The Great Escape

by obohobo

Copyright© 2009 by obohobo

Sex Story: Jill, born into a family of sport enthusiasts and bullied into participating when she had no interest or skills, decides to escape into the woods while on a camping trip. Lost, wet and extremely tired, she eventually arrives at a clearing and face to face with a man; a naked man.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   .

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental. The ideas and thoughts that follow are pure fantasies. In real life, at the very least they would be unpleasant and probably illegal. Fantasies are like that; daydreams where we can contemplate and imagine the sensations without suffering or inflicting the pain, despair or humiliation.

© obohobo 2009

Planned escape

Jill Rawlins lay in her sleeping bag listening to the gentle flap-flap of the canvas and going through the events that led her to plan, 'The Great Escape' she called it in her mind. Claire, her younger sister, slept peacefully alongside, blissfully unaware of Jill's plans.

"Why can't they accept that I'm not like them? I take after my Little Nanny on mother's side of the family and not like Grandma. They know by now that I'm not into sports or competitions, nor am I a fitness freak; I'm small for my age and now Claire's fourteen, she's outgrown me, and is a bit of a bully. They know that, but do nothing to stop her. It's not that I don't like camping, I do, and wouldn't mind being here if they'd let me do my own thing, but no, I've to go on the hike over the mountain with them in the morning and they'll keep complaining at my slowness and my stopping to look at plants or insects while they want to make it a race to the top. They've already set targets and time schedules that I'm certain I can't attain and will be the butt of their wrath for the whole holiday. I'm sixteen now, or was a few days ago, and they wouldn't even let me stay at home. If my plan works out, I know there will be an almighty row later, but maybe then they'll realise I how strongly I feel about their authoritarian way of treating me. I know they call me the 'runt of the litter', although they've only said that once in my hearing, and find my wanting to study and read instead of going to the gym or play some sporty game, rather odd, but at least they've begun to accept that, especially when I had such good exam results. Why wouldn't they listen to me when I said that I could look for plants while they were out for the day? Claire, the bitch, even suggested I'd go over to one of the tents with the teenaged boy campers and see what I could find there, and that seemed to clinch my fate. "You are coming with us," Daddy stated to end my arguments, "A good walk will do you good and don't even think about lagging behind." Well, he'll find out how far behind I am and I won't be in any tent with a group of boys. Not that many boys have shown an interest in me so far. My tits have grown in the last few months but they're still not large and being only five feet tall, most still think I'm a little child." Slowly Jill drifted off to sleep.

"Wake up girls, hurry and dress and get to the wash-room, we want to get an early start and get the worst of the climb over while it is still cool." Jackie, their mother, poked her head through the flap of the tent, "Don't even think about dawdling, Jill, your father has had enough of your attitude so far on this holiday, and this is only the first day."

"He shouldn't have forced me to come, or force me to go on hike when you both know it will be hell for everyone."

"Just get out of bed and dress and wash. No arguments," her mother snapped, "Make sure she doesn't delay us Claire."

As slowly as she dared and not risk a slap or a punch from her younger sibling, Jill dressed, picked up the rucksack containing her toiletries and followed the others towards the campsite washroom. Halfway there she stopped and looked in her bag, "I've forgotten my hairbrush," she called out and started back.

"You don't need it..." Jackie began but Jill had already headed back at a trot. The others carried on, unaware that the first part of the 'great escape' had gone to plan.

Back in the tent, Jill stuffed a pre-filled plastic bag with the things she would need for a day trip in the woods, two snack bars, a bottle of water and a packet of biscuits she'd managed to secrete the previous evening, and a few plastic containers and her plant folder, into the rucksack. Quickly she put on her hiking boots without wasting time to lace them properly, she could do that later, and looked around for anything else she needed to take. "I won't need a coat because it is supposed to be sunny all morning and once the others have gone, I can go back to the tent," she told herself as she hurried to the footpath leading into the woods.

"Jill's been gone a long while," Claire remarked to her mother as they showered.

"I was thinking that too, I hope she isn't trying to make us late. We'd better hurry and finish and check on her."

"She's gone?" her father swore a few times, "I thought the bitch was up to something. Any sign of where she might have gone?"

"Her rucksack's not here and her boots are missing so I guess she's hiding in the woods."

"I'll tan her arse when I get hold of her."

"No you won't Bob," Jackie interposed, "That will only get you into serious trouble. Let's have a quick look round and if we can't find her, leave it until we come back. She's knows the paths pretty well and is probably bug hunting or something."

"Her phone's turned off or she's not answering it," Claire added, "Looks like she planned to defy us."

The 'quick look round' took an hour angering her father even more especially as the day warmed up and he knew they'd sweat on the steep climb at the start of the track. Eventually they set off at a fast pace, trying to make up for lost time, all of them wondering how they would deal with Jill when she returned. Bob would have dearly liked to spank her arse good and hard but knew he daren't risk her complaining to the authorities and in any case she was a bit too old for that.


From her experience of camping at the site in previous years, Jill knew many others would soon frequent the main marked path when they'd finished breakfast. "They'll probably search this path first but will probably miss the smaller poorly marked trail that leads off from the main one," she thought as she hurried along. After an hour of not seeing anyone or hearing her father's voice yelling for her, she eased her pace and started to look at the wildlife around her. A combination of fine warm weather, a profusion of plants not found at home, and a freedom from overbearing supervision, led to complacency and distracted her from keeping a check on her bearings. Mid morning, her mind noted that she hadn't seen a marker for a while but the trail, while narrow, still continued on. At the time she believed in her ability to follow it back again, but several times afterwards, in her meanderings to look for plants or insects, she'd turned off that trail and by midday when she sat down for a snack and a drink and looked around, she realised she come too far off the main track and had taken too many side paths, to find her way back. "If I carry on in one direction, sort of northwards from here, I should come to the road that goes around the mountains," she reasoned, "I can get some idea of the direction from the sun and from the moss on the trees." A check of her mobile, unsurprisingly in a valley surrounded by mountains, indicated no signal. She turned it off again.

Unfortunately soon after, black clouds loomed across the sky and obliterated the sun. Rain fell in a noisy, stinging hiss and when she could get a clear view of the sky through the dripping trees, Jill couldn't see any break in it. "It's not going to ease anytime soon so I best keep going," she decided. Already soaked to the skin, Jill stumbled on, cursing herself be being so careless of where she went, that she couldn't find a way back. For her, the only way to go was forward and hope to find another good path or marked trail, but without knowing where she was or would end up, she knew she could be in trouble. The track petered out completely and still she forged on through the undergrowth, occasionally finding and following an animal track which made walking easier even if it didn't go in the right direction. One led to a small river that caused a further detour. Around five in the afternoon, and not having seen any human or sign of human activity, she sheltered under an overhanging rock and ate the last snack bar. "I'm utterly lost and I might die out here," she cried but the tears blended with the rainwater flooding her face, "Shall I sit here or go on?" A shiver decided her. "I'll be warmer walking and maybe I'll find somewhere before dark. In July, it doesn't get dark for another five hours or so but in this gloomy forest, it could be earlier. Weary, depressed and silently crying, she stumbled on, ignoring the squelching in her boots, her aching thigh muscles and the sore blisters on her feet.

An hour later she emerged from the dense forest into a wide clearing and heard sounds that could only be made by a human being, and a man at that. Hearing a few more curses, she pressed on. With a lightening of her mood and hoping she'd at last reached civilisation, she burst into the relatively open space and not twenty yards away stood a young man; a naked young man, a man pulling at a fallen tree that blocked the ditch. Undecided, Jill stood and watched until the man finally cleared the tree and the water flushed through. Only then did he look up and see her. Jill fled. The man easily caught her.

Thirty miles away, and travelling in the opposite direction to Jill, her family were also caught in the rain. Bob cursed, "Those bloody weather men never get it right, this rain wasn't supposed to get here until teatime."

"The weather changes quickly in the mountains dear, as we've found out before."

"I know, but if our sodden daughter hadn't delayed us, we'd be off this moor by now and could have cut down the side track into the village. She deserves a good hiding for putting our lives at risk like this. The rain's made the track so slippery now that we have to go slow and won't find any shelter for miles and may miss the bus back to the campsite. I bet the little runt is in the cafeteria there, laughing her head off and imagining our misery."

"I'll smash her face to pulp when I get hold of her," Claire added, "She's made this a day of hell, so I'll give her hell too. Oooops." Claire slid on the mud and further cursed her sister. Neither of them considered the misery of the trek if she'd been with them and held them back.

Soaked and covered with mud, the angry trio arrived at their destination, three hours later than planned only to find the last bus had long since gone. Fortunately a builder's lorry came along and gave them a lift but they had to sit huddled in the back and face the still torrential rain.

"Doesn't look as though she's been back," Claire remarked when she peered into their tent, "Her rucksack and boots aren't here." Worry now overcame any threats of punishment. First they phoned her mobile but couldn't get through, either because she'd turned it off like they knew she had that morning, or she was in a no signal area, then they checked with other campers to see if anyone had seen her, but no one had. They contacted the police who, after hearing the story, suggested that she might have gone home or staying somewhere on her own. They would look into it in the morning if she still hadn't turned up.

Alternately angry and depressed they spent the night in their tents listening to the rain and debating what might have happened to Jill. All the scenarios were wide of the truth.


"Don't hurt me please," Jill pleaded when her attacker lifted her from the ground, her face passing close to his flaccid prick.

"I've no intention of hurting you Miss. Where's the rest of your group?"

Shaking her head Jill muttered, "Back at camp, I suppose."

"You're lost?" Jill nodded. "Well let's get you into the hut and see what we can sort out. You won't survive the night outdoors in this weather." Slipping her rucksack over his shoulder, and taking her arm, guided her around a flooded area to a small cabin. "Welcome to my home, the Wilson half-a-star hotel, not a palace but it's dry and warm," the man grinned, "I'm Douglas Wilson, Doug." Jill hesitantly introduced herself and shook slightly, partly from the relief of ending her long walk and partly from the fear of being alone with a naked man, albeit a young man with a smile on his face.

"Sit on the chair and let's get those wet clothes off, Jill. No need to be shy, as you can see I'm not."

"I've got nothing..." but Doug had already started to unlace her boots.

"Christ Jill, you have some pretty big blisters that must cause you a lot of pain, or will when you put your boots on again. Several of them have burst and the skin is rubbed raw so I guess you're not going to walk far for a day or two. We'll soak them in warm salt water after dinner and I'll put some cream on. Where've you walked from?

"Sunningdale Camp."

"That's about twenty miles as the crow flies, you must have gone much further and there's no direct path. Lift up a bit so I can take your trousers off." Jill protested but he gently lifted her anyway and slid her trousers and knickers off at the same time and carefully shook the worst of the water of and hung them over a rail near the stove. She knew he'd had a good look at her cunt but hadn't touched it and with weariness overcoming her senses and the throbbing pain in her feet, she gave up worrying. In the few minutes since they'd met, she'd begun to like the man. Her purse fell out of the back pocket and he opened it to set it aside to dry. "Hey, you're older than I thought," he commented on seeing her ID card.

"Yeah, I'm small for my age but I turned sixteen a few weeks ago. You're not so big either."

"Only 5' 5" and about ten stones. Arms up." Almost without thinking, she held her arms up for him to remove her shirt. Her bra soon followed and she sat naked in front of him trying to hide her breasts with her arms. Doug grinned at her and she noticed his prick had started to harden. At the back of her mind she knew she should be worried but with her tiredness and the warmth combined with the relief of being safe, somehow it seemed unimportant. Nor did she worry overmuch when he dried her with a large towel and she felt his touch in places no man had touched before, caused pleasant sensations within her body, much like when she played with herself and she wondered if she would willingly surrender herself to him later.

"He's good looking even with his long wet hair plastered over his face and he's tanned all over so he must go naked more often than now. Claire gloats over losing her virginity to a boy over a year ago, and she's two years younger than me and she's had a number of boys since. Mum put us both on the pill when she found out and mine are with my toiletries in the bottom of my rucksack. Perhaps it is time for me to become a woman. He's got a pretty big one, not that I've seen many to compare and none that were even a bit hard. He's saved my life I suppose so it might be some recompense and I might enjoy it. He doesn't seem the sort to forcibly rape me," Jill mused as she watched him remove his own boots and then stuff both pairs with newspaper and dry grass and put them near the stove. From a chest of drawers he produced two pairs of socks and gave one to her. "You'll need these to protect your feet, I'll look for a shirt or something later ... or maybe I won't, your body is too pretty to cover up," he laughed in his infectious way and she grinned too; no one had said she was pretty before. "Make yourself at home Jill, the stew's done so we can eat in a minute. I'll light the lamp first." Although daylight outside, with the black sky, little light came through the small window making the interior very gloomy. Soon the hissing pressure lamp cast its yellow glow and Jill could take in her surroundings.

A bed with an orange duvet occupied one corner of the room, the wood burning stove another with various bits of unmatched furniture and a table scattered around. A bench ran the length of one wall and, much to Jill's surprise, jars and pots covered most of the surface and near the centre, a microscope. Doug lifted the lamp to hang it from a ceiling hook and a light bulb attracted Jill's attention. "Why not turn on the light?" she questioned.

"The flood water got into the generator and I've to wait for it to dry out before I can start it. Mainly I use the genny for running the radio to keep in touch with the police base to let them know I'm okay. I have to check in at least every three days otherwise they send someone out, or they should, but as it's a fifteen mile rough ride, they try other ways first," Doug answered her question. "That's why I was clearing the ditch when you came along. I'm a bit of a naturist out here and I didn't want to get all my clothes wet and have the bother of drying them, hence you found me naked."

His answer reminded her of her family. "Can we get a mobile signal here? My parents will be worried."

"Not here, but there are a couple of places higher up the mountain where the signal's not too bad. No going there tonight though and not in the morning unless the track dries out. Okay, let's eat. Only a veggie stew from local wild plants so I hope you'll like it. I still have some fairly fresh bread too." Again the laugh when he emphasised the 'fairly', and she wondered how stale it actually was.

Over dinner she chatted to Doug about her family, her great escape and how she lost herself and got to a point where return was impossible and the only the way forward seemed practical. In turn Doug explained that the clearing was an area that had been clear felled several years ago and he'd obtained a grant for recording the natural regeneration and the wild life that occupied it. Soon they became involved in a discussion of the plants and insects in the area and Jill astounded him with her knowledge and use of the scientific names of the plants and insects. The discussion continued while Jill soaked her feet and she almost forgot her nudity until he applied salve to her blisters and she knew he could see her exposed cunt when his prick again rose. "Sorry," he apologised, "This thing has a mind of its own." He indicated his erection. "It's been a long while since I've had a girl in here, but don't worry, I won't rape you but I may give you a cuddle and a kiss or two, or three when we get to bed. Looks like you are half asleep now. Must have been one hellava walk you did."


The rain still poured when Doug loaned her an overlarge pair of wellington boots and an extra pair of socks to hobble painfully to the outhouse. "I won't be walking far tomorrow," she thought as she sat on the wooden seat, rain trickling down her body again, and wondered at there being three holes and if she'd be sharing it with him sometime. "But I must let mummy and daddy know otherwise they might send out the rescue teams and that will cause a lot of bother and get me into even more trouble. Still, it's nice to be away from them for a bit and talk with someone who shares my interests. He's a good laugh too and doesn't take the piss out of my small size. I like him. Wonder if he'll fuck me tonight? It won't be long before I find out. He said that he wouldn't rape me but I know seeing me naked gets him hard and having seen his prick in various states of arousal all evening, has made me feel horny. I haven't any pyjamas with me and I doubt he wears anything in bed if he goes outside naked."

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