Taking Pauline in the Liquor Room

by The Bartender

Copyright© 2009 by The Bartender

Sex Story: Pauline has to work on her 22nd birthday so I give her some shots to loosen her up then we retire to the liquor room for some fun

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Squirting   .

I work weekends as a bartender at a catering hall for weddings and private parties, this is my story...

To say that I was immediately attracted to Pauline on her first day of work as a hostess would be an understatement. Shoulder length dirty blonde hair with a gorgeous eastern European face sitting on a perfect body. We all have different definitions of a perfect body so mine is 5'6" tall about 120 pounds with a nice full B cup with a heart shaped ass that wont quit. Although policy prohibits wearing skintight pants, nobody has bothered to ever tell Pauline, partly because we all enjoy watching her walk around in them

It was a Friday night and I was working a bartender's worst nightmare, a bar mitzvah with 10 adults and 70 kids. I was in charge of adult bar and with soda pitchers on the tables for the kids, needless to say I wasn't very busy and knew it was going to be a slow night. But it just so happened to be Pauline's 22nd birthday.

So she came over and started to flirt as she did with all the other guys. But I said to her, "I am not making any money tonight so lets at least do some shots for your birthday." She thought about it for a few seconds before answering, "Okay but you need to make them sweet since I don't like hard alcohol."

My dick got semi hard knowing that it would not take much to get this girl drunk.

Since it was her duty to walk around and seeing if the guest needed anything, it did not take long for her to tend to all 10 adults.

She quickly came back and we started out first round of jolly ranchers, "Ummmm these are good," she said. We followed those up with a few Washington apples and then some woo-woos before she went to make her rounds again.

When she cam back a 1/2 hour later I could tell she was starting to feel the effects. "Come on lets do a few more," I told her.

"Are you trying to get me drunk?" she asked with a playful smile on her face.

"Wow a 22 year old college girl can't hang with an old guy like me? I quizzed her (I am 35).

"Alright line them up." She challenged me right back.

So on we went with some Alabama slammers and then the icing on the cake was the Petron shots.

She was really flirty now and was asking me to show her how to make some drinks. So I stepped behind her and showed her how to mix drinks while breathing on her neck and rubbing my cock into her ass.

She then surprised me by turning around and grabbing my cock and asked, "Is this what you use to stir your drinks?

As she massaged my dick I couldn't think straight, I wanted and needed this girl. I saw a customer approaching so I brushed her hand away quickly and served the customer his drinks. I quickly turned to her and grab her pussy through her skintight pants and started to massage her pussy. She groaned in excitement as I looked down and saw we still had a 1/2 hour to go before the part was over.

She needed to make her rounds again but before she left I asked, "Are you going to help me with my liquor? With the emphasis on making it sound like lick her.

She giggled and replied, "I would love for you to lick me.

She met me in the basement 45 minutes later while I was almost finished putting everything away. She walked up behind me and said, "I will put your soda and juice away for you," and walked away. I smiled knowing that I had already put my soda and juice away so I just followed her into the room. She had already stripped away her pants showing me her great ass barely covered by a hot pink thong. I groaned as she kissed me.

"Please just take me," she said. I quickly peeled off her jacket and started unbuttoning her shirt to reveal a matching hot pink bra.

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