A Wish

by David Caspian

Copyright© 2009 by David Caspian

Humor Story: A short adult comedy script about a young man who makes a birthday wish that comes true.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Romantic   Magic   Heterosexual   Humor   School  

(A Silent Film)

Scene 1:

(A young man and a young woman are studying in the boy's dorm room.)

Scene 2:

(The girl looks at her watch and appears to say goodbye to him.)

(The boy waves goodbye as she leaves.)

Scene 3:

(The nerdy young man meets another beautiful girl in a library and helps her study.)

Scene 4:

(While they study the girl's boyfriend comes by and they talk, ignoring the young man.)

(After a short conversation the girl picks up her stuff, while she smiles at the boyfriend, and they head off.)

(The young man left alone sighs and picks up his own stuff before leaving himself.)

Scene 5:

(The young man pays for some food in the cafeteria.)

Scene 6:

(Taking his tray of food he walks to one of the empty tables, notices the couples and groups of friends talking happily.)

Scene 7:

(He sits down alone at one of the tables.)

Scene 8:

(As he is eating an attractive woman approaches and talks to him, motioning at one of the chairs at his table.)

(Eagerly the young man nods, but instead of joining him the woman takes one of his chairs and moves it to one of the nearby tables where other people are waiting.)

(The young looks totally disappointed and continues eating his meal somberly.)

Scene 9:

(Showing up back at his room he meets up with a few guy friend who have a cake waiting for him.)

(They urge him to blow it out and he smiles blowing out the candles. They congratulate him and one of them cuts the cake so they can eat.)

Scene 10:

(The young man wakes up the next morning and goes into the bathroom carrying a change of clothes.)

Scene 11:

(When he reemerges he has changed clothes.)

Scene 12:

(Walking across the quad he doesn't notice a number of women stopping in their tracks to turn and look at him.)

Scene 13:

(He goes into the library and sits down.)

Scene 14:

(Some women who were passing by stop to talk to the young man motioning to the chair.)

(He seem reluctant, but he talks to them and nods.)

(Instead of leaving they sit down and continue to talk to him.)

(The young man seems shocked at their interest in him.)

(Each girl tries to get his attention and talk over the others.)

(Pretty soon they begin arguing with each other much to the young mans surprise.)

Scene 15:

(Getting up to slip away he runs into the girl who has a boyfriend.)

(She smiles at him and begins talking to him as she tries to get close to him.)

(Unsure of what to do he begins retreating while trying to keep her hands of him.)

Scene 16:

(The girl's boyfriend enters the scene and notices his girlfriend hanging all over the young man.)

(Angry he approaches the young man, who notices him at the last minute and tries to run.)

Scene 17:

(Trying to keep the table between him and the boyfriend the young man barely manages to keep him at bay for a few seconds.)

Scene 18:

(Eventually the boyfriend fakes going to one side and catches the young man at the other end of the table.)

(The young man looks like he is trying to explain but the boyfriend is still threatening him.)

(The girlfriend tries to intercede for the young man and puts herself between them.)

(At first the boyfriend seems surprised by this and looks at her like she is insane. After a few seconds of her trying to talk him down he gets frustrated and shoves her aside.)

(Grabbing the young man by the front of the shirt the boyfriend rears back to punch the young man in the face before he gets jumped by all of the girls; including the girlfriend.)

Scene 19:

(As he struggles underneath the dog pile the young man takes the opportunity to sneak away.)

Scene 20:

(Exiting the library the young man checks behind him, looking for anyone who might be following him.)

Scene 21:

(The girl from the first scene passes by him and stops and turns around as he goes into the boy's bathroom.)

Scene 22:

(The young man comes out of the stall and uses the sink to wash his hands.)

(After drying them with paper towels he throws them away in the trash and heads for the door.)

Scene 23:

(The same girl enters and starts kissing him.)

(While she makes out with him the girl moves them back to one of the stalls and closes it behind them)

Scene 24:

(The girl comes out of the boy's bathroom.)

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