The Darkness

by GentleButFirm

Copyright© 2009 by GentleButFirm

Sex Story: You can never really understand the opposite sex. Never. "I get a little damp, Bill."

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Masturbation   .

Suzy sat quietly until they dimmed the lights, looked around quickly to make sure no one was watching, and pushed her shoes off. Her hands slid up under her dress, and pulled her panties down her legs, before she pushed them expertly off with her feet. She bent gracefully and collected them from the floor, and then stuffed the small bundle of white cotton in the pocket of my leather jacket.

I was flabbergasted and had absolutely no idea what to do. I was no better off when she lifted my hand, parted her knees, and planted my pudgy fingers down in the dark nest of curly hair between her thighs. Her jacket was thrown haphazardly over her lap to disguise what was happening, and I was suddenly, and thoroughly unexpectedly, intimate with a woman.

You need to understand, it's not like I was unwilling. I had spent most of the day figuring out how I might manage a goodnight kiss, and here I was with my fingers at the entrance to the holy of holies. In all honesty, I had very little idea what to do next. I'd done some study on how to get to first base, but this was absolutely not covered.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear. "You need some help here, Bill?"

"I ... I'm not entirely ... sure, Suzy."

"Oh, you boys," she whispered back, and then she stopped talking.

Hidden nicely by her coat, she spread her legs a little more, and reached down with her own hands, first to hike her dress up out of the way, and then to take hold of my own hand and guide it. She took my fingers in hers, bent them to the shape that was required, slid my hand down past the curly nest, and inserted my finger between her slippery lips.

I started to speak and she shook her head slightly as she continued to assist. I could feel how wet she was now as my index finger slid slowly in, and Suzy sighed as she pressed my hand harder before withdrawing me a little. After a few strokes she slid me slightly northwards, to what I subsequently found out was her clitoris.

Suzy made a few strokes holding on to my hand while I felt her gentle movements around my fingers. She stared at the movie screen, and I stared at her glittering eyes, while I slowly got the hang of the rhythm of it.

Removing her hands and letting me continue she turned her face to mine and smiled, nodding once as I moved a little faster.

She bent her head a little and whispered in my ear. "I'm pretty quick, Bill. You just keep doing that, and I'll be no time at all."

So I did. I sat in the back row of a movie theatre, missing a movie that I'd been looking forward to for months, and frigged my new girlfriend shamelessly as she watched the screen. True to her word it wasn't long at all before she shuddered to a halt around my hand, and her eyes told me in no uncertain terms to stop.

I gently removed my hand, and she sat there for a minute before reaching into her handbag and removing a handkerchief. She grinned at me again as she subtly reached down to wipe herself.

"I get a little damp, Bill." She put the cloth back in her bag. "You want some?"



"What, here?"

"Of course here, silly. What did you think?"

"Yeah, but I've never..."

"Nonsense. Of course you have."

"No, I ... I don't ... you know."

"You do so, Billy. I'm not stupid."

"I ... you know, you're nothing like I thought you were."

"Oh, yes I am. They turn the lights on, and people can see us? I'm the same innocent girl you walked in here with."

"I can't keep up with this."

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