Shit Happens in Vegas

by Anchor

Copyright© 2009 by Anchor

Sex Story: A suburban milf goes to Vegas for a girlfriend's bachelorette party.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Cheating   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   .

No, Crystal isn't perfect. So many women are described as perfect. She's blond, about 5'4" and has curves in the right places. She's not fat. She's not even chubby. She runs every day at 6am and in spandex she makes male motorist's heads turn. Her ass is her best asset. Sometimes you can see her thong through the spandex. She wears a tight tshirt and her 34C's bounce up and down as she pounds the pavement. Point is, she takes care of herself. Every day is the same routine. She takes care of the kids then of herself. Her husband doesn't take much care of her though. That's where our story stems from.

Crystal is in her 30's, (which is when they say women reach the height of their sexuality). Sure she's horny and her husband works a lot (so he says). She doesn't own any dildos and her fingers do the job that's not being done. A normal surbuban housewife who works part time in retail. Men flirt with her at the store when she wears those sexy dresses at her station in the department store. That just makes her more horny. However, that shiny diamond ring on her finger deters men from going any further.

Before the kids and the hubby, Crystal was a very independent woman. Knew what she wanted. She wasn't shy about getting it either. That's why she landed a very succesful businessman. She didn't want to work a 9-5 and he was her way out. When she went after him she was a sexy thing that he couldn't resist. She still is sexy, just in a MILF kind of way. They would dance the night away at clubs and her ass had a way of swaying back and forth that sold him completely.

Fast forward 10 years later and she finds herself on the phone with her girlfriend Tanya. "It's just for three days. Don't be such a prude." Cyrstal is reluctant. Tanya is asking her to go to Vegas for a weekend bachelorette party. The youngest of their girlfriends is finally tying the knot. Brenda is the bride-to-be. Carol makes up the foursome and they're all married w/ kids. Crystal has no excuse really. She doesn't work full time, they know she has money, and her parents are only 10 miles away so they can take care of the kids. Crystal needed a break from the grind. She decided she deserved a vacation.

A little background on the women ... Brenda is a blond, works as a realtor, and is the prettiest of the girls, she has a great body to top it off, the groom is a lucky bastard. Tanya is a brunette, a bit chubby from producing three kids, but her tits are to die for. Carol is a plain looking dirty blond and her best asset are her legs, she's the tallest.

Their flight was uneventful and check-in went smoothly. Crystal made sure they all had the hook-up at the Bellagio. She wouldn't go fo less and the girls didn't complain at all. The agenda was typical ... pool, drinks, shopping, drinks, then dance the night away. All the ladies were in shape enough to wear bikinis at the pool except Tanya, who hid her weight behind a wrap around her waist. Crystal's tits and ass were filling out her bikini nicely and her tan was coming along. She still had that wiggle when she walked and every guy stared at her bottom as she went to the bar for drinks. When she returned Carol smacked her ass and said, "2 o' clock ... boys watching your sexy ass baby!" The girls chuckled innocently.

The girls finished their shopping and refreshed themselves and met at the lobby bar for shots promptly. "Here's to Brenda!" Down goes the tequila and off they went to The Bank, Bellagio's nightlife. Sexy summer dresses abound. Tight-fitting, and mostly dark colors. Crystal had the ultimate black mini dress, it accentuated her ass. She dropped some change and went to pick it up. You could make out the outline of her v string panties. When she walked her ass cheeks pressed against the fabric and you could tell they were bare. Her tits revealed enough mouth-watering cleavage to make an 80 yr old pop a boner. Her tan and blond hair was a great contrast against the black garment. A little purse contained lipstick, ID, Amex, and a hotel key. Each girl had their own room ... compliments of Crystal's hook-up.

Pretty fucking boring evening folks. You've seen the scene hundreds of times. The girls dance together. They take shots. Then jolt out of their chair when a favorite song blasts from the speaker. They go to the bathroom in pairs. Same thing over and over. There's just one little thing that changed the evening. One 5 oz. object. Something called a Martini. Actually, four of them. The waitress brought the drinks over, "This is from the gentlemen at the bar." She pointed them out. They looked like actors out of those college spring break movies. All very handsome 20-something year old guys waving at them. There were a bunch of them, around 7 of 'em. The women all laughed out loud, a reaction of their flattery. "Do they know how old we are? Well, fuck it, it is dark." They laughed even harder at Crystal's comment. The giggling also a result of all the drinking they'd been doing. "Well girls, we at least owe them a dance, c'mon." They all followed Crystal's lead.

The 4 women and 5 men chatted and took more shots. The evening went by quickly. Time flies when you're having fun. A few trips to the dance floor. The men took turns dancing with the women, and surprisingly they were pretty tame. No yelling, no misbehaving, but make no mistake, they were having FUN. They danced as closely as possible. They put their hands on the married womens hips, oh and Brenda had a few dances as well ... but nothing her finacee would be mad at. There were 2 black men in the group and the women agreed they were all pretty sexy except one overweight friend ... c'mon there's always one. By now the women were way past tipsy and were sitting on laps, flirting, and smacking arms, smacking faces, all pretty harmless. However, no one knew the aching that was going on in Crystal. Once or twice when she went to the bathroom she found herself moist (not from urine), and she gave her clit a rub, but not to orgasm. She couldn't help it. The thong she wore and the grinding on the dance floor was driving her nuts. She found herself attracted to Tom. He was tall and athletic with brown hair. She chatted with him mostly. They both clicked because of swimming. Small talk led to talk of Phelps and the Olympics and Crystal found that Tom was a swimmer. He appreciated Crystal's shape for her age. He commented on how he liked women who took care of themselves. Tom even confessed that he had seen her at the pool that day and admired her figure. Crystal could feel her nipples getting hard and she had to contain herself from moving closer to him. Tom also commented on her wedding ring and that snapped Crystal out of it. She sat up straight and gave Tanya a signal that maybe it was time to call it a night.

Tanya rallied the girls and after a some last attempts from the men to coax them into staying, they finally stood and grabbed their purses and paid for their bill. Tom pulled Crystal aside. "The pool is open 24/7. How about a late night swim? I'm tired of the partying, just want to loosen the muscles, and have a more relaxed chat. Just some company." Maybe it was the drinks, but Crystal found herself nodding yes.

On the 10th floor the ladies all said goodnight in the hall and doors shut as they each turned in for the night. Moments later, Crystal emerged from her room with her complimentary bathrobe (bikini underneath), sandals, and a towel. She headed to the pool.

Tom was already in the water. When he saw Crystal he stood in the shallow water. His lean muscles glistened in the moonlight. Crystal removed her robe and got in the pool. She laughed, "It's freezing! This is nuts!" Tom movved toward her and didn't hug her, but rather but both his hands on her arms and tried to rub some warmth into her. The touch of his hands made Crytal's shivering stop. Her nipples were struggling to stay in her top. Tom couldn't take his eyes off her full breasts. "Is this pool really open right now?" Tom said no. He explained that since swimming was the only thing they connected on, it was all he could ploy to get to see her again. She smiled at the effort. "I'm married you know." Tom's reply was simple, "What happens in Vegas..." She finished the familiar saying for him. They both laughed. Seeing that Crystal was enjoying herself and seemed agreeable, Tom went in for the kiss. Crystal couldn't help a moan escape. Their tongues tangled and Crystal let him embrace her. He pushed her tits against his chest and this time he moaned. He couldn't wait any longer. He moved his hands down and cupped her breasts. Natural breasts. MILF breasts. He was squeezing and pinching her nipples. Her breathing quickened. She hadn't felt passion like this since her dating years with her husband. She felt faint. She pushed him away. "I can't do this." Tom's cheeks sank. She could see his disappointment. "At least not here." She half smiled. His face expressed relief. "We can go back to my room."

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