Photographing the Past

by Chas

Copyright© 2009 by Chas

Erotica Sex Story: My wife and I rekindle the sparks of our marriage by reliving and photographing an erotic event from the past when we conceived our daughter. Our daughter ends up helping and we may have recreated the past too closely.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

I'm dumbfounded, my lovely wife and daughter are on the floor next to me fully nude, like I am, sharing a deep kiss swapping the cum I had just deposited into my daughters mouth. I can feel my erection quickly coming back. My name is John and here are the events leading up to this amazing happening.

My wife Adele and I were married 16 years ago while in our senior year of High School. We did the "right" thing after Adele got knocked up during a wild night of sex. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Adele is a very attractive brunette with perky C cup breasts and an ass to die for. She has always had a bit of a wile and exhibitionist side to her. On the night I knocked her up with our precious daughter Bethany, she showed me her truly wild side. We had just started having sex for the past few weeks, although it had only been three times for the pack of three condoms I had managed to get. Condoms were hard to get back then for young kids and I had gotten lucky when I saw an older man accidentally drop his shopping bag spilling it contents all over the alleyway between the drug store and another building. I saw something roll into a dark corner and went to pick it up for him as I saw him walking away. When I realized it was a three pack of Trojans I was elated and grabbed it for myself. Adele had been talking about having sex but kept saying "no glove, no love" so this was worth its weight in gold to me. So back to the night we conceived our daughter. We had three glorious but quick intercourse sessions in the past two weeks but I had been unable to get any more condoms and, having let the Genie out of the bottle, we were both incredibly horny. We were at the high school on the football field up in the score house. It was a dark night and we saw another couple heading our way. They did not see us and they settled down below us and to the right in the bleachers. They were getting pretty hot and heavy while we watched. The girl then reached over and started taking out the guy's cock while he was working on freeing her bra encased globes. Soon her breasts were swaying free while he worked his thumb and fingers over her nipples and she was jacking him off. Just then she bent down and took him into her mouth. Adele and I looked at each other and whispered hot fucking hot the scene below us was. Now here comes Adele's competitive and exhibitionist side. She whispers to me that she can beat that, referring to the scene below us. She seductively peels down her pants and damp panties and reaches around to unfasten my belt. Soon my pants are around my ankles and my cock is bobbing free. Adele bends over at her waist while still watching the couple below us and with her left hand grabs onto my cock and pulls it towards her dripping pussy. "What about a condom I ask?" She tells me she has to have it in her and wants to outdo the couple below us. She tells me to be careful and pull out. Yeah right. I'm already on a hair trigger and dripping pre-cum looking at her glistening pussy lips and she tells me to be careful. Well my little head won the argument and I let myself be pulled into her open pussy. We slowly fucked while watching the couple below us. I was barely moving trying to hold off as long as possible. Just then we heard the guy moan and saw him start jerking his hips. It looked like the girl sot the first rope into her mouth but the next three landed all over her face. Right then we both learned to like porn, LOL. The sight was too much for both of us. Adele started having an orgasm and her pussy started contracting around my already twitching cock. I shot one good long rope of cum into her before I could pull out and spray the rest on to her ass. Well it only takes one sperm and I must have shot thousands into her so our daughter Bethany was conceived that night.

Seventeen years later Adele still has the killer body that attracted me back then and Bethany looks like a younger version. I've noticed that I've been reliving my high school times with Adele more and more as I notice how grown up Bethany has become. Bethany also has the same competitive and mischievous streak that her mother has.

So after seventeen years we are getting a bit predictable in the bedroom. Adele suggests that we spice things up a bit by taking some risqué but soft-core pictures of us. She admitted that seeing Bethany and her friends was reminding her of the wild times we had in high school especially that night in the football field.

We went up to our bedroom and I got out the digital camera. I had a partial box of photo paper so we planned on taking a few pictures and then printing them out full size to enhance our love making. Since this was our first time doing something like this we kept the poses fairly soft-core. I took a few pictures of my wife on her hands and knees with a sheer scarf draped over the strategic parts. She had a dreamy smoky quality to her eyes as she looked into the camera. After a few of these she said fair is fair and had me disrobe. I followed the same pattern of barely covering the strategic parts with the scarf. After a few of these shots Adele started talking about that night we saw the other couple below us in the bleachers and suggested we get a couple of "action" shots but still using the scarf to keep everything soft-core. So I moved my already hard cock to her mouth, did my best to wrap the scarf around it to partially cover things up and took a few point of view shots. Adele partially engulfed my cock while I asked her what she was up to as this seemed more than soft-core. She playfully said it was only the camera shot that made it soft-core and not what might be actually happening. I cheerfully took a few more shots although it was hard to keep the scarf strategically placed in all of them.

Just as I was getting close Adele said let's get some of the pictures printed. I protested a bit as I was so close to cumming and wanted to finish but she said the wait would be worth it. We downloaded all the pictures to our computer and I selected 6 of the hottest to print. I threw on a robe and went down to the den where we have the photo quality printer. I grabbed the partial bow of photo paper and started printing out the pictures. I guess because I was so incredibly horny I never noticed that I only had 5 photo sheets and had sent 6 pictures to the printer. I grabbed the 5 pictures that printed out and quickly hurried back upstairs. As we were admiring the pictures Adele mentioned that the ones of her sucking my cock, while hot, would be much better if they weren't all point of view pictures. She said we would need to get a tripod or think of something to get both of us into this type of shot.

Meanwhile, Bethany came home and went into the den with the printer and her computer. She noticed the printer flashing out of paper and added some. Even though she added regular paper she was in for quite a surprise when she saw the sixth picture we had printed come out. It was one of the ones where Adele was sucking my cock as I tried without too much success to make it soft-core with the scarf. Well this definitely tweaked Bethany's interest and she rather quickly deduced that there must be some more pictures. She hid the picture and decided to do some snooping the next day after school while Adele and I were at work. Well the next day she quickly found them on our computer and printed out the lot of them.

The following week I noticed Bethany staring a bit more than usual at us but I figured it was just some teen age thing and forgot about it.

On Saturday while we all were relaxing out back by the pool, Bethany started talking to her mother asking her to take a few glamour shots of her. After going back and forth about what she was looking for, Bethany slipped and said she wanted a picture like the one of my wife with the smoky looking eyes just wearing the sheer scarf. Well that definitely got both our attention and we asked Bethany what she saw. She explained how she found the picture in the print queue and then found the other set on my computer. We all share the computers so she really wasn't snooping too much into our private stuff. After a bit of begging by Bethany my wife finally said OK and told me to go get the camera. I took a few shots of her out by the pool in her bikini but Bethany kept saying she wanted a shot like the one I took of her mother in the scarf. After a bit more begging we all went inside and up to our bedroom. At this point Adele was all business. She directed Bethany to remove her bikini and get down on all fours while she placed the scarf to cover all the strategic places. I started to say something about waiting outside while they got ready but Adele said if Bethany wanted adult like glamour shots she would have to be comfortable getting naked in front of the photographer, me. Well it was me that seemed more uncomfortable than the two of them. I think my wife enjoyed watching me squirm a bit.

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