Cuckolding My Father

by dirty oedipus

Copyright© 2009 by dirty oedipus

Incest Sex Story: Dad loves his roses, he can have them. i'll have my mother

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   .

"They look lovely this year"

My husband looked up to where I was leaning out of the bedroom window watching him tend his roses,

"Yes" he smiled, "I think we'll win a few prizes again this year"

""They're not nearly as lovely as your ass mum" my son whispered behind me as he raised my skirt up over my hips,

"And they're nowhere near as lovely as these sexy little panties"

I sighed with pleasure as I felt his warm breath on my thighs, his lips touched the naked flesh above my stockings and I shuddered as he kissed the narrow strip of lace between my buttocks,

"Later" I hissed but made no attempt to resist as he eased the delicate little garment down over my hips and thighs,

"Just a little taster mum" he whispered and I barely suppressed a moan as I felt his tongue lapping at my tiny nether hole.

I pushed my bottom back at him and his tongue forced it's way into my anus,

"Oh God David" I moaned just as my husband shouted up that he was going to get some more compost from the garden centre.

"Do you want to come?"

"No you go on, I've got things to do here"

"Things like stepping out of my panties" I added softly and did so as his van pulled out onto the lane.

"Oooh yes" I sighed and opened my legs even wider as the swollen dome of his prick slid easily into my clutching anus, I opened my blouse for his hands to grip my breasts and roughly pinch the hard buds of my nipples.

"Yes fuck me David" I hissed, "Shag me darling, shag me like a fucking dog"

"Every day mum" he gasped, "Every day for the next two weeks, every morning, every afternoon and every fucking night"

I turned my head and crushed my mouth against his, his tongue snaked between my teeth and I tasted myself on it, it excited me even more, I reached round for his muscular buttocks and he winced as I grabbed a handful and squeezed,

"Shag me harder you dirty little bastard" it felt like an iron bar in my rectum, I wiggled my ass and pushed back as he rammed himself into me, there was no finesse, no loving caresses or romantic words like other times, we were using each other to slake our lust,

"This is next mum" he gasped and moved a hand down over my stomach to where the tiny little nub of my clitoris nestled, his thumb caressed it gently for a moment before sliding up into the swamp that was my cunt.

"When we get there, I'm going to shave it, every last little hair, you'll be sitting in a chair wearing nothing but black seamed stockings and a smile"

"Yes" I gasped, "What else?"

"You'll be on that nude beach with your legs wide open showing everybody your hot little cunt"

"Yes" his words were getting to me,

"It'll be full of spunk mum"

"Fuck yes"

"My spunk"

His prick felt like it was growing inside me,

"They'll all know won't they?"

"Yes" he confirmed, "They'll see your cunt and they'll all know what a hot little slut you are"

"David" I hissed, "Harder, I'm coming"

He rammed himself savagely into me and my head exploded in a vortex of pleasure, fireworks went off in the sky, lights flashed all around me, bells rang, hooters sounded and his prick erupted,

His animalistic grunts spurred me on as I felt his spunk splattering my rectum, I squealed with pleasure and another climax hit me like a sledge hammer,

"Oh fuck yes" I squealed, "YES, YES, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS"

The taxi arrived at the same time as my husband, so with a quick peck on the cheek, we were gone, we sat together in the back of the cab looking forward to two weeks in the sun at our little villa in Spain.

There was the usual two hour wait at the airport, then a two and a half hour flight over to Spain, so it was early afternoon when the taxi dropped us off outside the villa we had bought three years previously, I spent an hour cleaning and removing all the dust covers while David took the cover off the pool, then we were ready for the serious business of enjoying our well earned holiday.

"Wow" he leered, "That's positively obscene!"

"It's a Wicked Weasel micro bikini" I laughed feeling deliciously wicked myself in it, "My nipples were clearly visible through the thin mesh of the bra and I'd deliberately taken the inner lining out of the gusset to leave the panties completely see-through.

"Talking of obscene, have you seen yourself?"

The white cycling shorts clung to his muscular thighs and did nothing to disguise the shape or thickness of his prick which was already beginning to strain against the lycra,

"Yeah well that's your fault, nobody's got the right to look like you do"

I giggled and blushed at the compliment, he knew how much pride I took in my appearance and never failed to tell me I looked good, unlike his father who took no notice of me at all.

"Trouble is though, we need to go grocery shopping before I waste away to nothing"

"Fat chance" I laughed, "Come on then, I'll slip a dress on over it, I'm hungry too"

As we sat out in the garden enjoying our steaks under the blazing hot sun, my mobile phone rang, it was my husband who asked if we'd got there ok.

"Yes" I replied, "It's beautiful here, we're just finishing our steaks and then we're going out to explore the town"

I watched my son slowly get up from his seat and walk round to mine, his eyes were fixed firmly on mine as he knelt down and unfastened the strings of my bikini panties, I stifled a gasp as he spread my legs apart and moved his head forward until his tongue flicked over my clitoris,

"Yes darling" I said into the phone, "David's here with me, but he's eating just now, you know how much he loves to eat"

David nodded eagerly as his tongue slipped in between my pussy lips to lap at the plentiful wetness within me, I sat back pushing my groin forwards into his face, my husband was going on about his bloody roses, but I couldn't help from laying a hand on my son's head and holding him against my pussy while I pushed and rolled my hips.

I stifled another groan as he stood up and dropped his shorts, his prick sprang out obscenely and I took it into my mouth, with a very occasional grunt of agreement to my husband, I slurped and sucked at his lovely fat cock,

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