The Bare-Breasted Viola Player

by Bondi Beach

Copyright© 2009 by Bondi Beach

Erotica Sex Story: When you're a twin, you think you know everything about your sibling. And other girls. And yourself. Usually, you're wrong on all three counts. That said, learning what you don't know can be fun. Please note the incest code. There's not much going on yet, but that could change. If incest bothers you, skip this story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

"You going to the dance?"

I looked over at Rachael.

"Yeah. You?"

"I don't know if John is going to ask me. With Jennifer?"

"Yeah, I already asked her."

Rachael and I were sunning on our backs beside the pool late in the summer between our sophomore and junior years in high school. Me in my Speedo, Rachael in her two-piece. Not quite small enough to be a bikini, but getting there.

I don't know how it is for brother-brother or sister-sister twins, but when your twin is the opposite sex you've got the world covered. Even if you don't hang out together all the time, and we don't, you've always got someone to be around when you want.

Look, it's not like we've been buddies since forever, or any of that nonsense. We've fought and we've made up and we've been apart and we've been close, but since middle school we figured we'd have a better chance of beating the world together rather than separately. So far we've been right.

This afternoon, though, it was just the two of us. Mom and Dad took off for some stupid exhibition.

I closed my eyes and felt the sun all over me, my Speedo drying quickly, my skin toasty and warm. I heard Rachael humming to herself. Last I'd looked she had her eyes closed, too, but she was smiling. I noticed the top of her two-piece was a little loose and I could almost see a nipple and I kept looking. I couldn't help myself. Things aren't like that between us, but I'm a guy and I can't help it. Anyway, I closed my eyes and let it go, and we were quiet for a little while.

The air was still warm but the sun was gone. Twilight deepening as I walked through the little meadow at the end of the park near our house. It was a favorite spot for Rachael and me and our friends, but this evening for some reason there was no one else around and I was heading home.

The cabin stood off almost in the trees on the edge of the meadow. None of us quite knew who lived there or what it was. We never saw anyone around there, and the cabin was always locked. We knew that, because ever since we were little kids we'd try the door, daring each other to go inside. Nobody ever got in, and we never saw anyone coming in or out.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw it. The door was open a little this evening. Holy cow. This was a first.

Looked around. Still couldn't see anyone else. Walked over closer, just to take a look, you know? I could hear music faintly from the inside. An orchestra, even. Some string stuff. Huh? Wait a second. How could that be? The cabin couldn't have been more than 15 feet by 20 feet at the most. No way an orchestra could fit in there. Plus, I could hear people talking and laughing.

So, like any smart kid I did the smart thing. I walked right up to the door.

Kind of dark, like one of those fancy restaurants where each table has a little candle or light on it, so I couldn't really see very much, except that there were a lot of people inside talking and laughing and eating and drinking, it looked like. I could hear the music, but I still couldn't see where it was coming from. Maybe a stereo system? Still, how the hell could all those people fit in that cabin?

I walked through the door. Wasn't sure whether it was OK, but no one seemed to mind. I'd only taken a couple of steps inside when this old guy came up. He was wearing a white t-shirt and khaki shorts and sandals.

"Hello, Andrew. Nice to see you."

What the hell? I'd never seen this guy before in my life.

"Um, hello. How do you know my name, anyway?"

"Andrew, I know everyone's name."

"Are you a teacher at the school? Or a counselor?"

He laughed. It was a full laugh, but not a mean one.

"Well, you could say I'm a teacher, Andrew, but I don't work at the school."

He stuck out his hand.

"I'm Comus, Andrew. I've been waiting for you."

Waiting for me? Crap, this was getting a little weird.

"Hi, um, I'm Andrew, but I guess you know that. How come you're waiting for me?"

"It's not a mystery, Andrew. People come to me when they're ready, and I knew you were almost ready. So I figured you'd be along soon, and here you are."

"So, where is this place, anyway? I mean, how can so many people be in one small cabin?"

Comus laughed again.

"Andrew, anything is possible. Just enjoy it. Enjoy yourself. No one will hurt you here, at least not on purpose."

He paused for a moment.

"There are always choices in this life, Andrew. I can help you make them, maybe."

This was some weird shit, that's for sure. Still, I'm not sure why, but I was thinking this Comus guy might be OK, at least for now. At least until something happened to change that, anyway. On the other hand, it was getting late and I knew I was supposed to be home soon.

I turned back to the door.

"Maybe I could come back another time?"

He didn't seem to move at all and I don't know how he did it, but suddenly Comus was between me and the door. He held up his hand.

"Andrew, not so fast. There is something you must do before you can leave."

Now this was getting really really weird. It was maybe a little more than weird, though. My nerves were on edge, yeah, but a strange vibe was making my heart pump and I could feel my cock shift. What the hell was going on?

"You said no one would hurt me, right?"

"That's correct."

"So, what is it I have to do, anyway? My folks are going to be worried if I don't get home pretty soon."

Comus laughed that deep rich laugh again.

"Andrew, don't worry. You'll be home soon enough and safe, too."

He took my shoulder and turned me around to look into the room again.

"Just take a look around before you go. You'll see what I'm talking about, and you'll know when it's time to go. I guarantee it."

Jesus, now this guy was sounding like that dude with the beard who did those "Men's Wearhouse" ads I used to see on TV all the time. On the other hand, what did I have to lose?

"Andrew, off you go. I'll be around if you need me. Enjoy yourself."

I watched Comus walk away, stopping to greet people and chat a little as he went. I turned back to the room and saw a door at the end. The music seemed to be coming from there. Through the door and I saw the orchestra.

Must have been at least 50 musicians, neatly dressed in the standard black pants or skirt and white shirt or blouse. I listened to what sounded like a piece by Pachelbel, maybe, easy to like.

Then I saw her in the string section, just to the side. Brunette hair cut short. Neat, trim. Friendly face. She was resting her viola on her lap. Smiling at me, her bare breasts small and firm. Now this was getting really strange, because everyone else was dressed.

Don't know whether she was waiting to play or had just decided to take a break. Didn't care. I couldn't have walked away if my life depended on it. I shuffled over, smiling myself, and stopped just inches away.

"Hi, I'm Andrew."

"I know who you are, Andrew. I'm Diana."

"Does everyone here know my name?"

Diana's smile got wider. She put her viola beside her chair, reached up and pulled me down to her. Put her cheek against mine and spoke so softly I could barely hear her.

"I don't know about anyone else, but I've been waiting for you."

With that, she pressed the flat of her hand against my front. My cock, already half-hard, liked that very much.

"Kiss me, Andrew."

It was like a dream, but if it was a dream I didn't care and I didn't want to wake up. I kissed her. Soft lips, warm tongue, breath as sweet as, as sweet as ... hell, I didn't know, but sweet, anyway.

My heart was pumping and my cock rigid when we broke for air. Without knowing how, my hand was on her breast, her nipple erect and poking my palm.

"Take what you want, Andrew."

I tried to answer her and choked, instead.


"I mean it, Andrew. Take what you want."

She started to stroke me outside my shorts. Then unzipped them and let them fall. Pulled down my boxers and smiled at what she saw.

"Andrew, I want this."

Still seated, she turned toward me, put her hands on my butt, and pulled me to herself. In a second she had me in her mouth, hardly moving, letting her tongue do the work. I could barely stay on my feet, it felt so good. Hot, wet, tongue. Eyes open and looking up as she kept me in her mouth. She never looked away from me.

She let my cock slip from her mouth for a moment, grinned.

"Tell me when, Andrew. I want you to come on my face and my boobs. Will you do that for me?"

Was she crazy? Of course I would. This was what I dreamed about doing with Jennifer. How did Diana know this?

Diana took me back in her mouth and began moving a little faster. It only took a couple of minutes more.

"Diana, now."

She released me just in time. My first gush covered her cheek, the second her lips, and the third and fourth reached her breasts. As I quieted, she took me back in her mouth and sucked very gently and lightly, cleaning me.

"Did you like that, Andrew? I did."

I pulled her to her feet and kissed her. Licked her cheek a little and I could taste myself. I know some of the guys say it's gross, don't know how they know, but I realized they were full of shit. It didn't really taste like anything. Diana pressed herself against me, sticky tits and all, but I didn't care. I kissed her and kissed her until I was so out of breath I thought I would fall over.

"Me, too."

That's me, really articulate.

"Come with me."

Diana got up, put her viola on her chair, and led me to the end of the room and out the far door. We were on a low balcony overlooking the garden. It wasn't the meadow, I could see that. In fact, it wasn't any kind of garden I remembered seeing at all. A patio, right below us, with comfortable-looking garden furniture, mostly chaise lounges, many with couples on them, and beyond the patio neatly trimmed grass stretching out into the dusk. I could see other little groups and couples there.

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