A Wonderfull Life

by Shoebooty

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True Story: The story of a wonderful lady who passed through this world and touched my life for the better.

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There have been many wife stories in this forum. Some about wives so bad that the husbands plotted

revenge. Some were sluts at their husbands urging. Some times the fit between a husband and wife is not good. This is a story about an excellent fit.

I lost Linda on July 5, 2009. This is her eulogy.

Linda Lorraine W#######

The Person

Linda was born on July 14, 1945 to Mr and Mrs Delbert C####. Linda was the first of three children.

She had an average childhood with loving parents. She and another girl shared an apartment until she

married. She was married to Burt H####### and had two boys Jim and David. It was a stormy marriage

and ended in 5 years.

I often teased Linda by telling her I found her through an add in the paper She was the secretary

for a singles group I found through the Mercury. We started dating and I never had a chance. We

married on July 26,1974. Linda's mom, dad and our two boys attended the wedding at state line in

Nevada. We moved into the house I had in San Jose and Linda turned it into a home. We stayed in San

Jose until we decided the country was a better place to raise a family than the city. We moved to San

Martin 30 years ago and have never regretted it.

The wife

When I first met Linda we were both just out of 5 years of a bad marriage. We really clicked with each

other, Still caution is advised when getting to know each other. We laughed and teased each other

mercilessly. She packed my lunch even when we were dating. One day when I opened my lunch she

had forgotten to put in a spoon. When I got home that night I told her how difficult it was to eat my

peaches that they had kept slipping off the nail I was trying to eat with. Linda never said a word. The

next day when I opened my lunch bucket there was a 3 inch layer of plastic spoons in the bottom. One

of the other carpenters said [If she is that way now and your not even married yet, She will be even

worse when your married.] He was right and I would not have missed a minute of it.

After we were married for a short time we decided more children would be a good addition. Linda was

pregnant and we started getting a nursery ready. We were so excited and then she miscarried. We

were devastated. Eventually she was pregnant again and our family was starting to grow.

I had a job with with C##### and S####### and would be working out of town for several years in

many different locations. Linda said I just found you and do not want to be without you. We bought a

32ft trailer and every time I moved to a new location the family and Linda moved with me. The older

kids were pulled out of school and Linda taught them in the trailer. If she had not done this I would not

have seen the little ones stand the first time or have seen their first steps. She was always family first.

We used to talk about how if a person was in a bad marriage first it was so much easier to appreciate

a good one.

When we moved to San Martin it was back into the trailer while I worked evenings and weekends

building our house. It still is not completely done. Linda endured it all with grace and good humor.

Once after a contractor I worked for went broke and our savings were gone, Linda looked at me and

said [Everyone should be poor once to appreciate having money. Now that we appreciate being poor,

can we earn some?].

Linda always had a weight problem so about 10 years ago she had the stomach band. It was the

beginning of her slide into bad health. 7 years ago we rushed her back into the hospital with a herniated

navel. She was hospitalized for two weeks and then came home. A week later we rushed her back to

to the hospital where thy discovered a perforated bowel and fixed it. After a long recovery and being

dropped in ICU, Linda never walked again. She said she would never go a hospital again as she would

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