The House Near the Beach

by Otzchiim

Copyright© 2009 by Otzchiim

Erotica Sex Story: They wanted to see what they could get into on the beach, and who would get into them

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Light Bond   .

"It was a wonderful idea of yours, Maxine, to have us drive down here in the evening," said Violet. "We can walk to the beach from here and not worry about parking."

"It's Nice to have somebody staying here with me," said Maxine. "Not as nice as if you were six feet tall, male, 200 pounds of muscle and really horny, but better than my parents."

"Still, you are lucky to get the use of a place like this every couple of weeks."

"Well, yeah, but I haven't gotten to use it the way I would like to, Vi, like having a man make me come twice a night."

"I can imagine," said Violet. "But" - sniggling close - "ell me about it, Let's talk dirty."

Maxine got a little apprehensive at the way Violet was acting, but decided it was all right. Surely she wasn't +that+ sort!

"When I spend the night here alone," she began, "I imagine somebody sitting inn the chair over there, that wooden one with the arms and the straight back, only he's not just sitting there, he's tied to it with soft ropes."

"What does he look like?"

"Uh, that depends. Let's say he's lean, not very tall, just weatring cut=off jeans, and black."

"You like black guys, in bed, I mean?"

"Tell you the truth, I've never had one. A lot of them I've met, I don't think I would. Let's say he's smart, or anyway not acting dumb, and nice to be around.

"Anyway, while he's tied there, I get up dressed in a long tight shiny dress and start dancing in front of him. His eyes follow me back and forth. After a while I take off the long black gloves I'm wearing and brush them across his face. He moves to catch them in his mouth, but I keep them just out of reach.

"Then I take off the shiny black jacket so my arms are exposed. I move around him so I lay my arms on his from behind, then hug his bare back. He tells me how hot I'm making him.

"I come back in front of him and start to lower the zipper on the dress, maybe an inch at a time. After a while, I shrug it off my shoulders, then I dance some more, then drop it to my waist to show my black bra. I finally let the whole dress fall and I toss it aside.

"I move up and stay just out of reach of his head - his hands are tied down, remember - but close enough that he can smell my perfume. I put my books close to his face while I loosen my bra, so they pop out right in front of him and I stick my nipples in his face.

"I go behind him again and press my breasts against his back, then rub them back and forth. I use my tongue on the back of his neck and he tells me what he wants to do to me when he gets loose. I walk back in front of him and tug on my panties a little at a time until they just drop and I'm naked. I dance forward, leaning back, with my legs spread and open, and sit on his lap...

"Then he starts to pull the ropes loose, and I jump up. I run to the bed, but he gets all the ropes off and follows me. He tears his shorts off and shows that he has a big one.

"He shoves my legs further apart and goes all the way in with one stroke, because I'm wet and ready for him. He pounds and pounds and pounds until we both come at the same time."

"Wow," said Violet. "I better go take a bath after that. You got me hotter than I want to be with no man around."

"Aren't you taking more than that, Anders? You got a lot more room in there."

"Food for a meal or two in the cooler, a change of clothes before the party tonight, a mattress if things go right, room for a couple passengers. What else could I use?" came the deep voice.

"I dunno, maybe you're right," said Joey.

They got to the beach at nine in the morning, in time for Maxine and Violet to see them climb out of the van. Violet looked over the driver, well over six feet with broad shoulders and hips and looking like he could bench-press small cars, and said: "Dibs on that one!"

Maxine said, "Mmm. If he's any good, I'll take him when you're done with him. But the other one will do for a while." She looked over a fellow some inches shorter, much slighter - about average - with a big moustache and darkish blond hair.

The slim girl with the short corn-yellow hair smiled at the big red-haired man and caught his attention right away. His large hand was soon resting on the small of her back, between the two halves of her suit, and looking like it wanted to move sown, in front. With the other hand perhaps replacing the top of her suit, where it could stretch to caress both breasts at once.

Maxine, shorter and dark-haired, bustier than her friend, was not as fast to attach herself to Joey. They talked for a while but when she wanted to go for a swim, he begged off.

Before Maxine had gotten her knees wet, Joey was watching intently a taller female with a red tied-on bathing suit. She stared back right away, and he walked over to her. They exchanged a lot of looks, but found that they did not need many words. Another two minutes and they both looked for Anders, and got the keys to his van.

Joey helped the red-suited girl into the van, and as soon as the door was locked he touched the shoestring on her suit top. She grinned and lifted her arms to him. He pulled the string and a pair of round breasts with hard nipples came into view.

She sat on the mattress, then lay back and smiled as she spread her legs. He joined her there, his mouth meeting hers at the same moment his hand touched her breast. That same hand soon pulled the other string and his fingers worked at her entrance until she gasped and squeezed on his hand.

Her hands removed his swim trunks quickly, grabbing for his erection. He slid between her legs, fumbled for a moment, then began short strokes that turned to long ones until her body spasmed.

After a couple of minutes she put her bathing suit back on, smiled at Joey, waved, and hopped out of the van without ever giving her name.

Joey stared in shock for a moment, then shrugged, got dressed himself, and went back to the beach. He ran into Maxine fairly quickly.

Maxine had come back from swimming a few minutes earlier and found Joey gone. She decided that ha had gone for a walk, so she spread her blanket and lay down and dozed.

Joey leaned over her to awaken her with a kiss - and maybe feel her up a bit before she really woke - but she woke when his shadow moved across her face. On the other hand, the kiss was enthusiastically returned, and Joey found himself having to cool the girl down to keep her from noticing that he did not have an erection because he couldn't for a while.

They lay close together for some time, until they noticed two other shadows above them, one much larger than the other.

"I need the keys," said Anders. "Violet and I want to drive around for a while. But don't worry - I'll be back," he added in a deeper voice. He felt it endlessly funny to say that.

Maxine wondered for a second why Joey rather than Anders had the keys, but another kiss distracted her from asking, as did the suggestion that they go into the ocean. Joey had finally realized that the salt water would remove or mask odors Maxine would be suspicious of.

Anders drove less than ten minutes to get to a region of sloping grassy hills. He parked the van, took a beach towel, and led Violet up a steep climb to the highest hill around. This turned out to be very soft in a hollow on top, and a place from which it was obvious that nobody else was in sight.

And with the hollow, nobody could see them unless very close, or if they stood. They soon were not standing.

Violet felt his large hand at the clasp of her suit top in moments after they lay down, and then felt the other hand lift it off. Then she seemed to feel his hands everywhere at once, not only extended to rub one nipple with his right thumb and the other with two fingers of the same hand, but for his left hand to touch her navel and her thighs.

Then the suit bottom was gone, and the left hand massaged the whole area that it had covered, gently at first but much less so as her arousal mounted, thick long fingers entering and opening and spreading her.

Violet's hands tugged on his trunks and her legs spread (as did her mouth) at what removing them showed. But the hand Anders had put between her legs continued to work until her body tightened and relaxed so that she was very wet and ready for him. At least she hoped she was ready for him.

Nevertheless, when he entered he seemed to her very big and long, and the action of his hips very strong. That action gathered speed as he went on, as her legs tried to move around him, and at the end the pounding made her cry out in pleasure.

Joey and Maxine spent the afternoon alternating between swimming, cuddling, kissing and resting. Joey also thought about how it would feel to strip Maxine naked and sink his erection (returned for a while now) into her tonight, either in her bed or in or the spare room of the place Anders was in. He was certain that she would be very eager and agile once she was under him, and he looked forward to seeing how long he could keep her coming.

Maxine, on the other hand, thought a lot about what she wanted to have lead up to that destination, and had doubts about whether she wanted Joey to take her there. She wanted very much to have someone seduce her skilfully and arouse her lovingly and fill her completely until she exploded with pleasure. She just wasn't sure if Joey was up to treating her right on the morning after.

And they couldn't get to the morning after unless she let him in on the night before.

Anders had known of a party that night before the day started, and that afternoon he checked that Violet was interested in going there. Joey was sort of known to the people holding then party, and certainly the girls would be welcome.

Maxine thought that even if she wasn't sure she wanted to end the day with Joey, she didn't mind going to a party with him, as Anders drove the four of them to the beach place that her parents had.

The two women went in to shower and change, while the men changed clothes in the van. (They had washed up down by the beach.)

Violet was completely ready while Maxine was still in the middle of things, soshe came out to the van to talk with Anders. Joey went in as Violet left, hoping to catch Maxine half-naked. Which he did, but since she was behind a door with a strong lock, it did not get him anywhere that he wanted to go.

"What we did on that hill this afternoon," Violet said softly, "was really incredible. But, well ... do you think that you would be able to do it as well again tonight?"

Anders was a little surprised at this. He had never had anyone ask that question before, let alone speak that frankly. "That's going to be around midnight," he said with a broad smile. "If you want, we can just drop the other two at the party after dinner and do it right then. And a third time after we pick them up!"

"That sounds encouraging," she said. "But I may not be asking for me."

"I don't understand."

"Maxine is not sure that she wants to do it with Joey. But she needs it a lot, a lot more than I do. You were so great that I could do without tonight. If things don't work with Joey for her - would you mind being loaned out, sort of? She really thinks you are hot, and she doesn't even know hoe good you are in bed."

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