Suze's Basement Apartment

by AntaeusQ

Copyright© 2009 by AntaeusQ

Erotica Sex Story: A man. A woman that cooks. Another one in the basement, ready and eager for anything. What the heck?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Science Fiction   Interracial   Black Male   .

Karen cooked and got the table ready. I looked around for something to do. I had some time, so I decided to sneak out.

I opened the door to the basement, which was located just outside the kitchen, between the living room and utility closet. I quietly walked down the sturdy, wooden steps. They didn't make a sound. The air was earthy and moist, even a little drafty. The dim light took some getting used to. Suze, who lived down here, never said a word. This was her home, as nice as anything she needed. She'd been with us for about two weeks.

She had her back to me. She wore her jeans and an old blue dress shirt I'd given her. The shirt was tied Daisy Duke style. From up above, I caught her white skin and the curve of her spine. Her ass was nice and big, bigger than most white girls. She ran a silver brush down her long, smooth, corn-blond hair. She twisted her waist and smiled. I breathed out. She waved at me.

"Hi, Suze. How's it going?" I said.

What a beautiful woman, rosy face, small mouthed, shapely figure, perfect breasts. Her fine skin, sprinkled with a couple of freckles made her look like a twenty-year-old country bumpkin. I looked forward to my big black dick sinking inside her cunt.

"Hi, Suze," I said.

She turned. "Hi, Steve. Good day at the office?"

"To hell with that," I said and unbuttoned my shirt. My muscles were tired and what I needed most was this white woman to suck and fuck me off.

"You need some loving?" she asked.

"Got the time, sweetie?" I said.

"What a silly question." She smiled. "How much do we have?" she asked. "Isn't it almost dinner?"

"Yep. I got ten minutes," I told her.

"Quick and good?" she asked.

"Could you?"

A short delay, as she thought it over.

She popped the button on her pants, and dropped them past her thighs and right off her feet. Just as quick, she pulled the shirt over her head. No bra. Her plump tits fell gently above her smooth flat stomach. She had on an old pair of green panties, I'd gotten from upstairs. She wore them low, under her hips. They barely covered her tuft of corn-colored pubic hair. Not bad for a white girl.

I leaped off the steps and ran to her. In my excitement, I knocked her against her dresser. I must've given her the impression I wanted it rough. She shoved me hard enough I spun and fell over onto the bed. She was as strong as a man. One hundred and twenty pounds, five foot-six and dangerous when it came right down to it.

She marched against me.

"Sorry," I said. I put my hands up. "Didn't mean it, baby."

"Suck or fuck?" she asked. Her blue eyes glittered in spite of the dim light in the room.

She stood over me, and spread her magnificent white legs astride mine. My dong pulsed under her glare. She slid her index finger into her hole. The odors spread fast, mine and hers. It was tart and musky. It mingled with the wet earth behind the cinder blocks.

"You sure?" she asked. "You really want this? You want to stick that monster cock of yours into my poor innocent cunt?"

"Fuck that, and let me fuck you. Quick. Come on."

She popped her finger out of her pink hole and licked it off with her tongue. She walked out of her panties. She bent over me and took off my pants and underwear, like she was my mother and I'd just waded through mud.

She grasped my cock and bent over to slurp it into her mouth. She puckered hard. I clenched the bed sheets and grinned.

"Like this?" she asked.

"Like that," I said. "You're doing good."

She mumbled nonsense. What did she have to say? She was sucking dick, for God's sake. She bobbled and sucked and lashed me with her tongue. I stuck three fingers inside her cunt. I pushed into her and kneaded her ass with my thumb. She groaned. I didn't interrupt her activities. Just a little something for my hands to do. She pumped her head smooth-like, up and down, up and down. My toes curled, my nuts tightened. We were in for the finish line.

"Suze," I said, and grinned.

She released the hold she had on my cock. She kissed the knob and rested her small head on my stomach.

"You want to fuck me now, baby?" She cupped my balls with three of her perfectly manicured fingers. She exhaled her warm breath over my cock. The dark salami pulsed.

She moved the hair out of her face and smiled lazily.

"I love fucking you, Steve."

"I'm married, Suzie. I'm taken. But you can have me anytime I want."

She puckered her rosy little lips.

"Hey, two minutes," I said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," she said.

She looped her leg over me and rolled her cunt expertly onto my cock. She was slick and tight. She turned her face left and right and stroked her long yellow hair. She was showing me how pretty she was.

"Here you go," I said.

I pumped her with my cock. She adjusted her pressure, speed, and technique for me. She was keyed to my reactions. She knew just what to do. She was an expert fucker.

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