A Sibling Experience

by werewolf

Copyright© 2009 by werewolf

Incest Sex Story: The end of two marriages is not always a bad thing

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

It was one of those nights when I felt at peace with the world, just about the first time I'd felt that way since my bitch of a wife had decided she'd rather be with my best friend.

I poured myself a generous glass of iced champagne and was just about to take it out into the garden when I heard a car pulling up outside, I opened the front door and saw a long nylon clad pair of legs as the driver reached over to retrieve something from the far seat and the a headful of tousled blonde hair appeared with my sister beneath it,

"If you can stop looking at my bloody legs for a minute, I could use a hand"

I stood for another moment admiring her legs and the barely covered cleft between them with a big grin on my face before ambling over to help her, it took two journeys to get all her stuff into the house but finally we did it and I asked the question,


"Why what?"

"Why are all your belongings in my house?"

"They're all my clothes and things, you wouldn't want me to go around naked all the time would you?"

"Wouldn't I?"

"Pervert" she laughed, "Is it all right for me to stay for a day or three?"

"What happened with the asshole?" I asked referring to her bum of a husband,

"All right" she grinned, "You win, he's an asshole, I'm rid of him and you know what?"


"I feel bloody great, can I stay?"

"Of course you can stay but you know the score"

"How do you mean?"

"I mean dear sister of mine and you know it, I only have one bedroom and therefore only one bed!"

"It didn't used to be a problem" she grinned and looked at me from beneath lowered eyebrows,

She was referring to the youthful explorations we enjoyed with each other in our teens, just after our parents were killed, we shared a bed more for company than anything else, but of course the inevitable happened and we became lovers.

"No it didn't did it?"

There was something in her eyes that told me it would probably never be a problem again, she leaned into me and I grabbed her and kissed her full on the mouth,

"Gary" she whispered, "Gary, oh Gary" then I felt her tongue snaking into my mouth, she was wearing a light blue shift dress and as I used one hand to keep her face on mine, I slipped my other hand up between her legs and over her stockings to where I found naked flesh.

Without breaking the kiss she twisted slightly so she could part her legs and as my fingers found her clean shaven labia, I was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure,

"You're still a horny bitch aren't you?" I hissed and I moved a finger up onto her clitoris,

"Yes" she moaned and opened her legs even further, "Please Gary, please" she moaned not really knowing what it was she wanted,

I smothered the words with my mouth and felt her tongue trying to reach down into my throat, her hands gripping my neck as we swapped saliva,

"Please Gary" she gasped again, "You're the only man I've ever wanted darling, fuck me, fuck me please Gary"

I rammed two fingers up into her pulsing hole and she squealed with pleasure, she practically ripped her dress off and sighed as my mouth found a hard little nipple, I bit and she yelped but she pushed herself against me so I moved over to the other breast and bit again.

She was coming, her whole body quivering with pent up desire and passion, my wrist ached as I plundered her dripping wet vagina each upward thrust bringing a squeal from her lips until finally she shuddered and I knew her climax had passed.

Withdrawing my hand I stood and ripped off my shirt, her eyes were bright and her breathing ragged as I stepped out of my jeans and she smiled as my prick sprang free of my shorts,

"Oh God" she breathed and slipped a hand down between her legs, "A real man at last" then she squealed as I pushed her back into the couch and knelt before her, my head dipped and I took a long, slow lick from her clitoris to her anus and back up again, I concentrated on her clitoris then pushing it backwards, to and fro, sucking and nibbling at it like a child with a lollipop.

A second orgasm gripped her and she held my hair in both hands while she rode it out under my tongue, she was still coming as I quickly changed position and thrust myself into her wetness,

"OH FUCK YES" she screamed, "You're filling me Gary, you're fucking me"

I could only grunt in reply, all my senses were fixed on my prick inside my sister's body, her eyes were set on mine, we'd both had lovers before, hell we'd both been married, but nobody had what we did between us, the sheer intensity of it blotted everything else out, there was just me and Kelly and nothing else mattered.

"Yes darling" I hissed, "I'm fucking you, just like I'm gonna do every day for the rest of our lives"

"Yes, oh yes" she moaned, "That's all I've ever wanted, now shut up and shag my fucking brains out"

I did, her words had spurred me on, my thrusts became faster and deeper until suddenly I felt my climax approaching, my toes began to tingle, the feeling quickly shot up my legs and almost before I realized it I was coming, I tried to speak but could only grunt as my cream jetted out into her body.

We woke up the next morning still wrapped in each others arms and she moaned softly as my prick found it's way into it's new home, thankfully it was a Saturday so we could stay at home and indulge ourselves, we made love at our leisure and then slept again.

We bathed together before enjoying breakfast out in the garden, then spent a couple of hours sorting her stuff out and putting it away,

"We'll need another wardrobe" she said as she reached up to hang yet another dress in the only one I had, her skirt rode up to expose her sexy little bottom clad only in a minuscule white g-string and she gasped in mock surprise when I slipped a hand up and cupped her sex.

"Help" she giggled, "Somebody please help me, I'm being molested" but she stayed where she was and thrust her bottom out at me temptingly, her giggles became moans of pleasure as I pulled the tiny string to one side and explored her anal crevice with my tongue.

"Mmm yes, that's so fucking dirty" she purred as her anus expanded and I licked inside her little hole, my prick was hard again, so I pulled back to unfasten my jeans but she beat me to it and took my length in between her lips.

"Remember the last time I did this?" she asked between long slurps, "You were leaning out of the bedroom window talking to your mate in the street"

I smiled as I recalled the incident, my mate had thought I was dying from the expression on my face as I'd shot my load down her throat.

Her tongue flicked over my swollen dome as I finally rid myself of my jeans and shorts and she cupped my balls in her hand,

"Mine" she smiled up at me, "All full of lovely thick spunk, and it's all mine"

She used her mouth like a vacuum cleaner, sucking at my prick whilst caressing and squeezing my heavy balls, I felt her tongue teasing the tiny little hole as she moved back round and presented her sweet little cunt to my mouth., I needed no written invitation to pleasure her.

Cupping her bottom in both hands, I lunged my tongue in between her juicy, wet labia, she screamed and set about my prick with renewed vigor, her plentiful juices flowed and I swallowed them with relish,

"Gary" she gasped, "I'm coming, oh fuck yes, yes, come with me darling" then the only sound was her gulping as my prick erupted and she had to swallow hard to take it all.

It was late afternoon by then and we were both hungry so she made dinner and served it outside on the patio, it was a salmon salad with grated cheese and hard boiled eggs washed down with a nice rose wine, I loved it and ate it all before pushing my empty plate away,

"That was the second best thing I've ever eaten" I smiled,

"Oh, so what was the best?"

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