Late Night Walking

by Frank Speaks

Copyright© 2009 by Frank Speaks

Fantasy Sex Story: She takes a walk and is captured much to everyone's pleasure

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Fiction   Rough   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

I come from a small town and went to a small college at another small town. Now I lived in a city. While in college, I picked up the habit of walking in the late evening. It was good exercise and I didn't care for television much and still don't. I mentioned my evening walks at lunch one day and one of my co-workers told me that I was crazy. Asking why got me the answer that it's a dangerous thing to do in a city.

I thought little of that warning since I had been walking since I moved here in June and had no problem and it was now mid-September. Since it was still warm, I still wore a sports bra that left my middle bare, a loose pair of athletic shorts over my panties and my tennis shoes. In a pocket, I carried my wallet with a little cash and keys. Clipped to my shorts was my cell phone. It was a fine warm night and I was enjoying my quiet time.

Occasionally, a car would pass. Mostly, it was quiet because city people did not seem to be outside much. I could see TV sets through windows and hear the hum of air conditioners.

I had just turned right to begin circling back to my apartment. I heard a car behind me that seemed to move slowly. When it came beside me, I noticed it was a van. Suddenly, the side door slid back and two bodies jumped out. They ran to me and before I could do anything, they grabbed me, shoved me into the van, and jumped in. The van moved off down the street as I was held down. My hands were tied behind my back, my mouth was gagged, and I was blindfolded. My phone was removed and my wallet taken from my pants pocket.

We traveled for a few minutes and then the van bounced as it turned left. The sound became larger and then the engine was cut off. "Did you get her?" I heard someone yell.

"Yeah," a voice from the front of the van replied. "She was walking alone like always. There was nothing to it." I realized then that I been watched and there was some planning to this. I started worrying that this situation was much more serious than I had first contemplated.

"Pull her out," said First Voice. "Let's see how she looks." With that hands pulled me out of the van rubbing all over my body. When a hand went between my legs, I kicked out and hit someone.

"You shouldn't have done that, bitch," said Second Voice.

"She did miss your nuts, didn't she, Brad?" someone smirked.

"Yes, but it was close."

I felt hands on my ankles and ropes were attached. Quickly, I realized that I could move my feet a couple of inches only as there was something holding my feet apart and in place. Then, wham! Wham! I received two quick slaps on my ass. I cried out through my gag in pain and because of the suddenness. I was then pushed forward. As I tried to move forward, someone grabbed my arm and pulled me. I decided that my feet must be tied to a bar of some kind as it drug along the floor. The floor became softer and I figured I was in a carpeted room as the echoes had ceased. I heard a door shut behind me and my gag was removed. "Okay, Kim, this can be fun or rough. It all depends on you. No matter what, we're gonna have fun with you." said First Voice.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"That doesn't matter. What matters is that are you going to fight or not?"

"What are you going to do?"

"Again, that doesn't matter because we'll do what we want anyway just, if you fight, we'll be rough and you might really get hurt."

"I don't guess I have a choice."

"Not really, just options. You can fight or let whatever happens happen."

Then the voice called Brad said, "Take off your clothes." My wrists and ankles were untied and I flexed my fingers as I brought them in front of me. I started to remove the blindfold. A hand grabbed my wrist and Brad said, "No, leave the blindfold on."

I started to object and then remembered those hard swats on my ass and realized that these guys were serious about hurting me if I didn't do what they said. I moved my hands to the bottom of my sports bra and pulled it up and over my breasts and tossed it to one side.

"Nice tits, Kim," First Voice said. "Now, continue with the rest even your shoes."

I could hear murmurs of "Looks firm," "Flat tummy," "Let's see the rest," and "Show us your cunt, bitch."

Brad said, "Should I use my belt to encourage you?"

"No, I just..." And I shrugged. Reaching down, I pulled down my shorts. I realized that I would have to sit a minute to pull off my shoes before I could get my shorts off. I kicked off my shoes and then sat down and pulled my shorts off and let them lay on the floor. I stood up in nothing but my bikini panties and shivered.

"Don't stop."

Realizing that any more hesitation would result in punishment, I hooked my thumbs in the sides of the panties and pulled them down over my knees. Letting them fall the rest of the way, I then stepped out of them. With my legs apart, I said, "Like the view? Is this what you wanted to see?" I'm good looking at five foot, seven inches, and measurements of 35-23-35 and a firm B cup. When you couple that with long, natural blonde hair and green eyes, I make a very attractive package.

"Oh, yes," Brad said. "It's a great start."

I felt the presence of a number of bodies close to me and then hands started moving over my body. I felt my breasts rubbed and lips encircled a nipple and started sucking it. A hand palmed my cunt and a finger went in. Another hand was rubbing down my ass crack and two other hands had an ass cheek each. I felt my cheeks being pulled apart and spread my legs to allow it. Then another finger went in my cunt which made me moan. I have always enjoyed sex and fingering my cunt always gets me off whether it's me doing it or the guy I'm with.

Then I felt pressure on my sphincter and then the finger pushed through into my ass. That really got me. I had never had anyone finger my butt but, with two in my cunt, I was hot enough to want it once it got in. It went in deeper as did the fingers in my cunt. I was moaning as two fingers jammed back and forth all the way in my cunt and one finger was moving around in my ass as it went all the way in and out.

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