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Incest Sex Story: i've made millions thanks to my song writing talents, then i meet the girl of my dreams.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

I saw her over a crowded dance floor, or rather through a crowded dance floor, she was about five foot nothing with a mass of unruly blonde hair and the biggest blue eyes I'd ever seen in my life!

She was wearing a light blue mini dress that left most of her long thighs bare and right from the first moment I saw her, I was smitten.

It was nearly closing time before I plucked up the courage to ask her for a dance and to my amazement she agreed.

"What took you so long?" she asked with a smile, "You've been looking at me all night"

"I thought you might be with someone" I answered truthfully and she shook her head,

"Only a couple of friends" and she gestured across to where two girls were smooching together, "But they're too wrapped up in each other to notice I've gone"

We walked over to the bar area and sat chatting over our drinks until last orders were called, then she insisted on buying the last round and we talked some more.

"Can I see you again?" I asked and she looked at me pityingly,

"You're not very experienced with girls are you?"

"What makes you say that?"

"Well it's only half past eleven, most lads would have asked me to go back to their place unless they've got a wife"

"No" I laughed, "I haven't got one of those, have you"

"What, a wife?" she giggled and her laughter was like the gentlest tinkling of glass I'd ever heard,

"I'm young free and single" she said and giggled again when I added,

"And extremely sexy"

"In that case, you've scored, come on let's go"

"Go? Where?"

"To your place of course, I want to see if those shoulders are real or just padding"

Since I was wearing a tee shirt, she knew they were real so I stood up and she linked her arm through mine.

"What about your mates?"

They were kissing each other in a corner of the bar and never even noticed we were leaving.

"So you're not gay then?" and she laughed again,

"No but they'd like me to be"

"Yes I bet they would"

It was only a short taxi ride to where I lived, which was a pity because I enjoyed having her close to me in the cab, as well as looking extremely sexy, she smelt like a dream and my prick was at half mast just from her proximity.

"After you" I said as we got to the stairs at the side of the supermarket above which I lived,

"They're white" she giggled and I must have looked confused because she added,

"My panties, to save you looking"

"Damn" I laughed, "Busted"

But she strode on ahead and I was able to confirm that they were indeed white.

"Wow this is nice" she said as I switched the lights on, "In fact it's incredible"

Almost the whole of one wall was taken up with a giant plasma screen television and music centre combined, I pushed a button and another wall was illuminated, it was made completely of huge glass panels which opened up to let in the warm night air, another button lit up the large balcony with the chairs and table beside a swimming pool.

"A pool!" she gasped in astonishment, "You've got a pool"

"And a sauna" I laughed and if you look beyond the pool, you'll see a tennis court"

"I thought this was a flat"

"It is" I laughed with her, "It's a flat with a pool and a tennis court"

"It's huge, how can you afford it?"

"It was left to me in a will" I lied and it seemed to satisfy her,

"Would you like a drink?"

"Mm yes please" and her eyes widened again as I pressed yet another switch to illuminate a fully stocked bar, I poured out two glasses of champagne and she giggled as the bubbles went up her nose,

"Ooh that's beautiful" she said and drained the contents in one go, "May I have another one please"

"Sure" I joined her in another one and then put some music on,

"Want to dance?"

"Yes" she said and once again I took her into my arms, it was a slow one so she stayed in my arms and I felt her body relaxing as we moved together,

"You're beautiful" I whispered and she lifted her face up to kiss me, her lips were soft and pliant, her tongue was alive as, like a snake it slithered in between my teeth to meet my own tongue.

She made a little whimpering noise as I ran my hands down over her back and onto the contours of her sexy little bottom, I felt her pressing herself against my growing erection,

"Show me the bedroom" she whispered into my mouth just as I unzipped her dress at the back, she hunched her shoulders and it dropped to the floor leaving her in just the minuscule white panties.

I found the control panel and flicked a switch that opened the bedroom door as well as illuminating it with soft lighting, the huge bed dominated the room along with another large plasma screen, but I doubted that she noticed as we fell on the bed together our mouths still joined, I kissed her neck, her breasts and her nipples before licking the sweat from her navel, she arched her back and let out a long, low moan as I kissed the outline of her slit through her panties,

"Yes" she gasped, "Oh God yes" her fingers scrabbled at my back and I felt her nails digging into me as my tongue eased the delicate nylon to one side and snaked up into her sweet little pussy, she was wetter than any girl I'd ever tasted but it was like nectar to my taste buds.

Keeping my mouth on her sex I divested myself of my jeans and only pulled away to take my tee shirt off, she took the opportunity to slip out of her panties and when I held her again, my prick slid home completely unaided,

"Oh!" she sounded and looked surprised as I began fucking her smoothly with long deep strokes, her legs went round my waist and she used her hands on my buttocks to urge me on.

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