Ted and I

by smootchie

Copyright© 2009 by smootchie

Erotica Sex Story: After a huge heartach, my brother helps comfort me and reminds me of what love is.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

My name is Samantha Jackson and this is the story of how my brother and I share a very special relationship, one that is filled wiht love, friendship and sex. Yes sex, my brother and I have been on and off again lovers throughout our lives since I was 14, he was 16. I am a single mom of a gorgous, wonderful daughter. Her dad has been out of our life and gone from my heart since she was one month old. Since then I have only dated a few men very briefly. Untill, I met this wonderful, amazing writer named James. He was the best friend and lover I had ever had, since my brother. We were together for three years, he made me very happy. Our relationship was a bit unconventional, but it was the best one I had ever had, untill June of this year. I was able to take my mother and my daughter on vacation, James was unable to go, he agreed to take care of our pets. I was looking forward to coming home and making love to him again. When we got home, just a week later, something had changed. He refused to talk to me or see me with no real explanation. This man broke my heart, and left a gaping hole in my heart and in my life ... and I have no reason why. Which makes it very hard to move on, especially since I don't even know if that is what he wants, I don't want that. I go over and over, what did I do? How could he just not talk to me, so easily? What went wrong? Very difficult and painful situation he has put me in.

The pain led me to my brother Ted's house, one hot summer evening. He was having his usual Saturday night party, a fire by the pool, lots to of alcohol to drink, plenty of food and a few really good friends. I have always liked his friends, they are just like him and myself, very down to earth, funny and easy to be around. After everyone went home I was to drunk to drive home, so I stayed up and talked to Ted. He listened as I opened up to him about James, which has always been very hard for me to do. Ted is very nonjudgmental and listened and told me if James was so smart and great, he would be with me right now. We left it at that, it is true and to the point.

Ted leaned over and hugged me and kissed me on the lips. I looked at him stunned he hadn't done that in some time. It reminded me of that night when we had our first sexual encounter together. Back then we looked very much alike and acted nothing alike. He was the one who was more conservitive, studied hard, loved money, was involved in some groups, such as Chess, Theology study, and he went to church often. I on the other hand. was more of the artsy type. I always wore black and a lot of my time was spent alone painting, drawing, art was my only release for expression. Not much has changed for me, I am still very much like that. Even though we were different, we got along better then most siblings did at that age. We were both more mature than the other kids;our parents were to busy with thier careers and left us to our own devises. Ted was the person I went to with my questions about sex and that it is how it started.

Ted was in his room on his bed, laying on his back, one arm behind his head, reading a book, something from Lord Byron. All he had on was his shorts. I knocked and opened the door.

Ted smiled and said,"What's up?"

I walked in shut and locked the door behind me and I just came out with it,"How does an orgasim feel?"

He crunched his face and asked,"Do you mean for a man or a women?"

"A man. How does it feel when you masturbate?"

His reply was a bit too clinical, he went into how a man's hormones are so different from a women's, how once a man cums, after a certain amount of time, he needs a diffrent women. Women get so hooked on the guy and it never works out between them. His response just seemed a bit lame, not the kind of answer I was looking for. I wanted detail, lusty and romantic detail. I knew Ted could give me the answer, he just wouldn't. Yet knowing my brother as I did, his voice turned me on, he had my juices flowing.

We looked at one another for a long time and I reached for his penis with out thinking anything of it, he did not stop me or resist me. I rubbed his flaccid dick, feeling it grow harder through his shorts from my touch. Once he was hard, I pulled his shorts down and moved my hand up and down on his dick. He took my hand off of it, and licked my hand with his soft warm tongue and put my hand back on his cock, guilding me to twist it and squeeze it, and rub the slit in the head with my thumb. I took my other hand and licked it, just as he had done, and I reached for his balls. I wanted to feel them, they were soft and delicate, just as my touch was. He shifted his wieght so that he could spread his legs farther, I could see his private area better and have better access to it as well. I moved in closer and took him in my mouth, licking and sucking and using my hands he was breathing hard and seemed to be really enjoying this. He raised his knees, so that his ass would be more exposed.

This is what I had come into his room to find out about, if a man's G-spot made his orgasim feel stronger and more intense. I had just read an article in a magazine about how men's orgasims are very short and intense, but if you can find his G-spot than it can be so much more pleasurable for him. As I was doing this, of course I knew in my head this was my brother, but at this moment he was a guy, he was my experimental toy. I knew he would not spread rumors or talk about me the way people did at school.

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