Helen: Sometimes, Dreams Do Come True

by Dapper Dan

Copyright© 2009 by Dapper Dan

Erotica Sex Story: Helen not only pursues her long fantasy of sex with her brother, she also pimps for him sometimes with their mother's three close firiends. Mom makes it a family threesome when outsiders are temporarily excluded.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   .

[This is a work of fiction. The story is an unadulterated and unabashed attempt to tickle male fantasies and perhaps some female fantasies as well. It is a fantasy and as such, the story may or may not conform entirely with reality. But isn't that the whole point of fantasies? With historical exceptions, all other locations, events, and characters are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]

I do not practice nor do I condone any of the sexual acts about which I write, other than straight, heterosexual relationships. Other than the fact that most other forms of sexual behavior are illegal, I still don't judge others for their sexual preferences except where such behavior is hurtful/harmful to others, such as pedophilia.

None-the-less, many people have FANTASIES of such taboo laden behavior to achieve sexual gratification or whatever, but have no intentions whatsoever of carrying out such behavior in actual practice. That said, if I have struck a particular fantasy of yours, read and enjoy.


Helen Cobbler 20 ... main female character, caretaker for mother
Jacob Cobbler 25 ... older brother of Helen
Sara Cobbler 49 ... mother of Helen & Jacob
Jesse Cope 33 ... good friend of Sara Cobbler, widowed
Jan Colmer 35 ... good friend of Sara Cobbler, divorced
Sue Springer 38 ... good friend of Sara Cobbler, divorced
Carmen Swisher 21 ... best friend of Helen Cobbler

The birds were singing, the sun was shining, and the early morning air was crisp and invigorating. And I was sweating like a pig. Yeah, I know, pigs don't sweat, but I do. I was climbing steadily in shadowy pursuit of my older brother. Jacob, Jake to me, was twenty-five and home for a two week visit.

Me? I'm "lil Sis," to my brother. My name's Helen and I just had my twentieth birthday a month ago. I live at home with my widowed mother, Sara, aged forty-nine. I worked during the day as an executive secretary and attended college part time at night.

The sun barely got above the horizon that Saturday morning before Jake was out in a tee, shorts, and sturdy shoes. He likes his morning runs through the light woods behind our property and up the twisting trail of a large hill beyond that.

Why am I furtively following Jake?

Good question. Deserves a good answer.

The short of it is that I've had a crush on brother Jake for over six years now. It all started shortly before my fourteenth birthday when I saw him, not quite nineteen yet, naked as he slowly strolled down the hall from the upstairs bathroom to his room at the other end. He was sporting one, damned, God-awful, big hardon. Looked big, anyway, to my (almost) fourteen year old eyes.

I'd just stepped out into the hall way to head for the same bathroom Jake'd just left. He didn't change his pace, he didn't try to cover up. He just grinned, wolfishly. When he got right next to me, he also spoke--quietly.

"Take a good look, Lil Sis, some day you may get much more than a peek at this rod after you grow up a little more."

He kept on walking and disappeared into his room. I liked the way his butt wiggled!

God, I nearly fainted. I did falter in my step but managed not to fall as I stepped into the bathroom. Checking the seat position first, I dropped like a stone on the pot and peed a good one. My hormones had jumped from high straight to super-high at the sight of that gorgeous and very rigid dick and ass my brother sported.

Christ, seeing a real, live, dick--other than the young ones I baby sat for--had been uppermost in my mind for the past six months. I'd entered puberty a year earlier with my first period and had since developed a fixation on cocks. As I said, my hormones had tripped directly to super high from the get go.

Along with my first period came other bodily changes. My boobs developed fairly quickly. Oh, I'll never have centerfold boobs, but they are a size no boy could resist. My flaming red hair was an attention getter, though I shaved smooth on the pubes. The rest of my body was in pleasing proportion to my five foot ten inch frame.

So, by now you know what I was doing, shadowing my brother on his morning, uphill run. I was perving on him as a voyeur. I was sorely hoping to get a good look at his now mature and maybe even bigger cock. Maybe he'd have to pee somewhere on the trail before we got back. I couldn't help myself. I could only fantasize about anything else happening.

I couldn't follow Jake too closely or he'd spot me. So, when he turned off the main trail, I almost missed the fact. If he'd not caught his Tee on a thorn and left a little piece just after he took the side path, I would've missed him. Naturally, I turned to follow.

It seemed like forever, but in reality, less than half an hour later, I topped a small rise and stopped dead in my tracks. Spread out below me was a small meadow with a sizable, creek fed pond, short, waterfall and all. Out in the middle of the pond was Jake, swimming with lazy strokes. A sudden dive gave a flash of his bare, white ass as he went under.

Oh my God! He's naked. Now I'll maybe get my chance.

I stepped into the underbrush for better concealment and continued to watch Jake play in the water. Then, damn, the urge to pee hit me hard. I dropped my shorts and panties to squat. I quickly found I had to more than just pee. Doing my duty took more time than I had wanted and I had to scrounge for dry leaves to clean up myself. That wasn't fun, either.

By the time I could look back to the pond, Jake his back to me, was already in his Tee and was just stepping into his shorts. I got a good look at--his bare ass, but nothing else. Shit! He sat and had shoes and socks on in a jiffy. He took off on his return run, passing by my hiding place by just feet. I waited ten minutes before I started back.

Jake was at the kitchen table, drinking coffee when I got back.

"God, Lil Sis, you're sweaty and rumpled. Where you been?"

"I went for a jog of my own this morning and I desperately need a shower. See you in a bit. Save some coffee for me."

I dashed upstairs. I laid out clean clothes: shorts and panties, sandals, and a halter top. Brazenly, I omitted laying out a bra. I was going to let my twins bob free and see if that got Jake's attention. Then, into the shower I stepped after peeling off my sweat stained clothes and tossing them into the hamper.

Damn, my nipples are hard. They sure are tingling. Hotter. I need hotter water. God, but that pelting hot water feels almost orgasmic all by its self.

What a fiasco! A little bare ass is all I got for all that walking and sweating. Oh--fingering my nipples really shot of sparks there. Damn. Let's see what adding a little action between my legs does for me. Ok, finger down the slit, ah yes, like that. Here clitty, clitty. Oh God, rub it just like that girl. God, but I wish it were Jake's cock instead of my finger! Now, one finger in the coosy--ah, all the way in. Yesss!

Oh Shit, Oh Shit. Unh.

My orgasm snuck up on me damned quick. God, but I was still horny and psyched up. My knees went rubbery but I was able to remain standing. I soaped and rinsed again before climbing out of the shower to towel off.

Jake was still at the kitchen table when I got back there.

"I heard you coming down the stairs, Lil Sis, so I poured a hot cup of coffee and added one Splenda."

"Oh, Jake, you remembered. Just the way I like it."

"Oh, I remember a lot about you, Lil Sis: how you've grown up, how you've become a gorgeous young woman, lots of things."

Yes, I blushed. And when I blush, I go fire engine red to my boobs.

"Well, Lil Sis, whose not really so little anymore, I've got to be off."

"Where you going today, Jake.'

"Got to take my car in to the garage for routine service and a little other tweaking and checking. See you later."

"Bye, Jake."

I had some errands to run, so shortly, I took off as well, but in my own car. I had to get back in time to fix lunch for the three of us.

Mom entered the kitchen five minutes after I got back. She was stunning, to say the least.

"Jeeze, Mom, you trying to set fire to the neighborhood?"

"What makes you think that, Helen?"

"Well, just look at yourself, Mom."

"What's wrong with me?"

At forty-nine, not much was wrong with her. She could pass for late twenties, well maybe mid thirties, without even blinking.

"For one, that skimpy tube top is way too small, too tight for you. Your boobs put Dolly Parton's to shame."

"And yours don't in their current, braless state?"

"Come on Mom, mine aren't anywhere near that huge. Just a good hand full."


"And those way too tight short shorts. My God, Mom, you've got a cameltoe to end all camel-toes."

"But it sure gets the attention of any male wandering near, doesn't it."

"God, Mother, that's what I mean, you trying to set the neighborhood ablaze?"

"Could be, Helen, could be. I'm looking for a man again."


"Oh, don't worry, I not interested in getting married again right off--but damn, I get horny too and need some relief sometimes that only a cock can give. If you don't know what I mean, you will before long."

'Oh, I know what you mean, I lost my virginity quite some time ago, BUT, I don't flaunt myself quite so brazenly."


Jake drove in about then. He found us in the kitchen,

"What's all the yel..."

Jake just stopped mid-sentence and stared open mouthed at Mom who was standing with her butt against the counter, talking to me at the stove. She and I both had flushed faces.

"Isn't she acting slutty, Jake? She says she's advertising for a man."

"Well, she'll damn soon find one, dressed like that. My God she looks hot to trot."

"She looks like a street walker, Bro!"

"Hey, you two, I'm standing right here. You don't have to talk about me as if I were off in Timbuktu or somewhere."

"Sorry, Mom," said Jake, "you just caught me quite off guard with that outfit."

"Be that as it may, let's get some lunch on the table, you two, I'm starved."

Lunch was quickly served. We sat and gossiped as we ate. Some belated blushing still making an appearance from time to time, even on Mom's face.

After lunch, Mom went back to her beloved flower beds, Jake went onto the backyard deck to soak up some rays, and I had some house cleaning to do. The day was unusual. Normally, I have all Saturday afternoon to myself for my house cleaning and I like to do so bare ass naked. Don't ask me why, I just do. Of course, that wouldn't do this time as both Mom and Jake were home.

But, by God, I'm not going to give in entirely. I'm going to at least clean house topless, just so. Ah, freedom.

My top came off as I thought to myself and landed on the kitchen table. I got out the dust cloth and sweeper and went to work. I even hummed a merry little tune as I did so. Some time later, I never heard the back kitchen door slam shut while I ran the vacuum over the living room rug.

"Hey, Lil Sis, what's your top doing on the kitchen table?"

"Yeow!" I shrieked and jumped a good foot. Jake was behind me, so for the moment, all he saw was my bare back.

"You scared hell out of me, Jake, I didn't hear you come into the room."

"Obviously. Do you always vacuum topless?'

Still facing away from him, I answered.

"No, usually I do my house cleaning quite naked. But with you and Mom home, I didn't think that was too good an idea."

I turned around so Jake got a full, front on look at my jiggling jugs. Even so, I couldn't keep the red flush from appearing--forehead to boobs, naturally.

"Jesus, Helen, you've got a gorgeous rack there. Looks good enough to eat, er, ah, at least good enough to lick."

"Jake! Damn. Now get out and let me finish my Saturday cleaning."

"Lil Sis, I swear, between you and our mother, I'm going to have a raging hardon the whole damned time I'm home. You can see the tent in my shorts now."

I got brave and reposted with, "Nothing I haven't seen before, big brother."

With a lewd grin, Jake said, "INTEResting, and just where did you see that?" Without waiting for an answer, he turned to amble up the stairs to his room. Over his shoulder, he got off the last word.

"You still got a beautiful set of tits, Lil Sis."

Shortly, I heard the upstairs shower running. Damn, I wonder if I could catch a glimpse?

My timing was accidentally impeccable. I was reaching for the bathroom doorknob just as the door opened. Jake stood there, surprised, and staring directly at my naked boobs and their erect nipples.

"Oh, Lil Sis, you startled me."

"Yeah, I had to pee really bad."

"You coudda used the main bathroom downstairs, hmmm?"

"Coudda, I guess. just used to coming up here."

God Damn it. Jake had a towel around his waist. No naked cock to see. Shit, foiled again. Jake suddenly got a look as if a light bulb had gone off in his head (or on in his head).

"Not this time, Lil Sis."

Shit, was he suddenly remembering six years ago?

I had stepped back just a bit in surprise when the door had opened and Jake squeezed by me. He again had the last word as he ambled down the hall into his room. Just before he stepped through the door, he pulled the towel free, showing only his bare ass, and spoke.

"Again, Lil Sis, nice rack. Very nice."

The door closed, firmly.

God Damn it, foiled again. No visible bare cock.

I went in and peed. I also used my finger to frig myself to orgasm. Just as I moaned once in climax, I heard Jake's steps as he passed by on his way downstairs.

Did he hear me? Did he figure out what I was doing in here?

I finished up, put myself back together, and went back downstairs to finish the cleaning. Jake was nowhere in sight. The cleaning was quickly finished. I got my top back on just as Mom drove into the yard and parked in front of the garage.

Damn, orgasm or not just a little while ago, I remained as horny as a buck deer in rutting season.

Supper came and went.

"No date tonight, Jake?"

"No, Lil Sis, you're stuck with me here at home tonight."

"Oh, I don't consider that 'stuck, ' Jake. I enjoy your company."

"Uh huh."

The three of us played a couple of board games, watched some TV together, and at the end, did our own thing. I got on the computer and e-mailed some girl friends. Jake read a book, and Mom got her embroidery out.

Mom left for bed first, stifling a yawn. Half an hour or so later, I yawned and said goodnight to Jake. He just growled something in response, eyes never leaving his book.

The next afternoon, Sunday, I decided to soak up a few rays myself on our back deck. I put on my string bikini bottoms, which barely covered the bare necessity in front, and left the top off. It covered little more than my nipples anyway. I didn't want any string or patch lines.
Besides, Jake had already admired my naked boobs. To tell the truth, I hoped he'd admire them some more before the afternoon ended.

Our back yard was entirely surrounded with a ten foot high, basket weave fence. We were also far enough away from any neighbors houses and there weren't any two story buildings anywhere near our property. Privacy was assured.

I slathered my legs, arms, torso, and face with sun screen and lay back in the lounger with a heavy sigh. A tall glass of iced tea sat on a little table by my side.

Now this is the way to relax. Too bad I can't take my bottoms off as well.

Jake walked by on his way to the garage workshop.

"Good looking chest decorations there, Lil Sis."

"Is that all you see when you look at me?"

Jake stopped a moment.

"Beautiful face, too."

"Anything else?"

"You're fishing, Lil Sis."

"Damned right I am."

"OK, damn good set of pins as well."

"Awe, Jake, you tell all the girls those things."

"Maybe, but I mean them in your case."

He walked off into the workshop before I could answer him.

Damn that man, brother or no, can be irritating as hell sometimes.

"JAKE!" I yelled loudly.

He stuck his head out the open door of the workshop.

"Yes, my lady?"

"I want to turn over, but I need someone to do my back--with sunscreen."

"Gotta go wash the grease off my hands first, Lil Sis."

Sometime later, Jake came back and stood beside me.

"Jeeze, Jake, I could've fried if the sun hadn't ducked under for a bit there."

"You're goin' to have to turn over, Lil Sis, if you want me to do your back. Too bad, too."

"Why is that too bad, Jake?"

"Because I really like what I'm lookin' at right now."

I rolled over onto my stomach with another full red blush from my forehead to the bottom of my boobs.

Jake started on my neck and shoulders before he did the backs of both arms. My back was next. He massaged the oil in like a professional. My arousal was steadily growing, knowing it was my brother being so sensual made my arousal even worse.

A portion of the side of my naked boobs was visible. When Jake rubbed on the side of the first one, I nearly climaxed. When he did the exposed portion of my other boob, I did climax with a shudder. I also left a wet ass crack dripping onto the lounger.

Jake knew exactly what happened. He had to have known. Before he continued, he squatted lower on his knees and let his bone hard dick ride at the top of my ass crack. He got a second small orgasm out of me and chuckled. Damn him, anyway.

I was very aware, that for all practical purposes, my backside was essentially naked. The narrow waist string and the tiny string coming up my ass crack left everything really bare. Even my pussy was three quarters bare as the tiny patch didn't cover the entire area of my pussy lips and didn't cover any of the back portion of those lips.

As he worked the oil into my ass cheeks, Jake was getting a Goddamned good look at my nearly naked pussy, not to mention all the pussy juice dripping and pooling beneath me and I still hadn't seen a thing of his equipment. True, I did feel his cock on my ass crack, but no visual reinforcement.

"You know, don't you Lil Sis, you're turning me on big time with this job."

"That's the whole point, isn't it?"

Jake didn't respond to that comment. He just went back to work on my body. How he did it, I don't know, but Jake bypassed my pussy to do my inner thighs and legs. I nearly died of frustration.

Damn it, big brother, take what's offered. Cop a feel, for God's sake.

He didn't. When Jake finished, he gave me another of his devilish grins and said, "I've got to get that job done out in the garage before supper time."

With that, he strode away and disappeared once more into the workshop. Shit, shit, shit. I was burning up and it wasn't the sun that was to blame. My backside was just short of reaching the burn stage when I decided to quit and go back into the house, still wildly frustrated and horny. Horny for my big brother.

After supper, we had the same unbelievably quiet evening like we did the evening before. I enjoyed the evening, but I was edgy the whole time. Like ready to crawl out of my skin. Even Jake didn't seem to be quite his composed self. I knew what my problem was--a bad case of unrequited horniness. I didn't know for sure what Jake's problem was, but I certainly hoped I was the cause of it.

I noticed Jake having a problem because I had seen him surreptitiously try to rearrange things between his legs more than once during the evening. At least one of those times, he saw me watching him during one of those rearrangements. He had the grace to blush, that time.

My God, Jake, are you ever going to show me that package? Truthfully, I want to do more than just look at it.

Naturally, that wasn't said out loud. About midnight, I quietly said, "Well, I'm off for a shower and bed. Goodnight Mom, goodnight, Jake."

They both returned the comment while I walked to the stairs. In my room, I stripped off and thought, To hell with it, I'm just going to walk naked to the bathroom. Maybe I'll get lucky and Jack will see me.

Well, it didn't happen on the trip to the bathroom. Maybe on the way back. I adjusted the water and stepped into the shower. I took a long time in the soaking spray of the shower head. The warm water felt just too damned good to get out of and into the chilly air of the room. Besides, I tweaked my nipples and diddled my twat 'till I was in a frenzied state of sexual arousal.

My daze was interrupted by the sudden opening of the bathroom door. Through the opaque glass shower doors, I saw a blurry figure step to the shower stall and open the sliding door. Jake stood there in all his naked glory with his beautiful naked cock rigid as all hell at full attention. That naked cock was bubbling a clear fluid from the tip and pulsing with anticipation.

"May I join you, Lil Sis? I believe I've got just what you've been wanting since I got home."

"Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God." was all I could get out, over and over again as I held both arms out to him in welcome.

We put our arms around each other with Jake's rigid pole up against my belly and hugged in a tight clinch. He rained kisses all over my head, face, and neck. When he dropped his mouth to on nipple and a hand to the other, I was so excited that I immediately climaxed.

"Oh God, Jake, you don't know how long I've hoped this would happen."

"You and me both, babe."


"Yes, really."

I backed my ass off a bit so I could put a hand between us and around his big dick. Damn, it was a big one. I dropped to my knees and put my other hand around that flesh pole. There was still considerable dick sticking out of my second hand. I stroked with both hands. My mouth found his engorged helmet. I stroked and sucked. In only minutes I was rewarded with a deluge of man cream shooting into my mouth and throat.

Jake's cock refused to deflate more than half way. He helped me up and turned my back to him. He pulled me tight with his cock running down my ass crack and his hands each going around and grabbing a tit. I had a minor climax.

I bent over, sticking my ass straight up at Jake.

"Now fuck me Jake, fuck me good and hard. Screw my brains out and make me come like I've never come before."

The next thing I felt was his big cock head traversing my slit, buried as deep as he could get it. He ran past my love opening to my clit, back and forth a number of times. Finally, he popped his cockhead into my yawning gate. There he stopped.

"Jake! What's stopping you? Come on, brother, fuck me. FUCK ME, DAMN IT.'

"Just wanted to savor the moment--and hear you beg like a good little slut."

"Damn you, Jake, jam it in and fuck me."

Still the tease, he pushed in an short inch or so at a time. I was about to explode in frustration. God, I wanted to, I NEEDED to come. With a final hard thrust, I finally felt him hit bottom in my pussy and his balls slam up against my pussy lips. What a voluptuous feeling. He really filled me up tight. That was more like it.

"Do you like fucking your little sister, Jake?"

"Sure as hell I do, Lil Sis."

"No regrets? About incest, I mean."

"No. Do you?"

"No, so fuck me harder, Jake."

He did until he finally blew his load. I could feel every single rope of cum he shot of, too. We were both left panting for breath.

Still coupled like two dogs in heat, we were startled by the opening of the shower's glass door.

"Mom!" we both chorused together.

"And just what are you two perverts doing?"

"What's it look like, Mom? We're fucking our asses off."

"Don't get so smart mouthed, Jake, I can see what your doing."

"Then why ask?"

Remaining coupled, we continued to stare at Mom and she at us. Then she really did blow our minds. She slowly stripped out of her cloths until she stood bare assed naked, facing us.

Jake's cock had gone back to full erection in my pussy.

"What the hell, Mom?" asked Jake.

With her nipples erect and her shaved pussy obviously wetting her thighs, she said, "When you two are done, I'll be waiting for Jake in my bedroom. Don't keep me waiting too long."

Mom left the bathroom.

"Oh my God, Jake, this is getting too deep."

"Life certainly has gotten a great deal more interesting today, I'll say that much."

"Spoken like a chauvinist male, Jake. Now finish fucking me. Mom wants you."

He did. Rather quickly, stroking his cock in and out of my pussy from behind and reaching around to play with my boobs and nipples, and the naughtiness of being fucked by my own brother, I came with the force of a tone of TNT. Jake spewed his load of cum moments later.

Struggling for breath, Jake manage to gasp out, "Helen, when Mom's had enough, I'll come back to you in your bed for the rest of the night. I haven't had enough of you, not by a long shot."

"Oh God, yes, Jake. I damn well haven't had enough of you."

After rinsing again, we stepped out and dried each other.

"You comin' yet, Jake?" was hollered from Mom's bedroom.

"Yes, I'm on my way."

I followed Jake to Mom's room but remained out of sight in the hall way.

"I'll just listen in and peek from time to time, Jake."

I got a sly grin and a whispered, "Pervert!" as my response.

"Takes on to know one, Jake!"

Well, I heard and saw plenty. Jack told me later that Mom's pussy was drooling wet and ready as he climbed on the bed. So, he climbed in the saddle immediately with no foreplay at all. He lined up his cock and shoved hard all the way to his balls. I heard the solid slap as he hit home.

A very loud "OOF," issued from Mom's lips.

From that point, Jake's cock was a pistoning machine of lust. I think the naughtiness of fucking his own mother fueled his lust as much as it did when he fucked me. Mom's large tits bounced and shook with his pumping.

Jake added his thumb in circular motions around her clit. Then his free hand pinched a nipple. All hell broke loose then.

"Sooo looong, Jake. Gooood." Then Mom rocketed off into her orgasm the outdid mine of a few minutes before. She later admitted that cock created orgasm was the first since Dad died six years previously. It was what she'd been seeking with her street walker outfits. Jake was a much safer bet for a good fuck than any pickup or date.

Although he'd just shot a wad in me a short time before, He gave Mom nearly as big a load when he came in her pussy.

"Stay a little while, Jake, I need some gentle loving now."

I crept back to my room and waited for over two hours before Jack came back to me. We gave each other head and fucked once more before going to sleep with his cock buried to the hilt in my pussy.

"Good morning you two. Sleep well?"

"Arm in arm and like babies," Jake answered.

"Cock and pussy connected as well, I bet."

"Mom!" I moaned. "Please!"

"Ok. Sit down and eat. There's ham, eggs, toast, coffee, and juice."

"I don't know about anyone else," intoned Jake, "but I'm half starved."

"Work pretty hard last night, did you Jake?" I teased.

"You could say that, Sis."

"Jake," interjected Mom, "I just had a thought. Would you like to keep that cock of yours busy during the rest of your vacation? I mean other than with myself and your sister, of course. We come first."

"Huh? Whada ya mean?"

"Just what I said, Jake. I've got several close friends, one a widow and the other two divorced, that are in my position. We're all looking for a pleasurable cock ride but a safe one. You never know with strangers. You, on the other hand, are a know and safe quantity. Those women are as horny as I am, maybe more so."

"And I've got at least one girl friend who's had a crush on you since high school."

"What" Now I've got both my mother and my sister pimping for me in addition to being my number one sluts?"

"Looks like it, brother dear. You up to the challenge?"

"Jesus, Lil Sis, I don't know. You're both serious?"

"Never more so," said Mom.

"Christ what guy wouldn't love to be in such a position. All I can do is try. But, Mom, there's one thing."

"What would that be, Jake?"

"Un, any fandango with other women won't, uh, won't be free for nothing. Any fooling around will have a price tag. But no strings or cost for you or sis--just outsiders."

"I see," said Mom. "Ok, I guess. Jesse Cope is a close friend of mine. She's thirty-five and is probably the most horny of the three. Her husband was killed in a car crash three years ago. She's been looking for a good fuck, but has had one since at least not so far as I know. I call and try to set you up for tomorrow nigh. OK?"


Helen lived at home to look after Mom, but Mom still worked a full forty hours a week. She had a job to get to. Helen had taken a two week vacation from her job time with my two weeks at home. So we were footloose and fancy free for a while.

"Lil Sis, how 'bout you and I take in the beach today?"

"Great. I'd love to."

"I know about a special place one of my buddies told me about. It's about two hours from here, but well worth the trip. After we clean up our breakfast mess, Why don't you pack a picnic basket, Lil Sis, and we can be off."

"Let's do it!"

I packed two thermoses of coffee--one for the drive and one for the picnic. We left at nine and got to the beach entrance a little after ten. Jake was driving. Then I saw the sign and arrow underneath it. It read: "Nature Beach."

"Nature beach? Jake, what kind of place are you taking me to?"

"What do you think? We're going to a beach to swim and take in some sun?"

"Just how much sun, Jake? This better not be a nudist beach. I won't go if it is."

"Oh come on, Lil Sis, don't you like to show off that body of yours, especially those tits? I'll be there right beside you, just as naked."

"Showing my tits is one thing, showing my bare pussy is something else again. Only you have permission to see all of me--and use me. But displaying my cunt to all comers? No thanks you."

"Helen--come on, we can find a secluded section of beach if you want."

I didn't answer him. But his use of my name meant he was getting really serious. I'd just wear my bikini and he'd play hell getting me out of it.

We parked in the lot and to my great relief, I saw a sign that read, "Clothing optional beyond this point." But looking around, I saw more cocks dangling and tits bouncing than I did anything else. In fact, I only saw two women with bottoms on with their bare tits and one guy with trunks on. Some twenty plus others were bare ass naked.

Oh, God help me.

Jake stripped down beside the car and laid his clothes out in the back seat.

"Lil Sis, you carry the big beach blanket and I'll bring the picnic hamper. First, though, I need you top, please."

"Oh, Jake, do I have to?"

"Yep, come on, fork it over."

Reluctantly and with a deep red blush to my boobs, I pulled off my bikini top and gave it to him.

"Jesus, Lil Sis, I still can't get enough of your gorgeous boobs. Just look what they've done to me already."

I glanced down and Jake's cock went from semi-erect to stiff, full alert while he talked.

"Well, Jake, if you have to walk around with that naked pole sticking out in front of you, I guess I can stand walking around with what I got naked and sticking out in front of me."

"That's my girl, Lil Sis. Now all we have to work on is those bottoms."

"Not just yet we don't, brother dear. one thing at a time and maybe only one thing."

I wouldn't admit it to Jake, at least not yet, but I did enjoy the freedom I felt with my naked tits getting the air and the sun. This might be fun yet.

We did find a place down the beach a ways on the fringe of the main group where we set up our perch. We had rented a huge beach umbrella at a concession and got that up. Our blanket was spread half in the shade and half in the open.

"Let's grease up with sunscreen and then eat, Jake. The we can rest and sun a bit before we go for a swim."

"Sounds like a plan to me Lil Sis."

"I'll do you first, Jake. On your belly, please."

Down he went. I did his neck and shoulders and down the backs of his arms before turning to his back and spine. I had straddled his ass on my knees when I started. As I started down his back, rubbing sensuously, I felt my pussy get damp. Then it go wet and small drops dripped onto Jake's ass crack.

Jake mumbled, "Hey, Sis, I thought you were using sun screen on your hands. Where's the liquid drips coming from?"

As if he didn't know. All his comment did was make me even wetter. He damn well knew that's what would happen when he teased me. But that wasn't the worst of it. Doing his ass kept my pussy wet, but when I couldn't resist and stroked sun screed over his perineum and ball sack, I let go with a steady stream of pussy juice. Thankfully, most of that was dropping on the blanket between his legs. I finished what I could reach of his legs and did each foot completely.

"Turn over, stud, it's time to put up or shut up, buddy."

Jake turned over underneath me. I remained straddled over his midsection. His face, neck, and shoulders were easy--at least if I kept my hips raised far enough so as to not let my pussy come into contact with is cockhead.

As I worked my way down his chest, my still wet pussy was again running over. A fair amount dripped onto Jake's cock and I felt it twitch against my left leg.

"You're using water again, Sis."

Damn him, that made it even worse before I worked my way south enough that I dripped on the blanket again instead of his body. When I got that far, I skipped his cock and went down one leg and back up the other.

"Truth or consequences time, Sis. Do you or don't you?"

His big cock was fully erect and its one little eye was staring directly into my two big eyes. My pussy burned and my tits tingled like hell. Shit, did I have a choice?

I lathered up with sunscreen, grabbed on to that one eyed monster Jake flashed in my face, and stroked, hell bent for leather. Jake moaned his pleasure in a constant rumble. It didn't take long in his highly aroused state before he was shooting ropes of cum straight up into the air like Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park.

Now I know that most reputable nudist places more than frown on erections and fucking in the open public areas. Couples with kids seemed to be at the far opposite end of the beach and the childless couples between them and us. So, I hoped no one would say much to us off by ourselves to some extent. I don't think anyone was really paying any attention to us anyway.

It suddenly hit me just as Jake verbalized it: "Your turn, Sis."

I could all but imagine the pay back I was in for. Shit.

"Like you, I'll do your back first. On your belly, Sis."

Jake followed my pattern of working down my body with the sun screen. When he got to the waistband of my bikini bottoms, he pulled them down and off before I even realized what was happening. I gave a mild shriek.

"Damn it, Jake, whada ya think you're doing?"

"Making it easier to do what I'm doing, Sis, and after all, it is a nude beach dear."

Again, Jake did as I did and ignored my pussy until he came back up the second leg. He actually pored liquid down my ass crack and then went to work with his fingers, spreading it all around my brown ring and down to my pussy lips. I came and came hard at that point.

"Oh, that's just beautiful, Sis, can you do that again?"

All I could do was moan in pleasure.

"Ok, Sis, now the good side. Turn over like a good girl."

When he did my tits, he didn't stop working on them until I orgasmed again. Another good one it was, too. When he got as far as my navel, he rimmed it good with his tongue before he sun screened it and continued on down one leg and back up the other. I had a mild orgasm when he was diddling on my navel.

I shuddered hard. I realized my pussy was next. Oh God.

Jake didn't waste any time getting to it either. He rubbed his chin on my mons, licked and sucked up and down my pussy lips, and then moved into my slit. His tongue went up and down, in my pussy gate, and ended by diddling my clit. Fuck! I exploded in orgasm, nearly blasting off the blanket. Jesus, that climax was a real toe curler.

"Damn, Jake, now we've got a wet, sticky blanket to lay on."

"We'll wash off when we go for our swim, Sis."

"I guess so."

We laid back and enjoyed the sun while we relaxed and got our senses back.

Idly, I said, "Jake, you can do those friends of Mom, but you better leave some in reserve for me and before Mom gets too, buddy. I want you in my bed for the night."

"Well, Sis, it'll be an all nighter, one night at a time for all those others and maybe for Mom as well, but it';s you I'll who'll get fucked silly in-between times."

"You'd best not keep me waiting too long, Jake."

"I've also been giving some thought to the future."

"Oh" Anything you want to share with me?"

"Not at the moment, but the time's coming when I will."

We soaked up the rays and dozed in alternating cycles for several more hours into the afternoon. Jake finally pinched both my nipples really hard, startling me awake.

"Let's go for our swim, Sis."

So, we did. I felt embarrassed, walking bare ass naked to the water, but by the time we came back to the blanket, I didn't worry about it anymore. Jake even managed to stay deflated, for the most part.

"What say we pack up and go home, Sis. Had enough for one day."

"Enough beach, anyway, but not enough of you, stud."

Jake just gave me an evil grin and we trooped back to the car, our naked asses wiggling, tits jiggling, and his cock softly bouncing from side to side. We did put our clothes on at the car for the drive back home, but I really didn't want to. I guess I just got used to the idea of being naked, especially around Jake.


"Hello, Mrs. Cope. I guess you remember me."

"Yes, Jake, and please, just call me Jesse."

"Ok, uh, Jesse. May I come in?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Yes, please do come in."

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