sally noticed Anne. "Dear Anne!" She was tripping over the words. "Tell that 'boy' of yours, that if he can't see what's being served, then I'll fuck someone else!" Sally was still crying. "I'm still a god-damned virgin at eighteen! For him, that little bastard! Tomorrow I will be in someone else's bed, tell him that!" Sally slammed the door from the outside.

Anne was speechless, had been since she opened the door. Now the missing pieces were falling into place. Sally had made a romantic dinner and put on her smallest dress and worn her highest heels, with only one thing in mind: Sex! Anne knew that Tommy's intelligence was lagging in the social areas, but she never thought he would be stupid enough to miss those signals.

Anne knew that Tommy wasn't asexual, that had been obvious since he clogged up the shower-drain at thirteen. That drain had been too narrow, but still, his testicles would have to be very productive. She and Richard had had a few laughs over Tommy's hidden embarrassment, but she never thought she would have to confront him over a sexual matter.

Now she had to. Composing herself she walked swiftly to Tommy's room and opened the door. He didn't even notice her as he kept on shooting virtual enemies. Anne whacked off his headset, smacking the back of his head at the same time.

Now she had his attention "Mum! What are you doing!?"

She put on her angry voice. "What the fuck is wrong with you, you bloody wanker!"

"How would I know! You're the one who's hitting me!" Tommy retorted.

"Are you gay?"


"Are you a faggot?"

"Of course not!"

"Then, what the bloody hell are you doing playing computer for, when you could be screwing Sally!?"

"Sally!? What are you talking about, we are just friends, me and Sally!"

Anne was a strong woman. She flipped Tommy's chair sending the big lad onto the floor. "How can you be so stupid!? She doesn't want you to be her friend!" Anne pushed her foot against his crotch with a little weight behind. "She wants your cock, you arse! What the hell did you think she put on that tiny black dress for!?" Anne pushed her foot off him.

Tommy covered his crotch with both hands but lay still. "But Mum, I'm not good enough for her!"

"Not like that you're not! Get on some decent shorts and brush those teeth! I'll find you one of your dad's suits. Now!" Anne walked out of the room to allow him to replace those ghastly transformer-themed undies.

Richard was standing in the hallway with a towel round his waist looking confused. "What's going on, darling?"

"That god-damned son of yours may cost me my grandchildren, that's what's going bloody on!"

"Grandchildren!? What the hell is going on?" He was even more confused.

Anne didn't have time for him and went straight for the wardrobe. Picked out a black suit and a white shirt. Meanwhile Tommy ran to the bathroom past his perplexed father and started brushing. Anne came back out to the hallway. "Find his newest sneakers and untie them, Richard!"

Richard sensed the urgency and went to find those shoes, still wearing just the towel.

Anne handed Tommy the clothes whilst giving him advice he would understand. "Now Tommy, you are going to take Sally, not beg for forgiveness or take no for an answer! Understood!?"

"I can't do that!"

"You must! When did you last masturbate?"

"Mum!" Tommy's face reddened.

"How long since you jerked off!? Tell me, it's important!"

"Well, this morning, if you must know."

"Okay! That's a long time ago for a teenager. You must remember not to start the actual intercourse until you have ejaculated the first time! Premature ejaculation is a major turn-off, especially when it is her first time."

"Her first time!?" Tommy's voice was very squeaky.

"Yes you dope! And this is your last chance to have her!"

Richard came back with Tommy's sneakers in his hands. "Are we talking about Sally?"

"Yes, she offers herself on a silver platter, but this poor excuse for a man decides to play computer instead!"

"So that's why he's wearing my best suit! Oh God, Tommy! Don't mess this up!"

Anne straightened Tommy's collar. "My words exactly! Just remember, you need to take control! She is either very shy or submissive, otherwise she would have taken the lead."

"But I, well I haven't done it before!"

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