A Very Good Personal Assistant

by werewolf

Copyright© 2009 by werewolf

Sex Story: My PA steps in

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

"Good morning sir"

I looked up and smiled as she lay the mail on my desk,

"Morning Patricia"

"I think you should look at these two first sir" she said ever efficiently, "And these two need your signature"

She stood beside me whilst I skipped briefly over the two letters and allowed my nostrils to savor her perfume,

"Chanel no 5 I believe?"

"Yes sir and they're pink"


"Pink sir, my panties"

"Ah, I see, but they were blue last night were they not?"

"If you mean the ones you took off with your teeth, yes sir they were blue"

"You really are a most remarkable woman Patricia"

"Thank you sir, if you recall, that was what you said last night"

"Did I?"

"You did sir, just before I lowered myself onto your face"

"Ah yes, I remember now"

"I should hope so sir" she smiled and made no attempt to move away as I slid my right hand up beneath her skirt.

"They seem to be rather small Patricia"

"And rather wet too sir"

My hand felt the top of her stockings and the warm pliant flesh of her thighs above them,

"My wife just called to say she would be staying on for another week or so"

"That's good of her sir"

"Yes, isn't it?" my fingers stroked the narrow strip of nylon between her lush buttocks,

"Will there be anything else sir?" she enquired politely and parted her legs very slightly,

"Only dinner again tonight if you're free"

"At your club sir or at home?"

"Oh the club first I think, for an aperitif, is that all right?"

"Perfectly sir"

I had to reluctantly withdraw my hand to sign the two letters, but she smiled when I licked my fingers,

"If we don't have too much on this afternoon sir, may I leave early, I want to have my hair done and pack a small bag?"

"Certainly" and then I had a thought, "Do you play tennis Patricia?"

"Somewhat badly sir, why?"

"Good I'm not too good myself, shall we play tomorrow?"

"Yes, I think I'd like that, I'll pack my tennis clothes"

"Short white skirt?"

"Very short sir" she smiled, "And small white panties too, very small"

We arranged to meet at the club just after six p.m. and sure enough we pulled up in the car park almost together, she looked stunning in a short blue dress and I told her she looked good enough to eat.

"Thank you" she grinned, "I'll look forward to it"

Over dinner she confided in me that men like me were the reason she'd never married,

"I think my sex drive would be too high for most men" she laughed, "And my kinks too numerous"

"So I've not discovered all of your kinks yet?"

"Oh God no" she laughed, "Not even close"

"Tell me about them"

"I'll tell you later, in bed" she teased, "It'll be more fun"

"Minx" I laughed with her and then suggested that we went to my house where we could drink champagne by the pool in my secluded garden,

"Mmm yes that sounds nice" she said, "I feel like some champagne"

Less than half an hour later, we were relaxing beside the pool with a cooler full of champagne on hand,

"Let me sit on your lap" she smiled, "And I'll confess to one of my little kinks"


She stood up and looked at me as she slipped the dress off her shoulders, she wore just hold up stockings beneath it and she grinned as I sucked in my breath in admiration, her groin was barely covered with a light fuzz of hair which I hadn't noticed the previous night.

"I like to sit back in a chair dressed like this whilst I'm being shaved"

"And that's a kink?"

"It is when my girl friend does it! But you're somewhat overdressed aren't you?"

and she unfastened my straining trousers.

My prick stood up proudly and I groaned as she slid her soft lips over the dome, she wasn't just the super efficient personal secretary, she was a beautiful, horny woman, a woman I was beginning to fall for in a big way.

Reaching down for her, I pulled her up again and impaled her on my rod, it was her turn to groan with pleasure, she rolled her hips for maximum penetration whilst pinching both nipples, her eyes were closed and her mouth was twisted into a snarl that I'd seen so many times before.

"I'm coming" she gasped, "John, John I'm coming, yes, oh God yes"

Then she was silent with just the odd whimper as she rode out her orgasm until finally she slumped forward, her head on my chest,

"Wow" she giggled and kissed me, "But you didn't come"

"No, but I loved watching you when you came, you're beautiful you know"

"What, only when I come?"

"Well I happen to think that you're stunningly beautiful although I think you look even better with my cock inside you"

She put her lips to my ears and whispered softly,

"How do you think I'd look with your cock in my ass?"

"Mmm" I smiled, "You'd probably give Miss World a run for her money"

She stood up releasing my prick from it's warm refuge between her legs and turned round to present her gorgeous little ass to me.

"In that case be prepared to say hello to the new Miss World"

The tightness of her rectum held me like the caress of a velvet glove and ir was almost as if she hadn't had sex for months instead of minutes, she squealed, she moaned, she bucked and she urged me on with a string of expletives a builder would have blushed at.

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