by Stacatto

Copyright© 2009 by Stacatto

Romantic Sex Story: Cute gal learns about the man next door.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   .

I realize this is a strange way to start, but actually, I really don't know exactly where to start my story; perhaps a place to start might be by telling you something about me?

The problem I have with that is for me to try and describe myself, I feel I come off as if I'm conceited, or I am better than others. I honestly know that my looks and the shape of my body are just the luck of the draw. I do go to a gym and work out as much as is practical just to keep in the best condition as I can, but I could have been 3'8" just as easy as 5'8"; and my body could have been lumpy and dumpy rather than the shape I'm lucky enough to end up with. I wear a 36 C cup bra, the rest of me is 24" in the middle, and my bottom is 35". I don't know if it was due to genetics or what, however trust me when I say I am very grateful I was blessed with a decent body and a nice face, and most important, I really try not to let it go to my head. I don't feel I'm conceited, but I'd have to be living under a rock to say I'm also well aware I get more than my shares of looks.

I am single and I will be 28 my next birthday in May. I have had lovers over the years and I have even loved a couple of guys; but I feel I've never been "in love" with any man. Some would call me a romantic because I believe there is a man out there who will sweep me off my feet. He hasn't shown up yet, but I still have my hopes.

I have an extremely interesting job that pays handsomely and I'm in the process of buying a very cool home overlooking the bay. Living next door is a pleasant and extremely handsome man named Jake who has to be twice as old as I am and is always very polite and pleasant. Jake is tall and looks to be in great shape regardless of whatever his age is. Every conversation we've ever had, he has been very much the gentleman. I have often thought it was a shame he was not closer to my age since I find him to so interesting and actually rather sexy.

Jake has a couple of motorcycles in his garage and I confess one of my major weaknesses is for motorcycles. He has a beautiful rather new Harley and a totally restored early 1950's Vincent Black Shadow. (I only know this because he told me what kind of bike it was.) Jake had the Vincent out in his driveway one day and was working on it as I was walking past. I'd never seen anything like it before and it was such an interesting bike I had to stop and make a comment about it.

I found it difficult not to giggle when Jake stated to tell me about the bike. He was like a big kid as he proceeded to tell me all about the bike and how rare it was and exactly what made it so special. Once I realized how old it was, I was stunned at the beautiful condition it was in. I could tell by the shape that it was not a new bike, but it looked like it just rolled off the showroom floor. The black and gold gleamed in the sun and there was a lot of chrome and brass on the bike as well. I honestly enjoyed learning how rare and interesting the bike was. As he talked, I found myself looking him over very closely and mused to myself again what a very handsome man he was for someone his age. His slivering hair seemed to gleam in the sun and he had a sexy, long mustache. Actually, regardless of his age, I thought he really was a most handsome, sexy man.

After that day, whenever we saw each other we would take a moment and chat about our day, to the weather or just general things. I found out he liked opera but not the ballet, which put us on the same page; he enjoyed football but not soccer, same as me. We had similar views on religion, politics and just life in general. I told him several times how much I loved bikes and he offered me a ride any time I wanted. I kept telling him the next nice day I was going to take him up on that offer but it never seemed to happen. Both of our lives appeared to be busy and we just never found the time.

I wouldn't say I am an overly paranoid person or that I am super cautious, but I do pay attention to my surroundings. I don't park in a dark corner or in a dark parking lot at night; I make sure when I get out of my car there are no strangers just standing around. I feel that a little prevention goes a long way. I have gone through a couple of self-defense classes at the Y and not to brag; I felt I could handle myself well if necessary.

Once in a while I have to work late and one of those evening I had to work very late. When I arrived at the parking garage I noticed my car was now the only one on that level. I thought I was the only person on that floor until I was about 200 feet from my car when 5 young men, I can only describe as punks, stepped from behind a wall and started to walk towards me. For a moment, I considered trying to get back to the elevator, but I remember that one of them was broken and the other one was set so it would always return to the ground level. I could see there would be no point in running for my car as they could easily keep me from getting to it on time. I felt my only option was to just keep walking to my car as if there was nothing wrong.

One of the punks whistled and another made a crude comment which I ignored and kept on walking towards the car. As we passed each other, two of them quickly moved up on each side of me grabbing my arms and knocking my purse to the floor. The first punk who had made the crude comment picked up my purse and I begged him to just take what ever cash I had in the purse and let me go. Instead he just tossed the purse onto the hood of my car and stepped in front of me.

His hair was long and greasy; his face was pock marked and he reminded me of a rat. His eyes seemed to be glazed as if he was on something and they were set too close together. His eyes peered over a very large hooked nose. I noticed that 3 of them were wearing some sort of filthy vests over greasy motorcycle jackets and it appeared they all belonged to a club of some sort. I remember how quiet it was as I stood there held against my will, the traffic sounds seemed so far away and the wind that flowed through the garage was cold.

With the two of them tightly holding my arms, I couldn't break free. The one punk who seemed to be the leader stood leering at me and as much as I hated myself for doing it, I started to cry. His greasy hair hung down both sides of his face and because her eyes were set so close together it gave him the appearance of a person who was not of normal intelligence. His clothing was disgustingly filthy and he reached into one of the pockets of his jacket and brought out a knife. Flicking his wrist, the blade popped out and audibly clicked into place. The feeble overhead light flickered off the blade and I was now even more terrified. I had never felt so alone in my life. Nobody knew where I was and there was nobody waiting at home for me to show up. I was totally on my own with these hoodlums. When the punk with the knife stepped up close enough, I could smell the stench of his breath and I knew he had been drinking.

He took the tip of his knife, slipped it under the top button of my blouse and flicked his wrist. The button came off, making a tinkling sound as it hit the ground and he giggled. I tried to break free again but the two holding my arms only held me even tighter.

With deliberate slowness the punk continued to cut each button off my blouse until I was standing there with it hanging open. I was mad and scared at the same time and I continued to cry. I kept begging them to let me go and not hurt me.

I felt the cold backside of the knife blade against my chest as it was slipped under the center of my bra and then I felt a strain as he pulled the knife towards himself and my bra was cut in half between the cups. My breasts held the cups somewhat to my body until the punk reached out and yanked my bra away. The cold air made my nipples so hard they ached and I hated it. For some reason now with my nipples hard and protruding, I felt so exposed.

With one hand he roughly squeezed one of my breasts and then pinched a nipple, "Nice tits mama, I can hardly wait to see the rest of you." His hand was cold and my breast and nipple now hurt from his rough handling. He continued to leer at me and I was now becoming frightened for my life. I can not describe how helpless and alone I felt at that moment ... I didn't know what to do, my mind was frozen from the fear.

Unexpectedly from out of the shadows came a deep, low rumbling voice, "Let her go ... now!" And my neighbor Jake stepped into the light.

I had no idea where he had come from, but seeing him brought a loud sob from deep inside of me and I was never so grateful to see anybody in my life. He was dressed much the same as the punks holding me except his clothing was clean and his leather jacket, even though it looked well worn, did not have the dirty, oily sheen the punk's jackets possessed. Everyone seemed to freeze for a moment as he slowly walked towards the 6 of us. He sound of his boots echoed off the walls and he stopped a few feet away from the group. Once more, he spoke in a low, deep tone, "I'll not tell you again. Let her go ... now!"

The ruffian with the knife sneered, "Go away pops before you get hurt. Does the home know that you are out this late?" And the rest of the punks all laughed at the hoodlum's joke.

Jake took one more step toward the 5 punks and pointed at the one with the knife, whom I had begun to assume was the leader. "If your boys don't take their hands off my daughter right now, you are the ones who are going to get hurt."

The leader stepped away from me and positioned his knife in a fighting style. "Gramps, I am gonna cut you up and then you can watch us all fuck your little girl." He made a motioned towards Jake.

I realize I was frightened at the time and perhaps not really followed things all that well, but I have played what happened next repeatedly in my mind and I still cannot totally comprehend what I saw. In the blink of an eye, the punk was lying flat on the ground and his knife was in Jake's hand. The entire move had been seamless and I was as stunned as the punks holding me. I had seen the biker move towards Jake and then saw Jake leap into the air, spin and I heard the snap of the punk's arm and watched the knife fly out of his hand, and Jake catch it in midair. But it had all happened so quickly at the time it didn't really register what I had actually witnessed in real time.

When the punk started to get up, Jake swiftly kicked him in the ribs, stomped on one of leader's knees, which caused a loud "pop" sound. Jake growled at him to lay still or things were going to get even worse. The punk screamed and I heard a crack, secretly hoping Jake had broken a rib, or knee, or even more. Jake's actions seemed to take all of the fight out of the leader as he slumped back to the cement. Jake tossed the knife onto the ground and with one of his boots, snapped the blade off at the handle.

Turning back to the group, Jake whisper was a low rumble, "Which one of you ass holes is next?"

The two holding my arms did not let go but one of the other 2 started to move towards Jake. The tough guy lunged towards Jake and once more with amazing speed, Jake's body moved. I wish I could describe how it all happened, but it is difficult to remember how everything transpired, however this thug quickly found himself also on the ground with one of his arms crumpled under his body, obviously broken.

Jake pointed at one of the punks holding onto my arms and then curled his finger in a summonsing motion. The man let go of my arm and muttered something as he quickly moved towards Jake. The other man holding my arm was so surprised by what was happening, it was easy to pull my arm away from him and I clutched my torn clothing against my body. The hooligan who had let go of my arm reached behind his back and drew out a knife. Jake's mouth had a smile but there was no warmth in it, his eyes were totally cold.

Jake's voice held menace in it as he rasped; "Didn't you see what happen to your buddy here?" pointing to the first punk writhing in pain on the floor. The man quickly lunged at Jake and once more with his amazing speed and what appeared to be very little effort, Jake grabbed the mans arm, throwing him to the ground. As soon as the punk hit the ground, Jake stomped on his chest and snapped the hood's arm against Jake's thigh. A high scream came from the man and he lay in a heap on the floor holding his broken arm against his damaged chest, crying and writhing in pain. The remaining two now cowered beside each other. Three punks down and three broken arms, perhaps some broken ribs and for sure a knee that was going to need medical help; served them right as far as I was concerned.

Pointing at the remaining two, Jake commanded, "Both of you ... on your knees ... now ... with your hands laced behind your head." When neither of them moved, Jake took one step towards them and shouted, "NOW!" Both men dropped to their knees and quickly laced their hands behind their heads on the way down. Jake pointed to the first punk he had dropped to the floor and asked, "It this supposed to be your leader?" The man who had been holding my arm nodded yes. "What's his name?" Jake barked.

The punk murmured, "Carlos."

"Do either of you have a cell phone?" The one man who answered Jake nodded his head yes.

"Give it to me." Jake growled. The man quickly drew out the phone and tossed it to Jake and then as fast as he could, replaced his hands behind his head. Jake punched in some numbers and waited a moment.

There was no greeting, as soon as the person on the other end of the line answered, Jake started to speak, "Luis ... this is Jake ... ah ... excuse me, this is Talon. Remember me?" A pause ... Jake laughed and spoke, "I thought you would. Listen ... we have a problem." Slight pause and Jake continued, "You and I have always had peace between us ... correct?" Another pause. "I know I did and you can stop thanking me. The reason I ask if we are still cool is because one of your punks named Carlos and some of his punk fuck buddies just tried to rape my daughter." This time the pause was much longer. Finally, Jake interrupted... "Luis..." Jake's voice rose, "LUIS ... STOP!" Jake shouted into the phone. "I know it was not your fault and I am going to let you resolve the matter." A pause, "I am leaving it up to you to handle ... but ... if I ever see any of these punks again, I will assume you didn't take care of things like I expected. I never ever want to see those punks again ... near me or my daughter." A short pause and Jake seemed to interrupt once more, "Look ... Luis ... its cool! I know you will take care of things. One other thing ... ah ... I did have to have a bit of a chat with them regarding manners and I do apologize because a couple of them got hurt." And once more Jake stood and listened. "Thanks Luis. They will be waiting for you on the 5th floor of the Acme garage on Second." This time the pause was much shorter. "We will be leaving now if you don't' mind. I'll see you around."

Jake tossed the cell phone at one of the kneeling punk's chest and then slipped his motorcycle jacket off, draping it over my shoulders. I was a bit surprised at the heavy weight of the coat but its warmth felt good around my shoulders.

Jake looked at the two remaining men kneeling on the floor, paused for a moment and then spoke very slow and with deep menace, "Luis is on his way. He told me to tell you both; the two of you are to wait here for him. He may, or may not, know who you two are right now, but I am sure Carlos will throw you under the bus in a heart beat just to help spread Luis's anger around when asked. And trust me, I know Luis from a long way back and his anger will find you if you dare leave. Ask Luis who Talon is and how far we go back. What you did this evening was a major fuck up." Jake stepped to the one punk who had been holding my arm and backhanded him across his face. "Don't you ever touch my little girl again ... do you understand?" When the punk didn't answer, Jake stepped towards him and the punk actually put his head on the cement floor, screamed yes and begged for Jake not to hit him again.

Jake stepped to my car and picked up my purse, then returned to me and we walked between the one kneeling man and the other punk who still had not lifted his forehead off the floor. Jake called back to the 2 figures, "My advice for you two ass holes is next time ask questions. Oh yeah, speaking of ass holes ... yours are going to get a real work out." Jake laughed, but there was no humor in the sound of it. Jake continued to hold my elbow as we walked away from the 5 of them and I could feel the tension in his hand from the way he gripped my arm.

We quickly walked down the ramps for 2 floors and came to Jake's car. He opened the passenger door and I slid in. Once I was inside of his car, I fell apart. I was shaking from being cold, and scared and angry and I started to cry. I really hate it when I can't hold my emotions in check and I didn't want Jake to see me crying but I just couldn't help it.

Jake got the car started and we drove out of the garage. Two blocks away from the garage he pulled over to the curb and reached over and drew me as close to his body as the seats would allow. With more haste than I thought I had in me, I crawled into his lap and was sitting sideways as quickly as I could. I sobbed and cried while he held me against his chest.

I mewed into his chest, "Why? I don't understand why they did that." I know that I must have whined into his chest the word "Why?" a hundred times. I couldn't think ... I was just numb. I remember how wonderful it felt to feel his arms around him and his smells were warm, comforting and I was surprised with my thought he smelled very sexy. I could feel him kiss the top of my head every once in a while. He continued to rock me and whisper that things were all right and asked me not to cry. As we sat there in his car, I was aware that several police cars zipped by with their lights and sirens on. I hated myself for hating those punks so much and I was just too mentally exhausted to do anything but cry.

I don't remember getting back in my seat or the drive home. I just remember Jake pulling up in front of my house. Jake helped me out of the car and started to walk me to my front door. To this day I don't know why, but I blurted out, "NO! I don't want to be alone."

Then I realized Jake was not responsible for me and I would have to go in my place and make the best of things. However; Jake stopped and looked at me for a moment and then took my elbow in a much more delicate manner than he had in the garage and steered me towards his front door.

I tried to pull back telling him I was OK and for him to just let me go to my place. His grip tightened a bit, with out hurting me, and gently, but firmly led me to his front door. Without a word, he opened the door and stepped back. I sighed and realized I really didn't want to be alone after all ... I really did want to stay with this man who had just rescued me. It was not a sexual thing; I just needed to continue to feel his protection.

I looked around his front room and even though I was not too aware of things, I was astonished at how attractive the room was decorated. He led me further back in to the house until we reached his den. It was totally a man's room consisting of walnut wood covering some of the walls with floor to ceiling bookcase along one wall. When we entered the room, Jake stepped to the fireplace and switched on the gas fireplace. Just the sight of the fire seemed to help me feel better. There were a couple of long, wide leather couches with a couple of deep leather chairs arranged nicely in the center of the room. Jake led me to one of the couches and helped me lie down. As soon as I was on my side, he covered me with a warm, soft blanket after which he gently reached out and touched my cheek and then left the room.

A short time later he came back and handed me a long sleeve tee shirt. "Why don't you take off my coat and your damaged clothing and put this on while I get you something?" I pulled off my ruined bra and top and then slipped on his shirt. It smelled like his aftershave and was very comfortable. When he returned, he had a cup of hot chocolate in his hand. The drink was hot and sweet and I could tell it had some sort of alcohol in it as I sipped it. For the fist time since he had taken off his jacket I noticed that his left arm was cut and he had wrapped it in a towel, but blood was still seeping through, staining the towel.

"Your hurt..." I said... "Do you need to see a Dr.?" I started to push myself up.

"No, it will be OK." H gently put his hand on my shoulder, pushing me back down onto the couch. He continued, "I hate to tell you this, but I've had worse."

"But you are bleeding ... look at the towel."

"If I can't get it stopped, I will go to the emergence room and have it looked at. Right now we are taking care of you. How are you feeling?"

Whatever had been in the drink was making me sleepy and the edges of the room seemed to be fading. I vaguely remembered Jake taking the cup from my hand as I lay on the couch.

The next thing I knew it was early morning as I woke up screaming from the nightmare I had just had. Jake came running into the room and quickly gathered me into his arms. As he held me I started to remembered parts of the nightmare. I had been back in the garage and was once more being held at knife point. Finally I calmed down and stopped crying. I looked around the room and didn't recognize where I was.

"Where am I?"

"You are in my bedroom, in my bed. You fell asleep on the couch and I carried you in here and tucked you into bed. I took the liberty of taking off your slacks ... they are on the chair over there." Without thinking I reached under the covers and found that I still had on my panties and the T-shirt Jake had given me when we got home.

My mind was a bit fuzzy and I found that I was still trembling from waking up from the nightmare. Jake gently pushed me backwards onto the bed with a smile, "Why don't you try and go back to sleep for a while. I am here and you will be safe. OK?" As he spoke; he pushed some of the curls off my fore head and caressed my cheek.

I started to protest and tried to tell him I wanted to get up but he gently held me down and told me to just rest a bit more. He continued to caress my cheek and it seemed like just a few moments went by when I woke up again and it was much later in the day. I could tell by the patterns of light on the walls that it was now mid-afternoon.

I really needed to go to the bathroom and I noticed that there was a door open at the end of the bedroom where I could see a toilet. I got up and padded into the bathroom and took care of business. My panties felt gross and I slipped them off as well as Jake's T-shirt. As I passed the mirror I glanced into it and was shocked to see the deep burses on my both my arms from last night. Just as I was about to open the door, I heard Jake call out my name. I slipped the shirt back on and noticed that it just came below my pussy. I stepped out of the bathroom and since he had already seen me in my panties and the shirt covered everything, I didn't think much about walking over to the bed and crawling back into it.

"How do you feel?" The concern was obvious in his voice.

"I feel OK ... I guess. I just noticed the bruises on my arms. I didn't realize that they were holding me so tightly." I had a thought, "What about my car?" I asked.

"I got your keys out of your purse and I had a couple of my buddies go and bring it back. Your car is parked in your garage. I also called your office and spoke with Robert; by the way, Robert and I are old friends. I explained to him why you won't be in today. I hope you don't mind? Oh ... and he would like for you to call him when you feel up to it. Tomorrow is soon enough he said."

All of a sudden a thought flashed into my mind, "I haven't even thanked you for last night. Oh God ... I am sorry Jake ... I really do..."

Jake interrupted me by putting his hand over my mouth. "Stop ... stop! You do not need to thank me. I was just glad that I was there and I could be of help."

A new thought came to mind, "Jake, why were you in that garage last night?"

His face turned bright red and he actually stammered as he tried to answer. "Well ... I ... ah ... um ... just happened to be there and I ah ... well ... I ah ... Shit Cindy, I was there because Robert had called me and asked me to check on you since you were working so late."

"Robert called and asked you to check on me?" I asked with total amazement. I had no idea that Robert was even aware I had worked so late. Jake nodded yes to my question. I continued, "Was this the first time you checked on me?" His head moved in a negative fashion. "How many times have you checked on me? And how come you never let me know you were there?"

His face seemed to color once more and it took a long time for him to answer. "Some time ago, Robert and I were having drinks and your name came up. I mentioned that you were my neighbor and he said that he was often worried when you worked so late at the office and wished there was a way he could have some sort of security person walk you to your car. I told him that any time you were working late to let me know and I would make sure that you got home safely."

"And why didn't you tell me that you were waiting for me?"

"I was afraid that you might not appreciate the fact I was there. You might feel that I was stalking you."

I laughed at his remark. In a moment it was if a light switch had been flicked on. How could I not have seen it before? Did Jake have feelings for me? Why would he willing give up evenings to "baby sit" me? "Jake ... I want to ask you a question ... and I would like for you to answer me honestly." It was as if he knew where the conversation was going and he quickly stood.

"Can I get you a cup of soup? Or are you hungry?"

"Jake ... please sit down."

"Cindy ... please let's stop this conversation. I am afraid you are going to ask questions that I really don't want to have to answer."

"What is this, you read minds or something?" I asked with a grin.

"Cindy ... please respect my wishes?"

"Jake ... please tell me why you would be willing to give up evenings and keep track of me when I had to work late?"

"Well ... you are my neighbor and I know you and..." his voice trailed off.

"Neighbors don't hide in parking garages checking on their neighbors ... unless they are stalking them or something. And just because Robert asks you to keep track of me is not a good excuse. Why did you feel you had to watch over me?"

"Cindy ... can we just say I think you are very special and I wanted to make sure you were OK on nights you had to work late. And considering how things went last night, it was a good thing I checked up on you."

I was getting sleepy again. I guess the scare of last night and everything had worn me out more than I realized. I thought I should be getting home and I started to push the covers off and asked him where the rest of my clothing was at.

"Where do you think you are going?"

"I am still tired, and I am going home."

"How about you stay here for another night? If you need something, tell me what and I will go get it and bring it back."

"I really can't put you out for another night. Besides, you probably want your bed back."

"This is not the only bed I own. And you are not putting me out. How about you rest and when you wake up, I'll have something for you to eat?"

I had to admit the bed did feel comfortable and I really didn't want to be by myself yet. I thought I would just close my eyes for a moment and then I would try again to go home. The next thing I knew was it was dusk outside and the light beside the bed was on with a hand towel wrapped around it to soften the light. The color of the towel made the room warm and I felt so safe and content in Jake's room.

As I lay in his huge bed, I was now becoming aware of his smells. I could smell his aftershave along with his personal odors in the sheets and pillows. I really liked the smell of Jake. My mind started to wander and I found myself having erotic thoughts about him and it surprised me I would even consider anything sexual after what had happened to me last night. I started to wonder what he would be like as a lover when the thought struck me he really was a little old for me. My next thought was too old for what? What did it matter if he was older than me? I found him sexy and desirable, so what did it really mater? As I laid there thinking, the door opened and Jake stepped in. I noticed he had clothing in his hand and when he placed it on the bed beside me; I saw it was one if my bra and panty sets along with my bathrobe.

Jake seemed to color a bit as he spoke, "I took the liberty of going over to your place and getting you a fresh set of underwear and your robe. I thought you might like to shower and change? You know where my bathroom is, why don't you go and use it? There is a brand new tooth brush along with a small tube of tooth paste too. When you are done, come out and I have something for you to eat."

I reached out and took his hand and held it to my cheek. I turned my head and kissed his palm, then returned it to my cheek. "Somehow 'thank you' doesn't really seem to be enough. I am so grateful for what you did last night. I just..." I was stunned to feel tears slipping down my cheeks.

Jake turned his hand and gently covered my mouth. "Shhhhh ... I was happy I was there and that I could help you. Go take your shower and I'll be in the kitchen finishing your dinner."

When I went into his bathroom I left the door partially open. Thinking back on it, I don't' know if I did it on purpose after my thoughts about Jake when I was in his bed, or if I was still a bit fuzzy from the previous night, but as I opened the shower door I noticed the bathroom door was still ajar. I knew I could have stepped over and closed it, but as I closed the shower door, I found I almost hoped Jake would peek in on me while I showered. While showering, I found I was a bit shocked by my actions. I am not a person who will flash their body and leaving the door open like that was not something I would normally do. Once I glanced over at the open door, I thought I saw a movement in the shadows, but I couldn't be sure. I was aware I was grinning as I finished with my shower.

The kitchen was warm and smelled wonderful. I didn't realize until that moment just how hungry I was. There was a small table in one corner of the room which was set for 2 and had candles on it. Jake motioned for me to sit and asked me if I wanted a glass of wine. I told him I preferred a white and he produced a glass of excellent white wine. He reached into his pocket and took out a lighter and lit the 4 candles sitting in the middle of the table which I thought was really sexy. After he served each of us, he lowered the lighting in the kitchen so the main lighting was just from the candles. The ambiance was perfect. After he was seated, once more I took his hand and kissed the palm.

"What was that for?" He queried.

"For you being so sweet ... for you taking such good care of me ... and for making me feel so ... well, so safe and protected after last night. You are a very special man Mr. Jake." Even thought the room was darkened, I could tell he was blushing.

Dinner was fabulous. Jake was really a wonderful cook. It wasn't until I was almost done that I realized I had not spoken a word during the meal. I was so hungry I just sat there and fed my face. I looked up at him sheepishly and murmured, "I am sorry; I guess I wasn't much company was I? First off I sleep the day away and then I just sit here and bolt the food down."

Jake laughed. "You do a guy's ego a lot of good the way you wolfed your dinner, as for sleeping the day away, I put some alcohol and a little sleeping pill in your drink last night." Now it was my turn to blush. Jake continued, "I guess you were pretty hungry?"

"Yes ... I was, but the food was still very good." We sat there for a moment and then my mind kicked in. A question came to me. "I would like to ask a couple of question if you don't mind."

"Go ahead ... I think." Jake gave me a wink and poured some more wine in my glass.

"How is it that you knew the leader of the group those punks were members of last night ... and who the hell is Talon?"

Jake laughed and shook his head. "That is part of my checkered past. I am Talon ... or was Talon, which was my biker nickname. I am a retired United States Federal Marshall. Before I retired I was undercover working on gang prevention and investigation. We were investigating Luis' gang and I was a member of Luis' group for a while. He got himself involved in a situation where I ended up saving his life, mainly to save mine.

'As it turned out, the problem in his group was not with him but a couple of members. Anyway, he and I were alone together and ... well, I was forced to take care of ... ah ... situation in order to save both of us, but he always looked at it like I saved him. Right after the incident, I retried from the agency. I had not spoken to Luis until last night."

I digested for a moment what he had just told me. "One more question if I may?" Jake nodded his head. "I was really frightened and all and I know I was not tracking all that well ... but what kind of fighting or whatever you call it were you doing? You just jumped into the air and they seemed to fall down. And where did you learn it?"

Jake sat for a moment and I thought I saw a far away look come to his eyes. "Wow ... I need to explain some things first ... I'd been a marshal for a couple of years when I just happened to be in a bank cashing a check as a robbery went down. One of the tellers was a beautiful Asian girl who was being held as hostage. In the process of ending everything, I was hurt ... but I saved her life." Hearing that Jake had been hurt reminded me of when I had seen the cut on his arm and he had told me that it was not the first time he had been hurt. I felt badly he had been injured on my account. I reached out and took his hand. He squeezed my hand and then continued with his story, "It took a long time to heal and I was having trouble with things. The tellers name was Su Le and her grandfather was like a monk in this religion of theirs.

'Her grandfather came to me and started to work with me to help me regain my health. What you saw me do really has no name ... it is more like a belief than some form of self defense. It is hard to describe ... and I still practice the things I learned.

'Su Le and I became ... ah ... close until finally her grandfather told me that I had to stop seeing her. It was the families wish that she marry inside of their race and they already had a husband picked out for her. We went to the coast of Oregon for a week and talked about things. We both realized that even thought we loved each other, the fact her family would be very disappointed in her and perhaps even never forgive her for marrying me; would always be in our way. To her the family was all important and she could not disappoint them ... so our last night there we stood on the beach and watched the sunset. We kissed and then she got in her car and went back home. I got on my bike and returned to the agency. We have never seen each other since ... but not a day goes by that I don't think of her."

Jake sat quietly in his chair for a long time until I noticed his face was wet from tears. Finally he spoke, "Sorry about that, I did not mean to tell you all of that. It was a long time ago ... but that is where I learned to fight the way you saw last night. I don't use it very often ... it tends to bring back unhappy memories."

I was touched he had shared so much with me. "Well ... thank you for taking care of me last night. I am sorry it opened old wounds. Is Su Le why you never married?"

Jake nodded his head and looked down at the floor. I tried to help lighten the moment as I continued, "As for bolting my food, I was starved and everything tasted really good. If you ever get tired of retirement, you could try cooking. And while I'm thinking about it, aren't you a little young to be retired?"

Jake smiled for a moment and then chuckled, "I was 30 years in the agency. I joined right out of college. I actually have a doctorate degree in law enforcement and I give lectures all over the country ... so I guess in a way I am not really retired. As for cooking ... that is a passion, not something I wish to do for a living."

"Wow ... should I be calling you Dr. Jake?" And I giggled.

Jake's spirit seemed to improve, "Cute ... don't get too sassy with me young lady. I'll turn you over my knee."

"Promises, promises. I had heard that you old guys are all bark and no bite." I don't' know if was the wine, or just becoming so much more relaxed with Jake, but I felt very comfortable teasing him and the idea that he might turn me over his knee actually aroused me, which really surprised me. One last thought remained, "Why did you tell those punks I was your daughter?"

Long paused and Jake wiped his face with his hand, "A couple of reasons, the first is because there is like some kind of an unwritten agreement the members of the gang do not mess with any relatives of fellow gang members. Sort of like the mafia of old. When Luis tells them who I am, they will understand what they did was so wrong. The other reason was I couldn't have passed you off as my girl friend could I?"

"Why not?"

"I'm a bit long in the tooth to pull that off."

"Really ... I don't know many men regardless of age who would have done what you did for me last night. Any woman would be very lucky to have you consider them as your girl friend."

"Thank you ... I guess..." I suppressed a large yawn and Jake caught me. "Tired?"

"That and the wine and this feeling of contentment from both a full tummy and from feeling really safe here with you," I paused for moment and then continued, "you do realize that there is nothing I can do to repay you for what you did for me. I was so sacred and you were like some kind of knight who saved me. I owe you and you have but to ask and I will do whatever it takes to repay you."

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