Please Open Wide

by Westside24

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Sex Story: Going to a dentist's office is not always an unpleasant visit.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

In spite of the many advances in pain medication and dental instruments which are now being used, going to the dentist is not something that Pete Newton looks forward to doing. He remembers that in the old Wild West it was the barber who was also the dentist. The solution for a toothache then was the removal of the tooth and that was not a pain free experience.

The appointment Pete had made this time was for his six month tooth cleaning. He hoped this procedure wouldn't be too bad although the tooth scraping gave him goosebumps. He understood the purpose of these visits, but he wondered on how six months had become the standard time for these visits. The ramifications of not taking proper care of his teeth were things that he didn't want to contemplate. Tooth extractions, tooth capping, root canals and posts being put in his mouth were all procedures he wished to avoid.

The dentist office he was going to was located in what Pete would call a small medical mall. This is the type of mall that consists of a group of small buildings in which a number of medical specialists have hung out their shingles. What was a little ironic was that across the road from this medical mall was an attorney's office who was hoping for business from some disgruntled medical patients. On his window was a large banner that said he specialized in medical malpractice.

Right to the minute of his scheduled appointment an attractive lady dressed in blue scrubs entered the waiting room and said, "Mr. Newton?"

"That's me."

"Please follow me."

Following her was the best thing that happened to Pete so far today. The blue scrubs she was wearing while they didn't appear to be tight, the material in some way clung to her ass. He was treated to watching a nice jiggle of her buttocks as she walked. Her jiggling butt made him think of a description that was commonly said that, "It looks like two cats in a pillow case fighting."

The dental hygienist showed him to a cubicle which contained the standard dental chair and ask him to take a seat. Besides the dental and other paraphernalia one would expect, this room also contained a thirty two inch LCD television which was on and tuned on to a talk show but the sound was muted.

"Mr. Newton my name is Sharon Jenkins and I will be your dental hygienist for..."

"Pete, please call me Pete. I know that I am older than you but I am not that old."

His response momentarily flustered her and he had a chance to apprise this woman he was looking at. She was attractive and seemed to have a nice body on what he would guess was a thin five foot six inch frame. Her dark hair which probably did have had some chemical help to maintain its very dark color was worn up in a ponytail. She appeared to have on very little make-up not that she needed more as her complexion was good. Her eyes were the bluest blue you would see. If he had to guess at her age he would think she was somewhere in her mid-thirties which was about ten years younger than him.

He thought it was a given that he would ask for her to be his hygienist on his next visit which should offset his perceived unpleasantness of a dental visit.

She was all business as she told him what she was going to do in cleaning his teeth and then she went about doing it. With his mouth open he had little opportunity to converse with her. When he could talk he asked her if she was married and had children.

"Divorced and yes, one boy who is sixteen years old."

"You don't look that old to have a son who is sixteen years old."

"Thanks, that's nice of you to say that but he is sixteen years old and I am forty years old."

Pete instantly thought that she didn't look her age but it must be her slim figure and lack of grey in her hair that gave her this youthful appearance.

"I haven't seen you here before. How long have you worked here?"

"About four years. Are you married?"

"No I am divorced and have been for nine years."

"What do you do?"

"I am an attorney and have a general practice. My office is just down the street from the McDonalds on 87th street."

That was the extent of the conversation as Sharon went about her business of cleaning his teeth. The instruments she was using in his mouth were not unpleasant and were a necessity for this procedure. He didn't enjoy the scraping noise he heard or could feel. Her hands even though she was wearing latex gloves were a little erotic as they touch his face and manipulated the instruments around his mouth and lips. It was silly that he thought about her hands that way but it still was a very nice feeling to have her hands touching his face. As she was going about her business he thought a few times her bra encased breasts had touched his head. Maybe he was mistaken but he thought that is what he had felt.

When the cleaning was done and they were waiting for the dentist to come in to take a look at Pete's teeth, he had a chance to talk more with her. He told her a joke and she laughed and it seemed that she genuinely liked talking to Pete. Whether she did or didn't, she certainly was pleasing to Pete's eyes.

The dentist appeared and gave Pete's teeth the once over. He pronounced everything alright and said he would see Pete in six months. Sharon gave him a doggy bag which consisted of a tooth brush, tooth paste and dental floss. Both Sharon and Pete expressed that it was nice to have met each other and wished each other good luck.

Pete had some erotic thoughts about Sharon but he had forgotten about her until two weeks later when he was told by his secretary that there was a Sharon on the phone asking for him.

In picking up the phone to answer it he heard her rapidly say, "Pete this is Sharon Jenkins, I hope you remember me. I'm the hygienist who cleaned your teeth two weeks ago. I need some of your help. A man just handed me some papers that say 'Summons and Complaint'. What should I do? It says I need to appear in Court in ten days."

He could hear a little panic in her voice and he said, "Please calm down, of course I remember you, how could I forget a very attractive dental hygienist. What man wouldn't remember you? Just take your time and read to me what the complaint says."

She calmed down and read him the complaint. It soon became apparent to him what was going on.

"This automobile accident that is being mentioned and is being referred to happened almost two years ago. Did you report this accident to your automobile insurance company?"

When she told him she did and who her insurance company was he said, "They have a claim office over on Lakeside Street, right across from the mall. Go in there today and give them those papers. They will need some additional information from you on how you received these papers but they will handle the legal work and will appear in court on your behalf. Apparently someone is claiming injury from that accident and their attorney filed a law suit to prevent the two year statute of limitations from expiring. You have no reason to worry or get excited. How bad was the accident?"

"It was just a minor fender bender. My car damage was under my deductible."

"Again, I don't think you have anything to worry about but give those papers to your insurance company today."

"Thanks for the advice on what to do. I will go there on my lunch hour. How can I repay you for your advice?"

He had a quick thought of how she could but she would hang up the phone if he said what he thought. "Well ah... , have dinner with me, unless that would present a problem if you have a significant other."

There was a little hesitation in Sharon voice on the phone and then he heard, "No, I don't have a significant other now. When do you want to have dinner?"

"Tomorrow, there is a good seafood buffet at Angelo's on Friday."

She agreed to a time and gave him her address for him to pick her up.

Before he knew it Friday evening had arrived. Pete was looking forward to his date with Sharon. The thoughts he was having about her were somewhat carnal but his sex life right now was not what he would hoped it would be. To say that he was hoping it would improve with Sharon would be an understatement. She certainly was attractive and he could only hope that he could have a sexual relationship with her.

After pressing the doorbell button Pete had a pleasant surprise when Sharon opened the door. She was out of her scrubs and into a dark blue sheath dress with a square neckline. The dress was tapered at her waist and it showed her to have a very nice figure. She was endowed with nice size breasts and a small waist that flared into very nice feminine hips. The high heel shoes she was wearing along with the nylons she had on showed her to have very nice legs with trim ankles.

"The scrubs you were wearing do not do justice to how attractive you are. Then again if you wore a dress to work the men patients would be embarrassed on how you would affect them and that would create problems. You look very nice."

His comment on how she would affect men caused her to giggle and she said, "Thanks for saying that. It's nice to know I still have it."

"You never lost it."

How she would look without that dress on was another thought he had. He knew he had to put that hope and thought aside as this was just his first date with her. Besides her physical attractiveness, there needed to be some level of compatibility between the two of them for Pete or her for that matter, to want to develop a relationship.

At the restaurant Pete noticed some of the other patrons looking at Sharon and then at him. He thought the attractiveness of Sharon had the patrons wondering who Pete was or what he had going for him to be with this attractive looking woman. Pete couldn't help but be a little proud of himself because of the looks that were being given both to Sharon and him.

There was a wide selection on the buffet and both of them indulge themselves. Pete was fond of oysters and king crab. Sharon concentrated on the baby lobster tails and smoked shrimp. They passed on dessert. Over coffee they talked a little about politics and their work. Pete came to a conclusion that Sharon was an intelligent and a very interesting woman besides being easy to look at.

They left the restaurant to return to Sharon's condo. He parked the car at her condo and turned to her. "I really enjoyed myself tonight. You were good company and fun to be with. The time flew by and I would like to do this again. Can I call you this time?"

"Well it was fun and I did enjoy myself. The food was excellent and I enjoyed talking with you. Your compliments were nice to hear. Sure, I would like to go out with you again. Please call me."

She left him sitting in the car as she walked to and into her condo.

Pete didn't expect much to happen tonight with Sharon. He felt that he just wasn't getting the good vibes from her and he knew she wasn't going to jump into the bed with him after one date. He would take the lead in this relationship to see where it would go. If something more would happen between them it would be great, but if nothing further did happen that was okay too. He had to admit she was pleasant company and easy on his eyes.

The following week Pete was thinking what could he be doing this weekend and with whom could he be doing it with? Sharon entered into his thinking and he thought about her. She certainly was attractive and had a very nice body but he couldn't quite read her body language. It's not that he wouldn't mind getting into some very heavy petting with her and hopefully more, but her prim and proper attitude seemed to kill that possibility. Unfortunately the number of ladies Pete could ask out to go to dinner with him this weekend were slim to none and slim had just left town. Sharon was nice to look at so it wouldn't be that much of a loss if their relationship stayed plutonic, but he hoped it wouldn't.

He phoned her that night and thought there wasn't much enthusiasm in her voice when she accepted his invitation to go out to dinner with him. He knew of a nice restaurant that a client of his owned which was located in a large older house that had been converted into a restaurant. The location of this restaurant was alongside a river which gave it a very picturesque setting.

When Pete arrived at Sharon's condo he saw that she was nicely dressed. She presented a very pleasant picture to his eyes. The dress she was wearing was clinched at the waist and this emphasized her breasts, making them seem larger than they were and her hips wider which was very womanly. She was pleasant company that evening but her body language was giving him signs that she wasn't interested in Pete. Offsetting this perceived lack of interest she had in him was that she was intelligent which resulted in interesting conversation as they discussed a multitude of different subjects.

Arriving back at her condo, she thanked Pete for a nice evening and said she had enjoyed his company. She told him to drive safely as she left the car and walked to her condo. She didn't give Pete a good night kiss nor was there an offer to extend the evening. Pete had enjoyed being in her company but he did want to have some physical contact with a woman. He knew of a few other ladies who might go out with him that he thought he could develop a physical relationship with. Sharon was put way down on his list of women he would call in the future to go out on a date.

Two weeks later Pete was in his office when his secretary told him there was a Sharon Jenkins on the phone asking to speak to him.

"Hello Sharon this is Pete, what can I do for you?

"I could use your help again."

"What legal problem can I help you with today?"

"Oh it's nothing involving the law, it's something else."

"What is it?"

"One of the hygienist here at work is getting married next weekend and all of us at work have been invited to the wedding. While I can go by myself I think I would be the only single person there. The other girls from the office will be there with either their husbands or boyfriends. If you are available I was hoping you could go with me to this wedding.

Pete didn't have plans for that day but he wasn't sure if he wanted to go to wedding. The only person he would know there would be Sharon and while she was a nice person and pleasant to look at, it could be an uncomfortable evening if she paid more attention to her co-workers than to him. She not seemingly being interested in Pete was another factor he considered in coming to a decision. Finally he thought he would tell Sharon what his thoughts were right out front and let her decide if she wanted him to go with her.

"Sharon it's like this. You will know a number of people at this wedding and I will only know you. If you spend most of your time socializing with your friends and I know you will need to do some of that, I will feel like a bump on a log. It has happened to me before in similar situations and I would as soon avoid it happening again."

"I appreciate your telling me about your concerns. I can understand how you would feel as I have also been in similar situations. If you will go with me I will do my best to see that you don't feel you are, 'a bump on a log."

"I will take you at your word for what you say you will do. What time should I pick you up?"

She gave Pete the information and ended the phone call. He sat back and thought about what he had just committed to. The one redeeming thing in this whole situation was that Sharon was nice to look at and maybe this could be an opportunity to meet some other interesting women.

At the appointed time Pete pressed the button for the door bell at Sharon's condo. She opened the door and invited him inside. Pete's first impression was that Sharon had pulled out all stops in preparing for this evening. She was wearing a shinny dark blue strapless knee length dress that was cut very tight and emphasized her womanly curves. Her dark hair was curly and combed down which had it hanging over the front of both of her shoulders. The makeup she had on was flawless and made her face look more beautiful than it was if that was possible. There was a single strand of pearls around her neck. Nylons and four inch high heels were the finishing touches to her outfit. She certainly was attractive thought Pete. It was too bad that he couldn't ignite some passion in her.

On the drive to the wedding reception Sharon was talkative and kept the conversation going. Pete responded by asking her questions and she just kept talking. Her attention to Pete didn't change at the reception. Her arm was around his arm as they walked among the other guests. She made sure she introduced Pete to the people they met and that he understood or was involved in every conversation. Pete could see Sharon getting admiring glances from the men in attendance. Their glances then turned to Pete wondering what he had that Sharon was clinging to him so much.

The attention she was giving to Pete continued as they sat at a table for eight and had their meal. The wedding followed that standard format of speeches and well wishes from a number of speakers. Pete was thought it was class when the Bride and Groom dispensed with the taking the garter off and the throwing of the bouquet. When the dancing was opened up to all the guests Pete asked Sharon if she wanted to dance.

"I am not much of dancer. You are going to need to hold me up."

"Feel free to lean in me all you want. It will be my pleasure to hold you up."

He could see her give him a sly smile as she understood what he was saying.

After a few dance steps to be comfortable with what was Pete's style of dancing, Sharon moved right up against Pete and pressed herself to him. "Is this what you wanted me to do?"

"Sharon, you can do what you want to do. I will say that I enjoy dancing with you and having my shirt pressed by you. You have two nice pressers."

She laughed and blushed as she responded, "Pete, I do enjoy dancing and being with you. You make me feel good all over."

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