by BrotherJohn

Copyright© 2009 by BrotherJohn

Erotica Sex Story: Amy is drugged and Raped? She goes to her brother Pete, the PI to extricate her. Pete saves Amy, but loses his wife Ellen in the process. He finds love with another woman.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Blackmail   Slut Wife   Swinging   .

I turned around when I heard a little cough behind me. My sister Amy, stood there with a big grin on her face. "Hey, do you work all the time? I went by your house and Ellen said you were still working. I came by to see if you had your secretary bent over the desk or something."

"You just missed it. She's a hot little Latino and demands it twice a day at least." Sis and I kidded each other a lot about our love lives. I was happily married. Sis and I had always discussed our dating and even sometimes shared any exceptional happenings if they were memorable. I guess you could say we were confidants. Mom and Pop had been killed when I was twenty and Amy, eighteen.

"Just look at all the licenses and diplomas on the wall and then come see the new sign I had painted on the front door."

"I saw the sign when I came through the door, dummy. Pretty snazzy! 'Ace Detective Agency, Pete Powers, Private Investigator.' I've got a job for you."

I snapped a glance at Amy. She did look like she was pretty tense. "Tell me about it."

"Oh Pete, I'm in a mess. I'm being blackmailed and it is going to destroy all I've ever worked for and my future as well. I suppose some of it is my fault, but it was unintentional, I promise. I thought I was with a group of people who posed no danger but I was wrong."

"Come along, I'm finished here. Let's go home and have dinner. Ellen will want to know about it. You look as if you could use a pick-me-up." Amy did break into a wan smile when I brushed my fingers over the lettering on the door as I locked it. She knew, I think, how proud I was after the hard work it took to earn my degree at the university.

On the way home Amy asked me if my business was making money yet.

I laughed. "Not really, but I do pay the bills. Me and a bunch of other small businesses in town are swapping labor. I help out a photographer if he needs someone with the ability to work on digital prints. Sometimes my work might just consist of stuffing envelopes. We are all eating and paying our bills. Actually we have just started with this loose partnership, but it has cut down on the cost of hiring at least seven employees amongst us."

I pulled into the driveway and shut the engine off. Sis followed me and pulled up beside my car. "What you are going to tell us won't bother Ellen will it? She is seven months along now and is easily upset."

"No, I don't think so. Just a little anger at the injustice, maybe."

"Okay, I trust you Sis. How was your trip out? Any trouble?"

"No, but three hours is long enough to be on the road. I wish we lived closer together."

"Well, we both went where we felt we could do our best work. This is the second school you have a contract with to teach third grade. At least it is a few hours closer than the last one."

I rubbed my wife's protruding tummy and gave her a kiss as I came in. "Supper on? I'm hungry."

"Yes, but it has to be some of that stringy steak again. Cooking just doesn't set well with me." I laughed because that stringy steak she talked about was spaghetti and imagination.

After dinner we moved to the living room. Amy started to tell us about her problems. "I bought a little bungalow that was owned by the teacher I'm replacing through a realtor. I never met her and I guess she wanted to get out of town, for I offered a price well below what the property is worth and she accepted it, without quibbling.

"I had the deed in hand before I finished my term at last year's school. I moved in what few things I had and bought what furniture I needed at a secondhand shop. Oh, I love my home. I haven't felt I have had a real home since Mom and Pop died. The realtor lives on the same street and is very friendly. Her husband works in a bank. Also in the same section there are two other couples that are friends of theirs.

"One of the men is the town manager and the other is a lawyer who plans to go into politics. Their wives do not work except with charities. These three couples are all about fifteen years or more older than my twenty-five. I was invited to the neighborhood swim party at my realtor's home the day I moved in. I declined, but was overridden, because two of the women said they had children that I would be teaching.

"I enjoyed meeting these people, my new neighbors. I did notice a special closeness, and I happened to catch some glances that I'm sure I wasn't meant to see. Jean, the wife of lawyer John Gibbons, said she was hosting a slumber party for the little girls and she had to leave. The town manager, Brett Barr, said he was having a scout troop camping in his backyard so he had to leave too.

"This is going to take a long time to tell. Are you sure you want to hear what happened all at once?" Amy was relaxed but she was just letting us know that she was preparing us for a late night if we wanted to hear the whole saga.

"Of course Sis, continue."

"Anyway, this left my host and hostess, Brian and Mary Winslow, John Gibbons and Emmy Barr, sitting around the pool having another cocktail. Mary came along and said that she would refresh my drink. I said no, I had enough. She did wheedle me into having one more.

"Twenty minutes later I was feeling pretty disoriented and sleepy. Mary came up behind my chair and slid her hands around to cup my breasts. 'Amy, you are going to sleep for a little while. When you wake up you will be in a room where we have a special kind of party. You, my dear, are the main attraction. I hope you are on birth control or it isn't your fertile period because a pregnancy could occur. I see you are too sleepy to understand more, so just relax and when you wake up you will have the time of your life.' I slid into sleep."

Ellen and I couldn't believe what Amy was telling us. Kidnapped, and I am sure we were shortly going to hear about the rape of my sister. I was angry! Amy gave us a half smile, but didn't seem as upset as she should be. I said, "Continue, for God's sake."

"I woke up naked. Of course all they had to remove was my bikini, so it hadn't been a problem. John, Mary, Brian and Emmy were standing near me as naked as I was. I could see that all were in pretty fair shape. Emmy was pretty heavy and had a shape much like that of Anna Nicole Smith, but generally all had appealing physiques. I wasn't particularly afraid. It was like I was wondering what was going to happen next.

"I found I had my hands tied over my head, but my legs were unrestrained. Mary came over to the massage table I was laying on and leaned down and kissed me on the lips. 'Don't be afraid, dear. We never really harm anyone. We just need you to provide a little extra excitement for us. Jean and Brett will be along when John and I have satisfied ourselves so we can go and relieve them. It is nearly midnight now and you have had three hours of sleep. This will be enough rest so you can enjoy the night's activities. We will make sure you get home all right in the morning.

"'One other thing, I hope you like the attention of females as well as males, for we three women like to play also. It adds a little fillip to our lives. When I sold you your house I chose you especially because you looked so sweet. Now relax while I taste you and find out just how sweet you really are.'

"Pete, I'm not going to go into details about that first night. I had the attention of all six of my neighbors before morning. There was no rough sex at all. I was penetrated by all three men and I had my first taste of a woman, which I must say wasn't all that bad. Eventually when they saw I could enjoy myself, they untied my hands and I participated willingly. I went to college, so what I did that night wasn't much different than what I had done before. The woman thing maybe was different, but then a person kind of goes into a trance and is willing to participate. Maybe it is the smell or pheromones.

"I may have been the main attraction, but only because I was new, I think. All of the others participated with each other and I had breaks when nobody was paying attention to me. Can you believe that I felt jealous even though I had been forced into this? Makes you sick doesn't it? That's the way I felt at the time.

"Of course the shocker is when it is over and the threats and blackmail are presented. The whole session was videotaped. The taping has been edited so only my features are shown. The time stamp was left running so it shows me being fucked constantly for over two and a half hours. Most of it shows me willing and enjoying it. That is why I am here. I like sex as you will be able to see when I show you a copy of the tape they gave me.

"The blackmail is simple and pretty much straightforward. They want me to meet for a party every two weeks all through the school year. I wouldn't mind messing around some, but to be told to do something has my ass out. You know that, right Pete?" I did. My sister could be as stubborn as anyone if she set her mind to it.

"So what do you want from me?"

"I want to blackmail them. I want control and want them to think they are headed for jail anytime I'm displeased with them. I would never do it of course, but they won't know that."

"Who is going to pay for all of this? It will take hours and hours. Just the traveling time will cost three hundred, round trip."

"They will. I'll bill them for services rendered and they will have to pay or I'll have their asses in jail."

"I don't know Sis. I'd be breaking an awful lot of laws."

"So you want your sister to have to fuck a bunch of people when, where, and how often for the next year? Come on, Pete, you love me more than that."

"Now that you put it that way I'll have to do something. You said they gave you a copy of the blackmail tape. Let me look at it."

"Okay, but I warn you that most of the scenes are terribly explicit and you are going to be seeing me doing things you wouldn't want to see your sister doing."

My sister was hot! Some of the others on the tape were hot, too. Ellen was turned on the most. When the tape was finished, Amy had really been turned on, reliving her actions. She asked Ellen if she didn't have some toys she could take to bed with her. What you do learn about your wife at odd moments! I didn't even know what they were talking about. Ellen went into the bedroom and I could hear her rummaging around in our closet. She came out and handed Amy a box. Amy shook it and said she guessed there were enough things in the box to keep her happy for one night.

We had a strategy session in the morning in my office. Jimmy Cain was included. He was a hot shot photographer that had the next office space to me. He was twenty-one and looked sixteen. He knew his stuff though. I said I wanted to hire him for a week and pay all his expenses which included a base from which to work. I did the same with an older retired detective that I used in delicate situations where I might bend the law, but not exactly break it. Jimmy Cain would be staying with Amy as her nephew.

Bernard, the detective, would be staying in a motel. With him he had our little portable lab that I hoped would be adequate for the job at hand. As Sis left that afternoon and I kissed her cheek, she had to refer to last night. "Did you think about your slutty sister last night? I hope Ellen took care of you okay? Really Pete, I'm sorry you had to see me that way, but I guess that is what happens when one of us gets into trouble. Thank you in advance and I know you will get everything straightened out."

Amy followed my directions exactly. Jimmy went everywhere with her. The blackmailers were very concerned because Amy had disappeared for a couple of days and relieved when she returned. They were disappointed to find she had a house guest, but were pleased when Amy and he started hanging out at the pool with Mary and Brian. Cindy, John and Jean's oldest daughter at eighteen, flirted outrageously with Jimmy, who she thought was younger than she was. Totally extroverted, it was nothing for her to push her mother in the pool or slap her father on the butt. Sometimes she played the coy little girl and demanded a kiss from her mother or sat on her father's lap. Cindy was developing a nice shape and had conned her mother into letting her get a couple of tattoos that would show at the edge of her bikini.

Jimmy took pictures constantly with both a video or digital camera that he had on a strap around his neck. He was always in the background and soon became almost invisible. Stating admiration for the grounds and houses of all three couples, he was allowed into their homes to take snaps of whatever he wished. He even took pictures of their pets.

He discovered there were no security systems in any of the houses except the one where Amy was the main attraction. Having a few minutes by himself, he scooted downstairs to the basement and looked at the keypad and system that guarded the locked hidden room.

Every night Jimmy made his way to the motel and dropped off his day's take of film and photos in the lab where he and Bernard processed them. These were overnighted to me where I worked on putting together material to release my sister from blackmail. Bernard boldly entered Mary's house after picking the back door lock at one a.m. one morning and installed a hidden camera pointing at the keypad in the basement. The next time it was used we would be able to see the sequence and punch in the right numbers.

Ellen kept asking me how I was coming. I said pretty well, but I knew I was missing something. She questioned me and suggested we watch the video again and I said I had watched it several times. "Oh you just like to watch your sister getting fucked over and over and wish you were the one doing it to her."

"No Ellen, not at all. Look, I have nothing against incest, and Sis and I have talked about it. Especially when we lost both our parents and were so close and consoling each other. We decided then there was only one time we would do that--that would be if we were the last two people on earth. Sure I get turned on, but you know I always get turned on watching a porno flick. That brings me to a question for you, my pregnant love. How come you have a box of sex toys? Aren't I enough man for you?"

"Pete, if you were with me every night all night, I would throw that box away. Look at the last few days. You are working on Amy's problem. How much have you been home? When you are home, are you wide awake enough to concentrate on me? You wouldn't want me, a seven-month pregnant slut out patrolling the bars, would you?"

I guess my question was answered. "Get upstairs my toy-loving wife. It's your husband's turn tonight."

It came to me in that happy afterglow while I was laying there by my satisfied wife. Bingo! I had it. The thing I had been missing. I got out of bed and called Bernard.

Bernard answered. "Christ, I'm going to be charging you overtime. It's three-thirty in the morning."

"I know but listen. Just as soon as you get into that hidden room, I know the keypad combo for the safe. That safe has a blind man pad to open it. If a blind man hears the numbers punched in, he can recognize the numbers by the notes. The combination is 316583. I'm staking my reputation on it. That type of pad isn't used anymore because any blind man could crack the code. I learned that in my first year of crime investigation and learned the notes at the same time."

"Okay. It is too late this morning, but I'll get in tonight. You want me to replace the tapes in there with blank ones, right? Someone went into the room early last evening so I have the keypad sequence on film. If they used the same types of tapes, I'll take some blanks with me. I assume they used common masking to identify the tapes, so I should be able to get it all done in a few minutes. How much more do we have to do here anyway?"

"You get the tapes and with what Jimmy has you're out of there and on your way home. I'll take over and finish the job."

God, I don't know how many laws I have had my operatives break, but it was too many. I wouldn't do this for anyone but my sister. She wanted control and I was making sure she got it. I wondered though how far she would take it. From what I saw on the tape, what I had seen of her in the film, and snaps that Jimmy took, Amy didn't hate these people. I felt she genuinely liked them. Was it the sex? That was a question I wondered if even Amy could answer.

Jimmy returned with Bernard in the lab truck the next morning. Bernard had gone in and swapped the hidden tapes with blank ones. He had also pulled the camera bug from the cellar on his way out, so when the shit hit the fan, not one of the blackmailers would know how Amy got the tapes out of the safe. I went to work. I had everything now to send my sister's friends into a panic. I hoped none of them had a weak heart.

My plan was to convert everything that wasn't digital to that format. When this was done, I could then move the bits around at will. Removing them or adding some segments and having things flow as continuous action was a problem. I was going to have to rely on still pictures for my most effective method of instilling fear.

Amy called and said that Friday night there was going to be another party. As long as Jimmy had gone, the group was anxious to repeat the fun they had at Amy's introduction. She asked if I was going to be prepared to stop the get-together before then.

"Not possible, Sis, you'll either have to go or plead sick. It will take me another week to get things in order. I am looking at the tapes that were in the safe to see if I can find out who else they blackmailed. You want them to get their pound of flesh too, don't you?"

"I don't know, Pete. That isn't really any of my business is it?"

"Depends on how you feel. So are you going Friday night or not?"

"Will you think less of me if I go?"


"That's pretty definite."

"I know."


"Sis, I've watched those tapes that Bernard took out of the safe. I've never seen so much uninhibited sex in all my life. I've seen you and three other women introduced to quantum sex. The others were more reluctant than you and took longer to participate, but before their year was up, which I assume was the time line, they all embraced it wholeheartedly. My fear is can you return to a normal lifestyle when there is no more coercion?"

Amy made a sound that I couldn't interpret.

I continued, "Go enjoy yourself. Ellen sits beside me on the couch while I examine the images. She hasn't said, but it almost seems as though she wishes it was her in your place. One of the women looks enough like Ellen to be her sister. Maybe that has something to do with it."

"Don't tell me you are having trouble keeping up with your seven-month pregnant wife?"

"Shut up, Sis. If they do give you a tape of the Friday night party, Ellen and I might be interested in viewing it."

"Pervert! You just want to watch your sister having sex." She was laughing when we hung up.

I wanted all my ducks in a row. It took me four days to contact the other women that had contributed to the making of the tapes that we had pulled from the safe. Two were teaching at different schools within a two-hour time radius of my home. I went and interviewed them. Both were puzzled when they looked out at a well-dressed young man at their door. They were scared almost to death when I announced I had a tape of them taken when they taught at my sister's school.

Talking fast and saying I meant them no harm, eventually they let me in to interview them. I had to give out that at present my sister was trapped the same as they had been. When I mentioned that she was going to attend a party this Friday, they both had a wistful look on their faces.

Wendy, the youngest at only twenty-four, said it was a mind-blowing experience for her. At first the fear of the situation was almost more than she could bear. Then when it was apparent that there was to be no physical harm, the threat that someone at school would find out dampened her joy of teaching. It was a huge relief when the school year was finished, and she was free to move away. Now she had a boyfriend and was planning on marrying him at Thanksgiving.


"None really. I wouldn't want to go back. To tell you the truth, it became boring. How those three couples can do the same thing week after week and year after year is beyond me. When I say boring, I mean getting ready for the party during the week. When you were in that room and could smell everyone becoming sexually aroused, you weren't bored. You couldn't wait to be touched whether it was man or woman, it didn't matter. You wanted to touch people, too. Well you know all about it, if you have seen a video of me."

"Would you ever go back to that? I'm asking because I'm worried about my sister becoming addicted."

"I wouldn't and if she has talked to you about it, I doubt if she would want to continue for very long." I thanked her and left. She didn't want the tape I had of her, saying she had destroyed hers and didn't want to think about those days. If she had it in hand she probably would watch it, and that would tear down her resolve to move beyond that year.

For all of her resolve, I wondered if she didn't think about the sex overload and want it to return at some point.

The second lady, Caroline, I found was pretty much of the same mind, but dealt with it in a different way. She was the first one coerced nearly five years ago. Since that year she had married, but trying to be open and honest, she had confessed her past to her fiancé and he couldn't cope. They had been married less than a year. She said now she was divorced and always looking for someone to hook up with. She propositioned me, but I declined.

Again I mentioned that I was worried about my sister. She asked how I became involved and when I finished telling her she said for me not to worry. Amy would probably enjoy it, but it sounded as though she would be okay. Especially since she had family that knew about it and had Ellen and me to talk things over with.

I could find no trace of the third woman. I assumed that she had probably married. I thought I'll bet Mary knows where she is. Mary, the realtor and organizer, wouldn't want a loose cannon out there, so she would know where all of her so-called subjects were.

Saturday afternoon Amy drove into the driveway and wearily got out of her car. She didn't say anything when she handed me a tape and went in to say hi to Ellen. "I'm beat. Can I go to bed for awhile? Three hours on the road would wear anyone out." Then she giggled, reading our expressions. "Yes, and that too."

Ellen looked after Amy as she staggered towards our spare room. "God, I'd give anything to be fucked out like that." I looked at my wife to see if she was serious.

"Come on dear, seeing her like that has made me horny too. Let's see if I can help you with your lusting after unknown delights." Ellen didn't know it, but I had been studying those tapes and had seen some things I wanted to try out. I had my wife crying stop before I had even pressed myself into her. When I finally decided my wife had enough, she looked worse than my sister had when she arrived.

Later that evening we had a late dinner. We sat down and I put Amy's latest tape in the VCR. It was pretty much the same as the one that Amy had brought the first time. Much more uninhibited though, as Amy seemed to spur the participants to new heights. The tape had the same effect on us, but we contained ourselves.

Amy spoke. "Pete, I don't know what to tell you. God I loved it last night. I will say this morning after a few hours rest, I went in and barfed my cookies up. I have never loathed myself so much and swore I would never go near my neighbors again. Then just as I was getting into the car, Jean drove up and handed me that tape. She hugged me and then she tongue kissed me. That is all it took to start me all over again. You have to stop it somehow and soon please."

"Okay Sis, I'm ready anytime you say the word. Just set up a time when you can get them all together. I will need to bring my VCR, my overhead viewer and a DVD player. Is your living room big enough to have all of them and us together comfortably?"

"Yes, the living area can open up into nearly half the size of the whole house."

"Good, then we will hold the meeting at your house. Let's see, there will be nine of us. I suppose we should have refreshments before to sort of get acquainted."

"Who is the ninth person? Jimmy Cain?"

"No, Ellen will be with me. She isn't going to let me go alone amongst all those horny people without being there to protect me. Also her being pregnant has turned her on, so she needs sex every day and I don't want her alone where she might decide, out of sight, out of mind." I was only half joking.

We relaxed the rest of the evening, talking about the upcoming event and how it was going to change our lives. I did notice Ellen and Amy whispering and I noticed when I crawled into bed that Ellen's toy box was missing from beside our bed. Ellen didn't need it, for again I was called to perform. I decided that women had an infinite capacity for sex.

Amy called Thursday and said everything was set for Saturday evening. Light potluck was to be at six. This was a chance for her friends and neighbors to meet her brother and his pregnant wife. Ellen was excited and very, very nervous. I questioned her why?

"I just never met a group of people that swung before. Another thing, I want to watch Amy's reaction and interaction with them when I know they have all had her. Just to think she has had her pussy kissed and has kissed and sucked the women. She has done all those things that you and I do together with three different men, maybe all playing with her at the same time."

"You're really turned on by this aren't you?"

"Yes I am. I guess it is because I'm pregnant. I never felt this horny before. When I have the baby, I'm sure I will go back to being normal."

I wondered to myself if I shouldn't be worrying more about my wife than I did my sister.

There were some wonderful cooks in the group of neighbors gathered at my sister's house. Everything was delicious. The men talked about the town and John was asked how his plans for going into politics were progressing. Brian was a little worried about a downturn in the economy and how it would affect the banking in the country. Amy served drinks and coffee as everyone sat down in the living room. Amy announced that she had pictures that her nephew, Jimmy Cain had taken earlier, and said she wanted to show them.

Everyone wanted to see them, especially the pictures of them at play around the pool. These were on a tape that I played on the VCR. When the tape ran out, I looked at Jean, who I knew had reworked the tapes of the sex action. "Jean, I understand you are into photography some yourself. Am I right?" It was deathly still in the room.

"Yes I guess I am, but what has that got to do with us tonight?"

"Photography is a hobby of mine too. I'm going to put a picture on the overhead and see if all of you recognize it. Before I start though, I would like to tell you that I am here for more than just a friendly get-together. Earlier this summer all of you were involved in drugging and kidnapping Amy for the purpose of turning her into your sex slave. Well, you succeeded. She thoroughly enjoys it. At the same time, she hates what you have done to her.

"Jean, your photography is pretty amateurish. You have just fuzzed out the faces on the tapes you took so the participants couldn't be identified. I can do better. Let me demonstrate."

I put a picture on the overhead of Sam, the black lab, with his nose at Mary's crotch. Sam did this all the time to everyone, as the group well knew. They ignored him and just pushed his head away. I took the picture off the overhead and as I was putting a different one on, I said, "This is the same picture with alterations." It was the same, but I had removed the clothing from Mary.

A gasp of shock came from the whole room. I continued, "You look at that picture, and then remember back to the previous one. This one shows a look of total ecstasy. The one before had a look of unconcern. Why was that? It was something that Sam did all the time and you ignored him. Here though, the dynamics are changed over two small alterations. One, Mary with no clothes on and the other with Mary's look of unconcern, to one of ecstasy.

"Emmy did not escape the dog either. Here is Emmy leaning down looking at her child in the pool. Here is Sam humping his master's leg. This took a little more effort, so first I took Emmy's clothes off. Then in the photo of the dog and Brett, I removed Brett. I put the two photos together and moved Sam in behind Emmy. Walla!" The shock on those in the room was indescribable. "Or how about this? What would you think if I moved that image up into the privacy of Emmy and Brett's bedroom? Like this."

I put that image on the screen. "Wouldn't you look at your friends differently if you saw this picture somewhere without me here to describe it?"

Emmy exclaimed, "How in hell did you get a shot of my bedroom? That's invasion of privacy."

"Is that worse than drugging someone and then screwing the hell out of her?" No one said anything. "Mary, what is Joan Johnson's address? I can't seem to trace her. Has she a married name? I think she is the second one you kidnapped, isn't she?"

Again everyone's face registered shock. "How do you know about Joan?"

"I got her name from the sex tapes you had stored in the safe in your cellar."

"You son-of-a-bitch. You robbed us. I'm calling the police."

"Go ahead. The phone is right over there." All were watching the screen as I said this. I slid a photo of John and his daughter onto the overhead. It was of him and Cindy sitting in a chair in his living room. She was sitting on his lap watching television. He had his arm around her middle. Nothing special or really suggestive, just a daughter being comfortable when all the chairs in the room were occupied. I quickly removed it and slid the next shot onto the glass.

"I believe your daughter is eighteen. I have made alterations, let me point them out. First, you are both naked and we know it is your daughter from the tattoos. Oh yes, look at her facial expression. She is really enjoying sitting on your lap, isn't she? Is that pleasure I see? You tell me."

"You bastard, what do you want?"

"Not calling the police? No? Well listen to this. You picked the wrong person when you picked my sister to fuck with. You couldn't know that her brother is a private investigator. That is the trouble when you set out to commit a crime. You don't anticipate a coincidence or things going wrong. Drugging, kidnapping and restraint are crimes."

Amy got up and came close to me. "Pete, you are being too harsh. I have to live and work here until June of next year. I didn't know you were going to do anything like this. Now stop it."

I ignored her for the time being. "Mary tell me about Joan? I'll find her myself eventually."

"Joan is happily married and living not an hour from here."

"Does her husband know about what she did here, or should I say, what was done to her?"



"He is okay with it. In fact she may rejoin us at sometime in the future. Her main worry is that her husband may embrace the lifestyle too much and she will lose him that way."

"I interviewed Wendy, last year's subject of your kidnapping. She seems to be handling it okay too. Do you know about Caroline? She was the first one you tried this with." Mary was mute and shook her head. "No? Well she is pretty well screwed up and your little group is to blame for it. She has been married, divorced and is a slut just looking for a little comfort with anyone she can--anyway she can too, for that matter. Don't you feel any responsibility for that?"

The whole group had their heads down looking at the floor. "I don't want my sister to end up like Caroline. How are you going to stop her, or has it gone too far already?"

John, the lawyer in the group said, "Ask her. She was doing all right the other night. In fact she had us all fired up and our meeting lasted an hour longer than usual."

"You miss the point. You've taken my sister and made her into something I don't like. A minute ago she whispered to me that I was being too harsh on you all. I don't think so even when she comes to your defense."

"Pete come talk to me outside." Amy stormed through the door and I followed. "What are you planning to do to them?"

"Nothing, Sis, unless you want me to."

"You mean this whole thing is to show them what they have done? You must have something in mind? I know you and you aren't going to just walk away."

"No. Sis, how much do you need this? What if I demanded that the swing parties be reduced to once or twice a year. This whole thing has gone on for four or five years. It is surely going to be found out eventually. Twice a month is asking for trouble. I don't want you caught in the middle of it. What happens if the town found out that the third grade teacher was a participant in a swing club. It would screw up your whole future forever. You like teaching, don't you?"

"You are right, of course. I do like the sex though."

"Hey, I'm not asking you to cut down on your sex. How would it work if you all made a pact that not more than three of you met at a time? You could have one on one, two men and you, two women and you. Do it in a bedroom where it would be easier to explain. That way you could savor your affairs more and it would keep you out of the sexual overloads that make you disrespect yourself like you did the other morning. The others could do the same. If you wanted a full swing party on rare occasions, look for safety from discovery as the prime consideration."

"Pete, that sounds like it is all a good idea. Can I be the one to explain it to them?"

"Sure, they are your fuck-buddies. I do have a few things I want to say before you do. This has more to do with safety than anything." Amy and I went back inside. The group was still as silent as when we went out. The only one that had moved was Jean. She was studying the photos I had altered. She dropped the one she was holding and returned to her seat.

"Okay, there are a couple of more things I want to touch on. First, I want to tell you about walking right into Mary and Brian's house, their hidden playroom and ultimately opening their safe. An operative of mine picked the lock on their back door, went down to the basement and installed a camera that had a feed outside. By chance someone went into the hidden room the next day. The camera was set to show what numbers on the keypad were punched.

"I already knew what the safe combination was, because you had opened the safe during Amy's first visit and the video had captured the sounds when the keypad was punched. Anyone who knew the sounds and the sequence could open the safe. That is how poorly protected you are."

"Did you take the tapes?"

"They are in that box over there. You can have them back. All you have in your safe are some blank ones. One other thing, I imagine all of your homes are as easy to get into as Mary and Brian's. I would advise you to upgrade your security system to make your homes more secure. If Amy is going to be going in and out of your homes, they will have to be. Before I turn this over to Amy, I really think you should do something for Caroline, your first kidnap victim. If nothing more, you should give her access to the amount of sex she now requires. You made her a slut, now service her."

"I take it you aren't going to cause us a whole lot of grief?" Jean was the one that asked me this.

I looked at each and every person in the room before answering. "No, not unless my sister is hurt in some way. If she is, then be prepared for a firestorm, for it shall certainly burn you."

As Amy prepared to talk to the group, I said to Ellen, "Come on Hon, let's go home."

"Pete, I want to stay for awhile. Can we spend the night with Amy? I thought that was the plan."

"It was, but now I can't see any sense in it. This is Amy's show with her people and we're not involved."

"You're tired from driving and everything. Go out on the back patio and I'll find you a beer. Please?"

I did that. Ellen didn't stay out with me. Why did she want to listen to them? Oh well she would tell me on the way home. Almost asleep, someone came up behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw it was Jean. "Hi."

"Hi. Did you do all of that digital work yourself? I'm impressed."

"Thank you and yes, it's a hobby of mine."

"You know your sister is a very sweet person. I think you must be the same. You could have ruined all of us, I'm sure you know. Why didn't you?"

"My sister. We have always been close. I can almost read her mind sometimes. I could see she wasn't ready to give your group up yet, so I've just set out to make it as safe for her as I can. I didn't make the suggestion in there earlier, but I don't think it wise to keep a visual record of your activities."

"That has already been decided." There was a long pause and I turned and faced her fully.

"You wanted to ask me something?"

"Yes, not for myself, but for John, my husband. John adores pregnant women. He would like Ellen to stay with him tonight. In return you can have me or any of the other wives--all of them if you want."

I waited a short time, thinking through this new development. "No, you are a lovely lady, but no. You and John go to Ellen and make your proposal. I won't stop her if she says yes. I don't want her to, and would you include that when you ask her?"

"You are quite a guy. She is lucky to be married to you. I hope she turns us down. If she doesn't, she doesn't deserve you." Saying no more, Jean went back into the house.

I drove home that night with a very subdued Ellen beside me. Nothing much was said, but I felt some resentment emanating from my wife. I came to the conclusion that Ellen wanted to be back there in someone else's bed getting her brains screwed into oblivion. I was glad she was with me though.

Ellen gave me a beautiful baby girl in August, Louise Ellen Powers, eight pounds even. Ellen worked hard on regaining her figure. I had more business in my agency than I could handle, too. My business was helped out and I could expand, due to a donation made by the three couples that were involved with Amy. I think it was done after a not too subtle hint by my sister. Not only that, it was made in cash, so it didn't show on my books. Ellen didn't know about it.

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