Back in the Saddle

by Maxicue

Copyright© 2009 by Maxicue

Western Sex Story: Love at first sight tenderizes the tough heart of a hard man, a life of prolific seduction suddenly ended, leaving him vulnerable. A tale of heartbreak and its repair. Sort of a modern day western, but not exactly.

Caution: This Western Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Prostitution   .

I'd worn a lot of different hats in my life, but none were thinking caps. Starting out knee high to a colt, I was donning my cowboy hat working my mom and dad's ranch outside of Cody Wyoming. It was the white hat of a painting crew after running away from home at 16 and landing in Minneapolis. I left Cody to find fresh meat, having exhausted the supply of cute girls and horny housewives. Yes my balls made all the important decisions for me ever since hair started growing there. They still do. I hitched down to Memphis when it got cold and began wearing a hard hat. The hard luck housepainters, mostly Indians (I stood out with my shock of blond hair) helped get me a fake ID. I was now a very young looking 21 so I could work on a road crew and could drink at a tavern. When I actually turned 21 working construction, I decided to move to Nashville, find me some singing cowgirls and, after getting my GED, train to become a deputy. Again the hat was wide rimmed.

Playing it straight, I gained the respect of my bosses. I had my eye on vice, specifically prostitution. That's where the money was. By twenty-nine the hat was short brimmed, and I was getting bent. On my thirtieth birthday, I celebrated with my favorite Madame and a pretty little filly that she let me break in. The kick backs and hush money was great, but the fresh, sexy meat was better. Unfortunately, I couldn't get enough of the sweet meat of this specific filly. It was love at first taste.

What got me were her eyes.

"Be sure to look into his eyes," said the voluptuous middle aged Mexican Madame Rosa pausing before returning her lips and tongue to my pussy filler. They both were crouched between my thick thighs. Rosa wore a red and black corset holding up her large breasts and not hiding her areola. Sam was naked. Pale white and soft skin held tight over a long slim frame with impossibly large, youthfully buoyant real breasts. Her waist was slim enough to give her smallish hips some shape and her firm round butt some lovely definition. And her black hair, blacker than Rosa's, was another study in contrasts, falling straight down her white back.

Rosa handed my member to Sam and instructed her. Sam was a quick learner. The pressure and motion were just right. The lips and tongue were perfect. "Now, never forget, look into his eyes," said Rosa

Sam's eyes were unforgettable: large and azure blue and complex, a deepness that sucked me in. I went completely rigid immediately. I took pride in my eight inches of woman pleasing flesh. When it filled her mouth her eyes filled with surprise and pleasure.

"Isn't it a beautiful cock? It's the best you'll ever see," said Rosa, inflating my ego if not my flesh, which had reached its maximum. Rosa continued to instruct and Sam continued to eclipse the teacher.

I groaned with pleasure. Our eyes kept contact. Her mouth was full. I could read a smile in her eyes. She enjoyed what she was doing.

"I'm going to cum," I moaned. Usually a blow job just readied me for the fuck, but Sam had me near explosion already.

"If you don't want to taste it, you'd better finish him off with your hand," said Rosa. Sam shook her head and continued sucking.

My whole body stiffened as my shaft let forth several spurts. Sam tried to swallow it all. Her lips let go, and as she swallowed whatever was left in her mouth, I spewed a final couple of gentle squirts on her chin. As she smiled up at me, Madame handed her a napkin. I studied her face as she cleaned off my jism. Not a typical beauty. She had a largish, though evenly shaped Jewish nose, Goldberg, her last name, was a clue to her ethnicity, but to me she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.

"Very good," said Rosa as she stood up.

"Thanks," said Sam, still smiling at me.

"Rosa, you've outdone yourself," I said. "She's a marvel. What say you leave the rest of the training in my capable hands? I'll drive her home."

Rosa said, "Of course," quickly dressed and exited the apartment.

We continued to stare into each other's eyes. I don't know if she felt the waves of emotion I felt so I asked. "Do you feel it?"

"Something," said Sam.

"Some sort of cosmic connection, not that I believe in such bullshit."

"Believe it," she said, and crawled up my legs, across my torso and sat straddling me on the bed. Her pussy pushed itself against my limp cock. I felt her breasts against my chest, her quarter inch thick nipples rubbing near my man nipples. Her arms wrapped around my shoulders. We kissed.

I could taste my bittersweet flavor in her mouth, but soon ignored it. Pure passion took over. Our tongues danced in each other's mouths. Her pussy began a subtle rocking motion against my cock. My hands held her ass and assisted the movement, pressing her down and opening her up. The kiss and the friction made me rise again.

She reached down to check on my growing member. It was hard, so she led the tip to her slippery hole, guiding the shaft home.

Reluctantly I ended the kiss. "Two rules," I said. "No kissing the customers and no bareback riding."

"I know, silly," said Sam with her wonderful smile. "I may be young but I wasn't born yesterday."


"So, I'm clean, and I want to feel you naked. Just you, Mr. Policeman." I brushed her hand away from its guiding. "Please," she whined, sounding her age for once.

"First things first," I said, suddenly lifting her up and tossing her on her back on the bed. "I get to taste how clean you are."

She squeaked surprise. Her body was not voluptuous like Rosa's, but it curved just right. Her soft skin slid under my hand from her ankles, across her pussy lips, causing them to lift, over her breasts sagging the tiniest bit revealing their true nature, and to her cheeks. My other hand joined the touching of her face. My body climbed between her legs. For the moment my cock teased her pussy, the bottom of it rubbing her clit.

After another passionate kiss, I began my descent. At first, both hands were involved along with my lips and tongue. But she wasn't going along with the complete tease. She took one hand and forced it on her sex lips. Of course I am quite strong, so there wasn't any resistance on my part. Her hand stayed near mine, pulling and hardening my pussy filler.

I lingered on her ears and her long neck, but her breasts that got the most attention. Mouth and hand circled the targets, feeling the play and the weight of the flesh mounds. Zeroing in, I ravished the nipples. Twisting and sucking, I found the right friction to give the most pleasure, which she sang out.

"Mmm, mmm, aaah," she moaned. She enjoyed it, but not enough. I continued down. Meanwhile my fingers began fucking her. Two fingers slid in and out of her passage. The thumb pressed and released her clit. This got her really moaning.

She added a quiet, "Ooh," when I stopped at her inny navel and drilled it with my tongue tip. I discovered the texture of her well coiffed triangle of black pubic hair before dabbing my tongue over her clit. Her hips rose a foot. When I moved past, she grabbed me.

"Patience, my dear," I said in a devilish whisper.

"No," she complained, but when a third finger found and rubbed her g-spot, she had no reason to complain.

I massaged my fingers and tongue down her thighs, kissed her inner knee, then slipped along her calf to her feet. I spent an extra moment there suckling each toe, spending the most time on the big toes, giving them a mini blowjob.

By the time I licked up to her pussy, she was more than ready. Her hands holding her knees opened herself completely. Revealing her rosebud to me, I speared it with my tongue and rimmed it. She liked that. Then I opened her lips with both hands and gave her a tongue bath, stopping to flick her clit. She was right. She tasted clean, fresh and sweet. Her aroma thrilled. I looked up at her. Her lips pursed. Her eyes went wide. She was getting seriously hot. She was near orgasm.

Climbing between her thighs, I positioned myself for the plummet. She let go of her legs, letting them drape along mine as she took hold of my cock and guided it.

"Yes," she cried as my thick head barely squeezed in. She didn't seem to mind the tightness. I certainly didn't mind. We kissed hard for a few moments, but we needed our air passages cleared for all the heavy breathing. I made my descent, opening her up to more of my pussy filler. Once I hit bottom, I had less than an inch to spare. I slid almost all the way out, and then pushed as deep as possible. The fucking began slowly, but she wanted it faster. Her hand holding my ass guided me to quicker speeds.

"Harder, my darling," she ordered. Once I got the tempo and the force down, she let go and quickly came to a loud, squealing orgasm. She went limp, but I kept at it. When she recovered, her face in full blush, she smiled and grabbed me around my shoulders. Her legs wrapped around my lower back. I got the hint and lifted myself onto my knees. She became a pendulum swinging beneath me, only stopping the swing when another orgasm hit her. After a third cum, I turned us over so she could ride me. She found the perfect angle, about 30°, so that her clit got friction. I loved the sway of her tits as she fucked me. I loved that we could be tight at the groins this way, too, without fear of bruising her cervix. In fact, even though I am a tough motherfucker, I have always loved the female superior position best. My balls felt ready to blow. I pulled her hard against me, lifted her off the bed, and ejaculated my soul into her womb. She pumped against me a couple more times and found her last orgasm. I closed my eyes, enjoying her inner pulses throbbing against my throbbing cock.

We relaxed. Her long lean body blanketed my thickly muscular body. We were almost exactly the same height, me barely reaching 5'8". I guess I'm a little man with a big cock.

"Thirsty," she finally croaked out.

"I'll see if Jim left us anything," I said. Jim was my partner: partner in crime while officially being my partner in anti-crime. We were at a safe house, used to keep witnesses from getting shot. It was a neutral spot to have this illegal tryst, so I guess it was a safe house for me. I walked naked through the small, clean, plain little apartment to the kitchen. In the fridge was a bottle of champagne with a ribbon and a note.

"Happy Birthday Cody, you fuckhead. Have fun. Check the freezer."

No signature was needed.

My name is actually Bill Smith. The Indians in Minneapolis had dubbed me Cody after my home town as well as Buffalo Bill himself. I figured anything's more interesting than my real name.

I checked the freezer finding three chilled champagne flutes. I'm sure Rosa had enough champagne in her life to miss this bottle. It was a nice one though. French. The real thing.

"Thanks Jim, you shithead," I said to myself as I returned to the bedroom. It was empty. Her clothes were still there, so I didn't panic much.

The bathroom door was closed. Behind it I heard the sound of pissing and flushing and several minutes of the faucet running.

Sam emerged rubbing a white towel between her thighs and walking awkwardly. "Sore," she explained.

"No doubt," I said, a little concerned and a little proud.

"It was worth it."

"It was great. Don't worry," I said. "Your clients won't be so relentless. Most will be done after the blowjob." I looked at her, and wondered why I felt like I put my foot in my mouth. She neared crying and looked pissed.

"I thought you said ... Oh I'm a fool. I'm just a fucking whore and you're just a fucking bent cop. This was a money transaction." She paused, swallowing her tears. "I'm Queen Gullible."

"Sit down," I said, patting the bed beside me. "Let's have some champagne and talk." She sat beside me. I opened the champagne. It had that low, fizzy pop of quality champagne. I poured two glasses full.

"Happy Birthday, Mr. Policeman," said Sam sadly, but with a crooked smile. We touched glasses and drank down the entire glass. I refilled, and we sipped. It was good shit.

When we finished our second glass, Sam placed them on the bedside table. Then she straddled me.

"I thought you were sore," I said.

"I brought some KY."

"You want..."

"I like it up the ass though I've never had anyone so big ... in fact I've never had anyone so big anywhere in me."

We kissed. This time the passion was full bore, mind blowing. When our lips finally parted I said, "I love you Sam."



"But how can we make it work?"

"I don't know. We will somehow."


After another pulse pounding kiss, she was back on her knees restoring my manhood; a tough resurrection but she succeeded. Rosa had nothing to teach this amazing girl.

Climbing back on the bed on her hands and knees, she was ready. After applying KY on my hard on, I shoved a bunch into her narrow backdoor. It took some resolve to slide in the head. We both grunted at the tightness. As the fucking began, she rose up, arms behind her pulling my head forward. Her head turned and we kissed. One of my hands rubbed and pulled on her nipples. The other joined her hand at her clit. Once all the way into her tight sheath, we began fucking hard and fast. She tumbled forward onto her elbows, continuing to strum her clit while I held her ass with both hands and rammed away. It took awhile, but she managed two more orgasms. My final ejaculation of the night came soon after, the pulsing I felt in her rectum greatly promoting it. It wasn't the intense cum of our first fuck, but it still felt great. It felt like all my energy flowed out through my penis.

I fell on my back, completely spent. She cleaned off my crotch with the towel, finishing sometime after I passed out.

I was awakened by the phone. I saw my new love also being awakened. As I reached over her to grab the receiver, I briefly wondered who would be calling this safe house.


"Yeah Jim, what the fuck time is it?"

"3:00 am. Never mind that. You got to get the fuck out of there now!"

"What's going on?"

"They're trying to make it as bad as possible for you."

"Who is 'They'?"

"Fuck if I know. All I know is they got to Madame Rosa. She's pretty beaten up and more than a little freaked out. They want you in flagrante delicto with a known prostitute."

"But Sam is..."

"In Rosa's employ, and..."

"But she just started."

"So fucking what? It doesn't fucking matter. Get the fuck out of there now!"

"Thanks. See you."

"I don't think so. You need to get out of the state, out of the country."



"You've been a good friend, Jim."

"You, too, fuckhead. Now go!"

I heard the click and put down the receiver. My head was empty for a moment, than filled with one thought.

"Congressman Johnson!" I said out loud. "Are you a minor?" I asked Sam.

"I'm 19 going on 40," she said.

Congressman Johnson was a freak, but only I knew that. He liked them young. Another Madame, one without any heart, was supplying him with young flesh across state lines. It was a federal case, but the Feds didn't know. I was putting it together. I knew Johnson's power. He must have gotten to the kid I interrogated. Shit.

"Get dressed quick," I said, throwing my clothes on. "We got to run."

We were out of the apartment in seconds. As soon as we entered the hallway, I heard the door to the apartment building open. I put my finger to my mouth to keep Sam quiet. Taking off our shoes and walking as quietly as possible, making my hands full with the half full champagne bottle in one and my black patent leather shoes in the other, we headed to the back stairs and out the back entrance. As we ran down the alley my mind began shuffling through anyone who owed me a favor, a big favor.

Sally was a forty year old beauty whose idiot husband didn't realize what he had. When nobody believed her that she thought the scumbag was out to kill her, it finally came to me. A PI I had drinks with told me her story. Like everyone else, he had turned her down. After all she was gorgeous and her husband was a charmer who owned (well, she owned) and ran a bunch of new car lots. Being that she was notoriously beautiful and wanting to prove a theory that if anyone knew women it's me, I contacted her. She told me he had been seeing some twenty year old model on the side, and that he would get nothing if they divorced, but would gain everything if she died. I could see immediately that she wasn't crazy, and after we had a wonderful, no holds barred fuck which she thanked me for having not had any for way too long, I was completely convinced. We set up a phony hit man and recorded the call. After paying the guy off, her husband was gone from her life forever. We had an occasional fuck but lived different lives, so thankfully she didn't put a claim on me as her man.

The phone rang five times before a sleepy Sally picked up.

"Isn't it late even for you to come over?" she said.

"I wish it was just that, Sally. I'm in trouble. I need a car. I have to leave the country."

"What's going on?" she sounded worried.

"It's bad. I'm not sure what it is, but I know it's bad. All I can say is there may be some bullshit written about me soon, and you shouldn't believe it. God knows I ain't no saint, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to sound like the biggest sinner ever. Can you come pick us up and get us a car now?"

"Of course, Cody. Where are you?"

I gave her the address. She arrived relatively soon, bless her heart, still wearing her nighty under a long coat. When Sam and Sally met, there was a moment of jealousy which became a moment of recognition. "Aren't you Joe Goldberg's kid?" asked Sally.

"The lawyer?" I asked. Joe Goldberg was one of the best defense attorneys in all of Tennessee.

"Yes," said Sam in a sad, quiet voice.

"What the fuck?" I thought.

The car was a very nicely appointed Buick Regal. Instead of driving us to one of her lots, she drove us to her house or rather, her three storey, 10 room, plantation style mansion.

"I'll put your name on the insurance tomorrow morning. I thought it would be better than driving around with dealer plates," Sally said. She got out and so did I. We hugged and kissed goodbye. "I'm going to miss you, Cody."

"I'll miss you too. Thanks for helping. Thanks for trusting me."

"I love you, silly. Look me up when you're back in town."

"Don't hold your breath."

"I won't," she said. A tear trickled down. That's something I had never seen before. She held my hand, letting it go at the last moment as she walked into her mansion.

First we swung by my apartment noticing the unmarked car in front, and then by Sam's with the same result. Then, after stopping at an ATM to get as much cash as possible from my check card and charge cards and Sam's charge and check card, we took off. "No looking back, Sam..." I said to myself, looking at my beautiful fellow fugitive in her scanty, sexy summer dress and trashy white fake fur coat, " ... or you'll turn into a pillar of salt."

We headed north first, hoping to throw off any tracers. Once the stores opened, we found a mall in Cairo, Illinois and stocked up on clothing, food and cash. I paid cash for the atlas and guidebooks on Mexico, thinking they could trace a charge receipt with details on the purchase to me if I charged it. Otherwise everything was on the cards, including filling the tank. We swung back to Memphis where I met up with a forger. It took four hours to become George and Mary Johnson on licenses, passports, car registrations, and insurance cards. The quick job cost me extra, but I felt we were still good for cash. The roll lightened further with a visit to a local hacker I had used a couple times. We were now in the system. Next stop Brownsville Texas and across the border to Mexico.

After we polished off the champagne we bought another bottle of the same stuff. We were a little drunk and a lot horny, so we made a couple exits to find places for some front seat fun. We tried a quickie fuck, but poor Sam was still sore, so mostly we pleasured each other orally.

It was a pleasant journey all considering. We told stories about our lives, keeping it as light as possible. That all changed when we crossed the border. Lying in bed in the cheap and smelly hotel room we rented in Valle Hermosa, pouring the gold tequila down our throats, our conversation got frisky. Normally I avoided at all cost telling my lover of past conquests, but Sam insisted, so I described a couple of misadventures with the fairer sex. By the end of the second, a pretty blonde lass canvassing for Christianity who succumbed instantly to temptation at my door, turning out to be one wild ride around the world, ending up with an ass fuck, I was fucking Sam's ass and she was cumming, her screams of pleasure muffled by the pillow. Again I passed out while she cleaned up my soiled groin.

Waking to another fantastic blowjob, the Mexican sun brightening the room despite the yellowed shades, she stopped the mouth work and fisted me while she talked.

It began with a question. "How'd you get to be such a great cocksucker?" I asked, nearing blast off until she started using her hand only.

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