Al's Way With Kids

by wordytom

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Erotica Sex Story: In years of having sex with kids, Al only went to jail once.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Ma/mt   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   Incest   Father   Daughter   First   .

Al was a lead man in a plastics factory with an eighteen-year-old pregnant wife, Gail. At the time he was thirty-six. His young wife knew damned well that Al was on parole for violation of 288-a PC, California Penal Code - child molesting.

The time was the mid sixties. Al was a serial molester. At the time he and his pregnant young wife moved into their new home he had, at a conservative estimate, had sex with over two hundred under age children. This included everything from casual fondling to full penetration.

Prior to purchasing their home in North Long Beach, California, Al had managed an apartment complex down close to the beach on the west side of town. Most of the tenants in these one and two bedroom apartments were navy families with children that ranged from babies still nursing to ten and twelve year olds.

The standing joke around Shady Oak Apartments was, "When Daddy is at sea, Mama is with me." The "me" referred to whomever was not out on maneuvers or the six or so civilian single males who lived there.

Al had installed a swing set and a teeter-totter he scrounged from a playground in the process of being demolished and of course he pushed the little girls in the swings when he was not busy with his duties doing maintenance. He quickly learned which girls were receptive to his advances and which ones weren't.

Then things changed when Marie Potter and her parents moved into the complex one weekend. Her father was a machinist's mate first class. He had just reenlisted and had the ten thousand dollar "re-up bonus" burning a hole in his wife's pocket.

Mostly all Billy Joe Potter, a friendly hillbilly from Boone County, Kentucky wanted out of life were a few of the mini kegs of beer called "tappers," a fridge to put them in and a working television to watch James Arness kill the bad guys.

Oh yes, while he was drunk he usually had eight year old Marie sit on his lap while he slipped a finger in her.

Pearl, Marie's mother was well aware of her husband's activities. "If he ain't fuckin' her, it ain't too bad," was her only comment. Pearl had two older brothers and an uncle who broke her in when she was quite young.

Besides, when Billy Joe was aboard ship Pearl worked as a part time whore and put her earnings in the bank. There were usually four or five different men show up, stay less than a half hour and leave again. While her mother was entertaining Marie played on the swings, no matter what the hour.

One evening Al came out of his apartment to run an errand and saw Marie sitting quiet in the swing seat, head down, just sitting. "I'm going to the store, you want to come along?"

She nodded without answering and slipped out of the swing. She followed him to his old Ford and got in. "You want an ice cream?" he asked.

"I rather have a burger," she answered.

"Okay, but it'll cost you. Okay?" He grinned at her, already knowing the answer. She nodded and slipped her play shorts and panties off. He drove down to a deserted area near the beach and parked. He pulled his penis out and she bent over and began to suck him. He slipped his finger inside her and smiled. Fifteen minutes later he came and she swallowed.

"Joyce said you fucked her," Marie told him. He nodded. "She said it hurt some. He nodded again. "She said you cum inside her."

"Well hell yes I did. That's what happens when you fuck. The guy cums and the girl cleans it up. Besides she liked it."

"Joyce is almost ten. What if she gets a baby?"

"She can't get pregnant. She's too young." Al seemed so sure of himself she believed him.

"Well, my dad has been trying to stick his dick in me and it's too big."

She was matter of fact about her father and their sex life. Al knew all about how Billy slipped his middle finger in her while they watched television together.

They pulled up in front of the drive in and ordered hamburgers. The carhop giggled as she attached the serving tray to the outside of the car window on the driver's side. She stared down at his lap. Al looked down at where she was staring. He had not replaced his penis in his pants.

"We been fooling around," he told her.

"With your little girl?" she asked.

"Oh, she's a neighbor," he answered. He was well aware he would be in big trouble if she turned him in.

"Oh," she grinned and finished setting up the tray.

Al put it away and zipped up. He and Marie sat and ate their hamburgers in silence. When they were finished he turned his lights on and off to request service. In this case, to remove the tray so they could leave.

On impulse he asked the car hop, "Who you been fooling around with?" He looked her in the eye and waited.

She blushed and said, "My uncle. He's my mom's younger brother. I only let him get me in the butt. I don't want any babies."

He tipped her and she carried the tray off. "She lets him stick his dick up her ass?" Marie asked, amazed at the idea.

"Well I heard of it, but I never done it," Al told her.

They stopped at the store for a bottle of milk and returned to the apartment complex. Marie walked over to the swing and sat. Al took the milk into the manager's house.

"I saw you take that kid with you. What did you do?" Gail really did not want to know. She was aware Al had fondled a few of the young girls in the complex. However, she did not wish to pursue the matter too far unless she was forced to. It was far easier to ignore matters and pretend.

"Oh hell, I just felt her up al little. Don't worry." He smiled at her and went in to shower before he went to bed.

She sat up a while longer and watched television. Her uncle and a couple of neighbors had molested Beth before she was seven. She enjoyed the sensations and was a willing partner to the three adults.

Then in grade school some of the older boys had sex with her and she decided it was one hell of a lot of fun. By the time she met Al she had a reputation as always ready. He got her pregnant and married her. (Well, she said it was his.)

Al got up the next morning and began making the requested repairs the tenants requested. He knocked on the Carter's door and was told to come in. Jane Carter and her daughter Marilyn were both still in their nighties. They had on matching see through Teddies.

Jane pointed to the bathroom. "The toilet keeps running," she said.

"Nice outfits you got on," he told them both.

Jane laughed, "Marilyn told me about you and her."

Al's stomach became queasy. "Oh? What did she say?"

"She said you fucked her."

"Well..." He tried to think of something to say.

"Oh, don't worry. Mike is due in tomorrow from maneuvers and I just want you to leave her alone while he's in port. Okay?"

He told her a weak "okay" and asked, "Why the getups?" He looked at the shadowy outlines of the two females' crotches.

"After Daddy ships out again we're both going to get you at the same time," Marilyn told him.

That particular threesome never took place. Al was called into the property management office later that morning and told he was fired.

"We have had too many complaints about you and the tenants' children. You have one week to move." The account manager looked at him as if he were a bug to be stepped on.

Al left and went home to tell Gail the news. "Let's buy a house," she said. "We have fifteen hundred dollars saved."

Al went job hunting and found work at double the pay he had received as apartment manager. Gail found them a house and a fast deal was struck. On the day they were supposed to move Al rented a trailer and hauled off all their personal belongings.

Their new home in North Long Beach was in a quiet residential area with a mixture of elderly couples that had lived in the same house for many years to the young marrieds buying their first home.

At work, with no children to distract him, Al worked hard and became lead man and then foreman in less than six months. Home was a different matter. He became a new father and gloried in becoming a parent for the second time. He also made friends with his neighbors with children.

He ignored the young girls who told him no and only made advances toward the ones who went along. His garage became a meeting place for the pre-teens who needed their bikes fixed or just wanted to hang out for a while. None of the parents were suspicious of the goings on at Al's place. He repaired bikes, roller skates, and even televisions, sometimes.

"That damned TV repair shop wanted thirty-five dollars to fix out TV. Al did it for five bucks and some solder," pretty well summed up the way the neighbors perceived Al. Al also had sex with that particular neighbor's eleven-year-old daughter a few times.

About then a new twist got added. One of the girls told her older by one year brother. She had seduced him one day after school. The thirteen-year-old boy was anxious to have sex with more girls. Al knew when to say yes.

He watched Mark and a nine-year-old girl have sex on the old couch he installed in the back of the garage. He performed oral sex on the girl as soon as Mark pulled out. Then he talked Mark into performing fellatio on him. It took little convincing for Mark to acquire a new hobby.

Over the next ten years the young kids learned Al fixed anything. The older ones gravitated on to other interests and activities and Mark left home to join the navy. Mark's sister had two babies by two different and unknown men. Al figured the odds were one if not both were his.

The interesting thing was that none of Al's former sex partners ever showed any ill will toward him. When he met Marie a few years later she was married and the mother of two.

"Too bad you don't live closer to us. You would be my favorite baby sitter," she told him.

After he started with Mark, Al became truly bisexual. Over time a few of the parents in the neighborhood became aware of his proclivities. None became angry enough to go through the public humiliation of making a complaint and testifying against him in open court. Instead they told their daughters to stay away from him. Of course a few stayed away but the majority slipped over whenever they could without getting caught.

Gail was well aware of what went on out in the garage. She began to get friendly with a couple of the neighbors who had open relationships and started her own life separate from her husband.

One of the couples she had sex with brought Gail's and Al's ten-year-old daughter Rene and their eight year old daughter Rachel into the play. "Just like with Daddy," the girls said and joined in.

Finally Gail met a man and fell in love. He was ten years older than she and a devout Christian. That suited Gail to a tee. Rene was not happy with the arrangement when Mommy kicked Daddy out and got a divorce.

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