Good Fortune

by Jack Andrews

Copyright© 2009 by Jack Andrews

Mind Control Story: Nate stops at a small rural motel and stumbles into something he didn't plan on.

Caution: This Mind Control Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Hypnosis   Drunk/Drugged   Magic   Heterosexual   TransGender   CrossDressing   Masturbation   Transformation   .

Nate was at the end of a long business trip. He'd just worked three-and-a-half weeks straight and finally closed a major deal. It was a deal that would most likely give him a major promotion. Nate essentially focused exclusively on work, leaving most of life's other pursuits behind, including dating. Not that he wasn't good looking or socially skilled; he simply didn't make the time. All of his efforts went into his career and if he looked deep down, he knew he really didn't have what he wanted in his life -- but he wasn't sure what that was.

He checked into his room and didn't bother to unpack, save for his laptop. He connected it to his personal server at home and set things up to synchronize some files. Once that was started, he dimmed the screen and collapsed on the bed to relax. It really was the first time in three-and-a-half weeks he could focus on absolutely nothing. No urgent emails, no phone calls from concerned lawyers. Nothing from the outside world. He decided before he'd even checked in that unless the room was riddled with bedbugs, roaches and mold, he'd camp here all day tomorrow and ignore everything and everyone before heading home. He stripped down to his shorts, killed the lights, got into bed and turned on the TV.

One quick scan with the remote revealed some inane reality shows, a few infomercials, a boring-as-all-hell soccer match and the Weather Channel. Nate really lost interest in Scott Baio after "Charles In Charge." Why they made a show about him being 45 and single, or 46 and whatever, Nate couldn't fathom. He killed the TV and tried to sleep. After about ten minutes, he realized it wasn't going to happen now; his mind could not slow down. He got out of bed, flipped on a light and decided to explore the room.

It wasn't anything fancy, but it was nice enough, especially for a roadside motel. Nate's work usually took him away from the interstates. It was mainly rural highways, where a three-star establishment was worshipped. This room had a mini-kitchenette with a coffee maker, microwave and fridge. There was even a hair dryer in the bathroom (making it one of the nicer places he'd stayed) and a desk that showcased a table card proclaiming a high-speed Internet connection. The desk drawer had a pen from someplace called "Harry's Hamburgers" and some ketchup packets.

Nate's increased the brightness on his laptop and noticed the file synch was nowhere near completion. Evidently "high speed" was in the mouse of the uploader. The nightstand had two drawers, the top one containing a standard Bible (along with a very thin white and yellow pages) and nothing in the bottom one. The TV sat across the room on a standard motel dresser, which was next to a hanger rack. The top drawer contained an extra pillow and the bottom drawer was empty. The middle drawer wouldn't open.

"What are you hiding?" he said mockingly to the dresser.

The drawer refused to budge. Nate looked around the room for something to pry it open with. He tried a wire shelf from the fridge. There was no room to wedge it in. He grabbed a hanger from the hanger rack. It simply bent without doing anything useful. Nate looked around the room and didn't find anything of use. He sat on the bed, somewhat obsessed and quite exasperated.

Nate went into the bathroom, dampened a washcloth with cold water and washed his face. He looked in the mirror and asked his reflection, "It's a dresser drawer, why are you getting so worked up over it?" He thought about it as he finished washing his face.

"Maybe it's time for a real break. I've got the money and I've got the time." He put down the washcloth, grabbed a dry one and a towel and went back into the room. He'd try something else to relax.

Nate took off his shorts and laid the towel down on the chair in front of the desk. He sat naked on the chair and pulled open a bunch of pictures of a tall, proportionally busty brunette, careful not to disturb his file transfer. She could stop an army with any one part of her body, let alone all of it.

Nate began to stroke himself, alternating speed and pressure, while he looked at the pictures of this beautiful woman. He'd put her into a slideshow, with the images changing every couple of seconds. In one shot she was completely naked sitting naturally on the edge of a bed. Her full breasts practically floating from her chest. Each one was tipped with a brownish-pink areola that was the perfect size for each breast. She was shaved smooth and he could see her pussy blending flawlessly into the rest of her flawless skin. He imagined what it would be like to touch her as his stroking increased.

Another shot showed her in a dark pink satin bra and panties set. The bra held her breasts up to show a deliciously large, yet not cartoonish, amount of cleavage. The satin panties were as smooth as her skin looked. He unconsciously imagined what it would be like to /be/ her and feel the pleasure that he imagined that body gave her.

Nate got more and more aroused as the slideshow continued. No bra in one shot. No panties in another. Fully clothed in a beautiful scoop-neck see-through cream-colored blouse (sexily showing the dark pink bra underneath) with a black pencil skirt. No more blouse. Blouse, no skirt. The slideshow was consuming Nate's attention as he continued to stroke himself. His breathing got heavier and deeper along with the speed of his stroking rhythm until finally, he felt a strong tingle deep within himself. He involuntarily tensed up and was granted the reward of a hard orgasm.

"Damn," he said to the pictures after catching his breath, "that was amazing. You're gorgeous sweetheart. Thank you."

He grabbed the washcloth, wiped himself off, stopped the slideshow and got out of the chair. He was going to go back into the bathroom when he shot a look at the dresser again. He walked back over and tried the stuck drawer again.

"Eww," he said, realizing he missed a drop of cum from his finger. He noticed he got some on the handle of the drawer and suddenly saw the handle absorbing his cum. "What he fuck?" he said to the dresser. He absently wiped the handle with the washcloth and heard a very audible click.

He dropped the washcloth and jiggled the handle again. There was a second click and the drawer popped open about an inch and Nate immediately noticed a sweet and pleasant smell coming from the drawer. Nate pulled it fully open and his eyes grew wide. He looked around as if to see if someone was watching him. Even though he came less than 3 minutes ago, his cock filled up with blood.

Nate looked back into the drawer and confirmed what he saw the first time. The drawer was full of many pretty bras, panties, several pair of pantyhose, a couple of skirts and two pair of shoes. He became a bit embarrassed that he was looking at some woman's clothing, and pissed that all of that work was for a bunch of women's clothes.

He got back into bed, wondering about the woman who left the clothes in there. Was it intentional, because she thought this would be a good place to dump her current wardrobe and start over? Or did she figure some other woman would like some of the clothes and take them in an anonymous hand-me-down thing? Maybe she simply forgot them? These thoughts ran through Nate's mind as he lay there, trying to put the clothes out of his mind. Each time the thought would drift for a moment, he noticed that sweet smell once again. After just a few minutes, he was harder than a rock and simply couldn't take it anymore and got out of bed.

He walked back to the dresser and the drawer opened for him without hesitation. The sweet smell was much stronger now and this time Nate inhaled readily. He took two deep breaths and it overtook him. He needed to sit down. He parked it on the floor. A few more breaths and his mind softened. His mind didn't really care about anything specific, but through the pleasant haze, he remembered the clothes. He wondered if they felt as nice as the smell made him feel. He reached into the drawer and felt everything. The panties, bras and pantyhose felt softer and more erotic than anything he'd ever touched before.

He wasn't really aware that he was breathing deeply, but he'd become so aroused it was quite natural. This served to take in more of the sweet smell. He dreamily wondered how soft the clothes would feel on his body. He rummaged around the drawer and picked up a smooth pair of light blue satin panties. They felt so soft and he felt a need rising inside. A need to know what they would feel like on him.

There was some hesitation. "What am I doing?" he asked himself. "I shouldn't put this stuff on. It's not mine." A few more moments of feeling the softness of the satin panties in his hands broke him. "No one will know." He involuntarily took a very deep breath and it served to reduce his brain function from a thinking brain to a feeling one.

Still in a daze, he proceeded to pull the panties up. They felt heavenly soft and held him tightly. As he approached his crotch, he reached down to his engorged cock and pushed it down between his legs, creating a smooth front. He gently pushed his balls up inside of his body. The thought that he shouldn't be able to do that to his cock while it was so hard had never crossed his mind.

He once again stepped to the drawer and began to gather more clothes. He felt high and the clothes felt even better in his hands. The first piece was a very smooth, very shiny pair of nude pantyhose. He took them, floated over to the bed and sat down. He rolled up the right leg and placed his foot inside.

The moans of pleasure got stronger as the softness of the hose up was pulled up his leg to his thigh. Nate repeated the procedure with his left leg and moaned with the same level of ecstasy. Nate stood and pulled the hose up over his crotch and panties. His lower body was vibrating a chord of pleasure. There was a feeling of safety that mixed with his arousal. He went back to the dresser drawer, and after running his hands over everything in it again, he found a very soft satin underwire bra, also in light blue. Heavy-eyed, he looked at the contraption and felt the clasp in an attempt to understand it. Backwards, was the thought that cut through the pleasure. Nate set the bra with the cups on his back as he looked down and briefly fumbled with the two-hook clasp. It took only two tries, but he finally secured it. The sensations from his chest were quite pleasurable as he slid the bra around to its correct position. As he placed his arms through the armholes, he felt immediate warmth on his chest, under the cups of the bra. His eyes grew wide like lovers touching each other the first time.

He noticed the reflection in the mirror and was a bit shaken: it was a somewhat hairy man in a bra, panties and pantyhose with the smooth, flat crotch of a woman. This almost caused him to force his mind to stop his body until his hands ran over the softness of the satin bra and panties. The sensations short circuited what was left of his critical thinking and caused a sharp, deep breath.

The sweet smell was still all around the room and Nate was continuing to breathe it deeply into his lungs. Time and place, ceased to matter for Nate. His body might have been making the movements, but something else was in control as he pulled a bodysuit from the drawer, stepped into it and pulled it onto his torso.

The bodysuit hugged his body in a tight, erotic embrace over his crotch, hips, chest and arms. His hands moved of their own accord as his mouth moaned in pleasure.

Nate moved back to the hanger rack and saw several beautiful skirts and blouses. He didn't realize they weren't there before and he mindlessly felt each of them. Nate selected a smart looking wine-colored blouse and a dark short, yet tasteful skirt. His hands and body worked together to pull the blouse on over his bodysuit and bra. As he buttoned the blouse to a height low enough to show off the bodysuit, it didn't register that the buttons weren't on the side he was used to.

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