Snails Started It

by obohobo

Copyright© 2009 by obohobo

Sex Story: Janette throws snails from her well manicured garden into his wilderness, disturbing his concentration. Don takes his revenge on her bottom. One thing leads to another.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Spanking   .

Disgustedly, Janette Williams threw another snail over the fence into her neighbour's garden. Overnight the rapacious molluscs chewed her carefully nurtured seedlings until only remnants of a few stems remained. Not one would survive. "If that tramp Donald Rogers kept his garden in good condition like the rest of us in this close, we wouldn't have the problem at all. I really don't know how a slob like him can afford to live in this neighbourhood," Janette grumbled, "He doesn't seem to work and he's only got a small car so where does he get his money from? If he can't do the garden himself, then he should employ someone. We shouldn't have to suffer because of his laziness. Oh, there's more of the little blighters lurking at the bottom of his fence." Gathering four more snails in her yellow, rubber gloved hands, she threw them high and hard into the wilderness on the other side of the fence and smirked when she heard them rattle down the glass of the conservatory roof.

Her smile faded when behind her a gentle thump drew her attention and she saw 'him next door', drop from an overhanging branch to land lightly on her lawn. "What do you want? Please be so good as to get off my property immediately!" she demanded querulously.

"Lady you've disturbed my concentration quite enough this morning by throwing your rubbish into my garden and it's time for you understand, that I will not tolerate it a moment longer."

"Please return to your own property or I will be forced to call the police. I'm only returning your creatures to their rightful home after they've eaten my plants and I will have make another journey to the garden centre to buy more." Janette tried to sound authoritative and brave but was more than a little concerned because he stood between her and the house and her phone. Don's tone sounded menacing but his face held a smile and an expression of a cat ready to pounce on an unsuspecting mouse. Her concern was fully justified. Like a cat, Don jumped in her path as soon as she tried to walk passed him.

"Move out of my way ... please." Her voice trembled as she tried moving first in one direction and then another, each time he grinningly baulked her effort. Finally he grabbed her around the waist, carried her to a plastic chair set out on the patio and, ignoring her screams and yells, and proceeded to lay her over his lap. Although many years had passed since her father held her in that undignified position, Jan knew what was likely to happen next and alternately castigated him for his abusive behaviour and vainly pleaded with him to let her go. Her struggles to free herself proved futile.

The warm, mid-May weather, following a wet period, caused an explosion of lush weed growth, which, in turn, gave rise to the snail problem. Janette, taking advantage of the warmth, decided to wear her old shorts and a thin blouse that did nothing to hide her trim figure and the thin sheen of sweat caused by the humid conditions, revealed the outlines of the black bra that contained her 34B breasts. Fearfully now, she increased her kicking and writhing but his lean, wiry frame belied his strength and for a short while he contented himself with just holding and humiliating her. "Snooty bitch deserves to be taken down a peg or two and she's not made any attempt at apologising. Still it feels nice to hold a woman again after all these years." Soon though, his hand found the button and zip of her shorts and, to Janette's dismay, felt them and her knickers slide down to her knees.

"Oh God, No! The moron really is going to spank me." Further efforts to free herself again proved ineffective. SMACK! At first she didn't believe it but the pain that followed almost instantly, brought forth an ear-piercing yell. "Perhaps the Johnson's will hear and come to my rescue," she thought but knew they were at work and in any case, it would be just too embarrassing to be seen over the knees of that man, the man she despised, with her bare bottom showing and being smacked like a young child. Thereafter, she tried to control her outcries, at least to some extent.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The blows came hard and in quick succession bringing floods of tears from Janette's eyes and further pleas for him to stop. He did after her bottom showed bright red, but he didn't release her immediately. Instead his hand caressed her bum cheeks and would have insinuated along her slit had she not forced her thighs tightly together.

Blinded by her anger at being treated like a preteen girl and petted like an animal, she ignored the gentle massaging and verbally abused him again. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! They weren't as hard this time but on top of the previous pain she felt them and once more pleaded to be let go. The massage that followed lasted several minutes during which time she reflected that his hand was the first to touch her there since her divorce. Ralph, her ex husband had never spanked her bottom or even caressed it before or during sex.

Slowly and carefully he lowered her to stand on the patio but didn't let her go. For a few moments she stood, her shorts and knickers dangling around her legs and her dark, hairy mound directly in front of his face but with his hands clasping hers, there was no way she could cover up. "Jan, listen and listen carefully. Next time you disturb my concentration by throwing rubbish in my garden, I'll not only punish you longer and harder but you'll feel this inside you afterwards." He let go of one of her hands to rub his crotch so that she could see the outline of his half-hard prick. Jan turned her head away. "Make no mistake about that Jan. Throw more rubbish over my fence and I will assume you want another spanking and a good fuck and that's what you'll get. This little set-to has cost me most of today's work and I doubt I will be able to concentrate on the artwork for some hours. I may seem like a tramp to you and so far beneath your social standing as to be on the same level as the snails you blithely toss over the fence, but I do work and make a good living, a very good living. When I have a deadline to meet, like now, the garden has to take a back seat, not that I am very interested in gardening anyway. Just remember, if you want another spanking and a fuck to go with it, throw your rubbish into my garden and I'll take care of you."

"You won't because I'll go to the police have them arrest you for assault." Through her tears Jan tried to sound defiant.

"No you won't. Having all this come out in court with my lawyer pressing for all the sordid details, details that will be reported in the press, will be far too embarrassing for you to contemplate that action."

That night Jan lay in her bed still fuming at the tramp from next door and how he'd humiliated and beaten her. "How can I get my revenge?" she asked herself a hundred times without coming to an answer. Earlier she bathed and put cream on her still tender bottom and rubbing in the cream reminded her of his massage and then of his promise not to only spank her next time, but to fuck her as well. In her mind she could use the F word but she'd never say it in the course of conversation. "I wonder if he would really rape me? Probably would and then argue that I asked for it by intruding on his concentration. His concentration on art? Pornography most likely. I wonder what having that big penis inside me would feel like? It looked bigger than those I had at college and bigger than Ralph's but then he was not well endowed and didn't know how to please a woman. Maybe an artist who has sex with his models will be more accomplished? Never seen any models go to his house but then I've only lived here four months, after the divorce settlement finally allowed me to buy a place of my own. How can I get my own back on that slob next door without having my bottom pasted again? Bother, the warmth from my bottom and my thoughts on his penis have made me wet down there. Better try to get some sleep."

In an upstairs room, Don sat unseeingly in front of his computer. "I knew I wouldn't get much done today after that bitch interfered with my life. Childish behaviour, in a grown woman too, and one who thinks of herself as a socialite. I never had a problem with old Mrs. Hanley. She just kept her garden neat and when my hedge overgrew the fence too far, she came and politely asked me to trim it and I did within a day or two and got a cup of tea and cake from her for doing so. Not with Mrs. High-and-Mighty Lady Snoots, she hardly demeans herself to answer when I've said 'good morning'. I doubt she'll speak to me at all now but it was nice to get her across my lap and tan her backside. Bet she's still remembering that and plotting her revenge. Pity that we have to be enemies. She's got a nice body, good sized tits and arse but ghastly personality. Rumour has it that her husband was glad to be shot of her and I can well believe it. Wouldn't mind screwing her though, but I can't see her giving me the opportunity." Don looked through the half closed blinds covering the barred window of his high-tech computer room that overlooked Jan's garden. In the fading light he could see clearly enough and could appreciate the effort she'd put in to get it trim and neat. "My hedge needs trimming badly but she's not going to come here and ask me to do it, nor will I get invited in for a cup of tea. Almost certainly she'll try to do it herself."

A week later she did attempt it. "I saw him drive off this morning and his car's not back, so I can trim all these branches to the line of the fence and return the branches then he cannot accuse me of stealing." She didn't know Don's car had to go to the garage for its annual MOT and he'd left it there and walked home. From his window, he watched as Jan cut away the overgrowth and made neat piles of it on her lawn. "She'll probably bag it all up and take it to the composting site," Don thought wrongly. Two hours later when he looked again, Jan was piling the last of the bundles over his fence. "Shit, the bitch really wants it." Leaping down the stairs two at a time, he climbed the tree and was about to make his way along the overhanging branch when Jan spotted him and dashed indoors and locked herself in.

Don smiled, "I can wait." Back inside his house, he phoned Jan. "You have only delayed the inevitable Jan." Without waiting for a reply, he replaced the phone, knowing the veiled threat would worry her.

Indeed it did. Now she didn't go far into the garden alone and when she ventured out, the back door was left ajar and continuously she nervously eyed the overhanging branch, half expecting his face to appear but nothing happened that week, or the week after and she began to be less careful. So it was that one morning in early June, she turned from tidying the border at the end of the lawn to find him sitting on one of the patio chairs. Knowing there was no way to get passed him and to safety, she decided to plead with him and explain the law as she knew it. Warily she approached. "I'm sorry if what I did upset you Mr. Rogers, but the law says that I have to return the trimmings otherwise you could accuse me of theft. I did leave them in a neat pile so you could dispose of them if you wished so there is no need for you to try to harm me again or to take offence over what I did."

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