by BrotherJohn

Copyright© 2009 by BrotherJohn

Erotica Sex Story: Kim, a cheating wife, plans a night out with two of her neighbor's husbands. She gets more than she bargains for when four men in military garb show up.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   .

This is my first attempt to write something erotic. If you don't like reading about sex, Please skip this one.

There were three of us couples who lived on the same street. I thought we were friends until I heard my wife making plans to rendezvous with my two buddies. I often was out of town traveling for my company. I took a taxi home early one day not feeling well, not even well enough to drive. Kim came in an hour later and started preparing dinner. I had spent my time lying down or in the bathroom. Before I could tell Kim that I was home, the phone rang. I guess I picked it up at the same time as she did in the kitchen.

"Hey Babe, are we still on for Monday evening? We will never have a chance like this again."

"I don't know. I don't think I'd better do this."

"Sure you do and it will be fun. Martha and Rachel will be down to the coast for the week with the kids and I know Sam is going to be out of town."

"I know he is, but God, if he ever finds out he will kill us all."

"Naw, he is too much of a wimp. All he does is push paper every day in some office for his company. You know it was you that bragged you could take me and Pete on and fuck us into the ground. Here's your chance."

Kim giggled, "I can and it's no brag. I can't be at the cabin before Sam calls from Denver at nine though, but by sun-up you guys will be begging me to leave you alone so you can recharge your nuts. You will be so fuckin' drained and bowlegged you'll think you are a fifty-year-old cowboy. If you guys promise to wear a condom, I'm up for it. Sam and I are planning a baby and I'll be getting near my fertile period. You guys be cool at the party Saturday night. I don't worry about Martha and Rachel, but Sam is no dummy."

"Are you saying our wives are dumb?"

"You said it, I didn't. Remember, bowlegged by dawn. That's a promise."

I eased out of the bedroom, went quietly down the hall to the laundry room, down and out the back door. I went behind the neighbor's house and out the far side to the street. I waited until a car went by and then walked to my front door. When I went into the house I startled Kim, for she could see the garage and I hadn't driven in. "Sick, taxi," I mumbled and headed for the bedroom, flopping down on the bed so she wouldn't realize I had been here earlier.

Kim came and stood in the doorway. "What's the matter?"

"Twenty-four hour grippe, I guess. It hit me a couple hours ago. Made me woozy, so I took a taxi home. You can drive me to work in the morning." I looked hopefully at her.

"Okay, if you're feeling better. You want dinner?"

"God no, just the thought of food makes me sick. Let me sleep." I didn't sleep. Kim was a hot little number and that was what made me notice her. We had been married a little over a year. Pete and George, my so-called buddies were my age. We were all five years older than Kim. They had two kids apiece and their wives--same age as they, had started to be comfortable in any old thing, whereas Kim dressed to be noticed. She had everything in place to be noticed too.

From the conversation it sounded as if this was the first time Pete and George were going to have a crack at my wife. This situation made it more possible by us all being out of town and better than sneaking a quickie at some other time. I wonder what their wives would say if they had heard what I had heard a little while ago. Martha might put up with it for her kids' sake, but Rachel wouldn't. She'd cut Pete's pecker off. Well she might have the chance to do that too.

Kim didn't want to get in bed with me to catch what I had, so she slept in the spare room. Before she went to bed she came in and said she hoped I was better because we had a party Saturday evening and it was only three days away. I assured her I would be. I wasn't up to my usual standard in the morning, but I wanted to be where I could do some planning and it couldn't be done at home.

Kim drove me to work so I could have my car when the day was done. I got on the phone. "Hey guys, Sam here. Are you up for a little nighttime recon and maybe a little maneuver thrown in?"

"Sam, old boy. Randy and I were talking about you the other day and how we should go out for a beer sometime. What's on your mind?"

"You know I was married about a year ago. Well I found out yesterday that the honeymoon is over. My woman is planning putting horns on me Monday night. Two of my neighbors have talked her into taking them on while I'm out of town. Their wives are out of town too. One of them, Pete Cowling, has a cabin up in the hills and Kim is spending the night with him and another neighbor, George. Probably longer if she can arrange it. I'd like to make it uncomfortable for all three of them."

"So how do you want this to go down?"

I hadn't slept much last night. Kim wouldn't have slept much either if she had known what I was planning for her. I may be only pushing paper right now, but I was more than that a few years ago. I had been part of an attack group that was dropped behind enemy lines when the war in Bosnia was on. I guess each one of us had saved the others lives a time or two, so when we got back to the states, we kept in touch and knew loosely where we all were located. Three of the guys were near enough for me to call them in.

Saturday night went the way it usually did. The party at George and Martha's was what could be called a barbecue or pool party--take your pick. Kim was in rare form. All twenty or so of the adults admired Kim, not only her body, but when she went off the diving board, she was a classic--sliding into the pool and hardly making a splash. Twice I saw Pete say something to her and then smirk. She looked pissed at him and after that he stayed away from her. George was occupied with being host, but I did see Kim smile at him and swear to god, he blushed.

The party wound down fairly early for the neighbors all knew that Martha and Rachel and the kids were to board a plane for San Francisco at eleven the next day. Kim was interested in a little bedtime tango, but I said I wasn't really up to snuff. "I've got a two-hour drive early Monday and I want to be all well by then. Driving into Denver at that time in the morning isn't any picnic." She let it slide, but claimed she was terribly disappointed. Oh well, she wouldn't be disappointed Monday night.

I called Kim as I agreed. The only difference was I called on a throw-away cell phone. She answered and said she was headed for bed. We talked about having kids and she said she had taken her temperature and was ovulating. I told her not to get knocked up before I could get to her. That pissed her off and she hung up not a happy wife. I hoped she was feeling a little guilty. At ten we four men were in place at the cabin. George and Kim drove up and Pete soon followed.

Kim was letting it all hang out. The cabin was secluded enough so she had removed her top and her breasts were swinging when she bounced out of George's pickup. She had a bottle in one hand and with the other she reached over and grabbed George between the legs. He told her to wait until he at least got undressed. When Pete came in they all started stripping. Pete was ready to mount Kim, but she did make him hesitate long enough to put on a rubber.

Each had a turn with her and then she demanded to have her pussy eaten. As far as could be determined she hadn't had an orgasm yet. It didn't take long after George started between her legs before she was screaming. Pete and George switched places and she went after George orally. When he was ready again she wouldn't let him near her until he had a condom on. At least if my wife was going to get knocked up, she wanted it to be mine.

Things slowed down after this. They all lay down on the bed and dozed for awhile. We all had seen through the window the activities that were going on. Randy, who was the captain back in another time, motioned and we all slipped inside and relaxed with our backs against the only door. Kim was the first to realize the three of them weren't alone anymore. She screamed!

I suppose we may have startled them a little. We all had shades on and were in cameo including night paint. Bob spoke, "We've been watching you all through the window. It looked like the little lady was wearing you guys out long before she was satisfied, so we thought she might like to have us join you. So little lady, what do you say?"

Kim was whimpering. Randy asked, "You married?"

Kim wouldn't answer. Kent sidled up to Pete and zapped him with a stun gun. "Hey little lady, do you want a little of that? You better answer me when I ask a question. Talk to me."

"I'm married."

"You married to either one of these assholes?"


"Why are you fucking them then?"

Kim hesitated. "I don't know. I guess they talked me into it."

"I bet you came up here kicking and screaming. Is that right?"

Kim hung her head and shook it with a negative. "Who is your husband and where is he?"

"Sam Connors. He's in Denver for three days."

"So if we wanted to play with you for three days, you wouldn't be missed. What about these two? They married and if they are where are their wives?"

"Both are married. Wives in California on vacation." Kim was really whimpering with fear now.

Randy was going to give Kim a little hope. "Now little lady, I'd bet you would like this little party to be over wouldn't you?"

Kim looked up with the most pleading look on her face. "Speak up. You would like it over wouldn't you?"


"Would you be willing to buy your way out of here?"

"I don't have any money and can't get any without Sam knowing about it."

"I know that. What else have you got?" Kim was back to not answering. "Well?"

"Just my body, but please don't cum in me. If you don't hurt me or make me pregnant I'll do anything."

"Blow jobs all around?" Kim nodded. "Take us all on if we use condoms?"


"Well little lady you're in for one hell of a night. Billy Boy (Sam) you might as well start." I got the first BJ while Randy was the first between her legs. And so it went. Poor Kim was worn out as Sam was the last to take her pussy. When he finished Randy spoke, "Oops Billy Boy forgot to put on a rubber. Sorry about that." Kim screamed in anger at first and then went to sobbing.

Pete was still out. George went down when Kent gave him a jolt. A look of horror came over Kim and she slipped into a faint. I shook hands all around and picked my wife up and carried her out to George's pickup. She was still sleeping when I slid her into her own bed. I drove George's vehicle down the street to his driveway and walked home.

Six men had sex with Kim tonight. Some of it she had reveled in and some of it she tolerated and the last she had hated. What would the morning bring?

I was watching her from the doorway and caught her eye when she came awake. First there was relief when she realized she was in her own bed and then sudden fear when she realized that I was home and hadn't been to bed with her. "I bet you are feeling wonderful this morning, but you look like hell. How does your mouth taste? I was going to kiss you, but when I got near you, I couldn't stand the stink. You smell like you were sucking on a dead fish. I don't suppose you want to tell me about it do you?"

Kim started to retch and piled out of the bed just making it to the bathroom before she emptied her guts. I went down the stairs and started another pot of coffee. I waited before starting breakfast because I knew she would be in the shower for a long time. Maybe not so much to clean up, but trying to decide what to say to me. Actually it was almost noon and I could hear her changing the bed before she came into the kitchen.

I poured her coffee and she asked, "When did you get home?"

"I got in about midnight. I guess you didn't crawl into bed like you said you were going to when I talked to you last night. No one in my bed and no wife here to welcome me. Do you want to tell me about it?"

My wife was trying to decide how much to tell me. "I was raped last night by four military men."

"That's funny, they didn't say anything about raping you when they brought you home. I talked to one of them named Randy. He said he and the others found you and two guys in a cabin, and stopped to talk. He said they watched for awhile and then made themselves known. Are you sure they raped you? He seemed a nice enough guy."

"Maybe not raped really, but coerced certainly."

"You mean, like gave you a choice?" Kim nodded. "Let's go back a little. Who were the two men they found you with?"

"George and Pete."

"And what were you doing with them? I take it this happened up at Pete's cabin. It's a long way from our bedroom to the cabin. How did you get from here to there?"

Kim took a deep breath and took on a defiant look. "I went up there to get fucked. We have been planning it for the last week when we found out you, Martha and Rachel were going to be out of town."

"Martha and Rachel are your best friends. They've been our friends ever since we moved here shortly after we were married. Their kids even call you Auntie Kim. Boy, when your friends find out you went up to the cabin with their husbands, you'd better head for the hills. Rachel will kill you and what's going to happen to their families? Pete and George are going to be out on the street, the same as you. Your name is going to be shit, all because you wanted to get screwed last night. How'd it go? Did you get everything you wanted?"

"No, Goddamn it. I was all set to wear them right into the ground and I was well on the way to doing it too. Then those assholes showed up and spoiled everything. Pete got hit with a stun gun and knocked out and then those guys started in on me. They hit George with the stun gun and that's the last I remember."

"I want to know everything that happened."

"All right, you're going to kick me out anyway." Angry and defiant, she related what she did and what was done to her. That is until she came to telling about the last man cumming in her without a condom. She broke down and started crying.

"Sam, I'm so sorry. I wanted a baby with you. I must be sick to think I wouldn't get in trouble doing what I planned last night. I tried so hard to make sure nobody would cum in me. I almost made it too. I don't doubt but what I'm knocked up either. Last night was my most fertile time and with my luck Billy Boy did it. That was what he was called." Kim left the room and went up to the bedroom.

I didn't make any threats or go near her and she stayed there the rest of the day. I went to bed early and I heard her in the kitchen getting something to eat. Wednesday morning Kim made breakfast like she did for me on most weekdays. Over coffee she asked, "How come you aren't working?"

"Took some personal time. Got as long as needed to straighten out my problems at home."

"So what happens next?"

"I'm waiting on something from Randy. He promised me something."


"Can't tell until I see it. When I do, you are going to call Pete and George and settle this thing at a little meeting I have planned."

"Don't do that Sam, please. You'll get into a fight and you'll get hurt. I feel bad enough about everything and if you get hurt, it'll be that much more I'll feel guilty about."

"Should I care how you feel? I think I can handle them and I think they are all talk anyway."

"Can't you wait until this settles down?"

"You mean wait until Martha and Rachel get home so I can invite them to the meeting too?"

That shut Kim up. A half hour later Fed-Ex brought a package to the door. I signed and then opened it. It was a VCR tape. I put it in the player. "Do you want to watch this? I think you are the star."

"What is it? A tape of my rape? That's sick!"

"I don't know, but it ought to be interesting viewing." I hit the button. The first scene was of Kim when she jumped out of George's pickup with her tits bouncing and swinging from her exuberant motion. The camera even caught Kim reaching for George's prick and him telling her to wait. You could tell the camera was being held by hand, but then it steadied and became fixed. Wide angle on, it caught all the action inside the cabin.

Kim dove for the stop button on the VCR player, but I tackled her and pulled her down and held her on the floor. An hour and a half later, the video went black when the three of them were resting on the bed. This is where they became aware that they had company. "Hey Babe, you did pretty well. I can see why you had to rest. Two blow jobs, two fucks each and you got your pussy eaten twice. You were a busy little woman."

Kim was lying on her back with her eyes closed with tears trickling down each side of her face. "Are you going to let me up now?"

"Nope, I thought you might want to replay those scenes with me right here on the floor."

Her eyes searched mine. "Sam if you so much as even touch me, I won't wait to be kicked out, I'll walk out. Up until now I was sorry I did this to you, but if you get off on what I did, I've lost all respect for you."

"You're really sorry?"

"Yes I am. You married a slut and you have the pictures to prove it, but that was Monday. I won't be a slut anymore for you or anyone else. I'd rather be raped than do what you just saw. If I had known how this looked I would have resisted those guys just to gain back my self-respect. So what are you going to do?"

"Kim, I'm serious now and I want an answer to some questions. I'll give you a supposition. Say I was still home sick Monday night. Would you have postponed your get-together until last night or tonight, just because your plans went awry? Think carefully. Another question and then I'll let you answer. Say you went through this like you have this week? Say next week I, Martha and Rachel were going to be out of town and you were absolutely sure we were, would you go up to the cabin and fuck Pete and George?"

"Most likely yes to the first question. I was so excited thinking about it when the three of us got together and it was suggested. With no hesitation I can answer the second question. Never again. When you kick me out and divorce me, I'm going to find a man and be true to him. I wish it could be you. I didn't know how much I loved you until I've lost you." Unconsciously Kim put her head into my chest and sobbed.

I didn't say anything. Suddenly Kim stopped sobbing, pulled her head back and looked into my face. "Sam, is there any hope for me and you still? My God, you give me hope."

"Kim there is a lot to work through yet. When we get done with this you may not want me at all, instead of me not wanting you. I don't want to say anymore. We'll just take it easy not asking or promising too much for a few days, okay?"

"I guess so. What can I do to help though?"

"What I would like you to do is help me scare the shit out of Pete and George. I honestly like Rachel and Martha and I'd like to get a little payback for what happened at the cabin."

"I can live with that as long as you don't kill or maim them. I know I gave in to them, but you don't know how long they put pressure on me."

"Okay then, can you entice them over here and play the video for them. If they know there is a possibility that it will get back to Martha and Rachel, they are going to be some worried. That's what I want the most."

Kim thought it over. "You know, to really get back at Pete and George you would show this video to Rachel and Martha."

"Yes, but you are in the video too. I don't particularly want everyone to know I'm married to a--you tell me what I'm married to."

"Sam you're married to a reformed slut. I was and then I wasn't."

"Okay, I don't want people to see what you were."

"I'm hoping, but I don't see how you can forgive me."

"Maybe I'm a little culpable."

"I don't see how."

"We'll discuss it some other time."

Kim left a message on both Pete and George's phone for a call back. Pete called saying George and he were together. "Kim are you all right? What happened to you? George and I woke up and you weren't at the cabin."

"I'm okay, but why didn't you call yesterday if you were so worried?"

"We didn't know what to do. What did you want?"

"I want you to come over here right away. I'll even get you a bite to eat, if you get here before six."

"Have you heard from Sam?"

"Nope. He shouldn't be home until tomorrow. This is something else we need to discuss."

"About Monday night? Are we in trouble?"

"Maybe. I don't know yet. Can't you get here soon?"

"We'll be right over."

It was only five minutes until a car pulled into the driveway. Kim let them in. Both looked worried and again wanted to know how she got home. "I don't honestly know. The last I remember was George getting shocked. I must have passed out. I woke up here in my bed. I was filthy. You saw what was happening to me. What happened at the cabin?"

"Nothing more to us, I guess. Pete woke up first and got me awake finally. We looked around and you were missing. They must have taken you away. The cabin had been picked up and our clothes were on a chair. My truck was gone, but when we got back here it was in my driveway with the keys in it. This is very scary. Who were those guys anyway?"

"I don't know, but I know one thing. They took a video of us. That's why I called. It came this morning by Fed-Ex. It's in the player now. I'll play it. God what a disgusting performance I put on."

Kim turned it on and Pete and George watched it. They kept looking at Kim while it played. When it was almost finished, Kim got up and could be heard retching in the bathroom. She came back in. Pete said, "We've got to destroy this. If this gets back to our wives we're toast."

I stepped into the room from the kitchen. Kim shrieked for effect and the guys jumped. "Go ahead and get rid of that copy if you want. I have another one that showed up at my office when I got in this morning. I thought you guys were my friends, but that's okay, I'll get even when I show your women the tape."

"Oh God, you can't, they'll kill us."

"You should have thought of that before you started hitting on Kim."

"But Kim was always flirting with us. She even flashed us a couple of times."

I looked at Kim and asked, "Did you?"

"Yes, but I didn't mean anything by it and then they kept saying they were going to tell you. They saw I was scared that they would and started putting pressure about me going up to the cabin with them. They promised just one night and then they wouldn't bother me anymore."

"Is that how it worked?" Neither one would say anything. "Okay, I'll take that as a yes. Here's what is going to happen and you two and Kim aren't going to like it one bit. I want a fair shot at your wives without any interference from any of you. I want to flirt and if I can convince them to have me fuck them or eat their pussy, you are going to let me. I promise I won't take them away from you or make them dissatisfied with you. How about it?"

Pete looked at me as if I was crazy. "No fucking way." He aimed a punch at me. I was expecting it. Now Pete had about three inches on me and maybe thirty pounds, but he hadn't been where I had been or had to do the things that I did to save my life. I stepped away as if I was afraid and launched a roundhouse kick at his head. I pulled it some, for I didn't want to hurt him that bad, but as it was, it landed where I aimed and sent him reeling backward until the couch caught him behind the knees where he sprawled.

George saw this happen, but decided that it was a fluke and came for me. He had one hand out with the other pulled back to hit with. I grasped his wrist and pulled him toward me and down and I hopped over his arm, which put it up behind him and left him helpless, with me able to dislocate his shoulder at will. I could hold this fist up between his shoulder blades with one hand. Pete was looking as if he was coming after me again, so I took my other hand and pinched off the blood in George's neck and counted to ten. At ten, he flopped on the floor out cold.

Pete stated, "You killed him."

"Nope, just convinced him to quit fighting. What's it going to take to convince you?"

"More than that," and he came after me again. This time I dropped down and placing one hand on the floor, I kicked with both feet at his middle, knocking the wind out of him and putting him back on the couch. George was coming to now. I pointed to the couch and both sat there looking at me.

"You both could be dead if I wanted to go that route. Now where were we?"

George spoke, "Do you have to do this to us? I love Martha."

"How do you think I feel about Kim? You didn't stop to think of that. She didn't think much about me either, so I figure you're all equally to blame. You people put horns on me. Kim has admitted the obvious, that she was a slut for you guys, but says she has now retired. So now she becomes my problem. I think if you guys continue to hit on a woman that belongs to someone else, especially in this neighborhood, you have your own problem. Now we can get this neighborhood back to the way it was and bury this little episode if you want. But I'm warning you, the first hint of this getting out and I'll say fuck it and send Martha and Rachel a copy of the tape."

"What about Kim? She screwed around on you. Are you going to let her get away with it?"

"You guys have enough problems to worry about without concerning yourselves with Kim and me."

"How did you take us so easily? Christ, we might as well have been ten-year olds."

"I don't know all the secrets in your life and you damned well don't need to know all of mine. What happened here is all you need to know and enough to be careful around me. I used my expertise as a deterrent. It would have ended differently if I thought I needed to. As Kemo Sabe says, "Don't fuck with the Lone Ranger." I'm sure Pete and George were now seeing me differently--more than just a paper pusher.

Kim did too and asked when we were alone. "Why didn't I know this about you?"

"I didn't think it necessary. I've done things in my life that had to be done at the time or I wouldn't be here. I was hoping all of that was in the past."

"Have you ever killed anyone?"

I tried to figure out how to tell her that didn't make me a killer. "Again Dear, that is in the past. No need to bring it up. I'm not going to talk about it anymore. It was just a job I was doing at the time."

"For whom?" I refused to answer and then she smiled. "I know, if you told me, you'd have to kill me. I won't mention it again."

We finally had a chance to eat dinner. Afterward we settled down on the couch. I asked, "Want to watch a porn movie with me?"

"If it is the one I'm thinking of, no!"

"It is, but I want to study it. As I think back on it there are some things I want to see again."

"You go ahead and watch it. I won't. I'm beginning to think you are sick and it makes me sad to think that I've done things to make you that way."

"I'm not sick and I damned well don't get off on you fucking my so-called friends. Something has been bothering me and I just want to verify if I'm correct in my assumptions. Come on, watch it with me."

"No, I'm too ashamed."

"Okay, but when I get in bed with you, you have to tell me if I'm right."

"You're going to sleep with me tonight?"

"Yes, if you want me to."

Tears started rolling down her face and Kim grabbed me and kissed me. She whispered, "I love you." She didn't say more and I soon heard the shower running.

I studied the tape minutely. I had to pause it and rewind it a short distance several times just to verify what I suspected. The beginning of the tape where Kim got out of the pickup was very much as it seemed. She was happy to be with these two guys, no doubt about it. However when the action started inside the cabin, there was a subtle change in her actions.

Blow jobs. Kim had always claimed that it meant nothing to give a guy a blow job. To her it was just a routine happening, something to do while you were waiting for the action to begin. I wasn't surprised to see her go to work on Pete and George and get them off. I knew what she was really waiting for. When George went to eat her pussy, I could tell this was what she was waiting for. As he worked at it, though, I could see the disappointment register on her face.

Son of a bitch, just as I suspected, she was faking it! I'll be Goddamned, her big night out with the boys was a bust for her. I started to laugh. It was the same when they were screwing her too. She would whimper and moan, but that was just for effect. They were not reaching her at all. When she had worn them out and just before the tape finished, she lay on the bed with a bored expression on her face. I could see into her mind and she must be thinking, "I cheated on Sam for this?"

What about me and my buddies though? Had we reached her? I was there and if I remember correctly, she sounded the same as when Pete and George were screwing her. Of course I had not wanted her hurt and asked the guys to be gentle.

I made a phone call. "Randy, I have a question? How responsive was Kim when you three were fucking her?"

"No response. We could get more from using our hand in the shower. You were the only one that got your rocks off. She does give good head though. I wanted to compliment her, but I didn't have a chance with you there. Why?"

"Well I reviewed the tape you sent, and I think she faked orgasms all night long even with the two she came to the cabin with. I thought I reached her, in fact, I'd swear to it. I don't know who the joke is on, me or her. Maybe both. Say, I owe you guys a barbecue. Does Saturday evening work for you?"

"No, I have to take the kids to the movies. Sunday afternoon would be better. Shall I bring the wife and kids?"

"Sure. Can you get in touch with the others? It will be a reunion of sorts. It's about time Kim met some different people."

I went up and took a shower. Kim was wide awake and waiting for me. "Did I hear you on the phone?"

"You know I was. I heard you pick it up. We are going to have a barbecue on Sunday."

"I heard that part. Have I ever met these people before?"

"No, not that you would remember. God, it has been two years since I have seen the kids. I probably won't recognize any of them. Nobody has called me Uncle Sam since then."

"So did you watch the tape and get turned on?"

"No, I felt kind of sad, especially for you."

"Why, what do you mean?'"

"Well, it looked like the evening was a complete bust for you. You go out and cheat on your husband and expect a wild night of unbridled sex and all you get is a boring little escapade. All that cheating and you got nothing out of it."

"Did too."

"No you didn't. You had to fake it when you were getting your pussy eaten and you had to fake it when you were getting screwed. I know you too well to believe otherwise. I hope those military men did better by you."

"One of them did. That's the trouble. He's the one that rode me bareback. It was almost like love the way we had sex. Sam, if he made me pregnant, can we keep the baby? I know it is a lot to ask. The next one will be yours, I promise."

"What was the guy's name?"

"The man named Randy called him Billy Boy."

"So I suppose you will want to name the kid Billy if it is a boy?"

"No, I'm going to name it Sam if you will only keep me with you. You are going to keep me aren't you?"

"I don't know, you get awful bored having sex. Christ you have sex with six men and only one turns you on. That worries me. I may wake up someday and find you bored with me."

"No I won't. You know why? When you love someone you never get bored with them."

"How about Monday night?"

"That's because you have a dumb, stupid, crazy, mixed-up wife that went to a cabin in the woods and twenty minutes after she got there knew she had made a bad mistake and just wanted to get it over with as quick as possible. Sam, don't make me explain, because I don't know why I did it. I won't ever do it again. One fiasco in my life is enough and that is what that was."

"Are we going to talk all night?" Apparently we weren't--and we didn't.

I worked Friday. Pete knew I had gone to work for I waved to him as I went by. I wondered if he would contact Kim and if she would tell me if he had. When I got home she told me he had called. He was a little pissed at her for not telling him I was a dangerous person to know. She didn't know either and I guess she convinced him of that. She said not one word was said about their Monday night rendezvous at the cabin.

Sunday we were getting stuff ready for the barbecue. Kim was all over me when she wasn't cleaning and polishing. She wanted to impress these long-time friends of mine. I kept chuckling to myself. Wait until the wives got her alone and accused her of giving their men blow jobs and letting them screw her.

One thing I discovered. Kim had mounted a calendar in the bathroom and was marking off the days to see if she was pregnant. She had marked Monday night and again Thursday night when we had resumed having sex.

The three women came in a big SUV with five of the seven kids. Two more kids were with Bob, Kent and Randy. Pat, Berta and another Kim were all over me as were four of the kids that I knew well and who called me Uncle Sam.

The guys looked so much different in civvies that at first Kim didn't recognize them. Randy and Kim (his) were the oldest at forty-five. They had eighteen-year-old twin girls and they came and kissed me. I mean they really kissed me and I kissed them back. My Kim was shocked to see them all over me. Randy finally said, "Come on girls, you've bothered Sam enough. Go take care of the younger kids. We want to talk to Sam's wife, right Billy Boy?"

Kim was standing next to me. She actually staggered. I mean she had blown these three men and their wives were all standing around her in a group. Kim (his) said, "Come on Dearie, we have to talk." If you ever saw a scared little woman, it was Kim (mine).

When the four women had gone over to the picnic table and sat down, I asked, "Everything cool?"

Randy answered, "Sure, they'll give your wife a hard time, especially about the two guys she was with. As far as us and what she did, they don't mind at all. You know your wife gives fabulous head. She's a lousy lay though. Of course if you had let us really get into it with her, it might have turned out a lot different."

"I know that and I want to thank you for restraining yourselves. It makes it easier for you with the girls though. You have to admit that."

"Yeah, you're right. How is it going between you two?"

"Good and she's going to name the baby after me, if there is one. The whole operation turned out better all around than I expected. I've put it behind me. With your wives talking to her, I doubt I will ever have any trouble with her again."

"Yes, but she might ask some things you won't want to answer."

"I'm hoping she will be so happy to have me take her back, she won't ask too many questions."

"Well good luck. When are we going to eat?"

I had one of the best afternoons of my life. Being with these friends of mine without any of the cares that used to be present when we were associated was wonderful. Kim, Berta and Patty stuck right with my Kim until she was comfortable with the men as well. I still don't think she understands how close people could be when there was danger always present. In the hearts of their loved ones at home there was always the fear that their husbands might not return.

They all left as they came, happy and full, not only with food, but with camaraderie as well. The first question from Kim after all had left was, "What's with the twins? They were all over you?"

"They were just teasing me. I've known them for more than five years and they've done that since they were fifteen."

"There has to be more than that."

"You ask too many questions. I don't want to go there."

"Sam, I've been set up by your buddies. I've given them all blow jobs and been fucked by them. I think we should go there."

"Okay, but remember this happened long before I knew you. I have never been jealous of your previous boyfriends and what you did with them and I have never asked you about them. This would come under the same heading."

"But I would give you a blow by blow description if you asked."

"Not interested."

"But I am, so give."

"Okay then. The twins found me in bed with their mother. They've been teasing me about it ever since. It has something to do with seeing their first erect cock. Every time they see me they try to give me a hard on."

"How come you were in bed with Kim? Does Randy know that you were?"

"Of course."


"And Berta and Patty, if you have to know. Bob and Kent know about them as well. And all three men have been in bed with you too, so what's the problem?"

"Come on Sam, you're teasing me by not telling me everything. Tell me please and I won't mention it again."

"If I tell you then--"

"I know, you'll have to kill me. But I'll die happy knowing all about it."

"Okay. It started when the group was formed. There were six of us in one squad. I was the baby of the group and the only single one. The other five had wives. On my first mission, I was wounded in the leg. You've seen the scar. But one of the others was killed. More would have been if it hadn't been for me. We got back and went to Burt's funeral. All of us were devastated. Burt and his wife hadn't made love for the six weeks we were out.

"It was agreed amongst us that if anyone of us were on post and the others were out, the one in camp would take care of the wives' needs. Purely in a platonic way. So Randy went out and I was in camp with a wound, but not really incapacitated. I was taking care of Kim when the twins saw me with her. They stole our clothes and saw us both naked. We had to explain before we got our clothes back. Since then they tease me. That's all there is to it.

"One other soldier died and I lived with his widow for a few months. While I was out on a mission, I guess she couldn't stand losing a husband and afraid for someone that she was beginning to care for, so she committed suicide. All this has brought this group very close together. I was losing my nerve so I got out. I met you the next year. Story of my life."

"What upset you so damned much because I shacked up with Pete and George then?"

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