Banish All the World

by Stultus

Copyright© 2009 by Stultus

Fantasy Story: Our industrious minor 'magician for hire' finds an opportunity to improve his checkered reputation, but sees everything go up into smoke instead. If he is to possibly save the world, must he let the woman he used to love die instead? If he fails the greatest Banishment spell of his life, all of the world might become banished instead! The second Arc Deco Universe story.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Romantic   Fiction   Science Fiction   Horror   Mystery   Paranormal   Slow  

Falstaff: No, my good lord: banish Peto, banish Bardolph, banish Poins; but for sweet Jack Falstaff, kind Jack Falstaff, true Jack Falstaff, valiant Jack Falstaff, and therefore more valiant being, as his is, old Jack Falstaff, banish not him thy Harry's company, banish not him thy Harry's company. Banish plump Jack, and banish all the world!

Prince: I do; I will.

- William Shakespeare,
King Henry the Fourth, Part I

Thanks to my Editors (especially Dragonsweb) and Advance Readers!

Author's Forward:

This is a sequel to one of my earlier stories, "And the Stalking was Hung by the Chimney with Care", which introduces our minor magician hero 'Zak' Zyphyr and the complicated and peculiar Arc Deco world in which he lives. It is strongly recommended that you read that story first, before this one ... but it is not essential.

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