The Call

by AB_Moore

Copyright© 2009 by AB_Moore

BDSM Story: Sometimes you have to write it out before your mind will let you move to another idea. This is short, not sweet, and not useful in getting your jollies. BDSM describes their relationship, drama probably describes the story best.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Tear Jerker   DomSub   MaleDom  

At six thirty AM, on an ordinary June Saturday, Trevor Maxwell woke up. He didn't have to. He only worked Monday through Friday. Trevor's body just demanded it. Bleary eyed, he sat up, swiveled his feet out of bed, and to the floor. Arms reaching through the air to either side the thirty three year old man stretched. The muscles in his back responded, waking up as well.

Turning his head to the side, he looked over his shoulder as his arms fell back to the bed. His wife's collar was still coiled neatly on her pillow. Right where she placed it the morning she left their home, and flown to Tucson with Robert Messitch, her boss, on a two week sales meet and greet tour of the southwest. That had been a week ago.

Since it was Saturday, Trevor knew that she must be sleeping the morning away in a hotel in Albuquerque New Mexico. She had been on an early flight the night before. Her, and Robert were scheduled to attend a golf tournament there with potential clients both weekend days, and then give a sales presentation Monday and move on to Santa Fe Tuesday morning. Shelly called about eight hours ago and said that they were headed to the airport. She even managed to feign a trip to the restroom to get the privacy to do it properly.

"Sir, I'm just finishing dinner now, and we are going to run and catch the plane in just a few moments," she told him.

"Good girl Shelly, I love you. Be sure to call me when you wake up, and sleep well," he had smiled at the phone when he heard her voice. He had been missing her next to his body at night, the naked heat keeping him relaxed and at ease in his slumber. It had never been this long since he had unclipped her lead from the bed post to go about her morning.

"Sir ... may I cum in your honor tonight when I crawl into my hotel bed?" she was whispering. He knew that she was shy and didn't want to be overheard by anyone. It made him beam with pleasure though to hear the request.

"I would like that very much my dear. You better run along though, don't want to miss your flight," was his reply.

"Yes Sir, your girl will love you always," her voice was full of the joy and love that he had been hearing in it for the past ten years.

"And Sir loves and misses his girl, go on now," he had hung up at that point. She never could end a conversation. It had been up to him to end their phone calls from the very beginning.

Reflecting this conversation in his head, a slow smile crept across his face. He was so happy to have her, to be enjoying her and their relationship. Finally standing to his full six foot height, he padded across their bedroom carpet towards the bathroom. Losing his black cotton boxers in the laundry hamper along the way, he turned on the shower, and made for the toilet.

Twenty minutes later Trevor was toweling off. His skin was still pink from the intense heat he always enjoyed in the shower, and his heart was heavy from missing Shelly. Saturday morning showers had always been taken together, ever since she agreed to wear his collar eight years ago. He loved the feeling of bathing together, him taking care of her like he promised to, and her taking care of him as she was told to.

Drying himself, and running a comb through his thick brown hair, he looked in the mirror and wondered how he managed to become so lucky. He still worked out in their home gym, but wasn't the rock hard twenty year old he used to be, and his brown eyes complained slightly when he tried to read for too long. Age reminded him of how young he felt when he met her.

They had both been twenty-two, and one of the fraternities that Trevor had known a few members of, held a massive "End of Finals" party. Going to the party expecting to get extremely drunk, and then wake up on the fraternity couch, Trevor was surprised when he managed to meet a stunning blonde with a refreshing intellect, and a personality that left nothing to be desired.

Instead of his anticipated drinking binge, Trevor spent the entire evening in one spot talking to Shelly. A few drinks into the party they both began discussing romance. Early in the following morning, he found himself in the same spot holding a cup that been empty for hours, and staring at that same gorgeous woman. She described herself as an "old fashioned" girl, but with the way she was always biting her lip, and blushing. Trevor knew that wasn't the whole story.

They dated for two weeks before making it to bed together. Four dates of talk and three soft good night kisses, before their fifth and much more intimate meeting, Shelly made him dinner in the small apartment she shared with her final college roommate, and Trevor made sure they never made it to the food when it was hot.

Once in her bedroom, he pushed her arms to her sides and kissed her fully and deeply. Their first kiss that was not a simple hello or goodbye, she responded by trying to move for his belt buckle. Trevor had been prepared for that though, and moved his hands swiftly to hers, replacing them at her sides, and pulling away from her kiss.

Stifling an expression of frustration, Shelly looked into his eyes and saw the firm control she had been craving. The rest of the evening took place in her single bed with the lone exception of Trevor sending her out to get their plates from the table. He loved her that evening the way he wanted her, and the heart in her chest belonged to him ever since.

Her collaring had taken place a little less than a year later on his twenty-third birthday. Shelly asked what present he wanted most, and he said her. A month of talk about it, sealed the deal, and when his birthday finally came they didn't go out with friends, or go see his family or anything. They stayed home, and Shelly served dinner. Steak, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and rolls. It was Trevor's favorite food and one of the only meals that he would remember for the rest of his life.

As soon as he lifted the first fork full, she slipped under the table and reached for the button on his jeans. He spent the entire meal with the wet, warm embrace of her lips upon his shaft. Eating quickly, he only barely managed to stave himself off until she heard the clatter of his fork and knife on the porcelain plate. She then rose from her spot between his legs, to kneel by his side.

Thirty minutes later they had both been in the living room when he placed the smooth black leather around her neck. It was the same black leather that was now coiled on her pillow. The collar she accepted was simple, with a chromed buckle, and a single chrome ring at its front. Their ceremony had been simple too. Trevor asked her if she was positive, and after a year of being with him, Shelly was. He had her lift the long blonde locks of hair from her neck, and he lovingly buckled his collar onto her.

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