Runaway Monkey

by Winterfrog

Copyright© 2009 by Winterfrog

Erotica Sex Story: Skilled seducer forced to accept a strange wager.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   .

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If a young man had done exactly the same thing as Melissa did in her younger days, he had been envied, admired and regarded as a popular jolly good fellow among his many friends. Everybody had regarded him as doing exactly the right thing when he collected his large number of experiences before he met "Miss Right" so he could remain faithful to her because he had learnt that "grass wasn't greener" behind the fence.

But Melissa wasn't a young man. She was a young woman and when she had done almost the same things, which had given many advantages to a young man, her lifestyle had gotten a quite different opinion from the people around her; they simply regarded her as a "shameless slut."

Though nobody could deny that she did a good job at the local manufacturing company's office and never made any attempts to get on at any of her male fellow workers, most of them avoided her because of her reputation. Melissa was a clever young woman and dared to say everything she wanted to say to whoever it might be and she didn't care who was listening. Of course, several of the pussy hounds at the office had made their clumsy attempts to get what they thought was an easy fuck. A few of them had problems with understanding that her polite "no, thanks" really meant "NO" and got rude in their further attempts. When she had recorded and collected three such attempts on tape she had taken it to her union, which had immediately taken action. One man got fired and two got serious warnings.

Of course, I didn't know anything about Melissa, her reputation or experiences at the office when I settled down in that Scandinavian town after I had gotten a job at the same company's marketing department.

During the lunchtime of my first day at the new job I was delayed for a few minutes with a phone call and got to the restaurant later than my fellow workers. Once inside, I noted that there were not any free seats left at the table where they were sitting.

Instead I saw a rather handsome girl sitting alone at a table for four, went there, asked if the seat opposite her was free and sat down when she said yes.

After a while I told her that it was my first day at the job and I didn't know if her friends used to have the other seats. To my surprise she replied, "I don't have any friends here."

"Neither have I, so we are in the same boat then. You too new here?"


I understood that it wasn't right time for further personal questions so I said some words about the food instead and offered to get a cup of coffee for her when I got one for me. She accepted. After some pleasant small talk we parted.

Back at work, some of my fellow workers gave me funny smiles until one of them told me, "Not bad, your first day here and you've already found the worst slut in the office. Be careful and watch your mouth so you don't get fired for harassing her."

"Thank for the tips."

Nothing more was said on that subject.

The next day I found her alone again and sat down at her table again and said, "Hi again."

She replied, "Hi."

After a long silence I said, "My name is Jerry Strandell and I'm working with marketing. I'm new in this town too."

"I'm Melissa Ericsson and working with salaries. I suppose you already know my reputation and all the rumors about me."

"No, not much and why should I care? I enjoyed our small talk yesterday and would like to continue it if you don't mind."

She didn't and I began to look forward to our lunch times with her.

After a few days I told her my reason for having left my hometown for this job. I had a good marketing job at a local company, which was bought by a multinational company. Their only interest was the patents and parts of the production. The main office took over all other matters and, together with many others, I got fired.

Then I asked her if she wanted to go with me to a soccer match in the evening and to my great pleasure she accepted.

After the match she told me that she would invite me for coffee at her place if I accepted that there would be no expectations of sex. I accepted and went with her to her nice two-room apartment, where we got involved in pleasant small talk.

Melissa asked me if I had a girlfriend or wife back in my hometown. I told her the cruel truth that I used live together with a pretty girl for two years and had serious plans for a family when she won two flight tickets and two holiday weeks at a five star hotel at Mauritius and, when I wasn't included in her plans for that great holiday, I dumped her.

Melissa got a very strange expression in her face and asked, "Dumped her for that?"

I understood that it sounded weird and continued, "Yes, because she had no intentions about saying anything to me about it. A sport club in our county capital held the travel lottery and she had bought her ticket while she was shopping there. An old friend of mine who was a board member of the club rang me and asked me if I knew the woman from our town that had won the Mauritius trip. I got a pleasant surprise when he told her name because my girlfriend was the only one with that unusual name in our town. I thought her silence was because she wanted to give me the good news as a birthday gift. But guess how wrong I was."

Melissa had no comments so I continued, "My friend called me again and told me that now my girlfriend had been to the travel agency with her lottery ticket and booked her travel tickets to Mauritius. One for herself and one for a woman who's name I recognized as her divorced sister, living in a town 600 kilometers from us. There went my romantic holiday."

"Sounds weird." Melissa said.

I continued, "I continued planning for my birthday without involving my girlfriend in any of my plans. Then the shit hit the fan one week before the birthday when she asked 'What do you want for a birthday gift?' and I replied to her, 'A nice vacation in the southern sun would be great'. She got purple red in her face and replied, 'Do you really think I can afford that? If you been kinder to my sister, you could maybe have been invited to spend two weeks with her at Mauritius because she has won two tickets. If she asks me, do you mind that I'm going with her?'"

Melissa's simple comment was, "What a lie! What did you say?"

I said, "To be honest, I would never spend any vacation trip either with your sloppy sister or you or care a shit about who is going with you to Mauritius. The only gift I want from you is that you'll pack your things and get your lying ass out of my apartment as soon as possible. I know everything about what you have won at your damn lottery and who is going with you to Mauritius. One thing is for sure; I'm not included in your plans and you're not in my plans for the future."

"What did she say?"

"Not much. There was a lot of crying, the usual crap about how sorry she was and that it was her sister who demanded to go with her to Mauritius instead of me and she would go to the travel agent the next morning and get the ticket changed to me instead of her sister. I told her that I would never go anywhere with her and didn't give a shit who she took with her to Mauritius. It was her lottery ticket and she had all rights to do whatever she wanted to do with it."

"You don't like her sister, do you?"

"No, she has been to Africa before, a charter trip to Gambia together with a fellow worker. They came back with memorable souvenirs for their husbands; a penicillin resistant gonorrhea, which cost the marriage for both of them. That was the main reason why her sister left town after her divorce."

Melissa looked at me for a while before she asked, "I know that there are a lot of rumors about me. Do you want to hear the true story direct from me?"


"I had no regular boyfriend during my late teenage and the following years mostly because I usually got all the boys I wanted. Many of them already had girlfriends. It turned to some kind of game where the challenge to get whom I wanted got more important than the sex with the boys. Of course I knew that I began to be regarded as a shameless slut and had a desire to get rid of that reputation."

I had no comments so she continued, "Therefore I was both proud and happy when one of the most wanted young handsome single men began to romantically court me with a lot of roses, romantic dinners, expensive gifts and everything like that. Within no time I was in real love with him and moved in with him in his nice house."

Melissa continued, "Everything was perfect in the beginning, the sex was good and we had good times together. Then he began to talk about his erection problems with decreasing interest in sex and that a therapist of some kind had advised him to try swinging a few times, which would give the necessary spark. Of course, I refused at first but after some serious talk and much begging he persuaded me to give it a try. The main reason for me was that I didn't want to give up my good life."

I let her talk without interruption, "We went to hotels in different towns for it. Then one Saturday at a hotel the man came alone and I was persuaded to try a threesome. Thereafter for a while it was only threesomes with different men as the second man during the weekends. Then one Saturday evening he had invited three men to our home. I refused and resisted as much I could but had no chance against four men. During the orgy, which followed after they had stripped me, my boyfriend was only watching and telling them to 'give the bitch what she needs' and making a video when they took turns on me and sometimes even used all possibilities at the same time. I left him the next day which made my ex seriously mad and he threatened to show the video to the whole town if I dared to leave him."

I asked, "Did he?"

"Yes, he did it. Of course not to the whole town, but to so many of his friends and acquaintances who once were our friends that it wasn't fun for me to live in this town, but I refused to escape though I got nasty comments and suggestions almost every day. Even at the job some men thought that they were free to harass me. I got one man fired and two warned because they didn't understand that the word 'no' really means no. That's the reason why I'm still regarded as a slut and most people at the job and many men in town refuse to have anything to do with me while others think that I'm an easy target."

"What a damn asshole. Such a guy must be mentally handicapped."

"Who knows what he really is? Today he lives with a boyfriend. What about you? Did you get disgusted? Do you still want to be a friend with a such shameless slut as me?"

"Those events must have happened a long time before our first lunch together."

"It was about one and a half years since I left him and I haven't been with any man since then."

"Neither have I been with any girl since I dumped my girlfriend, which means that neither of us have been involved in any relationship since we had our first lunch together. If we want to get involved in something together, we can begin something from scratch, not from some bad beginning."

"Do what?"

"That's up to us to decide. I can't see any limits."

"Do you really want to have anything to do with me after what I told you?"

I told her that I didn't care a shit about what she had done before we met but had a slight hope that I would be one of the possible travel partners if she won some great vacation trip for two at some lottery.

She had a good laugh, gave me a hug and a quick kiss and told me that I would be her first choice. Thereafter we made pleasant small talk about several other matters until it was late and she offered to let me spend the night on her sofa. I accepted.

The next morning my fellow worker, Anita, noted that I was in a very good mood and asked why. I told her that Melissa and I been to a soccer match and had a long talk at her apartment afterwards. Then I got a real surprise when Anita told me that her husband Fredrick had found out that he and I had done our army service in the same platoon and had asked Anita to invite Melissa and me to a barbeque at her house on Friday evening.

Melissa was very surprised about the invitation to a fellow worker's home but accepted the invitation to go with me. We bought wine and flowers and went to Anita's house at the expected time on Friday and even we met Anita's sister Jessica and her husband Roland. They were easygoing people and all of us had a good time together.

When we left that night after a pleasant evening, I suggested to Melissa that she come see my apartment, which she agreed. I told her that I was in love with her and persuaded her to spend the night in my bed. Everything went fine until she told me that she was not on pills so condoms was a must if I had any serious intentions to be together with her and sooner or later could succeed in seducing her. Of course, I had no condoms at home.

I told her that my intentions were very serious, indeed but I had not planned anything and unfortunately had no condoms. When Melissa saw my disappointment she asked me to relax and began to kiss and lick my stone hard cock with the tip of her tongue. After a while she began to suck it deep into her mouth with long tender movements. I had very limited experience at getting blow jobs because my ex had refused to do it more that only one or two times a year and for only less than a minute each time. What Melissa did was totally different from what my ex had done and I had never had such a great feeling in my cock. She continued until she felt it was close for me and then wanked me the last few seconds. Somehow I managed to get her to do it one more time before we fell asleep.

In the morning I woke up only a few minutes before Melissa, who had serious remorse because she felt I had persuaded her to act like a slut. She began to sob and asked me if I felt proud after what I made her do in her tipsy condition. I understood that she felt humiliated and now it was up to me if I wanted to save our relationship.

I replied, "Yes, I'm very proud because it was great and I really hope that you'll be so kind to me even after our wedding."

My reply took her with surprise and the only thing she said was, "Wedding?"

"Yes, if you want to marry me. Do you?"

"Are you serious?"

"Never been more serious in my whole life."

"Yes, I will."

It was a quantum leap for both of us because proposing on the second date is not a common thing to do. But I found out that it was the best way to tell her that I didn't play any nasty games with her feelings.

We remained in the bed for the next two hours and then there was no question about any condoms. One thing was for sure, Melissa was much better in bed than my ex and I felt that I had won the first prize in some important lottery.

Of course, both of us took a serious risk when we intended to get married after such a short time. But there is an old saying, "Who dares wins" and Melissa had several advantages; she was rather good looking, bright minded, kept her apartment in good order, had a good job and had dared to tell me the truth about her experiences as a slut. I don't know what she saw in me, but there must been something because she wanted to marry me.

The following weeks were busy for us. We visited each other's folks and closest relatives, began to search for a house, and made plans for the future.

I regarded Melissa's ex and his video as a serious problem, which had to be resolved. Therefore three men in black overalls and ski masks paid him and his boyfriend a friendly visit during a night. The ex had a simple choice: give the visitors all his sex videos with old girlfriends or get his kneecaps crushed. A broken finger was enough to convince him that the visitors had serious intentions and he obeyed without any further hesitation.

To my great disappointment Melissa and I had a new and far more serious problem, which could destroy our relationship. It was Roland, the husband of Anita's sister who told me the bad news. It was his brother who was in "inner circles" in the town who had witnessed a strange wager at a wild party. It was the ex NHL hockey player, an outstanding "Don Juan" in this town who, after a few drinks together with his "admiring tail" had shown pictures of him fucking the much hated blond tall good looking and almost newly-wed young parking ward. He bragged that he was able to seduce and fuck every woman in this town if he wanted to fuck them.

His friend's were beginning to get fed up with all his bragging and began arguing with him. They had suggested a wager, which would cost him a pre-used small bus to the local hockey club for its junior teams. The "Don Juan" accepted the price because it was only peanuts for him after nine years as a well-paid NHL player in North America.

His friends suggested several local women of some fame, whom he rejected for different reasons until Karolina Broman, working at the same office as Melissa and me, was partying without her husband during some kind of girls night out. Karolina suggested her good-looking fellow worker Melissa Ericsson, who had gotten her brother fired from his job for sexual harassment. Karolina told them that this Melissa had been a real slut but had a new boyfriend and pretended to be a saint nowadays.

The Don Juan had refused at first but accepted after Karolina promised him a night with her and her best friend, a tall very beautiful blond girl, even though she was married, who refused at first but was persuaded when DJ had promised her and Karolina a valuable "extra bonus" when it was their turn. When his opponents complained that Melissa could be "too easy" the "Don Juan" promised to buy a new bus if he failed, which was a limited problem for one of the richest men in town and the wager was accepted by both sides.

When I heard about the wager I understood that Melissa and I had had a very serious problem because "Don Juan" would make this wager his main hobby for a while and would spare no money or effort to reach his goal. As one of the richest men in town he would not care about the expenses. He was fighting for his reputation as champion and I found it hard to believe that he would hesitate to use all available tricks, whether they were legal or not.

I told Melissa what I knew and promised her that I would not give up without fighting in some way or other as long as I at least had any chance to save her from that asshole's dirty intentions.

It was a damn mess even in her opinion but she was happy because I had immediately told her about it instead of letting "Don Juan" make his attempts to test her fidelity.

I told her that when such an asshole understood that he was losing the game, he could be desperate and use all kind of dirty tricks and even pay for assistance. I told her that from now on she could expect to meet him somewhere by coincidence.

How right I was. The following week I got an invitation to attend a "New in our town" party together with my spouse for mingling with local people. Not a bad idea and we decided to accept the invitation although we knew that "Don Juan" as the most famous man in town would be one of the primary hosts making us newcomers welcome to their town.

Of course, Melissa and I had gotten good help in our defense against "Don Juan's" shameful intentions. Anita, her sister, Fredrick and Roland promised to help Melissa resist all kinds of tricks from "Don Juan". It was a fun game even for them and when Roland had gotten all of us together in his house to make plans he had invited a close friend of his, Emil, who was a journalist at the local newspaper. He had a great idea of making "Saving Melissa" into something he called "Operation Monkey Business." After he had told us about his plans nobody had any objections and everybody accepted what he suggested that we do.

The "New in town party" came off exactly as expected. Some important people in town were introduced to us approximately 40 newcomers and thereafter they mingled around. As expected, our friend "Don Juan" or DJ as we came to call him nowadays approached Melissa and me and asked some very polite questions about how I liked the town and what we did for a living. When Melissa told him what she did at her job, he became interested and told her that he needed somebody with her qualifications to take care of some matters for his "Fan Club" a few hours a month. She could do the job in her own home and get well paid. I had to admire him; he was both polite and charming and I'm sure that we would have believed him completely if we had not known his real intentions. Melissa pretended to be interested and he gave her his card and she promised to call him in a day or two.

Emil suggested that Melissa call DJ for further information about the job. She rang him and he agreed to bring the material to her apartment so they could agree what to do and how to take care of it so she could show him her suggestions of how she intended to send him electronic reports. She suggested Friday of the next week after work because I was out of town visiting friends so they could get the work done in rather short time.

Her suggestions sounded sensible and DJ swallowed the bait and even persuaded her to have a dinner with him in town after the job instead of sitting alone at home waiting for me to came home sometime on Saturday. She pretended to hesitate for a while until he had promised "only a dinner and nothing else." We were a bit worried that he would get suspicious because the game went too easy for him. Melissa rang him one more time for further details about the job and he told her how much he appreciated her cooperation.

The next Friday was a great day for us in the Monkey Business Team. All of us - me, Fredrick, Roland and Emil - were anxious to get into action after all the planning we had done. I was waiting with Melissa in her apartment. Others in our team were waiting in their cars at various distances from Melissa's apartment. I got a call on my cell phone when DJ arrived in his Porsche and went in with briefcase in his hand. When he rang her doorbell I went into Melissa's wardrobe. Now the next important step was up to her. Her phone was hidden with the line open to Emil's cell phone so he could hear them talking about her job. Once again we had to admire DJ for acting very seriously. After about 30 minutes Melissa came to the bedroom and opened the wardrobe. I took her phone and said, "He is ready."

Emil, Roland and Fredrick came into her apartment with a large bag. DJ had fallen into a deep sleep after drinking a cup of coffee spiced with strong sleeping pills. We undressed him stark naked and dressed him in a monkey suit that Emil had bought at an auction when a theater closed down several years ago.

The monkey suit was in two parts basically with a separate hood for the head. When DJ was in the dress we glued the zipper with "super glue" so he could not open it. When we had put on the head, we glued it to the dress with textile glue and sewed several stitches with a strong thread. It was totally impossible for DJ to get out of the monkey suit without using a sharp knife.

The next step was to lay DJ's clothes and the briefcase with his papers in his Porsche, drive and park it outside his apartment.

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