A Sibling Affair

by werewolf

Copyright© 2009 by werewolf

Incest Sex Story: Brother and sister expand their horizons

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Incest   Brother   Sister   Exhibitionism   .

"Are we going out or having a few drinks in?"

The question was addressed to me by my sister as she leaned back on the sofa and stretched her long legs out in front of her,

"I don't know, what do you want to do?"

She sat back up and pulled her knees up under her chin,

"I think an early night would do us both a bit of good don't you?"

She wasn't wearing any panties so I was treated to an unfettered view of her sweet little pussy,

"On the other hand we could go to the club and just check who's in and if there's no action we can come home and make our own fun"

"By action, I presume you mean girls"

"Yes" she giggled, "You know me my darling, I feel the need to taste some pussy"

l went over to her and dropped to my knees in front of her, she opened her legs obligingly and moaned softly as my tongue traced a wet path from her hairless mons down to her anus.

"Wear that little rubber dress you bought"

"Mmm yes" and she squirmed as I licked around her nether hole,

"And the white rubber g-string"

"Oh God definitely" she held my head and jerked her hips whilst I worried the swollen nub of her clitoris,

I stopped and looked up at her,

"You're like a bitch on heat, you know that don't you?"

"And I don't suppose your prick's hard is it?"

She'd won the argument again!

Cherry and I owned that particular club as well as several dozen houses, two apartment blocks and a few factory units, we'd inherited them all after our parents' private jet went down in a hurricane killing everyone on board, the shock of their death had driven me and her closer and we'd became lovers, all that had been four years ago when I was eighteen and Cherry was sixteen, now we couldn't contemplate life without each other.

We both took other sexual partners occasionally. which is why we each had a bedroom off the master bedroom, it wouldn't do to let too many people into our secret until we were sure of them!

The club was buzzing, heavy rock music filled our senses and the sweet smell of marijuana was all around, the raised dancing area heaved with scantily clad girls trying to see who could wear the least without being arrested and the bar girls were working at full stretch.

"I'm going to score some E" Cherry informed me and disappeared into the throng, a barmaid spotted me above the crowd and waved an acknowledgement whilst opening a bottle of our favorite champagne, I pointed to a table by the dance area and she grinned as she sent a waitress across with it,

"Evening Terry" the waitress said cheerfully, "Is Cherry with you?"

I nodded over the noise and she smiled again giving me a pleasing view of her unfettered breasts as she set the drinks down,

At eighteen, Annie was one of our newest girls and we'd enjoyed her in our bed only the previous week, she was destined to go far with us and it suddenly dawned on me that Cherry must have known she would be working that night, duh!

Cherry appeared then and I saw them exchange a few words before Annie giggled and went back to the bar.

"She's the reason you wanted to come tonight isn't she?" I asked and she giggled,

"Am I that transparent?" I rolled my eyes in mock exasperation and she giggled again.

"I am aren't I?"

But I wasn't the least bit upset in fact just recalling how Annie had asked us both to take her panties off in our bedroom using our teeth, had awakened my carnal desires and I began to look forward to a repeat performance.

Many of the club regulars knew who we were and gyrated wantonly in front of us, so we both popped a pill and settled back to enjoy the show, a few of the girls were naked under their ultra short skirts and weren't in the least bit shy about flashing their assets at us.

One statuesque brunette beckoned Cherry up to dance and I had to keep my hands on my lap as they cavorted for my benefit, more than once I caught a teasing glimpse of my sister's little rubber g-string and my prick jerked in appreciation. The other girl wasn't wearing anything under her skirt and she seemed completely unconcerned about letting me see her pussy especially when Cherry slipped both hands under her skirt and lifted it as she did her best to shove her tongue down the other girl's throat.

They joined me after the dance and Cherry introduced her as Diane making no mention that she and I were siblings, I signaled over for another bottle and I smiled as Annie arrived with it only seconds later.

"What time do you finish at tonight Annie?" I asked as I slipped a hand up underneath her short skirt to stroke her lovely little bottom,

"About ten minutes ago" she laughed and pushed her bottom out invitingly,

"I see you've met my sister"

"Only just this minute" I laughed and then turned to Diane, "Nice pussy Diane"

"Thank you, that's exactly what Cherry told me"

"Ooh you dirty cow" Annie laughed reaching over to flick her sister's skirt up to check, "Has she told you what she does for a living?"

"I work for a film company" Diane volunteered, "A porn film company"

"Well there's plenty of would be starlets here" Cherry said as her hand joined mine beneath Annie's skirt,

"Actually I'm here to check out your club, we're doing a series of movies in night clubs, you know, girls out on the town, short skirts, little or no panties, they meet guys or girls and fuck them, it's that simple"

"Oh I get it" I said, "A bit like that American outfit, "The V.I.P. Club"

"You got it, loads of up skirt shots and it's great publicity for the club"

"How much do you pay" my sister asked,

"Five hundred pounds for an hours filming" Cherry looked at me and raised her eyebrows, she was hot for Diane and the publicity would be more than useful.

"We need to talk" I smiled and called Bruce our head bouncer over,

"Who's dealing tonight Bruce?" I asked him.

"Sandy, the blonde over in the corner there" and he gestured towards a tall blonde girl in a micro mini skirt gyrating by herself in time to the music,

"Cheers" I said and walked over to her,

"You doing E?" But she shook her head, "Nah, I'm just chilling out"

I called Bruce over again and he had a little word in her ear, before turning to me,

"How many boss?"

"All of 'em"

"What?, you must be fucking joking" she protested,

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