Gencom Naruto

by C.King

Copyright© 2009 by C.King

Fan Fiction Story: Naruto Uzumaki finally gets some loving treatment after the years of neglect and abuse. From several sexy ladies.

Tags: mt/ft   mt/Fa   Mind Control   Hypnosis   Magic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Group Sex   Orgy   Harem   First   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Teacher/Student   Big Breasts  

Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of Masashi Kishimoto. All characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are theirs. This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own the rights to the Naruto. I have no money and therefore not a good suing target. Thank you very much.

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