A Wonderful Life

by werewolf

Copyright© 2009 by werewolf

Sex Story: Just a simple love story

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

It looked like being the best Christmas ever, I'd driven down from where I worked in Scotland, it had taken me five hours but as I pulled into the garage and she walked out of the connecting door, I knew it was all worth while!

The large double doors slid down behind me and she flicked on the garage lights, she wore a white sheath dress that fitted her like a second skin and as I took her into my arms I could feel her beautiful, lithe body beneath it.

I ran my hands down over her pert little bottom and she moaned into my mouth as we kissed hungrily,

"I'm naked under this"

"Beautiful" I breathed and felt my prick rising in anticipation,

"Well apart from stockings that is"

"Sexy little bitch"

"You ain't seen nothing yet buster"

The front door bell rang then and she swore softly,

"Damn, that's the ambulance come to take him back to the hospice, go and get a shower while I see him off"

She was referring to her husband, my brother, who had been left in a wheelchair after a high speed car crash in which he'd suffered massive injuries including severe brain damage, he was blind, deaf and was expected to live for only a few weeks. If I sound callous, it's because he'd alienated me and his parents, he'd won a lot of money on the lottery, but left his young wife and gone on a spree where he spent like it was going out of style. He was still on the spree when the accident happened, he was with two young girls at the time, both of whom were killed!

She'd prepared us a beautiful but light meal of salmon steaks grilled lightly with Bollinger champagne to wash them down,

"Absolutely gorgeous" I said as I pushed the plate away, "Almost the best thing I've ever tasted"

"Almost?" she raised an eyebrow,

"Apart from that little pearl between your legs of course" I laughed, "Talking of which, do you want your Christmas present now or tomorrow morning?"

"Ooh now please, now, now" she was clapping her hands and giggling like a little girl and I realized that I was falling for her in a big way.

I had three presents for her but I intended on giving her two right then and saving the other one for when everyone had left.

"Merry Christmas" I said and gave her the first parcel, I couldn't help laughing as she tore the wrapping paper off,

"It's beautiful" she cried, "It's really gorgeous, thank you darling, thank you"

She held the sheer white lace baby doll up against her generous breasts and smiled at me,

"Can I wear it tonight?"

I growled and she pressed her lips to mine in a cock stirring kiss,

"Will you take the panties off with your teeth?"

"Oh God yes" I hissed round her probing tongue, "I can't wait to see you wearing it"

"Wait no more" she laughed and turned her back on me for me to unzip her dress just as we both heard dad's car pulling up outside.

"Damn" she swore softly and stood up reaching for the tiny matching g-string,

"Still these will do for now" and I had the pleasure of watching her step into the filmy little garment, pulling it snugly into the crease of her sweet little pussy.

My prick felt like it would explode as I watched her greeting my parents, they'd grown close during my brother's little escapade and although they knew nothing of our relationship, I felt sure that they'd approve of it once they knew.

We all kissed warmly and dad even hugged me, mum and Nicky disappeared into the kitchen for some girly talk while dad asked me about work, I told him that the contract was coming to an end and I intended taking some time out or maybe a holiday or something,

"You should take Nicky away somewhere" he said and grinned at the expression on my face, "She needs you now more than ever son"

I was gobsmacked, but I nodded my agreement just as the girls came back, Nicky had a big grin on her face which told me mum had said the same thing to her.

Later on as they were leaving we stood together in the doorway waving goodbye although I was concentrating more on what my left hand was exploring under the back of her dress where her panties were hardly more than a narrow strip of lace between her buttocks, she pushed the door shut and leaned back against it as I sank to my knees.

"Yes" she breathed, "Oh God yes, I've wanted this all night"

She sighed with pleasure as I kissed the front of her string, even through the thin nylon I tasted her moisture, her aroma was like an aphrodisiac to me, it filled my nostrils and enflamed my senses, I hooked a finger beneath the string and jerked it aside feeling her climax as my tongue ran the whole length of her slit.

She was still shaking as I lowered her down and stretched her out in front of me, her pussy was wet and inviting, she jerked and squealed as I took her clitoris between my lips and sucked it hard.

"Fuck me Mark" she hissed, "I need you inside me darling, fuck me please"

Quickly I moved up and slid my prick where it wanted to be, she gave a deep sigh of satisfaction and wrapped her legs around me,

"Yes that's it" she moaned, "That's where you belong"

"That's where I'm staying too" I breathed as she reached for me and drew my face down to hers,

"You've got the sweetest little cunt in all the world"

We fucked slowly each one of us savoring the sensations of being joined thus, she used her vaginal muscles to grip and squeeze me as our mouths explored the other's.

I felt her long finger nails raking my back but the sweet pain just drove me on, I felt her digging into the flesh of my buttocks urging me on and I heard the delicious little obscenities she whispered.

"You're gonna make me cum Nicky"

"Yes" she shouted, "That's what I want, I want your spunk inside me, I want to feel you shooting it up into me"

Her words spurred me on to move faster as she knew they would, every forward thrust of mine was met by one of hers, our pubic bones mashed together, her eyes were wide open and fixed on mine, she was cumming and cumming hard, just looking at her like that made my prick jerk inside her,

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