Monica - Seconds

by Sven the Elder

Copyright© 2009 by Sven the Elder

Sex Story: Monica comes again, and again

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

The early morning sun woke me next morning, that and the arising need for a pee, which made itself felt in the usual way - I had a morning hard-on that would have let me to use it to bang in nails!

Lying there for a moment I remembered Monica the night before. She had been quite insatiable, in a way you read about, laugh about — maybe down the pub over a drink with your mates.

Wishful thinking.

Never comes true.

But it had.

We had reveled in each other's bodies - once that first initial explosion of lust had been overcome, that orgasm so hard it had made me see stars. We had regained our breath, slowed heartbeat back to mildly fast rather than the life-threatening beat it had been. We had played with each other.

Learned the little things that made us purr like cats as we pleasured each other.

As you get older the desire for sex doesn't diminish - at least I'm happy to say it hasn't for me - but once where an egg timed while I made love — oh, OK fucked! - would have been soft boiled, as I got older I discovered staying power.

I could make that second round last thirty to forty minutes.

Last night had seen me wake and go for my usual pee in the wee small hours. Even though I had tried not to wake her, Monica had been waiting for me when I got back into bed...

"Oh Sven - you're cold."

Followed by: "Come here, let me warm you."

God that delicious Hungarian accent was so so sexy. So was the hand that found 'him' as he was starting to grow at the sound of her voice.

She lay across me, breasts beautifully squashed against my chest, her nipples already hard again, like little pebbles. I ran my hands down her back as she laid across me, curling the fur that, like me, she had in the small of her back. She wriggled against me in pleasure, her legs either side of my thigh, rubbing her furry sex against me, making my leg wet as her own wetness flowed with her arousal. She kissed her way down across my stomach, through the stubble of my hair. I keep myself trimmed, but not shaved - I've preferred it for years. In the moonlight I watched and felt as she pulled my hood back past the corona of my cock-head and then licked round it.


By way of distraction I cupped her backside with both hands and pulled her around then sideways back over me so her centre was over my face as she, head down, continued to suck on me. She dripped her arousal onto me, the taste and smell exquisite. On that cocktail, although I didn't think it was possible that I could or would get harder, I could feel myself doing just that and getting stiffer. I licked her and suckled her clit, my nose buried inside her now wide-open nether lips which were silky smooth to the touch of my lips and tongue. She shuddered on top of me — lips clamped round my cock as she came — producing even more juice for me to slurp on.

She stopped eating me and pulled out of my grasp, sliding herself down my chest, leaving a wet trail as, still facing away from me she slid her box slowly down the length of my cock then — as the head slipped inside her — she slowly fed herself backwards onto me, taking all of him, hard and deep inside as I held her hips to pull her onto me. Her breasts drooped, nipples hard - tantalizingly out of reach. I leant forward, pulling a pillow in behind me, so I could just reach them. We stayed coupled unmoving, just savouring the feeling of her velvety-smooth sheath stretched round the hardness of my cock. I pulled her back towards me and she lay back onto my front, straightening her legs out over mine as she did so.

Now I could reach and play.

And play I did. First cupping her breasts, then squeezing them gently then with her hands over mine much harder as she squeezed herself through my hands. Then stroking down her flat tummy reaching the bump I was making inside her and then stroking her fur to where I penetrated and we joined hot and wet and hard.

I flexed my hips and moved inside her. Gently then with more urgency, then slowing again as she made me slow.

Holding me she rolled over so that I stayed inside but now covered her like a stallion to a brood mare with Monica on her front underneath me. I took my weight on my hands as she lifted her ass underneath me until she was kneeling — her head and top half on the bed — ass high in the air being fucked like that stallion might do. I slid back until just the tip of my cock was inside her outer lips — then came right out and bending down tongued her again to a little cry of pleasure and surprise.

Then back to enter her for perhaps a final time as she held and guided me back into her. Pulling me into her from underneath, wanting me deeper and deeper in the dance of life. Now she played with my sac, urging me on, holding, squeezing, scratching and then timing everything in the final thrusts of ecstasy, squeezing my balls hard as I came with an intensity that was frightening.

As we collapsed back together onto the bed just before sleep overtook us the time stood at four am — an hour of loving and sex — 'not bad for a sixty-three year old' were my thoughts as I fell asleep totally sated and quite exhausted.

So then, I woke to that bright sun and a wrecked bed and the smell of sex. The room reeked of pussy! Well-used, wet and very fragrant pussy and my well used, angry-red cock had the nerve to be ready to go again!

Lord, the time?

Then the memory that it was not an early start on the first day. I was OK, in fact a little early. Time for a shower then, I certainly needed it...

As the only bathroom was not en-suite I wore the toweling robe, kindly provided, on my way across the corridor and to that shower.

Hot, lovely and needle-sharp jets to wake me - not that I needed to be woken as a pair of hands wrapped round me from behind as those lovely breasts pressed into my back. Monica was back!

We kissed as she wrapped a leg round my waist, her weight, fortunately, still taken by her other one. Her pussy nuzzled my cock, begging for more. The next move was decided for us as the water started to run cold so we disengaged smartly and stepped out. Grabbing a towel I dried her off then she did the same for me, finally dropping it to the floor and kneeling on it in front of my drooping, red and hopeful cock. She licked and sucked me while looking me in the eye.

Then that voice again "I want him again this morning."

I too knelt on the floor as he stuck up, proud, angry, purple-headed, jutting out - her hand now wrapped round him.

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