The Private Tutor

by Sirdar

Copyright© 2009 by Sirdar

Romantic Sex Story: Tony is falsely accused of violating a student. The police can not find eveidence but he is not re-instated. He is then offered a post as private Tutor to a widiwed titled ladies younger sisters

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   .

I was utterly dumbfounded and shattered when the Headmaster, having pulled me out of my class in the middle of the morning session told me that a complaint had been made by the parents of a student, that I had raped their fifteen year old daughter the previous afternoon after school hours in a deserted class room. She had apparently arrived home from school in a distressed state, and after examination at the local hospital the fact that she had been raped was quickly confirmed.

The Headmaster told me that he wanted me off the premises as soon as possible, and that he hoped that I would spend a long long time in jail, and he would make sure that I would never ever teach young people again. The police were waiting for me outside his office, and I was then formally arrested, and taken to the police station where I was asked to make a statement. I was medically examined, and I had to give a sample for DNA testing. I could say nothing more in my statement other than the whole story was a complete fabrication, and that I had never had any contact with the young lady, other than as her teacher. I was not given bail, until the next morning, when an embarrassed policeman confirmed that there was plenty of DNA evidence, but it was definitely not mine, and so the likelihood of any charges being brought were now extremely remote.

After going home for a shower and a meal I went to school, confident that I would be re-instated, but the Headmaster who seemed highly embarrassed and very subdued told me to clear my locker, and leave the premises. During this process I was verbally attacked by two other staff, and one teacher actually struck me in the face. She was pulled away before I could retaliate. When I told them that I was not being charged as the evidence did not support the girls allegation, they looked a bit shamefaced and left the staff room without making any form of apology. I had a brief interview with the union representative and then went home.

The deputy head called to see me a couple of days later then told me that the Headmaster had been reprimanded, and suspended by the Chairman of the Governors for handling the situation so indiscreetly, but now the problem was, that because he had released a press statement naming me as the rapist, it had been decided that I should stay suspended on full pay for the time being until the governors had time to review the whole situation, and to let the while incident die down to avoid further embarrassment to the school.

Sitting at home with all this hanging over me I was well on the way to becoming a physical and emotional wreck. I spent mist of my free time just slumped in the chair staring at the four walls of my living room. I could not conceive of any logical reason why the girl had named me as her attacker, and the fact that I had been abused and physically attacked by some of my colleagues in the staff room was almost as frightening to me as the accusations themselves.

I had been so happy to get this job at one of the top sixth form colleges in the city. I had worked at a couple of schools before, and my new appointment at a higher grade seemed to have been a reward for my previous successes. I had always tried to make my lessons interesting, and as practical as possible. I loved teaching in an innovative way, and my students seemed to enjoy my teaching methods as well.

At 25 I was very fit and I seemed to be well on my way to the higher echelons of the profession. Rickelhurst Grammar was an all girls college. The students were all in the age range sixteen upwards, and I was under no illusion as to the dangers of teaching teenage girls. I was scrupulous in ensuring that I had never been alone or in any compromising position with any student in my short time at the school.

The class I had been teaching that afternoon of the alleged incident were a very lively bunch when the mood took them. I knew that we had one or two glamour pusses in the group, and they would if given the opportunity take full advantage of having a male tutor to show off too. The girl who was accusing me was a new student, and seemed to be very popular with other girls. She had never caused me any problems until now, and I was absolutely amazed to find that I was being accused by her.

During the next week my car was vandalized, and abusive slogans painted on my house after dark and my situation was made worse when my neighbours had obviously heard the rumours, or had read the allegations in the local papers had completely ostracised me. Even my local newsagent asked me to take my business elsewhere. I was surprised that even a retraction in the local evening paper by the governors stating quire definitely that the Headmasters press release had been wrong, and that I had been cleared of all charges and all suspicion, had little effect on public attitudes towards me.

Then one afternoon I had a knock on the door and I opened it to find a man who told me he was the regional union representative of NATFE the lecturers union. He told me that there were many doubts now arising about the validity of the girls statement. The hospital examination had showed evidence of bruising and she had obviously been raped, but the DNA from the semen was definitely not mine, and now together with my statement and denial, her story had to be closely questioned.

However, the question of my re-instatement had to be a decision for the Governors. If I was not re-instated the union would support me by taking the case to an industrial tribunal to claim unfair dismissal. He further said that the way in which my suspension had been handled by the Headmaster, had brought criticism from the governors and his position as Headmaster was now looking very perilous. He had in their opinion made the school liable for an action of libel and slander in the way he had publicized my suspension.

I knew however in my heart that the damage had been done and that I had no future at the school. I knew people would say "there is no smoke without fire" and that would be the thought that would dominate many peoples minds, and I would never be trusted by staff or the parents of students again. Apart from that, I could never consider ever working with the staff who had orally and physically abused me, or with the Head teacher who had been so personally vindictive towards me, and had obviously made my situation and that of the schools so much worse.

On the following Friday I had just finished looking through the Times Educational Supplement, searching in vain for suitable teaching posts, but in fact I was despairing of ever finding another job in teaching, because I knew that the allegations would follow me, and in any case my confidence was at such a very low ebb that the thought of putting myself in a similar situation again was rather frightening. In frustration I had tossed the paper to the floor in utter disgust. I was seriously debating joining the Army Education Service when the telephone rang. There was a lady on the telephone, and she asked. Is that Mr. Tony Nash.?"

"This is Mr. Tony Nash." I replied. "What do you want?."

"Are you looking for a job?"

"Who is asking?

"This is Lady Anne Amersham.

Thinking straight away that I was being set up by some weird practical joker.

"I am sorry but you have the wrong number My days in teaching are finished."

Before I could put the phone down the voice said.

"Hello Mr. Nash. Just go and look out of your window and you will see my car parked outside."

Curiosity won in the end, and I pulled the curtain back and saw a slim blonde young lady I did not recognise, standing by a large black limousine with a mobile phone in her hand. She waved at me.

So I told her "OK you win, I will open the door."

As she walked in I realised my mistake, so I apologised. I told her It's just the bad company I keep and the fact that I had been the subject of quite bit of anti social behaviour by some people.

She laughed. "That's alright Tony. I really am Lady Anne Amersham and I was given your name by a friend of mine who is a governor at your school. I am looking for a private tutor for two wayward but thoroughly loveable young girls. One is seventeen and one is sixteen. Their father is dead, and they have both been expelled from private schools for misbehavior, and now I can not find any other school in my price range which will take them. We have had two private tutors, both ladies, and one lasted a week the other disappeared after 24 hours, so you will know its not an easy job I am offering you."

"You can not be their mother - you are too young?" I said almost without thinking.

"Thank you. No, I am their older sister and both our parents are dead. I married his Lordship and he became their stepfather but he fell of his horse during a local hunt meeting and now he is dead as well."

"What sort of behaviour are you talking about?" I asked my curiosity aroused.

"You name it, and they do it including a charge of attempting to seduce one of their male tutors"

"You obviously know that I am suspended for allegedly raping a student at my last school."

"Yes, I know all about that, but I also know that the allegation has been proved to be wrong, and they are in a quandary about what do about you now, but you are my last hope. Look Tony, I know the girls are not saints, far from it. They frankly are a pair of young tear -aways, so I am prepared to accept my friends word, she is a school governor and she assures me that you are an OK sort of guy, and that you are a good teacher. As long as you can give them some sort of education - I believe my friend, and I am prepared to trust you."

"Wow that's some statement, but I assure you in my case I was totally innocent and my Union and my lawyers will be fighting it." I said, as my mind was busy digesting the offer she had made.

"Yes I know but the main thing is that my friend who is a governor at your school, said some of your teaching methods were a little unconventional, but they were very effective, and very popular with the students, and they brought good results. She also said you were quite a nice person, and that everything points to the fact that someone has set you up."

I told her "My future is very much in doubt and I am prepared to give it a months trial, if we can agree terms. When do you want me to start?" I asked my curiosity aroused, and spurred on by my desperate need to find work and at least salvage my self respect.

"The salary is no problem. We will pay you the same as you are getting now, including all your meals and accommodation. Can you start tomorrow? How long will it take you to pack?"

It did not take long to pack, and within an hour I was sitting in the back of her chauffer driven limousine on the way to her home at Endelshome Park. The very attractive blonde Lady Anne Amersham sitting by my side and I talked for a long time, and then as we went round a corner her body slumped sideways against mine. I looked down and Lady Anne seemed to be fast asleep, I lay her head on my lap, and I pulled a rug over her legs to keep her warm, and I put my arms loosely round her body to steady her and stop her falling off my lap as we went over a few bumps on the country roads.

It was about an hour later that she awoke as the car slowed down to go over a cattle grid at the entrance to her estate, that she sat up with a start and said. "I am so sorry Mr. Nash." I laughed and said

"I'm not sorry, there is nothing like having an attractive woman in your arms to boost ones ego, and please Lady Amersham call me Tony if I am to be working for you."

Agreed as long as you call me Anne." She replied.

On arrival a butler saw my case was taken to my room and lady Anne took me into the dining room for a snack meal and then into the lounge where we had a few drinks and together started to go through the details of my contract. I think I was so pleased at getting employment and finding someone who trusted me that I drank much more than was normal for me.

The next morning I woke early, as always, but today it was the whine of the rain and wind attacking the eaves of the house, that must have woken me as well as the strange surroundings. As I moved my body slightly to take in my new luxurious surroundings I gradually came to I suddenly realised that I was stark naked, and then I also realised I had a warm body lying on top of me. Lady Anne's head was laying on my chest, her blonde hair cascading over my shoulder. Her right arm was across my naked body and my own hands were still wrapped protectively around her back, my fingertips against her smooth skin.

I groaned miserably as the events of the previous evening came flooding back. My head was aching and I was trying to figure out what I had done the night before, I realised that I had probably fouled up my new job, and I had probably had unprotected sex with my new boss. The slight amount of light filtering through the drapes marked the beginning of the daylight hours. Lady Anne, feeling me stir, opened her own eyes and looked up at me.

"Hi, lover" she said meekly, giving me a warm smile.

"Hi, my lady " I said, finding it difficult to look her in the eye.

"That was the best I've slept for a long time." She said stretching her arms, and letting the bedclothes fall away to reveal her naked breasts.

I did not admit to her that it was the best the I had slept as well for some time. I let my arms fall to my side, releasing her from my embrace. "I wouldn't want the girls to see us like this." I mumbled.

"Why not? "Tony?" she said, her face suddenly looking troubled.

"Are you okay? You're not ... mad at me, are you?"

"No," I told her, shaking my head. "I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at myself for apparently seducing you."

"You don't have to be upset," she told me. "What we did was quite natural between two consenting adults, and I did get you a little tipsy first to make you relax, because you seem so down, and then somehow one thing led to another, and anyway I am not complaining. Do you remember that ride home in the car, I was not asleep all the time. I was hoping that given the opportunity you would make a move on me, but you didn't, and so I decided that it was up to me to take the initiative. You are the first man that I have slept with for three years since the death of my husband. I am sorry, but I suddenly felt myself attracted to you, and I decided I wanted you. So I admit that I am guilty of deliberately seducing you."

I groaned as my memory came flooding back, and little snippets of memory started to make themselves known, the fact that I had drunk much more than I was used to had obviously had an effect ... I was not normally a heavy drinker, but I concluded that the events of the previous weeks, and the delight in getting a job had made me relax ... With my returning memory came the inevitable hangover.

Just then two semi naked blonde bundles of female energy still dressed in their nightdresses bounced into the bedroom and climbed on top of us. The girls were a pair of the cutest, hottest little blondes I had ever seen. Lady Amersham introduced me to the girls. For me it was a strange introduction, with me lying in bed naked with their older sister...

My eyes moved from one to the other, they were almost identical blondes, petite, but with ripe, round boobs pushing out the fronts of their night dresses Their faces were so alike I couldn't decide which was the cuter.

If these were the girls I had been engaged to teach, then I knew I was in for a packet of trouble unless I kept on top line. I had not met the girls the night before as they had allegedly been in bed when we had arrived, but I recollected that I had seen photographs of them. I looked at Lady Anne, just wondering what her reaction would be.

Lady Anne was looking at me, her face full of curiosity as she watched my reaction to the girls.

"Yes Tony what I forgot to tell you and I suppose I have shown you, is that I can be as big a slut, as the girls pretend to be. Do you think that you can cope with all three of us" As she spoke her hand was beginning to tell me that she was feeling amorous again.

Then lady Anne said "Back to bed girls you will meet Tony later." To my surprise the girls did as Anne told them, without demur, and disappeared, presumably back to their own beds. Blowing me a kiss as they departed.

I was not a fool I had enough sense to realise that she was the boss and as lady Anne's hand was wreaking havoc with my self control once again, so I turned and took her in my arms. I looked down at lady Anne, her eyes had a determined look in them as she gazed up at me in their passion. She was pinching and squeezing her swollen nipples. Her tongue licked her lips and I guessed that she was nearing the point where I must satisfy her or face the consequences. The look of unbridled lust in her eyes, was almost frightening in its intensity. "Tony dear you should be looking after my nipples, not leaving them to me."

After what seemed like a long moment of silence broken only by the sounds of heavy breathing, Lady Anne looked down at me. She smiled and leaned forward and kissed me passionately on the lips. I concentrated on making love to this lovely woman.

It was about two hours later that we surfaced and Anne sat up in bed and looked down at me with a wry sort of smile on her face. Tony I have not been strictly honest with you. "I told you that my girls were a bit of a handful, but darling so am I, given half a chance."

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Chapter 2

Back in Harness

I was rather confused as I dressed and went downstairs for breakfast that morning. Fortunately the rain had cleared, and the wind had dropped and the sun was making a watery appearance through a few wispy clouds. There was a sort of atmosphere of excitement at the breakfast table and I felt that was the cause of it. The girls wanted to get at me, and Anne I guessed, was not entirely sure of my reactions after her clever seduction of the night before.

Eventually Lady Anne said. "How do you want to play things this morning Tony?"

I said. "I really need to spend some time with the girls as I need to know how far they have progressed educationally, and I need to get to know them personally before we start work properly."

Anne said "I know why don't you girls take Tony for a tour of the estate buildings and you can get to know each other, and talk about your schoolwork as you walk around."

After breakfast the girls and I set off round the estate buildings. They were perfectly well behaved in every way, and we chatted quite harmlessly, eventually we got to the stables. The girls were very surprised that I could not ride a horse. I told them my only experience on a horse was on my rocking horse as a child, not surprisingly they collapsed with mirth. Having got them in a good mood, I collapsed on a pile of hay and said. "Right girls give me the story, I can tell you are not the wretched creatures that your sister implies that you are - so what gives?"

There was a sudden silence then Sue the eldest spoke first. "I know this is your first day here but Lady Anne is, as you have been told she is our older sister. She married our stepfather, who was twenty years older than she was, after we were orphaned. He was a nice man, and they both looked after us, and we had a very happy family. Then he fell off his horse at the local hunt and died. He left Anne with a title and the estate and of course us. When we were away at school we knew she was lonely, because Anne is the type of woman who desperately needs to have a man in her life. She wouldn't let us leave school and come home and go to a local school here so we could be with her and help her, so the only thing we could do was to get ourselves expelled. It wasn't easy but we managed it."

"What is this about your seducing one of the teachers? " I asked.

"Sue carried on "No we didn't seduce him, but there was a girl there who was a bit of a snitch, so we let her overhear us making an alleged plot where we were going to get the games master drunk, and then seduce him. The silly headmistress was fed up with our pranks and was glad to be rid of us by then, so that was the excuse she used. She never actually accused us of anything, but she claimed that we were a disruptive influence, and she told us that we had been overheard making the plot."

"Well then how about these two women tutors your sister got for you?" I asked.

"Oh they were just plain bloody awful, and that was not such a hard job getting rid of either of them. They were like a pair of frightened rabbits. We pretended we were lesbians and were going to get them involved in our orgies of sex. They could not get away fast enough."

"Well then the third and final question. How are you going to get rid of me?" I asked.

Tracy spoke and said." That is up to you, but at the minute we have every reason to make you stay. You obviously hit it off with Anne last night, and she looked happier this morning than I have ever seen her for a long time."

Sue said. "Do you think we ought to warn him about Lady Rose?"

"Who is lady Rose? I asked.

"Well she is Anne's Mother- in -law. The mother of our late step father, or perhaps she is our step grandmother would be a more accurate description ... She is a real snob and a stickler for doing things properly and she can be a real pain in the ass. You will have to watch her."

Eventually we got round to discussing the girls education, and I was quite pleasantly surprised. They seemed to have a very good grounding in most subjects, and I began to see that these two young girls were quite intelligent, and despite all their antics at boarding school, they had not neglected their studies.

We were back at the house for lunch, and as we sat down Lady Anne tried to introduce me to the older lady that had just entered. She was quite tall and quite good looking for someone I assumed was in their mid-fifties. The introduction was interrupted by the lady looking at me, when I went to shake hands, she totally ignored me and said quite abruptly to Lady Anne.

"You must be crazy introducing a rapist to teach the girls. If you really must employ that creature. Let him eat with the house staff"

I could not let that pass and I stood up and spoke to lady Rose.

"I suggest that you are very very careful about what you say. I have been cleared of any wrong doing by the police, and a statement to that effect has been published in the newspaper. The fact that the school made a 'cock up" of the suspension, and the Headmaster is now awaiting his fate is not my fault."

She just looked at me made a sort of snorting noise as Lady Anne now white with rage looked at me and said quite distinctly.

"I must apologise for my mother in law she seems to have lost all sense of good manners."

Then Sue spoke up "If Tony has to eat with the hired help, then so will we, unless of course you wish to eat their yourself instead Lady Rose..."

Reluctantly the irate Lady Rose sat down and ate in silence, while the general discussion went on around her. Before the dessert course she stood up and asked to be excused, but Anne was not in any mood to let the matter drop. She stood up and looking Lady Rose in the eye she said.

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