Sibling Secrets

by Sly Dog

Copyright© 2009 by Sly Dog

Fantasy Sex Story: This is a story about a boy whois a virgin because of his large dick. His younger sister chose to be a virgin but when a date goes bad she turns to her brother for help. They get caught by Mom and she joins the fun.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Squirting   Size   Caution   .

I'd like to tell you a story about a young man and his sister. They were typical siblings. They had their arguments and sometimes they even had fist fights, but through it all they never stopped loving each other. In fact when either of them had a problem they chose to go to each other before their parents. Then again the only time they went to their parents was when they tried everything to resolve it themselves before accepting defeat and bringing their parents in to help. It's not that they didn't think their parents wouldn't understand. They just wanted to be independent. Sometimes that meant that they dug themselves a hole so deep that their parents had trouble coming up with a solution. In the end it all worked out OK.

When she started dating, Suzy was a gorgeous dark blonde with nice size 'C' cup breasts. Her hips were nothing to be ignored either. In other words she was every male's wet dream and she knew it. The only problem was she never went beyond some kissing and only let her dates touch her breasts on the outside of her top, at least on the first date.

Then she went on a date when she was seventeen. She went out with Tommy. Tommy was an ace football player and captain of the basketball team. He could go out with any girl in school and he usually bragged at how easily the girls spread their legs for him. This was his first date with Suzy and he thought at the end of that night he would be balls deep in hot wet teen cunt.

Suzy for her part didn't believe all the rumors about Tommy and chalked it up to boys bragging about sex but not getting any. Tommy came to the door and it was answered by Tod, Suzy's father. Tod was an athletic man who kept in shape even though he was a high-priced attorney who spent most of his time sitting at a desk or in court. He asked the young man in and offered him a Coke.

"No thanks Mr. Wesley."

"You may be here for a while. You know if you tell a woman you'll pick her up by 8, she won't be ready till almost 9."

"Yeh, I know what you mean. I've kind of gotten used to the wait. I've also found that it is always worth the wait."

"You're right there, son. I do want you to know that I expect you to treat my little girl with respect, nothing less will do."

"Yes Sir. I wouldn't dream of disrespecting her."

"Good, then we understand each other." Tod said as he flexed his arm and ripped the sleeve to shreds. Tommy for his part had a genuine look of fear on his face as he saw the shirt sleeve shred and saw the muscles that shredded it. He knew Mr. Wesley from the after-school gym he went to, to get a little extra time at the weights, although he never saw him working out because there were two types of membership.

One was a basic membership that gave you access to one set of equipment, courts and pool. Then there was the executive membership that had its own private facilities. The only place that was a common area was the lobby and check-in desk.

As they chatted Suzy was upstairs changing clothes for the umpteenth time. Finally she chose to wear a cotton blouse and jean skirt that was so short if she bent over you could see everything. She wore a powder blue pair of standard cotton panties and a matching bra. To top off her outfit she put on a pair of blue tennis shoes and two blue berets to hold her twin pony tails.

I swear she looked good enough to eat, but that was something she never allowed. She would let a guy touch and suck her tits but anything south of the border was off limits. She never even gave a guy a hand job. As soon as she was in the car of whoever she went out with, that was the first thing she told him. As she finally finished her make-up and started downstairs Tommy and her Dad had talked about all Tommy could handle. When they saw her they both stood up.

The first thing she saw was the shredded sleeves of her father's shirt. She rolled her eyes and went to him and kissed his cheek. Then she whispered in his ear "Oh Daddy, why do you always put on your old shirts to intimidate my dates? Nothing will happen and I'll still be a virgin when I get home. I'll be home by 10."

"OK Sweetheart. You know I only do this because I love you and want you to be safe?"

"Yes Daddy. Don't worry, you can trust me."

"It's not you I'm worried about." he said as he hugged her one last time.

"Don't worry Mr. Wesley, she's in good hands." said Tommy trying to reassure her Dad.

"Your hands are only one of the things I'm worried about." Tod responded. "Now you kids go and have some fun; just not too much fun."

"Oh Daddy." Suzy said with a whine.

Tommy grasped her hand and led her to the car and opened the door. Then he helped her in and shut the door. As he walked to the driver's side Suzy waved to her Dad. Tommy got in and started the car. They pulled away and headed toward downtown. He took her to the favorite hangout for dates, a place called Peggy's Diner. Peggy was the owner/cook of the home-style diner type restaurant.

All the local High School kids ate there. She had booths for privacy for those on a date. Tommy led Suzy to a booth in the back and Tina, Peggy's niece, brought out the menus. Tina blushed as she handed Tommy his menu. Tina was a freshman at the same High School that Tommy and Suzy went to.

Tommy asked Suzy what she wanted to drink. "I'll have a 7-Up." said Suzy.

"And I'll have a Pepsi." said Tommy.

"Alright, I'll be back with your drinks. Take your time and when you're ready I'll get your food orders. By the way Smoked Salmon is the special tonight. It's served with sliced carrots and your choice of potato. Be right back." said Tina.

She was off to get the drinks as Tommy and Suzy looked through the menu. Actually Tommy didn't need to look through the menu because he always got a burger and fries. Suzy liked the chef salad served with a side of garlic bread. She also always had blue cheese dressing to top her salad. As Tina returned with the drinks Suzy told Tommy what she wanted.

Tina set the drinks down and asked "You ready to order?"

"Yes, she's going to have the chef salad with a side of garlic bread and blue cheese dressing. I'm going to have a cheddar burger with fries, hold the onion. Thank you."

"Anything for dessert?"

"We'll see after we are done." said Tommy.

"That will be about 15 minutes." Then Tina left to put in the order.

Tommy, thinking he was smooth, stretched his arms and let one go down behind Suzy's neck on the back of the booth. They sipped their sodas and talked about school as they waited for the food. When the food came all talk stopped. As Suzy put dressing on her salad Tommy picked up the Heinz Ketchup bottle, drowned his fries and then put some on his burger. Then he got the Tabasco and put a lot of that on his burger.

Suzy crinkled her nose at what he did but said nothing. She ate her salad as she watched what could only be described as a Neanderthal eating, as sauce and grease dripped on his fries that he used to sop up all that dripped out of his burger. She tried to ignore his eating habits and daintily ate her salad. Tommy was done long before Suzy, so he ordered more fries. When he finally inhaled those she had only a couple of more bites left. When she was done Tina brought them the dessert menu. "We have Dutch Apple, Peach, Rhubarb, Lemon Meringue, and Pumpkin pie. Plus twelve flavors of home-made ice-cream."

"Do you have Lemon Sherbet?" asked Suzy.

"Yes we have Lemon, Watermelon, and Rainbow Sherbet."

"OK, I'll have the Rhubarb Pie with a scoop of Lemon Sherbet" said Suzy.

"And I'll have the Dutch Apple Pie ala mode. Vanilla Ice-Cream please."

"Dutch Apple Pie is my favorite." said Tina.

Then she was gone to get their desserts. She warmed the pie in the microwave then added the Ice-Cream to each plate. She put both on a tray and brought them out with a can of Reddi-Whip. "Whipped cream for anyone?" Tina asked.

"Please." they both said at the same time.

Tina giggled at their response. She was still flirting with Tommy as she sprayed a prodigious amount of whipped cream on his pie. She then turned and put a moderate amount on Suzy's pie. Suzy didn't balk at her pitiful amount of whipped cream compared to what Tommy got. She just looked daggers at Tina who promptly turned and left.

As the couple sat and ate their dessert, Tommy scooped half of the whipped cream off his pie and placed it on Suzy's plate. She smiled and kissed him for the first time that night. It wasn't a passion filled kiss but one that showed she appreciated what he had done.

After he had paid and left a tip that Suzy thought was more than what Tina deserved, they drove around until he made his way to what was obviously a favorite make-out place up on a hill that over-looked the whole town they lived in. Suzy had already told him that she wasn't going to let him go beyond touching her tits if that. He had other plans as he kissed and started to turn into the octopus she knew that every guy could be.

She was surprised as he reached behind her with one hand and her bra went slack. Immediately his other hand was cupping her naked breast and tweaking her nipples. To say it didn't make her horny would be grossly contrary to the feelings that were assaulting her resolve. Still she worked up enough control to yell "Stop!"

Tommy froze with one hand on her breast and the other on its way to relieve her of her lower garments. She pulled his hand from her blouse and re-engaged her bra hooks. Then she ordered him to take her home. He begged for twenty minutes before he gave up and took her home. Suzy arrived home a little before 10 p.m.

Dad looked up from his paper as she walked through the front door. Tammara her Mother was finishing the dishes from their dinner and heard her come in and go straight up to her room, or at least that is where she thought she went. After her Mom finished with the dishes she and Dad went to their master bedroom on the main floor of the house.

Contrary to what Mom thought Suzy went straight to her 20 year old brother's room. He was sitting on the bed in just his briefs reading Shakespeare's Hamlet. Walter had always loved the works of Shakespeare as well as other classic literature. He wasn't a book worm and he did play as a running back in High School football. He was good at football but wasn't the kind of player who got accepted to college, and his grades were only average. But that was the only thing average about him. He stood 6 foot 2 inches tall with broad shoulders and muscles that made girls wet when he took off his shirt. His jeans when he wore them left nothing to the imagination.

Walter was average or at least he thought so as far as his cock was concerned, although he never had an opportunity to use it with a girl. As much as he was a good-looking guy, once girls saw his equipment they ran away screaming, saying it would kill them to let him fuck them. His sister heard the rumors of her brother's rather impressive equipment but chalked it up to girls making an excuse to chicken out of sex with him.

Suzy knew he was a virgin and he knew the same about her. So when she entered his room without knocking and had a look of disgust and anger on her face, he knew that something had happened that she didn't want to happen. He also saw the raw sexuality that she exuded as her face became tinged red with the anger and the sexual thoughts that were running through her mind, as she looked at her brother in a not so sisterly way. The next thing he saw were the tears that had caught up with her roiled up emotions at the disappointment she felt that Tommy couldn't follow her rules.

Walter stood up and went to his sister and held her in his strong arms and said "I'm here baby. It will be all right. You're safe now."

The whole time he was saying this his body was reacting to the warm soft female flesh he held. At that point it didn't matter to him that they were from the same parents or that it might be wrong to be aroused by his own sister. He just knew that he was holding a warm and very sexy woman.

As her brother held her she too was effected by the man that her brother had become. Her nipples were so distended that she was sure her brother felt them poking his chest. She also was aware of something that had grown hard on her brother that was pressing into her abdomen. She looked up into his eyes and saw the conflicting emotions that she was sure he could see in her. He was looking at her eyes as he tried to tell himself to remember that this was his virgin sister and not one of the so-called loose girls he took out during his schooling. Suzy pushed gently against her brother's chest to let him know she was feeling better and to let her go. He reluctantly released his hug and stepped back to sit on the bed.

"What happened tonight sis?" he asked with a sigh.

"He had his hands all over me. He was trying to get into my panties when I told him to bring me home. The only thing is that he made me so horny that I almost didn't stop him." she replied angrily.

"I'm sorry he left you frustrated. I know how that feels." he said sympathetically.

"It's not just him Walter. I have been feeling these urges to lose my virginity and I'm scared that the next boy who tries will succeed." she blurted frustratingly.

"I would like to help you but every girl who ever saw my cock ran away scared. They say it's huge and would hurt them, and most of those girls weren't virgins. So if those girls say it's too big then I could only imagine what it would do to a virgin. I wouldn't want you to be in pain. It would kill me to cause you pain." he said disappointedly at his inability to help his little sister.

"I know you wouldn't hurt me on purpose, but who else can I go to? I love you more than anyone else and you're the only person I can trust. So if you think you could control yourself enough to take it slowly, I offer my virginity to you."

"Suzy, you know I have no experience with making love to a woman. None of them even tried to have sex with me. I might not do it right and really hurt you. Do you understand?" he said in a pleading voice.

She went to his door and locked it. Then she removed her panties, walked to her brother and placed his hand on her hot wet sex. His cock throbbed in his briefs and finally his lust won out. He wrapped his arms around her like a vise and pursed his lips and kissed her as his hands roamed her back down to her butt. Finding the hem of her skirt he reached under it and filled his hands with the soft naked flesh of her ass.

He squeezed gently and stood, lifting her to a kneeling position on the bed. He ended the kiss and grope, then proceeded to strip his sister very slowly. He kissed every inch of skin as he uncovered it. Within 10 minutes she was completely nude and waiting for him to lose his last stitch of clothes.

"Would you like to do the honors?" he asked as he thumbed his waistband and leered at his beautiful sister.

She shifted to a seated position and reached for his underpants. In one swift move they were puddled around his ankles. He stepped out of them and she gasped as she took her first long look at a man's cock. She reached out tentatively with one finger and poked it in the cock's "eye". As she drew her finger back there was a long string of pre-cum stuck between her finger and the tip of his dick. When it finally broke it dangled from her finger and she rubbed her thumb and finger together to feel this new substance.

Her finger and thumb slid effortlessly against each other as the pre-cum made them super slippery. She thought 'It's almost like my own fluid when I'm jilling myself at night'. The next thing she knew she had her finger and thumb in her mouth tasting her brother's pre-cum for the first time. She made a sour face when she realized what she had done, not because of the taste but because of the shock of what she had just done, but she wouldn't remove her fingers.

All of a sudden Walter moaned as he saw his baby sister suck his pre-cum off her fingers. As he saw her reaction he moaned in disappointment thinking that getting a blow-job was another thing he would never enjoy. His head slumped and even though he was naked in front of his extremely beautiful and sexy sister his cock went soft faster than letting the air out of a tire with a knife.

He slumped down into his desk chair, all hopes dashed for a normal sex life. He felt so sorry for himself that he forgot all about his sister sitting on the edge of his bed. However she noticed his condition and shivered as she realized that her little display as she sucked his pre-cum from her fingers had caused her brother's current condition. She looked at her big brother as his eyes started to fill with tears.

She wanted to comfort him and tell him it wasn't the taste but right now she knew he needed to work it out on his own. Her problem could wait a little longer. Then she fled his room so he wouldn't see her tears that came from her breaking his heart. As she ran from his room he misinterpreted her leaving as her rejecting him. He crawled into bed and tried to sob himself to sleep.

At the same time Suzy climbed into her bed and was just as upset. She refused to give herself pleasure after what she had done to her brother. They both had a restless night and neither one of them slept at all.

The next morning Mom came to get them and saw that both of her children looked like they were all wrung out. Their eyes were red and had black bags under them. Both were just staring at the ceiling motionless. She wanted to go and hug them but something told her that they needed to work this out themselves.

She wanted to help but knew if she tried she could quite possibly make it worse and get hurt herself in the process. She remembered what her mom said to her as she was getting ready to have her first child. 'There are going to be a lot of things that you want to do to help him through life but the one thing that will be the hardest is to not butt in.' She laughed at that thought because she had told her mom that she was going to be able to handle any situation that came up. Now she realized her mom had been right.

Since it was Saturday Tammara closed their doors and went downstairs to get breakfast, and lunch ready for their Dad, Tod. He had to work today because he had a big case on Monday and needed the extra time to work on his defense. So he and one other lawyer went into the office to plan their defense strategy Dad had to be there in the morning and half the afternoon and Sandy would stay as long as it took to iron out the wrinkles.

Walter and his sister were just getting to the point where they couldn't stay awake when Mom had looked in on them. Then when the doors were shut on their rooms they were out like a light. He had a dream about what his life would be like.

Walter would go to work, see beautiful women, and then go home and masturbate to what he thought they looked like naked, until he was an old man in a nursing home doing the same thing as the nurses left him alone to sleep. It wasn't a very promising future for him.

Suzy had a similar dream, except she would go to work and see both men and women. Then she would go home and masturbate to what she thought they would do if they went home together. She could never put herself in that situation to be made love to by some man. When she was in the nursing home she would pair up the male doctors or orderlies with the female doctors and nurses. She felt so guilty for hurting her brother and she wouldn't let herself have a man if her brother couldn't have a woman.

They both woke up after about three hours. It was close to 11 a.m. and as they got up, both opened their doors at the same time. Both of them were just in their bathrobes. When they saw the condition of each other they flung themselves at each other and embraced. They kissed each other as they held on for dear life.

The siblings both walked to the bathroom and got in the shower together. In the shower they both broke down and tried to apologize at the same time. After they both got their apologies out of the way Suzy knelt down and took his cock in her hand. She squeezed and stroked it until it was hard, and then took the large purple head in her mouth and started to suck him off.

She was clumsy at first but as she did something that felt good he let her know it and she did that some more. After about 10 minutes she looked up and asked "Are you going to cum?"

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