The Queen Bee

by jamaica

Copyright© 2009 by jamaica

BDSM Sex Story: Sexy cheerleader loves torturing boys.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   BDSM   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Exhibitionism   School   .

Denton High. A typical American high school in a typical American town. Some kids liked it, some didn't. No surprises there.

Amongst the boys, there was the usual mix of jocks, geeks and normals. The jocks bullied the geeks, the geeks kind of huddled together for protection, and the normals ignored the both of them. That was pretty much the scene. The different groups had little in common, so the demarcations made a weird kind of sense.

There was one thing, however, which united ALL the boys ... jocks, geeks and normals alike. They all of them lusted endlessly after Tanya Richardson.

Tanya Richardson. Head Cheerleader. 18 years old and drop dead gorgeous. Queen Bee.

HCs tend to be the prettiest girl in school, of course, but Tanya Richardson was something else. The spoilt only child of wealthy parents, Tanya was blessed with a face of heart stopping beauty and a body to make grown men tremble. She was an object of intense desire for every boy at DH. Most of the male teachers too, if truth be told. Wherever she went, Tanya was the centre of boys' adoring attention, the focus of adolescent, hormone fuelled yearning.

Tanya knew this, of course. How could she not?

She'd known she was a beautiful girl for about as long as she could remember (everyone was always telling her so!) but her awareness of what that really meant ... more precisely, the shattering impact she could have on the male of the species ... had not fully dawned until one day last July. She'd been chatting at home to Morris Briggs, an old friend of her parents who'd popped in to see her father about something. His timing was out (her parents had gone shopping) but he stayed for a while and the two of them talked about school ... how she was doing, plans for the future ... stuff like that. It was a hot day during the summer vac and Tanya was wearing cut off shorts and a skimpy, spaghetti strap top. As Tanya chattered away to Mr Briggs about nothing in particular, she noticed how his gaze kept straying to her long, shapely legs ... to her breasts, almost tumbling out of the revealing top ... and then back again to her legs. His face became flushed and his hands were shaking as he sipped the coffee she'd made him. Tanya didn't fancy Morris one bit (he was old enough to be her father, after all) but she found herself enjoying this situation. With a flash of insight, she knew ... knew full well ... that SHE was the cause of the poor man's discomfort, and the knowledge both delighted and excited her. Suddenly feeling very naughty, Tanya openly flirted with Morris, testing her new found powers, started to tease him with her body movements on the sofa. It had the desired effect. The more poor old Mr Briggs squirmed in a painfully obvious mixture of lust and embarrassment, the more she found she enjoyed it. She felt amused and in complete control the whole time she was tormenting him. It was delicious!

When school resumed in September, Tanya had a new wardrobe (full of outfits calculated to drive the boys crazy) and a new attitude. She worked hard, got good grades, led an active social life (hooked up with big bad Brad Phelps, no less!) but all that was kind of secondary. Because the episode with Morris Briggs in the summer had triggered something in Tanya Richardson (something rather wicked) and the thing she devoted most of her energies to ... her hobby, if you like ... was torturing boys. And one poor boy in particular was destined to suffer most cruelly at her hands. Denzil Harris.

Brad Phelps and Denzil Harris. Super jock and super geek. The embodiment of the opposite ends of the Denton High pecking order. One at the top, master of all he surveyed, and one at the very bottom.

Now towards the end her final year, Tanya was having a whale of a time. The position of Head Cheerleader had fallen to her quite naturally (there really was no competition, as the other girls were all too aware) and she was thoroughly enjoying the role. Rehearsals were twice a week. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, Tanya and the six other members of the squad ... her "backing group" as she condescendingly referred to them ... would slip on their sexy little CL outfits and go practice in the sports hall. Word soon spread amongst the boys that here was a chance to watch Tanya Richardson gyrating around in a very short skirt, white knee socks and a tight, low cut tee shirt. Before too long they were must see events, these rehearsals, right up there with Sunday's match. Every Tuesday and Thursday, as the one pm start time drew closer, the hall would fill up with boys. By the time the squad came out to perform, there'd be a large crowd of spectators — and every single one of them was there to ogle the drop dead gorgeous Tanya Richardson.

This particular Thursday was no different as Tanya and the squad strutted their stuff, with the boys looking on.

And Tanya was LOVING it, as always. Being the focus of such male adoration was confirmation of her beauty, and she got a thrilling sense of power knowing the boys were there for HER. She loved the feeling of being desired by all these horny, drooling boys. As she performed, she liked to imagine what the boys were thinking and feeling. Their cocks stiffening as they watched her dance ... breasts jiggling in the flimsy top ... knickers flashing under her short skirt as she twirled around. Did they store away these images and beat themselves off later, fantasising about fucking her? Did they spend every waking hour thinking about her? And did it torture them that they couldn't have her? That she was reserved for Brad Phelps? Oh the joy of being a hot like fire eighteen year old girl at High School!

Brad never came to the CL rehearsals. For one thing, as the star quarterback on the football team, it would have been beneath him ... and Brad Phelps NEVER did things he considered beneath him. Plus, of course, he had no need to go around pathetically lusting after Tanya Richardson because he could fuck her pretty much anytime he wanted. He knew his gorgeous girlfriend enjoyed having the boys panting over her, that she got a kick out of cock teasing them, but he didn't mind one bit. Just made it even more of a bang for him, that HE was the guy who got to do, on a regular basis, what every boy in school could only dream of doing. Yes, Brad had to admit that he got off on the idea of Tanya deliberately tormenting the other boys, and he encouraged her to be a tease. Sometimes, when they made out, Tanya would gently stroke his dick and tell him how she'd been driving the boys wild that particular day, how she'd worn a short skirt, say, which flaunted her legs ... how she'd tantalised the boys during study period, perched on a desk in her little short skirt, crossing and uncrossing her luscious legs. Hearing Tanya whisper stuff like that, as her soft fingers snaked inside his pants, blew Brad's mind ... a few minutes later, he'd be exploding inside her like a volcano.

Someone who DID go watch cheerleading practice ... never missed one ... was Denzil Harris. There were geeks, super geeks, and then there was poor little Denzil Harris. Denzil worshipped the ground Tanya Richardson walked on and his adoration was made all the more intense by the sad fact (which he fully recognised) that she was so stratospherically out of his league. In truth, all girls were out of Denzil's league ... he didn't get so much as a sniff of that sort of thing ... but it didn't stop him fantasising. Made him fantasise all the more, if anything, since his default condition was acute sexual frustration. Tanya was, to his eyes, a goddess. She'd never spoken to him except for the one time she'd come across Brad and that bastard Mickey bullying him (when she'd done him no favours) but it didn't matter. She'd probably forgotten that, he thought ... probably didn't know he even existed ... but Denzil kind of accepted his lowly status and tried to content himself with his fantasies. He was quite durable in his own way. Even that thing with Jennifer Clark and the "needle dick" photos ... those awful few weeks of non stop teasing and humiliation after Jennifer did that ... well he'd survived it, hadn't he?

Denzil was wrong about Tanya, as it happens, because she HAD noticed him. She always did. It amused her no end, the number of geeks who came to ogle her at CL practice, and Denzil she recognised as the saddo who Brad was always persecuting. It was true she hadn't spoken to him since the incident a few months back ... an incident she very much did remember since it had kind of gotten her and Brad together ... but, you know, why on earth would she? ... geeks like Denzil were no more than insects as far as Tanya was concerned. Seeing him again now, standing there watching her, with his eyes on stalks and his tongue hanging out, Tanya couldn't help laughing to herself at what had happened that afternoon. She'd walked into what she thought was an empty study room, intending to catch up on some stuff, and there was Denzil cowering on the floor in front of Brad and another jock, Mickey Roberts.

Mickey Roberts was prodding Denzil in the ribs with his toe ... not really hurting him but clearly threatening to. "Aw, no Mickey, don't," Denzil was pleading, as Tanya walked in.

The three boys looked in her direction. "Hey Tans," grinned Brad, eying her appreciatively, seeming to forget about Denzil for the moment. "Hi," pouted Tanya, returning the look. Brad was the hunkiest boy in school and she'd been thinking for a while that she wouldn't mind dating him. She fancied him rotten for one thing and (what was better) she knew every other girl did too. The thought of going around with Brad Phelps, making all the other girls even more wildly jealous of her than they were already, was a very appealing notion.

"So what are you guys up to?" she asked, glancing down at Denzil, a sardonic look on her achingly lovely face.

"Do you know Denzil, Tans?" grinned Brad. "Don't believe I do," said Tanya, playing along. "Hey Denzil," she said, grinning down at him.

"Say hi to Tanya, Denz," said Mickey, and he gave Denzil a sharp prod in the ribs with his foot.

"Hi Tanya," grunted Denzil. He was looking up at her with a beseeching expression and Tanya could see the poor boy was desperately hoping she would put a stop to what was going on. Which she could of course, Brad and Mickey (like all boys!) would behave pretty much how she indicated pleased her the most. Realising poor little Denzil's fate was in her hands, Tanya decided to have some fun. The studying could wait.

"What are you doing on the floor, Denzil? You tired or something?" she asked, still grinning at him.

"No, I want to get up but they wwwon't let me," said Denzil, pathetically.

"Aw Brad, why won't you let poor Denzil get up off the floor?" pouted Tanya.

Brad grinned. "Cos he's a fucking little worm, baby, that's why." "Yeah, that's right," added Mickey, with another prod in the ribs. Harder this time, for Tanya's benefit.

"Hear that, Denzil?" said Tanya, "the guys think you're a worm. Are you a worm, Denzil?"

"Nnno, Tanya," he mumbled.

Brad and Mickey, seeing Tanya was happy to join in, were grinning at each other and preparing to really enjoy themselves. "Well I don't think you're a worm either," said Tanya. A cruel pause then, smiling... "I think you're more of a little doggy."

The two jocks exploded with laughter.

"Yeah, Denzil the Dog. Has a nice ring to it, that does," said Brad, winking at Tanya. "Say, Tans, what do you think we should do with the little doggy?"

Tanya looked down at Denzil. God he was pathetic. She flashed a wicked grin. "Get on all fours and go woof, doggy," she ordered.

Denzil did so. On hands and knees, he started making dog noises. "And scamper around a bit like a proper doggy," prodded Tanya, grinning at Brad and Mickey. Poor Denzil did as he was told. Scampered around the room on all fours in a pathetic dog impersonation, with Brad and Mickey jeering him on.

"Hey, Denzil's a dog!"

"Go doggy go!"

Tanya giggled at the pathetic spectacle. What a dork the guy was! She was relishing Denzil's humiliation, also enjoying how the two jocks were kind of competing for her attention and approval. Brad was going to be the winner there ... she'd pretty much decided that ... but it was fun to lead that ugly brute Mickey on too.

Brad and Mickey were kicking Denzil now. Hard kicks to his ribs and his backside. Denzil was yelping in pain and starting to cry. Tanya settled into a chair and got comfortable. She crossed her legs teasingly in her short skirt and watched the cruel spectacle, giggling and clapping ... egging the two bullies on. She couldn't believe that, even as he was being kicked around, Denzil was still pathetically trying to make like a dog. What a loser!

"Aw stop it guys, you're hurting him," she said, finally. Brad and Mickey reluctantly stopped the kicking. They stood looking sheepishly at Tanya, thinking they'd perhaps gone too far. Was she angry with them now? Had they blown it with her?

They needn't have worried.

"Anyway, he's MY little dog. Aren't you Denzil?" she grinned, to yelps of laughter from Brad and Mickey. Denzil didn't reply. Just stayed on all fours, looking down at the floor ... the floor that he wished would open up and swallow him.

"Aren't you Denzil?" she mocked, making the poor boy answer. "Yes Tanya," mumbled poor, humiliated Denzil.

Tanya sat there smiling, letting Denzil stew, enjoying her power. She liked how Brad and Mickey were ogling her legs, gave them both a flirtatious look. Gave Brad a VERY flirtatious look! She noticed that poor little Denzil, despite his undignified position, was also staring at her legs. That amused Tanya no end. As if.

"You've got GREAT legs, Tans, you know that?" said Brad, grinning wolfishly over at her. Brad had his foot resting on Denzil's stomach but, other than that, the poor little geek was forgotten again. Tanya glanced down at the subject of his compliment. She uncrossed her legs, slowly crossed them again ... skirt riding a little way further up her thighs. She gave him her best come on smile. "Have I, sugar?" she pouted. It had the effect she intended. Brad wanted her badly, she could see that. So did Mickey but, you know, tough.

"Say Tans, how about you and me going out this evening?" Brad said.

Normally, Tanya would have treated a question like that with disdain. Made the boy asking it jump through a few hoops before turning him down. But this was Brad Phelps. She liked his confidence, his air of entitlement ... something they had in common.

"Mmmm, well let's see. Think I should check with my little doggy, don't you?" She winked at Brad, completely ignoring Mickey now.

"Sure baby," chuckled Brad.

"So Denzil, what do you say? Is it okay if I go on a date with Brad tonight?"

"Guess so," mumbled poor Denzil, for whom the thought of going on a date with Tanya Richardson was a sort of unattainable heaven. How he wished he was Brad instead of his poor, pathetic self!

"Cos I won't if you don't want me to," said Tanya, grinning at Brad who was killing himself laughing. Mickey Roberts was looking a bit disgruntled and out of it.

"I dddo want you to."

"You sure, Denzil?"

"Yes Tanya," he stuttered.

"Well beg then. You know, like a good little doggy. Crawl over here and beg me to go out with Brad tonight."

Brad was loving this. "Yeah Denzil, let's hear you fucking beg! C'mon you're Tanya's dog, she OWNS you remember."

Denzil crawled over to the giggling Tanya, helped by a serious kick up the rear from Brad. "Please Tanya, ppplease go out with Brad tonight."

"Um okay. And should I be his girlfriend too?" she pouted.

"Yes Tanya, I want you to be Brad's girlfriend. Please be his gggirlfriend, Tanya."

Tanya kept poor Denzil grovelling at her feet, pleading and begging, for a few minutes. What a scream ... flirting with Brad, making Mickey jealous and totally humiliating Denzil all at the same time. She couldn't stop giggling. Oh the power!

Time to go though. "Okay sugar, pick me up at seven," she pouted to Brad as she got to her feet. "See you Denz," she said, grinning down at the poor, humiliated geek. "Hey, kiss my foot before I go," she giggled and she slipped one foot out of its shoe, pushed it lazily into Denzil's face, allowed him to kiss it a couple of times. "Seven," she repeated, for Brad's benefit, then she sashayed out of the room, wiggling her bum as she went. The three boys followed her with longing eyes, Brad looking very happy, the other two rather less so. "Bye Tans," shouted Mickey as she was leaving. Tanya didn't reply.

Yeah that'd been fun thought Tanya as she finished up the routine and, along with the rest of the girls, trooped off to the showers. Poor little Denzil. She was meeting Brad later, after school, and she was expecting that he'd be bringing up the subject of the senior prom. Only just over a week away now and, as always, the talk of the school. Who'd be going with who? What was the music going to be like? Who was going to drink too much and get slaughtered? What would Tanya Richardson be wearing? All that sort of thing. Everyone was assuming that Brad and Tanya would be going as a couple ... the King and Queen, as it were ... and of course they would be, but Tanya was planning a little something extra, something rather fiendish. Involving, as it happens, Denzil Harris. Tonight, she planned to run it by Brad and she was feeing slightly nervous about his reaction. To her, the plan she'd evolved was a masterpiece which would, if executed correctly, be the funniest thing ever. But Brad might not see it like that. Tanya hoped and prayed that he did because she was turned on like never before at the prospect of doing this particular thing to Denzil, and the sight of the sad little geek yet again drooling over her at CL practice ... clearly sick with longing ... only made her more determined that it should happen. She needed Brad to agree, however, since he was an integral part of the whole scenario.

Meeting up with Brad had not lost its thrill for Tanya. She could never quite make up her mind which she liked best ... dating and making out with the school hunk, or the obvious jealousy it stirred up in the other girls ... that she was doing it and they weren't. Tanya loved making other girls jealous, especially the plain ones, the ones who never got any interest from boys. Tanya felt so superior to girls like that and she liked to let them know it. Like on that very first date with Brad, for example, which she remembered as if it were yesterday. He'd picked her up in his car at seven, as agreed, and she'd asked him to take her to the Rocket Bar in the centre of town. The RB was a favourite hangout of Tanya's. She went there sometimes with the other cheerleaders (all pretty girls but not in her league) and basked in the attention of the predominantly male clientele. You got the older guys in there (not boys from school) and Tanya always had a good time leading them on. She was known as a cock tease, of course, but that didn't stop the guys trying, every time she appeared. The other CL girls played the same games, competed with each other in the "drive the men crazy" stakes, but they all paled next to Tanya.

When she and Brad walked into the RB that night, she had her usual impact. Every guy in the place drank in the vision of the drop dead gorgeous Tanya Richardson dressed to kill. The skin tight designer jeans, the skimpy crop top which flaunted her luscious breasts and her flat, toned, lightly tanned belly. She looked like a wet dream. Seeing she was with a guy (Brad) rather than her usual girly group, the men looked disappointed but it didn't stop them ogling. Would be no more than that though, tonight, what with the size and stature of Brad Phelps ... obviously her new boyfriend. Tanya grinned around the place, sensing (and enjoying) their dismay that she was hitched, lapping up the usual longing stares.

They took a table and Tanya was pleased to see that a fellow DH girl, Brenda Gonzales, was waitressing this evening. Brenda was a plain, dumpy looking girl from a poor family, working her way through school. The contrast with the rich and beautiful Tanya Richardson couldn't be greater. It was cruel, really, how one girl could have so much while another had so little, and Tanya always enjoyed rubbing it in with girls like poor Brenda. She'd already heard that Brenda had got a job down here and had been really looking forward to her next visit with the CL gang ... would be amusing, the poor girl having to slave away the whole night serving tables, while she and her CL pals enjoyed themselves, dancing and drinking, flirting with all the hunky men. Still, maybe some other time, because how much worse for poor Brenda (and therefore even more amusing!) to see her out on a date with the school super hunk.

"Hey, isn't that Brenda Gonzales?" said Brad, looking around the room.

"Yeah, she works here now," replied Tanya. "Hey, you don't fancy her do you, sugar?"

"C'mon Tans, what do you think? Is a guy going out with the hottest girl in school gonna be interested in a moose like Brenda Gonzales?"

Tanya giggled. "Aw poor girl, she's not that bad is she? She fancies YOU like mad, honey. We've all heard her talking about it. Going on and on about how lush you are, about what a total dreamboat that Brad Phelps is."

Brad let out a half snort, half chuckle. "Tans baby, I wouldn't give Brenda one if she was the last chick on the fucking planet. Trust me. Hey, here she comes! Oh god, look what she's got on!"

Brenda had made her way to their table, pad in hand. The waitresses at RB had to wear a kind of all red uniform ... short skirt and halter top ... which was meant to look sexy for the benefit of the male clientele. On Brenda Gonzales, however, it looked anything but, as the girl herself was sadly aware. Normally she wouldn't mind too much but faced with the prospect of serving the gorgeous Tanya Richardson and the boy she dreamt about all the time, Brad Phelps, poor Brenda felt painfully inferior and self conscious.

"Hey Bren, nice outfit ... really suits you," said Tanya, smiling sweetly.

"Um thanks, Tanya," muttered Brenda, knowing she was being made fun of.

Tanya snuggled into Brad, who draped a powerful arm around her shoulders. "Think you know Brad don't you, Brenda?" she grinned.

"Um, yeah, hi Brad," said Brenda, blushing. She couldn't help but notice how Tanya had her hand gently resting on Brad's leg. Kind of like she owned him.

"Hi Bren, how you doing?" said Brad.

"Okay," mumbled poor Brenda. Which had been true a few minutes ago but was far from the case now. Tanya had started to squeeze and stroke Brad's muscular thigh through his jeans. Oh how Brenda wished she could trade places!

"So, any chance of a couple of drinks?" said Tanya, continuing to stroke Brad's leg.

"Um, sure," mumbled Brenda. She was blushing furiously now.

"Great," said Tanya, thoroughly enjoying this. She carried on smiling at Brenda, saying nothing further. Brenda, feeling more and more uncomfortable, cleared her throat a couple of times. She was feeling too ashamed to speak and wished that Tanya would hurry up and order.

"Well?" drawled Tanya, raising an eyebrow. "Aren't you going to ask us what we're drinking?"

"Um yeah, sorry Tanya. So what do you guys want?"

Tanya turned to Brad and grinned. "The waitress is asking what we'd like to drink. How about a nice cold beer, honey? Would you like that?"

"Sure babe, that'd be good," said Brad, struggling to keep a straight face.

"Okay, so run along and bring us a couple of beers." ordered Tanya, talking to Brenda as if she was no more than a servant.

Brenda, desperate to get away, just nodded and walked off in the direction of the bar. "Oh waitress!" called Tanya, when Brenda was maybe halfway across the room but still in earshot. Brenda turned around to see Tanya waving at her. Once she had Brenda's attention, Tanya stopped waving and summoned her back ... didn't say anything, just wiggled her finger. When the wretched Brenda returned to their table, she found Tanya and Brad wrapped in a passionate kiss. Again she found couldn't speak ... poor girl had to stand there, completely ignored, while Brad snogged Tanya's face off for what seemed like an eternity. Brenda had long dreamed of being kissed by a handsome boy like Brad Phelps ... had fantasised many times about Brad himself, let's be honest ... and it was cruel seeing him so obviously crazy about Tanya. Brenda was consumed with jealousy.

Tanya finally broke off from Brad, pushed him playfully away. "Stop it honey, can't you see the waitress is back?" she giggled.

"Screw the waitress, baby. I'm busy," grunted Brad.

Tanya chuckled. "Yeah well I'm sure she'd love that, sugar, but maybe some other time. Look, I called her back over ... thought you might be hungry ... thought you might, you know, wanna order some peanuts or something."

Brad grinned, started nuzzling Tanya's neck. "Only thing I wanna eat is you, baby girl," he growled. Tanya looked up at poor Brenda. "Boys!" she giggled, rolling her eyes, Brad now nibbling away at her ear.

Not having being actually dismissed, Brenda couldn't move, had to keep standing there. After a while Brad broke off and looked at her. A horrible, sneering type of look. "Look, can't you see me and Tans are on a date? Why don't you just ... you know ... just kind of fuck off and bring us the beers?"

Brenda turned and stumbled off, Brad and Tanya half killing themselves laughing as they watched the unfortunate girl go.

"Oh god, that was funny! Poor cow. You are SUCH a bitch, baby, you know that?" said Brad.

Tanya just giggled.

Finishing up her shower now, Tanya smiled as she recalled how that memorable first date had ended up with them going back to his place for a couple of hours, taking advantage of the fact his parents and little brother were away, and Brad had the house to himself for a few days.

In the car, they'd laughed at the cruel stunt they'd pulled when Brad signed for the check (which came to twenty bucks). "What about something for our little waitress?" said Tanya, winking at Brenda. Brad had grunted and took a hundred dollar bill out of his wallet, let Brenda get a close up view of what both he and Tanya knew was a fortune to the poor girl. He fingered the bill for a while, teasing Brenda with it, smiling at her as if he was about to give it to her.

"God, did you see the fucking look on her face when I finally put the hundred away and tossed her the fifty cent piece?" chuckled Brad, as he swung the car into the driveway of his parents' mansion. "Talk about disappointment!" he smirked.

"Poor Brenda," giggled Tanya, thinking how much fun it was, as a girl, to be rich AND pretty. Like she'd probably spent more on the shoes she was wearing tonight than Brenda would get to spend on herself in her whole lifetime. And if she wanted to buy another pair tomorrow ... another dozen pairs! ... all she had to do was put it on her father's charge card. Daddy would do anything for his little girl and Tanya had him wrapped around her little finger.

The two of them had been necking pretty much the whole time at the RB and they were very hot for each other by this point.

Tanya remembered how it'd been that first time.

Within five minutes flat she was wrapped naked in Brad's brawny arms on the sofa, her heart thumping fast, hot blood thrumming through her veins. Her pussy leaked onto her smooth, inner thighs as she eagerly received his probing kisses. She sucked on his tongue as it slithered in and out of her mouth. She clamped onto his lower lip, gnawing and suckling. Brad had slid off her at one point and rolled onto his powerful back, his stiff cock whipping to and fro. Tanya straddled him with a lustful look in her eyes, her breasts heaving with mounting excitement. Brad had grinned and reached up to give both her tits a firm squeeze. Tanya moaned and ground her sopping wet pussy against his throbbing erection. Reaching behind her, she attempted to direct his cock into the entrance of her pussy, but Brad had stopped her.

"Not yet baby. First I want you to wrap those beautiful lips of yours around my big dick."

With a wicked grin that caused Brad's balls to ache, Tanya slowly kissed her way down his bronzed chest, nibbling and licking as she went. The big jock moaned his appreciation as she tongued his ripped six pack, one muscle at a time. Meanwhile, her silky soft fingers were worked their magic over his cock ... stroking, squeezing, caressing. Tanya felt intoxicated like never before. She could smell her own juices on his cock. The smell excited her and she wanted to taste it ... to feel his big, hard cock in her mouth. She wanted to suck his cock ... to toy with it ... to drive Brad crazy with desire until he could take no more. Then she'd let him take her ... take her completely.

After fucking each other's brains out, they'd lain for a while just chatting.

"Hey, did you like this afternoon? ... you know, when I made Denzil Harris act like a dog?" Tanya asked.

"Total scream, baby," grinned Brad.

"So, did you carry on messing with him after I left?"

"Yeah we had some fun with the little bastard, let's put it that way."

"Bet you did too!" giggled Tanya. "What'd'ya get up to then? C'mon sugar, tell me, I wanna know."

"What, all of it?"

"Tell me the worst thing. What was the worst thing you guys did to the poor boy?"

"Okay, you remember how you got him to kiss your foot? ... you know, just before you went?"

"Yeah, so what?" giggled Tanya

"Well that gave us an idea."



"What, you made him kiss your feet too?"

"Um, sort of," chuckled Brad. "It was Mickey's idea, really."

"So poor Denzil had to kiss Mickey's foot?"

"Er, not exactly Tans ... not his foot."

"Tell me, you bastard," giggled Tanya, softly stroking Brad's dick which was getting hard again.

"Oh yeah baby, those fingers of yours ... feels soooo good," groaned Brad.

"Tell me then, or I'll stop," she said, pouting teasingly.

"His butt, actually."

"Oh yuck!" squealed Tanya in delight.

"Yeah, can you believe it? Mickey dropped his pants and bent over, and we got Denzil to kneel down behind him and kiss his bare ass. Not just kiss it either ... made him get his tongue right up there in the crack."

"And Denzil did it?"

"Yeah, too fucking right he did it. Probably 'cos I made it clear that we'd beat the living crap out of him if he didn't."

"Omigod!" said Tanya, continuing to play with Brad's cock, enjoying the feel of it ... the way it was growing in her palm, as she stroked and gently squeezed it. It was a delicious feeling, making out with the school hunk and hearing how he could torture geeks like Denzil. She decided to carry on teasing his cock a while longer, and then she'd let him screw her again. A slow, sweet fuck this time, so she could really savour his yummy, male body. She thought about Brenda Gonzales probably still slaving away back at the RB, how she was enjoying something that girls like poor Brenda could only dream of, and that excited her all the more.

"Yeah, the poor bastard. Mickey hasn't got the freshest ass in the world either ... you shoulda seen him gagging!"

"Aw, poor little Denzil," giggled Tanya. "Licking out Mickey Robert's ass. Urgh!"

"Anyway, we kept him doing that for a while then we kinda got a bit bored, so we tied him up with this rope that Mickey went and got from the storeroom ... tied his hands behind his back and his feet together ... and we locked him in one of the cupboards. Left the key in the outside and a note stuck on the cupboard door saying "Geek In Here" ... pretty cool, huh?"

"Guess one of the teachers must've found him," said Tanya, squealing with laugher at the thought of Denzil's embarrassment.

"No, what I heard was he was discovered by a couple of the girls 'bout an hour later."

"Oh no!"

"Yeah," chuckled Brad.

"And what, they untied him and let him go?"


"Lucky for Denzil."

"Well not really, because they didn't let him go straight off. When they pulled him out of the cupboard and they saw he was tied up and, you know, kind of helpless, they found the whole thing pretty funny, apparently. Messed around with him for a while."

"Which girls?" asked Tanya.

"Jennifer Clark was one, dunno about the other one."

Jennifer Clark, one of the cheerleaders, was the prettiest girl in school apart from Tanya.

"Ha. I bet Jen had a real giggle," sniggered Tanya.

"Sounds like they both did, baby, yeah," grinned Brad. "What I heard is, before they untied him, they pulled his pants down and had a good look at his little dick."

"What, Denzil's got a small cock?" giggled Tanya. She made a point of glancing down knowingly at Brad's very large cock as she said this, and she licked her lips appreciatively.

"Let's just say it's not the biggest you've ever seen," sniggered Brad.

"So what did Jen and the other girl do? Just laugh at him?"

"Fucking killed themselves laughing, allegedly. Not only that, they teased the poor bastard a bit. Jenny flashed her tits at him while the other one tickled his dick, gave him a pathetic little hard on. Then they took pictures and Jen says she's gonna hand them round all over school next week. Told Denzil that too. Poor little sod is terrified."

"And you thought I was a bitch!" chuckled Tanya.

"You ARE a bitch, baby ... and you're also the most gorgeous, sexy piece of ass this side of Heaven," said Brad, and his hand snaked between her legs, moved up to stroke her now very wet again pussy.

"Fuck me Brad, fuck me again darling," Tanya purred, and she rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide.

Tanya, thinking a bit more about her "Denzil and the prom" plan, was the last to leave the changing rooms after CL practice. She took her sweet time getting dressed in front of the full length mirror, savouring the reflection of her beautiful face and her superb body ... the way she looked naked ... then in just skimpy bra and knickers ... and finally fully dressed. She did the finishing touches, applied lipstick to her full, pouting lips, smoothed down her short, figure hugging summer dress. She knew there'd be a few nerdy boys hanging around outside for a glimpse of her and she grinned at the prospect. Tanya had bought this sexy new dress at the weekend, knowing exactly the effect it would have on the boys when she wore it to school. And she hadn't been disappointed. So funny! All morning she'd been on the receiving end of yearning glances and hungry, longing, stares as she sashayed around school, deliciously aware she was looking simply scrumptious. Tanya giggled with pleasure as she admired herself ... she blew a pouty, teasing kiss at the mirror and strolled out, preparing to lap up some more adoration.

Later that day, Tanya and Brad were sitting in his car. It was early evening and they'd just made out ... time for Tanya to pitch her senior prom idea.

"Brad, you know the prom?" she said.

"Yeah what about it, babe?"

"Well, I was just thinking."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. What if we kind of spice it up a bit? You know, do something to make it more fun?"

"Like what, Tans?"


Brad sniggered. "Denzil? What about him? He won't be going, will he? No date."

"No, but how about we make him THINK he's going? How about I make him think he's gonna go with me?"


"Yeah sugar, you know ... I get poor little Denz believing he's gonna be my date for the big night."

Brad was both intrigued and slightly puzzled. "But you're going with ME baby, aren't you?"

Tanya giggled. "Of course, sugar. Who else would I wanna go to the prom with 'cept the hunkiest boy in school? No it's just I like the idea of torturing Denzil for a while first. You know what I mean?"

"Okay baby, yeah, I see," grinned Brad. "So he thinks he's gonna be taking the gorgeous Tanya Richardson to the prom, gets himself all excited about it, and then you end up telling him to fuck off 'cos you're going with me! That it, baby?"

"Kind of," said Tanya, with a wicked grin. "But there's a little more to it than that. I mean, you know how much he fancies me, right?"

"ALL the boys fancy you, Tans," chuckled Brad.

Tanya giggled. "Yeah well, but Denzil, he's never even been on a date with a girl so..."

"Ha! Denzil with a girl," snorted Brad.

"Yeah, so I bet the poor boy is GAGGING for it," continued Tanya. "Can you imagine?" She winked at Brad. "Can you imagine the effect it'll have on him if I ... er ... spend a little time with him?"

Brad had cottoned on now and his grin became wider. "I do believe I can baby, yes," he laughed.

"You know sugar, I lead him on, I get him all..."

"Tease his fucking rocks off ... drive the poor bastard crazy! ... that what you mean, baby?" Brad was creasing himself now.

Tanya sniggered. "Right. And then I've got this great idea of what we can do on the actual day."

"What's that, babe?" asked Brad.

Tanya told him and he exploded with laughter. "Omigod, what an evil bitch you are, Tans. I love it!"

"Why thank you, Brad! Hey and we can have some fun between now and then, thinking up stuff to do to him afterwards, can't we sugar? You know, after the party?"

"When we get back, you mean? ... to the house?"

Tanya grinned. "Well, like I say, my folks're away for the weekend so we'll have the place to ourselves ... won't we, darling?"

Brad's eyes lit up. "Just me, you and Denzil. Interesting prospect."

"Isn't it?" giggled Tanya.

"What with one of my hobbies being tormenting the fuck out of the little shit, and all," said Brad, with an evil chuckle.

"I know, sugar," grinned Tanya.

"You're the best, babe."


"Guess I could really TORTURE him, couldn't I?" mused Brad.

"WE can, sugar ... WE can really torture him. No way am I letting YOU have all the fun," Tanya teased.

"I love you, baby," grunted Brad. "Hey, problem though!"

"Tell me, sugar,"

"Denzil's just not gonna believe the hottest girl in school wants to hook up with him, is he? I mean c'mon, Tans. He's gonna smell a rat, don't you think? ... any case, he knows you're MY girl."

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