Brenda's Reunion

by TheMoose63

Copyright© 2009 by TheMoose63

Erotica Sex Story: Brenda Powers is going to her 13th high school reunion but is worried that Trisha will be there too. The last time the two of them were together Trisha beat Brenda's ass and stripped her naked and humiliated her... would she do it again. 13 years was a long time, but long enough?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   FemaleDom   Humiliation   .

Brenda Powers received the invitation to her 13th high school reunion in the afternoon mail and was sitting in her kitchen pondering if she really wanted to go or not. For the umpteenth time that afternoon she looked at the date for the reunion and realized that there wasn't any reason for her not to go ... well only one reason really — that bitch Trisha Grant. Brenda wanted to see all of her old friends and dance and have a few drinks but if Trisha showed up she didn't know what would happen.

She closed her eyes and thought back to her high school days when the two of them had squared off over some teenage indiscretion that she couldn't even remember now. Trisha was the same height as she was, five-seven although she weighed a little more. She wasn't a pretty girl with straight dark brown hair and blue eyes ... but it was those eyes of hers, they could ... well they were cold as ice and could bored holes right through you.

She and Trisha had bad blood between then for sometime and Brenda had told all her friends that she could kick Trisha's butt and she had been so damned sure of herself but that wasn't what happened, not at all, in fact just the opposite had occurred and she had wound up on the ground, beaten and cowed and with blood oozing from her nose as Trisha ripped off her clothes ... all of them! The final indignation had been when Trisha ripped off her panties and then reached between her legs and slipped her fingers into Brenda's pussy and finger-fucked her while everyone watched! God she just laid there and cried as Trisha humiliated her then the unimaginable happened, Trisha put her foot on Brenda's abdomen and slowly pushed downward. Brenda remembered pleading with Trisha to stop, that she had to pee but the bitch kept putting pressure on her bladder until it finally gave way and Brenda pissed in front of everyone. Through her tears she could still see the crowd of her friends, and of course her enemies too, just standing around laughing at her laying there covered in her own piss. God it had been so humiliating that she hadn't ever told anyone about it except her boyfriend and she hadn't told him about being forced to pee in front of everyone! Fuck it - she thought, she was going to go to the reunion and what ever happened, happened.

That night as she and her boyfriend John were eating dinner Brenda brought up the reunion. She gave John the invitation and waited for his response. He read the whole thing - twice - then looked up at her quizzically.

"Do you want to go?" He asked seriously.

She nodded her head. "Un huh, I sure do. I think it will be great seeing all my old friends again."

"Uh ... but what about that Trisha Grant girl, I mean if she's there won't there still be some bad blood between the two of you?"

Brenda thought about that for a minute or two and although it was probably true she didn't want her boyfriend to know that she was still scared shitless of the girl. "Well I think that after thirteen years everyone has probably forgotten all about it." She watched him nod his head but she wasn't sure that he believed her. Although she had told him about the fight he didn't know everything, not about the peeing of course, and he didn't know about Trisha finger-fucking her either, after all there were some secrets that a girl had to keep to herself.

As the reunion drew closer Brenda asked John to reserve a room at the Holiday Inn so they wouldn't have to drive home after having a few drinks. She went shopping at the mall and picked out a nice cocktail dress and was really looking forward to the reunion.

The night of the reunion finally arrived and John and Brenda drove to the high school and parked in the student parking lot then walked across the campus to the gymnasium where the dance was being held. The reunion committee had received special permission from the city to have alcoholic beverages on the campus for that night only and Brenda was glad thinking that she might need some alcoholic fortification. They walked up to a reception table and checked and each received paper nametags. John, as nice as always, placed Brenda's tag on her right breast making sure that he got a good feel of her tit when he patted it on.

"Jesus John, don't be so crude." She chided him.

"Fuck you, who gives a shit what I do anyway?"

Ticked off at his crude response Brenda started off across the gym floor. "Come on John, let's find ourselves a table." She looked around for some of her old friends and then she spotted two couples she knew at a table near the rear of the gymnasium. She walked over tugging John behind her and they grabbed a couple of seats. There was a DJ playing music and Brenda and John danced a couple of dances and then one of her friends husband asked her to dance a slow dance and Brenda happily accepted his offer. The guy seemed nice enough until his hand came to rest on Brenda's butt. "Hey, careful with the merchandise!" She said.

He grabbed her hand and pulled it away from his. "Well sweetheart I heard you were a slut in high school and I figured you still were. I know all about you being stripped naked on the football field and fucked by Trisha. I can do better than that bitch, come on outside with me."

Brenda was taken aback and said that she was going to tell her boyfriend and the guy just shrugged his shoulders. "So what, he looks like a fucking wimp anyway ... maybe he wants to watch me fuck you ... and I'll bet you would like that too!"

Brenda felt herself getting wet just thinking of John watching another guy fuck her and not being able to do anything about it. When the dance was finally over Brenda returned to their table and took a sip of her drink and just needed to get away for a few minutes so she told John that she was going to the bathroom and left the table. She made it to the bathrooms and didn't see Trisha anywhere nor did she see any of Trisha's friends ... so far, so good she thought.

Things were going along well and while John stayed mostly at the table talking to the other husbands Brenda decided to circulate around some more and search out more of her old friends ... then she saw Trisha sitting in the back of a darkened corner of the gym. Although it was dark she could clearly see Trisha who was at a table with four other girls Brenda recognized. The last time she had seen the five of them together she had been on the ground as they all yelled, "Strip her naked." She didn't think Trisha had seen her but that proved not to be the case.

Brenda took the long way around the gym to try and avoid running into any more of Trisha's friends. She made it back to her table and from the look on John's face she guessed that John had picked up on the fact that she was scared.

"What's wrong Brenda, you look like you've seen a ghost."

"Uh ... I was walking around and I saw Trisha Grant in the back of the gym ... God I was hoping she wouldn't be here tonight."

"I thought you told me that you didn't care, that it was probably all forgotten anyway so what's the big deal?" He asked.

"Well that's what I thought but when I saw her sitting at the table with all of her friends, the same ones that cheered her on when she humiliated me, I got scared. John, come on let's leave ... I want to go to the hotel."

"Honey, are you sure? I mean we've only been here for a couple of hours."

Brenda was about to say something else when there was a hand on her shoulder. She turned and looked up into the ice-cold blue eyes of Trisha Grant.

"Well hello Brenda. I see you had the balls to come back to school, what's the matter didn't your learn your lesson the last time?"

She shoved Trisha's hand away and said bravely. "Get your hands off of me you bitch. I'm here to have some fun not to rehash the old times with a slut like you!"

Trisha grabbed her by her hair and yanked. "Stand up and look at me when you talk shit, and I don't need anymore badmouthing from you."

Brenda looked over to John for help. When he started to get up a huge guy materialized out of nowhere and put his hand on John's shoulder and said in a quiet voice, "Hey pal, let's let the two ladies settle this themselves, now sit down or I'll beat the shit out of you right here." The guy had to be six inches taller than John and at least fifty pounds heavier and he didn't look like he had much fat on him. John did what he was told then the guy sat down next to him and pulled out a knife, opened it, and set it on the table in front of John. "Just in case you get any ideas, that's all."

Trisha looked over at her boyfriend and nodded her thanks. She looked around the adjoining tables and waived her arms, "Okay everyone, gather around and let me show you how to properly humiliate a slut."

Brenda thought at least one person would come to her aid but all her friends just sat there like bumps on a log and looked at her like they didn't even know who in the hell she was. She pleaded with the crowd as Trisha twisted her hair tighter. "Owwww, Oh God damn, somebody help me ... please."

Trisha just laughed. "There isn't anyone here, including God, that's going to help you Brenda so you're just going to have to do what the fuck I tell you. Get it?"

"Fuck you!" Brenda screamed.

She slapped Brenda. "Yea you got a big fucking mouth and as I remember you tried to be the big girl back in high school and how did that fucking turn out?"

Brenda felt the zipper on the back her dress being jerked down and thought — Oh God, not again! "Please Trisha, don't do this to me, please, I'll apologize to you. I'll do anything you want but don't do this to me! Please that was years ago, let's just forget all about that shit."

"You'll do anything I tell you to anyway but I like the idea of a nice apology so get down of your fucking knees and apologize to me and make it sincere."

Brenda was breathing hard as she dropped down onto her knees and looked up at Trisha. She had tears in her eyes as she begged for forgiveness and apologized for everything she had done and pleaded not to be beaten up again. She hoped that this night's humiliation would end with her apology and that she and John could leave.

"Well that was nice of you Brenda but I think you could do a little better than that. Why don't you bend over and kiss my feet."

Brenda took a deep breath and watched as all of her friends, and her boyfriend, watched her beg not to be beaten. She put her hands on the floor and bent down and kissed Trisha's shoes.

"That's a good girl now there is something else you can kiss." Trisha lifted up her skirt and Brenda could see that she either wasn't wearing any panties or had taken them off. "Well ... go on, kiss my pussy and I better feel some tongue inside me."

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