The Titan

by TheTitan

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Mind Control Story: An evil older than time is lurking around, undetected, spreading havoc wherever it goes. Transformations occur.

Caution: This Mind Control Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Magic   Fiction   Paranormal   DomSub   Body Modification   Big Breasts   Transformation   .

It was a Friday night at the local collage club. It was also raining, not the sort of rain you just notice but the kind that you desperately try to run away from. Three girls where running in the rain towards the club entrance. When they where running they noticed a man standing on a small grassy hillside outside the club. No one of the girls took any more impression of the man other then that he was standing there. If they would have stayed and watched him they would have noticed that the rain was not bothering the man, and the reason for this was that the rain was not hitting the man, just draining off his sides a few inches off his raincoat. But the girls did not notice this as they ran up to the security guards outside the club so they could let them in. The man outside the club seemed to have made a decision a few minutes after that the girls had entered the club and he went down to the guards but the guards did not notice him. He stopped for a second, standing between the guards as if he was considering talking, and then he strolled into the club. However once he had entered the guards shut both the steel doors to the club and took very stern looks on there faces saying quite clearly that no-one was going to enter, or leave, that club as long as they stood there.

Part one

Linda had a huge crush on Thomas for over a year now, but had been too shy to actually say anything about it to anyone. She was 21years old, 1.8 meters tall, blond short hair, and had a thin body figure. She also had a very low self-esteem because her love barely noticed her. Her studies in the biological field were also not interesting Thomas at all. She had joined the same work-team on the club to be able to be close to him at least some days without raising too many nosy questions from people. This night she was put with Thomas in the wardrobe to take care of the customer's coats. Given the fact it was raining so hard outside she had quite an easy work that night as not that many decided to go out on such a night. This was perfect for her as she could talk more to Thomas however this had not turned out as she had hoped as he seemed to reject any kind of longer conversation Linda tried to start. And her working clothing did not help her at all as they were revealing nothing of her, although small, breasts.

Linda looked up at the man that had entered and put on her automatic customer smile when she noticed he had a raincoat on. She did notice something odd about the man, his face was very hard to see what he looked like, and even though his face was clear in the light she could just not seem to see it. As she was thinking about this something struck her like lightning when she heard a voice inside her head that wasn't her own


After hearing this several things happened. The first she noticed was that she was shrinking. She didn't stop until she was 1.55 meters. The second thing she noticed was her hair as it grew past her face and it was pitch black. As she took a hand to brush the hair out of her face she noticed that her hand was much smaller and more feminine than she remembered. As she looked down her outfit was now something she associated with harem girls from movies, a tiny yellow bikini with small bells on and matching panties. Her breasts where also slightly larger. As she looked up she came to look at Thomas and was as fast as she could kneeling down in front of him and a submassive tone took control over her eyes as she said "Master, how may your slave serve you." Thomas answered in a stern voice "You can start by taking care of this mans raincoat". After that you can give me a blowjob, you have not done that in 15 minutes now."

Linda did as her master told her immediately. She knew that as long as she stayed with her master she would be happy. It would be so devastating to not be commanded by him she wouldn't be able to do anything. And for as long as she could remember she had always been his slave so that thought didn't worry her for long.

Part two

Mary was bored. She had been in the club for over 2 hours and she had only been hit by 3 guys and according to herself they where all losers. She wanted Mr. Right to step up to her and sweep her off her feet. She picked up her hand held mirror from her purse and saw that she needed to freshen up. Walking over to the restrooms was a beauty of 1.76 meter, long blond hair, with curves that would make several top models jealous but at the same time it was a stern look that said no one had access here and it also said that here comes a person that doesn't want anyone to stand in her way. To her surprise a man that just entered the club was just doing that, and she shouldered him to the side as she strolled by with minimum regret. Looking towards the wardrobe she could see that the girl in wardrobe was sucking off the man with pure bliss in her eyes. "What a stone cold slut" she thought as she made her way towards the toilets but by then she heard a booming voice inside her head


Wondering where that voice had come from she did not notice when she turned left, instead of right, and went into the men's room. She did not see that her cloths disappeared into thin air and that she went crouching against an empty wall. She did notice that a sign appeared besides her, saying "Cum dispenser", but by then the only thought that went through her otherwise empty head was "Must have Cum". The first guy that came up to her and started fucking her was one of the guys she earlier had rejected, however none of them seemed to remember that meeting anymore. A smile of pure bliss came over Mary's lips as she felt the guy cumming inside her, giving her a feeling that she would never leave this spot as long as she could have cum inside of her. As she felt cum running down her throat she also felt her body turning stiff into pottery. She did not worry about this as she was only interested in being fed more cum, and this place provided her with just that.

Part three

Sandra and Amy were identical twins and truly beautiful. They both had strawberry red hair, 1.85 meters tall, with "head turning" bodies and C-cup breasts. The fact they were twins, and that they were working as bartenders in the club, only made some situations more comical when men obviously thought they were seeing double, or quadruple in some cases. This being quite a slow night they were not 100% focused on there jobs letting people wait some extra time for the drinks because they didn't feel the need to rush things. After serving a man his martini Sandra was a bout to turn away when she heard some kind of talking inside her head that she did not recognise


Looking down Sandra saw that her pants were riding up her legs turning into a black and white micro-skirt. Her work T-shirt was suddenly sliding down into a strapless bra also black and white in colour. Her hair was folding itself upwards into a ponytail, however it kept its colour. A dust whip appeared in her right hand and her clothes transforming again giving her a look that could only be described as a French maid. The voice in her head came back and said:


Looking over to her sister she could see that Amy's clothes where gone and that suddenly a silver liquid came pouring out of her bare nipples. First covering her torso, then kept spreading out across her arms, her legs and her head, only her hair was not turned into silver. She was still standing still like a statue but the silver liquid seemed to keep moving slowly across her body giving it a shimmering look.

When Sandra turned back the man was gone but another customer had come up. "Give me a beer" he said. Sandra answered "Oui monsieur" and walked up to her former sister and put a empty glass under her nipple and said out loud "Biére" and out of Amy's nipple came the beer in just a big enough amount to fill the glass. Sandra walked back to her customer but Amy suddenly came to life. She started to walk to the other side of the bar where two other girls, which was working in the bar, was standing and chatting to each other. A simple touch from Amy on both girls made some liquid stay on them. It spread over them as fast as it had done on Amy and soon the bar had three "Human" taps of all types of drinkable fluid. The only difference between them was that one was a redhead, one had black hair, and one had light blond, almost white hair.

2 girls standing on the edge of the bar had just ordered drinks from Sandra. When she came back with the drinks from the human tap with black hair the girls simply giggled over Sandra's clothes. When the girls handed over the money to pay for the drinks Sandra took the time to touch there hands. Within minute the girls had stopped giggling, moved around the bar behind it, and with the same French maid outfits that Sandra had started to serve customers as it was there normal jobs.

Part four

Jenny had blond hair. That was however the only thing that made her look stupid. Her suit made her look very exclusive in this type of club. She was studying to become a lawyer and had already got the attitude in perfectly. She considered every other person as inferior to her intellect and showed it too. Her intention of going here was to look at all the other people and feel "above" them. Looking down on the people sitting by a table she noticed how the 2 bimbos clung to the man's shoulders, she was thinking "How on earth can they even walk straight?". Suddenly a voice already inside her head was saying:

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