Sister Bang Bang

by Bakerman

Copyright© 2009 by Bakerman

Fantasy Sex Story: Man gets lucky with two women on a hot summer afternoon.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   .

As a tradesman I have met a lot of other guys in different professions so it is no surprise that whenever one of us needs work done around their home there is always a willing team ready to swap a favour for a favour.

This happened recently when I did some plumbing work for a carpenter/builder buddy of mine.

Having plumbed a new bathroom for his teenage daughters I came back with a request for some decking around my pool.

Saturday morning was bright and sunny and you could feel the temperature rising by the minute so we made an effort to get as much done as we could before the heat knocked us off for the day.

My carpenter friend, his assistant and me were making great progress but then my sister-in-law, Junee, arrived.

With Junee and my wife, Charlotte, AKA Charl-e, getting about in shorts and t-shirts it was becoming difficult to keep the guys focused on the job. Realising that this could all come to a halt I tossed my wife my credit card and told the girls to go shopping so we could get some work done.

Followed by calls from my buddies to get something sexy, they finally left and we were able to get back to business.

We quickly had a smooth production line going of cutting the timber and nailing it in place, so it was soon finished. A few folding chairs, a table and a sunshade added a nice finishing touch. We had a cool drink, packed up the gear and the guys were gone by midday.

A shower to remove the grime seemed like a good idea and then Charl-e called to see if it was OK to come home. I said yes and went off to get clean.

I was sitting in the lounge room watching TV, with just a towel wrapped around me, when the ladies came in, clutching an assortment of bags, giggling like schoolgirls as they shouted a hello and said they would be upstairs for a while.

Now I'm a big guy 6'2" (188 cms.) and 180lbs (13 st or 82Kg ) while my wife is only 5'5" (165cms.) and about 100lbs ( 7 stone or 45Kg) stripped - the way I like it -so there has always been some sexual positions we can't do in case I squash her.

Now her sister is a real stunner, stands an even 6ft in her bare feet with legs that go all the way to her armpits. 130lbs (stone? Kg?) of sexual charisma packed into a pair of 38" boobs.

I was catching up with the overnight sports scores on the TV and when it went to an ad break, I went to the kitchen for a snack.

Thinking the guys might be here most of the day I had laid in a supply of bread rolls, cold meats and salad stuff.

I began to make a snack and thought the girls might want something to eat as well so I wandered upstairs to ask.

My bare feet made no sound as I walked to the bedroom door and I could hear voices but Charl-e's voice sounded muffled and hollow. She must be in the ensuite but Junee was clearly in the bedroom.

I was sighting along my extended arm as it was aimed at the gap in the partially closed door, when I spied the tanned, taut and terrific arse of Junee clad in only a few pieces of string that formed a small triangle of material just above her butt crack.

With skin the colour of honey and not a tan line in sight the black material of her lingerie stood out like a tattoo. I froze in mid stride, my arm just inches from the door but all I could do was stare as Junee removed her shoes, bending at the waist her arse calling me like a siren's song.

My cock had gone from "low to go!" without any conscious thought of mine! Being mesmerised by the image in front of me I was a little slow in noticing Junee pick up a matching bra to try on. Her arms were through the loops when she suddenly turned towards the door as she popped each suntanned melon into it's own lace covered carry bag.

Our eyes locked and with a loud yell of "WHAT?" she opened the door, grabbed the towel and pulled me into the room.

The towel was not very secure around my waist and Junee's sudden lunge ripped it off and it sailed across the room.

There I stood, buck naked, with a throbbing erection pointing straight at Junee, then to make matters even worse for me Charl-e came back to see what all the noise was about. She was also in some skimpy lingerie and had been in the ensuite doing her hair. It was at this moment that my cock started to to point south as I waited for my mini-sex bomb wife to explode!

I was struggling to get any words out to explain that it wasn't how it looked when Charl-e cozied up to me and ran one hand over my naked butt and the other stroked my confused manhood.

Charl-e said that she always believed I didn't like her sister but this, squeezing my cock, proved otherwise!

Finally words came from my mouth but there was some lag with my brain so I said something completely stupid in the context of the situation and that was.

"I just wanted to know if you wanted a roll."

Perfectly innocent at any other time but, with one naked man and two almost naked women, there was only one way that comment was going to be taken!

Lots of yahoo's and hi fives between the sisters and I began to realise this afternoon was going to turn out just fine.

Charl-e then wanted to know which part of her sister I wanted most and my options were front or back, top or bottom.

Of course I chose that beauty of a butt. Junee flicked the bra off into the distance and assumed a position on all fours right on the edge of the bed. Spread legs showed the thin strip of material partially covering the pink rosette of her butt hole before widening to cover her private parts.

I dropped to my knees and in seconds was overdosing on the honey coloured globes that are Junee's butt.

My tongue spread slobber all over her arse as I kissed, bit, licked and sucked every inch of that incredible back side.

I then pulled aside the thread of material and worked my tongue into every available hole.

Junee squirmed and bucked as I found all the right places to get her juices flowing. Next I was aware of someone sucking on my boner, Charl-e had slid between myself and the bed and with her back to the side of the bed was working my cock like a pro.

Junee was huffing and puffing as well as arching her back, forcing her butt so close to my face, I was nearly smothered!

What a way to go!

Soon she was calling for me to give it to her.

Charl-e had my cock so wet I just stood and slid it into her waiting love hole.

I needed no effort and drove it in like a nail, bent over Junee nearly flattening her onto the bed.

With an amazing rush of adrenaline I began to pound away as if there was no stopping and with each impact I pushed Junee across the bed, only my hands locked about her hips prevented her sliding off the other side. I was pushing forward and pulling her back with each stroke so a nice slapping sound came with each contact. I put one foot on the bed to give me some support and improve the angle of attack.

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