Watcher and Watched

by Bondi Beach

Copyright© 2009 by Bondi Beach

Erotica Sex Story: Eighth grade was an important year for Tommy and Monica and me. For Mom and Dad and me, too. [Author's note: Once again, the incest code is there for a reason. It's pretty light for now, but if incest bothers you, this is a good story to skip.]

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Monica's party

Parents surprise you, sometimes. Monica's mom and dad certainly surprised us in our eighth grade year when they told Monica she could have a Christmas party. Up to eight couples, sixteen kids, they said. Everyone dressed up, that was a requirement.

Monica wanted it to be formal, or at least what we thought might be formal. That was all pretty silly, of course, since we really didn't know what we were doing, but we didn't let that stop us.

So there we were, all of us dressed up. Tommy and the other guys very cute in their coats and ties. Well, we sure thought they were cute at the time, although when I looked at the pictures a few years later I laughed at how gawky and silly we all looked.

But that was later. That night we all felt pretty and special. I still wasn't big enough to have anything approaching cleavage, but Mom let me wear a dress that was kind of low-cut anyway. Spaghetti straps, too. I didn't need a bra, so I was going to have to be a little careful about leaning over and revealing too much. Or not.

Monica was much farther along in that department than I was, and she filled her dress very nicely. Jack was going to have fun tonight, I knew that for sure. Turns out I was wrong there, but I'll get to that later.

"Lisa, I can see everything, you know."

Tommy and I were dancing close. I could feel him hard against me, and I was having fun pressing myself against him and even giving him an extra wiggle or two. I wasn't trying to make him come, exactly, although that would have been a bonus, but I could tell he liked my wiggles. I mean, it's pretty obvious if you're a guy, we all know that.

"Like what you see?"

Tommy moved one hand up to sort of press my left boob. Well, it was still more than a mound than a boob, but you get the idea.

"Yeah. I wasn't the only one who did, either. I think Monica's dad noticed, too."


"He liked what he saw, I could tell."


I didn't think I needed to say any more. I pressed a little closer and nuzzled Tommy's neck, enjoying the smell of his aftershave. I giggled, remembering fifth grade.

"Remember what I wrote on your notebook in fifth grade?"

I'd written "Tommy smells bad" all over the front and back.

"Yeah. And?"

"It wasn't true then and it's not true now."

I pressed my nose and lips against his neck and inhaled.

"You smell really good."

I gave him a little nip, and Tommy shoved himself against me. Oh, he was hard, no doubt about that.

"I could just eat you up."

Tommy laughed.

"I'm going to give you that chance later, kiddo. We'll see just how much of me you can get in your mouth."


Tommy knew I meant it, too.

I know it's an overused phrase, but we danced the night away. Sometimes things work out just right. No one snuck any booze in, no one got sick, no fights. Just a lot of eating and laughing and giggles and dancing. A fair amount of cuddling and kissing and groping on couches and chairs in the corners, too.

I got my share of kisses since I made a point of sticking pretty close to the mistletoe for almost every dance. The guys liked that a lot. I wasn't the only girl with that idea, either, but I was willing to share the spot. By the end of the evening I think I had kissed everyone, all of the guys, several more than once, and even a couple of the girls.

Monica's dad kissed me, too. Just a shade more serious than a father kissing the friend of his daughter, and I liked it. I think he wanted to linger, not a surprise after what Tommy said. I wouldn't have minded that, but it's probably good that he didn't.

I was going to stay over with Monica, and it was well after midnight when everybody but me and Tommy and Monica had gone. I didn't know exactly what had happened with Jack, but I could tell from the look on Monica's face that she and I were going to have something to talk about later.

Monica's parents knew Tommy well enough that they had gone to bed after cleaning up a bit and making us promise to finish the job. We had other things in mind, but we decided to take care of that first and we did. Dishwasher loaded and running, trash put away, counters clean.

Then we were back in the family room, lights low or off, and we were feeling good. Tommy and I were on the couch, Monica in the easy chair. The fire was keeping us warm, almost too warm, maybe, but it felt good, too. Shoes off, feet to the side, cuddling against Tommy, feeling him warm and solid against me. Monica smiling at us.

I had my eyes closed, almost dozing, just relaxing there and enjoying the moment and feeling a little sleepy, even, when Tommy kissed me. Then he bit me and that woke me up and I bit him back. Turned on the couch, sat up and kissed him and bit him hard. I felt his hand on me and I pressed myself against him.

Looked over at Monica. She gave me a little wave, then slouched down in the chair a little more and moved her hand to her lap.

Tommy bit me again, just a nip but a good one on my neck, and we were off. Alternating hard and soft kisses, practicing our tongue work. Oh, yes, we hadn't wasted time since the summer. We'd learned a lot of new tricks and we polished them every chance we got.

Tommy's hands sliding my straps off my shoulders down, taking the top part of my dress along and leaving me bare to the waist. Then his lips on my collarbone and down to my breasts. Yes, I was still pretty small, but my mounds liked all the attention Tommy gave them, and his lips on my nipples were exactly what I wanted. Even a quick bite or two, yes. Then back up to stick his tongue as far down my throat as he could. That wouldn't do. Well, yes, it would do just fine, thank you very much, but I intended to give as well as get, and I shoved Tommy away and back down on the couch and in a second I was over him and doing my best to kiss him and bite him into submission.

Checked out Monica quickly. Dress pulled up, one hand between her thighs, fingers stroking and circling over her panties, other hand cupping and pressing one bare breast, big smile as she watched Tommy and me.

Tommy and I were well along at that point, and I pulled him up and lay back on the sofa, my breasts still bare and nipples erect. I pulled at his belt and he got the idea really fast. Trousers and boxers down and I hoped he didn't have to run anywhere fast because he was going to look really funny if he tried, but I knew he wasn't going anywhere soon.

Indeed, he had his cock out quickly and he was stroking himself lightly. He was already hard, and I was pretty sure he didn't need very much extra stimulation at this point. Motioned him closer and he put his cock to my lips. I still couldn't get him as far down my throat as I wanted to, but he seemed to like what I did anyway. Monica and I had had a couple of conversations about technique and I was learning fast.

His cock firm and warm as always, and my tongue wet and hot as I licked him up and down. I knew Tommy liked that, but although I didn't mind swallowing, liked it in fact because he always tasted pretty good, I liked it even more when Tommy spurted on my face and boobs and I loved the feel of his cum hot on my skin. That's where we were headed tonight and I let Tommy slip out of my mouth so I wouldn't miss any of the show.

I smiled up at him and Tommy knew exactly what I wanted. The only surprise, to me and Tommy, was seeing Monica's hands, one on Tommy's hip, the other cradling his balls, as she kissed the side of his neck. Tommy startled, then grinned as he realized what was up.

"You going to cover her, Tommy?"

Tommy kept stroking.

"Going to come all over her face?"

Tommy stroked a little faster.

"Spurt on her, baby! Spray her! Face and tits. You can do it."

I grinned at both of them.

"Yeah, Tommy. Now!"

And he did. He got me all over. Cheeks, nose, lips, neck, and the last little bit on my boobs.


That was all Tommy could manage as he stroked and pumped and squeezed himself to get the last little bit out.

In a minute Monica came around and took Tommy gently in her mouth to clean him a little, then she moved on to me. A kiss, a couple of licks, and I was a little cleaner, but I didn't care. Grabbed Monica and kissed her like I meant it. Didn't let a little stickiness bother me. It sure didn't bother Monica.

"Tommy, it's Monica's turn."

We'd been quiet for a few minutes, me on the sofa still, Monica and Tommy kind of in a little heap on the carpet beside me. I heaved myself up and moved over to them. Kissed Monica again and tugged her a little.

"Why don't you stretch out over here closer to the fire, sweetie?"

Kissed her once more and motioned to Tommy. He was up and over and smiling.

"Monica, sweetie, yes?"

She smiled.


A super student and very enthusiastic, Tommy had put a lot of effort into his geography studies with me. I liked the results a lot, although I often ended up so limp I couldn't move. Thinking about it, that's exactly the way you want to end up, right?

I kissed Tommy and gave him a little nip.

"Give her your best, pal."

Tommy kissed me back, then knelt between Monica's thighs. He'd shucked his shoes and socks and pulled off his trousers and boxers, although I have to admit he still looked a little funny with his shirt and tie on. I didn't think Monica would care, though.

Well, Tommy did me proud. Himself, too. He stretched out to get comfortable, put his hands under Monica's butt, and dove in. Not rough, just nice kisses and tongue and even a little fingering. It only took a minute or two and he had Monica panting and squeezing her legs together to make sure Tommy stayed right where he was, then a few more movements and she was gasping and pushing his head away. Tommy looked up at me, face shiny, and smiled.

"Good work, sweetie!"

I watched Tommy move a little away from Monica and roll on his back beside her, his cock erect again. My turn, and I took him into my mouth, but this time I didn't let him go. Once again it didn't take long before he was spurting and I was swallowing, and I just held him then lightly in my mouth until he softened and slipped out.

Just as I closed my eyes, I caught a movement in the hallway. Couldn't see who it was, but I knew it had to be Monica's mom or dad. I wondered which one, remembering her dad's kiss that had been just a little more than friendly. That got me thinking some interesting things.

I knew I was going to let Tommy fuck me pretty soon. I knew that, but I wasn't quite ready yet. My imagination was already moving on to some other possibilities, even. Actually, "let" wasn't quite the right word here. I was going to fuck Tommy just as much as he was going to fuck me. We had been equals since the beginning and I was intent on making sure that continued. Pretty sure that was the way Tommy wanted it, too.

An hour later, Tommy long gone, I was sleepy and relaxed in Monica's arms, pussy satisfied from Monica's fingers and tongue. As I drifted off, my last thought was we could talk about Jack tomorrow.

Teaching Jack a lesson

I held Monica the morning after the party while she cried as she told me what had happened with Jack. He wouldn't stop biting her and pinching her nipples, even when she pushed at him and said it hurt and told him to stop. Finally, she told him it was time for him to leave. Good thing her dad, who is a pretty tall guy, was standing right there when she did. Jack isn't very bright, but even he wasn't stupid enough to take on the father of the hostess.

That was the last straw, and we decided it was time for Jack to learn an important lesson about girls and the word "no." It didn't take us long to work up our plan.

Mid-January. Weather crappy. It was the end of PE class, girls at one end of the gym, boys at the other. All of us into our separate locker rooms to shower and dress and get ready for the last class period of the day. It was a favorite time for couples to spend a couple of minutes necking just at the exit of the gym. You couldn't be seen from the outer hall, and the offices the coaches shared were down at the far end of the entry.

As he'd been doing more and more lately, Jack grabbed Monica as soon as she came out of the girls' locker room and pushed her into the corner. Ignored her protests and her attempts to get away.

"Jack, no! Not here!"

Dumb shit paid no attention to her. Monica shoved him as hard as she could, but he just laughed and tried to bite her again.

"Stop it, Jack! I mean it!"

I walked over and kicked him in the ass, hard. He spun around and jumped at me, but I'm quick and I dodged and he ended up sprawling on the floor.


That was the signal, and Coach Burns and Coach Anderson came out of their shared office and walked over to us. Burns coached the varsity football squad. No one messed with a guy who was as big or bigger than his linebackers.

"That's it, Davis. Principal's office, right now."

Marilyn Anderson, the girls' soccer team coach, went over to Monica, still huddled against the wall and crying.

"Monica, come with me. I'll take you to the nurse."

Monica tried to tell her it was OK, but Coach Anderson brushed away Monica's protests.

"Monica, this was assault. We're required to have the nurse examine you."

She gestured to me.

"Lisa, I want you in the nurse's office in five minutes, no more, no less."

I looked at Coach Burns.

"Thank you, Coach."

Monica and I had tipped off the coaches that something might be happening with Jack. It wasn't an accident that we chose the entry to the gym where there were video cameras, put there in the years following Columbine. Most kids hadn't noticed the cameras, and those who did notice, like Monica and me, didn't care. We liked being watched and liked the idea that maybe the school staff got off on playing the tapes. Not that any school staff member would do something like that, of course.

"It's OK, Lisa. Well, it's not OK, but Coach Anderson and Principal Samuels and I will take it from here."

Yes, the same Samuels who had been our elementary school principal. He was near the end of his career at this point, but he'd moved to the middle school right along with us. I still couldn't put anything over on him, and I'd stopped trying. I'd like to think I'd gotten a little smarter, too.

Well, that was pretty much the end of the story with Jack. He spent 60 days in juvenile hall for assault, plus mandatory counseling in anger management and the meaning of the word "no," I guess, and the rest of this academic year plus a summer session to catch up in the alternative school for kids with discipline problems.

He never bothered Monica or anyone else again. I guess maybe in the end he wasn't quite as stupid as he appeared to be.

In front of the fire

The first time for us was in front of the fire one night in February during a snowstorm. Mom and Dad had gone to bed, and Tommy and I were alone in the living room. Tommy lived close enough that he could walk, which was a good thing since no one was going to be driving anywhere much that night.

Tommy and I hadn't talked about this, really, but we knew we were headed there. Does it seem weird that we weren't screwing ourselves silly yet? Not to me. No, I didn't have a schedule, but I was pretty sure I would recognize the right time when it arrived. At least, I hoped so.

No lack of interest with Tommy, that's for sure. His delight in spraying me was no greater than my pleasure in feeling his hot spurts on my skin. That is, when I wasn't swallowing, anyway. I liked that just as much. And there was the fun in getting to that moment, too, whether it was me trying to get as much of him down my throat as I could, or Tommy's tongue up and down between my legs and circling and sucking and licking right on my button.

I'm trying to write this down as close as I can remember it, and I'm probably forgetting all the backing and forthing and "should we do this" and "is now the time," and all that stuff, but, honestly, the moment just sort of arrived. One minute or maybe more than a few minutes and Tommy and I were kissing and holding each other and biting a bit, too, and later on we seemed to end up without our clothes, the fire warm on our skin, the lights low, the house quiet.

Tommy was on top of me, his cock flat against my pussy outside, moving slowly, and our tongues were dueling and we were locked together. Then I bit him and rolled over on top of him. I scrunched up on him feeling his dick slide along my fur, my breasts not big enough to hang yet, but close enough for him to reach up and palm them, then pull me down and kiss me and my neck and then slide his tongue over my nipples and even nip just a little.

And then I don't quite know how but I moved back and felt him stiff at my entrance and I just lifted a little bit and closed my eyes and let myself sink down on him a little, lifted up a bit, and then back down again and worked him all the way down. That felt really good to me. It did for Tommy, too, since our first time lasted something less than 15 seconds. I just had time to lift up and come back down one more time and that was it.

"No, Lisa!"


"It's OK, pal."

I leaned down and kissed him. I'd known it was going to happen that way. I was also pretty sure, if past experience was any guide, that it wouldn't be long before Tommy was ready to give it another try.

I was right.

We were moving again and my eyes were closed and he was filling me and it was all good and I was moving a little faster with each stroke and I felt the flush and the burst and I stopped moving. Tommy grabbed my hips and pulled me down hard a couple of more times and I felt him spurt inside me once more.

And that's the whole story of our first time, except that I left out the holding and the cuddling and the soft kisses and a love bite or five and a bit of dribbling, too, as we left another stain on the rug in front of the fire. I was pretty sure that Mom and Dad wouldn't notice, at least I hoped they wouldn't.

I went out for track in March and ran my fastest each time. Hard to breathe at the end of the race, lungs pumping, heart racing, legs hurting and muscles trembling, and it felt so awfully good.

I was never hornier than after a race, and more than once I pretty much grabbed Tommy and took him someplace more or less private, and there I jumped him. Or he jumped me, I don't know, but more and more I liked being on my hands and knees and letting Tommy slam me from behind. He liked that, too, I could tell.

Don't give me any of that dominant or submissive crap, either. I knew what I wanted and I wasn't afraid to go for it every time. I liked doggy. I liked being under and around and on top, too. But doggy was the best for hard and fast, and that was the way I liked it most of all. Oh, and often, too.

Morning on the patio

"Tommy, I'm freezing."

He pulled up his t-shirt and mine and we were skin to skin now in front anyway and that felt pretty good.

"How's that?"

"Better, but I'm still cold."

All I can say is that it had seemed like a good idea at the time. Barely a hint of spring, still cold, but somehow we'd decided it would be fun to get up early and watch the sun come up.

All right, I know, it was a stupid idea, but I'd told Mom and Dad about it and they said it was OK, so Tommy came over very early that Saturday morning. I'd brought out a couple of blankets and we were cuddled up under them on the big double chaise lounge out by the pool.

While I was thinking about that Tommy was inching my shorts and panties down and off. I moved my legs a little to help him. Then he did the same with his own stuff and we were nude and pressed together. That felt even better, but I knew this wasn't going to work.

"Crap! Forget it. I'm going inside."

And I jumped up and ran for the patio door into the living room, Tommy only two steps behind me. Closed the sliding door behind him and in another three steps he tackled me against the couch.

"Tommy, ssh!"

To make sure he got the message I bit him.

"Keep it down, unless you want an audience."

His lips were against my ear.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

I didn't know what to say to that so I bit him again, rolled him off me and pinned him.

"Are you going to talk me to death or fuck me?"

With that I jumped off, stood up and leaned over the end of the sofa and waggled my butt at him. Tommy is not a stupid boy, and in a second he was behind me, one hand on my hip, the other stroking my dripping pussy and wetting his cock and the next minute he was inside me and filling me and it was heaven. Or at least it was until I heard a sound from the hall and reached back to poke Tommy.

"Down, quick!"

Tommy groaned as I pushed him and twisted away and we dropped behind the end of the sofa. Uh oh. Our clothes were still on the patio beside the chaise lounge and I didn't see how we could get out there without being seen.

"Wonder where Lisa and Tommy are?"

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